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Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE
An Ásatrú ethic: The pursuit of perfection in every aspect and upon every level of existence
Think about all the infinite number of ways we could have evolved.
Understand the importance and the uniqueness, that we have evolved to be as we Europeans are today, fair as the skies and the Sun, intelligent as the Gods and Valkyries, augmented with longevity beyond almost all else like us, and in our very hearts and souls possessors of such intelligence, depth, emotion and sensitivity, but beyond that, the unrivalled beauty of the creativity of our spirit, our Nordic and Germanic spirit, we are the sons and daughters of Odin, Heimdallr and Frigga, descendants of all the Æsir.
We will ascend through millions of years of high evolution after our victory in the current struggle for our folk until we have ascended past all that is, until the very bounds of this universe are within our comprehension and visitation, so that we may forever reach further and further into perfection, so that we may ascend to be like our Gods, to honour their purposes as our purposes and to live like Gods and Goddesses, with industrious courage and ingenuity, always aspiring, an eternal state of inspired aspiration, always in pursuit of truth and knowledge, always caring for our purposes that we assign to ourselves, always faithful to our folk blood.
We will always hail unflinchingly to our noble folk, we hail to the best among us those most likely to become ancestors to thousands of future generations, we serve the best in each part of the whole that is our noble folk, we hail the best within each person and the best of each, we serve those who are the nothing less than the highest expressions of our ambitions and dreams of purity through ever ascending gradations of perfection.

This current struggle is nothing in comparison with the future brilliance of our folk, but each and every stage and obstacle in our history must be overcome for the future of our folk to be ensured and unleashed.
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