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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 25th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 25th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

Political Earthquake
2019 UPDATE: As of late 2015 and especially of 2018, UKIP became JEWKIP, It was infiltrated by Jews who setup a 'Friends of Israel' group inside of UKIP and twisted it towards Kosher anti-Islamism and most genuine nationalists have left UKIP. UKIP served its purpose very well but that time is over, UKIP died when it became JEWKIP in late 2015.
A new force we will made in its place by English News. UKIP should be left to die. It served its purpose well, let honour be upon those who served with genuine hearts that initial phase. They gave us our chance of victory versus the EU.
They carried the torch and I was proud to stand among them as a humble footsoldier activist and I ask them to stand forth with me and leave JEWKIP so as to not be used by Zionists.
I ask all the UKIPers who knew me and all those who read these words to get in touch, the time is now, to stand forth with my kindreds of likeminded English Asatru volunteers to start the next phase post EU exit victory.

UKIP has finally broken through and annihilated the mainstream domination of UK politics, with landslide victories in England of 27.49% (+10.99%), a strong expeditionary electoral gain in Scotland (1 MEP) and surprisingly, an almost 1st place win in Wales falling short by only -0.6 percent.

   The UKIP earthquake has shattered the pillars of the Jewish-Marxism hegemony that once supported the Westminster establishment. The entire foundation and superstructure of the political establishment is facing utter annihilation.

The English folk people of England, Wales and increasingly the people of Scotland are already heavily against immigration to the tune of 89-94%, but finally this overwhelming political opinion of our folk has made an electoral seismic shift.

Results 2014 EU elections
The tectonic plate of the rising folkish political opinions of our folk have just collided with the anti-English, Jewish Supremacist, anti-white tectonic plate of the political elite, many of whom are directly Jewish, such as Barbara Roche (who led a failed anti-UKIP campaign this election).

   Subsequently this colossal collision boundary has formed a UKIP mountain range that has caused fissures and a shearing of the political status-quo once and for all.

   UKIP like a river of flowing red hot lava has scorched the earth of Labour strongholds and Conservative strongholds alike and forced the LIb Dems to flee into the drowning sea of political party collapse and internal turmoil.

Electoral politics is as much a human conflict as it is a mathematical and statistical one, with the personal power of Nigel Farage having triumphed over, engulfed and rendered unto comparative irrelevance, the now even more non-existent personal power of Ed Miliband, David Cameron and the aforementioned Nick Clegg.

Nigel Farage's PR courage and skill has also reduced the power-potential of the mainstream media, hammering the political establishment in the media and their Jewish-Supremacist supporters and editors.

   This comparative reduction in the very legitimacy of the media that for months and years ludicrously and desperately attacked UKIP, will lead to our people becoming even more willing and able to stand up against the media-instilled emotive words of racism, bigotry, prejudiced, ad infinitum.

For now it has been electorally proven that the English, Welsh and now even the Scottish folk are not only on the right, are not only heavily against immigration, but most importantly are politically awakened enough to march to the polls, during a gargantuan rainstorm to vote for our right to remain the ethnic majority in our own homelands along with voting for the means to that ultimate aim, such as the reclamation of our sovereignty from the Jewish designed, funded and promoted European Union.

   The European Union has been proven to be an institution with no credibility after the election results early this morning.

The malicious, manipulative leftist lies from lecturers to polling companies that Labour would win this election, and that somehow 'a majority' support the EU, have been utterly annihilated, showing not only the malicious, manipulative, and malign nature of the Jewish-Supremacist fuelled left, but also their ideologies incompatibility with the English folk.

On a level of Political Science analysis, the rise of UKIP has been fuelled by the colossal seismic quakes in our peoples rising resentment of the political class and their policies, primarily mass immigration, and according to polling data, even the presence of non-whites themselves, or minor immigration of even Eastern Europeans has fuelled and correlated with the UKIP rise.

   The rise in Englishness in England also correlates directly with the UKIP vote, and it is undeniable that the English folk are rising against the Jewish-Supremacist political establishment and their legacy of genocidal, illogical, malicious and anti-English legislation and governmental actions domestically and in our equally Jewish dominated foreign policy.

UKIP vote regionsThe adjacent chart demonstrates this; note the UKIP vote is higher in areas of Anglo-Saxon population, and slightly lower in the partially Celtic Wales and Scotland (Wales is still very Germanic and Scotland is remarkably Nordic, but even these slight racial differences show that Englishness, or the resurgence of English racial identity and our political will that is striving for re-assertion is a primary driving force behind UKIP).

On a statistical election record evaluation, the annihilation of the establishment party’s electoral support and the colossal seismic vote-shift to UKIP is an electoral event that has not occurred for over 100 years.

In the age of the mass-media and far-left domination of the universities, that such an anti-mainstream electoral shift has occurred shows that true strength of the English folk and the inevitable failure of the Judeo-Bolshevik left to indoctrinate and silence our folk.

   "The people’s army of UKIP has spoken tonight and delivered just about the most extraordinary result that has been seen in British politics for 100 years... and in a way it's surprising it did not happen before...because we have had three parties in British politics which have led us into a common market that has developed into a political union who have twisted and turned with a variety of promises to give us a referendum that they have never actually kept.
   ...The penny has dropped; as members of this union we can't run our own country and crucially we can't control our own borders. We are a UK independence party
   ...and I promise you this: You haven't heard the last of us."
-Nigel Farage, 26th May; the morning of the election count.

UKIP is the catalyst for further political revolutions, with the death of the Jewish promoted, vote-splitting 'nationalist' parties, most notably the destruction of the BNP, through the rightful defeat of the alleged Judeo-Christian Socialist and anti-English racist, Nick Griffin and the death of failed image-defilement movements such as the EDL (with the incarceration of its leader) and NA (which is now truly N/A), the nationalistic, or folkish sentiments of our English folk will be able to rise unrestrained and unleashed, with a short term centre-right insurgency into Westminster inevitable in 2015, ensuring our immediate demographic security, which in turn will facilitate and make it electorally possibly for a refined UKIP and a vast array of normal, folkish English people to take office and stand up for our right to exist.

   The pillar of racist hypocrisy of the Judeo-Bolshevik mainstream media and political establishment have been shaken by the 9.0 Richter scale electoral landslide producing tectonic vote shift to UKIP, and their expected collapse as a result of the inevitable and unrelenting aftershocks is imminent.

   The collision boundary between our folk and the Judeo-Bolshevik and overtly Jewish political establishment will continue to cause friction, fissures and earthquakes.

Already the far-left is utterly unrepresentative of our folk's opinions and growing cultural leanings, which as one non-white stated are erupting in the unleashing of a "frightening populism" and a re-assertion of our English ethnic rights, identity, Asatru spirituality (increasingly) and subsequent electoral resurgence and re-taking of not only England but the entirety of continental Europe.

This day belongs to the English folk, as does every day that follows for the rest of time.

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