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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 25th day of Æftera Līþa 2264.RE / 25th day of Æftera Līþa 2014

Immigration Facts
And the subsequent necessity of defending our Noble Germanic people's lives, homes, nations and existences
The Jewish Supremacist onslaught against our noble Germanic folk has reached a horrific magnitude, imploring each and every European person to stand up for our folk’s ethnic (including also through genetics our spiritual, cultural, scientific and economic) existences out of a love for our noble Germanic & Nordic folk in this time of artificial crisis.

This  is an absolute necessity now more than ever.

The situation demographically is dire, with the Jewish delusions of ‘integration’ instead causing conflict and sectarian racial politics, it is a necessity that in this crisis, as Northern European folk we resolve in ourselves the moral and racial courage to stand up for our beloved folk’s right to exist.

The following article details the statistical and demographic realities that demonstrate the urgent necessity of reclaiming our folk lands.

Official UK government statistics published discretely by the Department for Education, with under-reporting by the entire Jewish media establishment have revealed that over 1,100,000 children are ‘known’ to not have English as a primary language, primarily as a result of Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and generic African immigration.

On average in England 3 out of every 10 primary school places (funded by you the taxpayer) are taken by a non-European child. This statistic is almost entirely as a result of the non-European urban populations, thankfully meaning the sacred shires and healthier rural areas have remained safe and ethnically English or Northern European.

But from the cities emanates a demographic threat of colossal, horrific proportions. In the non-European occupied city, some have started to call “Londonistan”, over 75% of ‘children’ do not use English as a primary language in their homes or at school.

London is the archetype of what the Jewish Supremacist immigration laws are designed to maliciously enact: a situation whereby non-Europeans are the violent majority and welfare majority and overall majority of the population, descending London into deeper and deeper levels of borrowing from the English taxpayers of the rest of England.

Overall 830,000 children at state (taxpayer) funded schools in England alone are non-Europeans, 25% of secondary school places are occupied by non-European ethic groups.

Londonistan now exists as a parasitic hub of immigration into the UK, a symbol of defilement, destruction, degradation and decline, no political commentator can deny this empirically observable fact.

According to every piece of legitimate data, London has declined as a direct result of the increase of non European ethnic groups, which have now severely reduced London into ruin on the level of educational, safety, health, cultural and political standards; this is undeniable.

London has not only been rendered into a non European city, but has developed into a series of ghettos, with the infamous Jewish Golders Green, Pakistani Tower Hamlets and Jewish-Supremacist occupied Westminster and Canary Wharf political and Banking CBDs at its cancerous centre, an inherent configuration of intrinsic, de-facto violation against our English land and folk.

Crime rates in London are several hundred percent higher than any rural area in the UK, and even in comparison to other cities. Educational standards have dropped to record lows and politically London is now a perpetual far-left cess-pool and a veritable cradle for vile anti-European and anti-English extremism, politically and demographically (racially).

Official figures show as many as 1.1 million pupils have a different first language – up by one third in the past five years. In some parts of London, three-quarters of youngsters use English as an additional language and in towns such as Slough, Luton and Leicester the number is half.

Over 50% of children in Luton, Slough, Leicester and nearing that figure in Birmingham do not use English as their first language showing that multiple urban areas have been subject to the worst non-European immigration onslaughts, depriving millions of English and other European folk from being able to safely live and work in the economic centres that are the UKs major commercial business sector employment areas, forcing extortionate commuting rates upon millions of our folk.

Non European immigration and even non-Northern European immigration is economically, politically, demographically, educationally and criminally downgrading the lives of millions of our ordinary folk.  

Illegal immigration is occurring into the UK from over 159 countries according to government data.

Only 1 out of every 70 suspected illegal immigrants is even arrested, let alone deported, showing the Jewish Supremacist, “Politically Correct” (or the Marxist fear-based enforcement of an anti-European) political atmosphere, makes it impossible for the police to protect our demographic integrity, in addition to the perpetual open borders to all EU workers and generically liberal (a.k.a Jewish-socialistic “freedom of movement” enforced) immigration influxes.   

   “It is out of control. These arrests barely scratch the surface and show the Government’s distasteful go-home wagons were a gimmick and not a reflection they were serious about combating illegal immigration."
   -Tim Aker, UKIP MEP

The number of suspected illegal immigrants held in the past two years accounts for less than 1.5 per cent of the total number estimated by the pressure group Migration Watch to be here without permission.

The research group Migration Watch has reported that the empirically observable numbers of illegal immigrants even merely held by the police over the past 24 months account for far less than 1.5% of the total number of illegal immigrants that are estimated to be in the UK, violating our laws, committing crime and living at the absolute expense of you and your family as a European person, whose taxes go towards funding the perpetual welfare tourism racket and costs inflicted by the very presence of these illegal immigrants upon the lives of our folk, often directly as a result of crime, such as rape and murder.

Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants by themselves compose over 55% of illegal immigrants arrested by the police for suspected illegal migration.

Over 630 criminals of foreign descent have also abused the so called ‘human rights’ laws (instituted under the last Labour government and as a result of the European Court of Human Rights) to avoid deportation in the last 12 months.

   Ultimately all non-European immigration into Europe should be classified as illegal and it will be if Nationalistic, Asatru informed folk awaken our entire nation and retake all of our nation, including what was once our English legal system built upon ancient, Asatru or Pagan traditions, customs laws and culture that still permeated all throughout the era of the Shire courts, up until 1066.

The current legal system (as a  result of the Christian abstraction of authority away from what was good for the folk and onto legal "representatives of God" initially through the church & monarchy and then the monarchy's representatives in HM's legal system) bases legality upon mere subsequent paper documentation, laws should be based upon principles that serve our folk, not upon mere bureaucratic legislation and authority, thus all non-European immigration should be absolutely illegal for it is a crime against the life conditions of all our folk.  

   “Clearly, this is a matter of great concern. The scale of removals has to be greatly increased.”
   -Migration Watch chairman Sir Andrew Green

Net immigration is over 212,000 with raw immigration over 500,000. Raw immigration figures portray the sincerity reality of the ongoing demographic onslaught against our folk, as Net immigration is deliberately calculated with the emigration numbers used as minus weights against raw immigration.

The very use of Net immigration instead of raw immigration statistics is a deliberate attempt to placate and cover up the horrific scale of immigration, for many emigrants in the Net immigration statistics are actually Europeans leaving the UK, showing how demographically. Net immigration as a data presentation method is an absolute and insidious understatement of a statistical lie.

   “there are 3 types of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”
   -Benjamin Disraeli, the first (and probably the last hopefully) Jewish Prime Minister of the UK

   “The immigration system we inherited from Labour was shambolic and open to abuse.”
-Immigration Minister, Conservative, James Brokenshire

An Office for National Statistics (ONS) report stated that of the 698,512 live births last year, 26.5 per cent, or 185,105, were to immigrant mothers born outside the UK, this does not even include the number born to non-European second (or later) generation immigrants.

Showing the necessity of not only stopping immigration but taking positive steps to correct the demographic onslaught, for what right does a person have to settle in our ancestral lands, simply because they were born here.

Millions of people are born on holiday in foreign countries, but none of them are granted citizenship, why should immigrants in our country, who supposedly claimed to come here to “work” (even though almost a majority of non-European ethnic groups, and a majority of numerous African immigrant groups and Pakistanis and Bangladeshi immigrants are unemployed and parasitically existing upon money stolen from you via our foreign government, that is the reality of what “welfare” payments are).

Back in 2003, only a few years into the Jewish Labour party’s well documented, deliberate and genocidal demographic war against our folk the number of children born to immigrant mothers was 18.6 per cent and only 11.6 per cent in 1990, showing a sudden and artificial increase.

Note this data does not include the full sincerity of the situation, whereby above 30% of children are born to non-European mothers.

ONS data showed that mass non-European migration manipulated the UK’s population to above 64 million for the first time in human history, with an increase of 400,000 people in 2012 alone and again through 2013 and increasing currently into 2014 with raw immigration of over 500,000. This growth has been entirely as a result of non-European immigration and births in addition to a comparatively tiny growth in the Eastern European guest population.

The population of the UK has grown x2 faster than the rest of Europe over the last decade, gaining as many immigrants in that time as in the entire previous generation.

   “Schools, hospitals and housing are all reaching breaking point with the UK’s huge surge in population.”
   -Tim Aker, UKIP MEP

In a prior report in 2013 the Conservative held home office reported that immigration (a.k.a: immigrants and their dependent children) negatively affect the lives of 75% of the UK's population, this figure is more likely 80-90%, considering that the UK’s European population is less than 85%, 75% means less than 10% of our population is unharmed, but this is based on only a direct economic consideration.

In terms of the economic-parasitic effect immigration has on our nation, 100% of European folk are harmed by non-European immigration and so too most damagingly are our sacred future generations.

This crime cannot go unpunished, this ongoing atrocity against our folk must be reversed by a rising folk spirit of love for our people and a subsequent will to defend our rights, that will exist if and only if we engrave it into the political landscape of our nation, the landscape which is as we speak, being slowly eroded away by the Jewish-Supremacist subversive anti-European media discourses, anti-European education system and the systematic and horrific influx of millions of non-European immigrants, with over 1,000,000 entering the country over every 23 months at the current rate.

The insufficient comments from UKIP in the face of this horrific demographic existential crisis demonstrates the reality that is up to us folkish (normal), English and other Northern Europeans to stand up for our right to exist, and to create the foundations of a spiritual and racial awakening amongst all of our wider folk, so that we can independently, in our local areas stand up for our beloved folk in the face of this dark threat.

Through the motivationary force of Asatru we can obtain the required sheer political willpower to retake our nation and to free our folk from the defiling, spiritually degrading influence of Semitic ideologies and through this we will be able to save our folk from the Jewish Supremacist designed, promoted and executed mass non-European immigration and demographic onslaught.

Asatru inspired, Nationalistically informed English folk: Upon whose shoulders alone shall rest the fate of this nation and the awakening of our kindred folk all over Northern Europe.

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