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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 25th day of Æftera Līþa 2264.RE / 25th day of Æftera Līþa 2014

Muslims terrorists in Belgium
The de-facto capital of the EU, Brussels has seen a surge in crime as a direct result of the masses of Pakistani, Somali, Yemeni, Bangladeshi and hundreds of other non-European ethnic groups which have turned Brussels into the Jewish capital of the EU, like the old Rome of the Jewish-Christian corrupted era of the later post 305.CE Roman empire, Brussels today seeks to corrupt with it, the entirety of Europe and to consolidate its power, not for the sake of power, but in accordance with the malicious and malign Jewish-Marxist principles of the EU: primarily the “free movement of peoples "or the destruction of the European nation state.

Numerous Jewish globalist figures in the UN and EU have openly detailed their anti-European ethnic objectives.  

The majority of primary school age children in Belgium are non-European according to some accounts and almost every single urban area in Belgium (like in the UK) has a growing, welfare dependent immigrant population.  

As early as 2012 the point was reached where the majority of prisoners were immigrants, in November of 2011 44% of Belgian penitentiary places were occupied (at EU and Belgian taxpayer expense) by immigrants, almost all of them of non-European races, including Roma. As early as 2009 an average of 42.7% of detainees were actually Foreign nationals, not even ‘citizens’. In more recent statistics it is evidenced that already 63% of prison places in Brussels are occupied by non-European races (including Roma and immigrants who are citizens of other European states).  

In Flanders 44% of the prison places are occupied by non-European criminals.  

In Wallonie 38% of the prison places are occupied by non-European criminals.

The single biggest group of foreign criminals in Belgium are Moroccans, who by themselves compose over 10.7% of the Belgian prison population, followed by immigrants from the African country next door to Morocco: Algeria.  

This influx of non-European immigrants has caused the Brussels region of Belgium to swell to an estimated 1,200,000 as of 2014 (the last statistics obtained were from 2010, where the number was already 1,100,000.)

The Jewish Supremacist dominated Belgian media attempted to cover up the sincerity of the demographic threat to the Dutch Belgian folk by issuing false and understating estimates for the growth of the immigrant population, which forecast a population increase of only 250,000 in the Brussels region over a 20 year period.  

Brussels has a low murder rate for an urban centre but due to the recent surge in illegal and so called ‘legal’ immigration, Brussels and the Dutch folk in Brussels have been subject to a tsunami of Pakistani, Moroccan, Algerian, Roma and other immigrant crime waves.  

Ironically the immigrant crime around Brussels has in the past impacted upon MEPs, resulting in several dozen MEPs being mugged or subject to abuse whilst on public transport in the Brussels area.

The non-European immigrants in Brussels may themselves render the EU parliament unsafe in the next 10 years if current crime rates increase.

Although the Belgian taxpayer has to pay the cost for the extortionate royal protection the EU parliament is provided by the Dutch police, whilst ordinary Dutch folk are subject to crime from non-Europeans outside the perimeter of the EU’s Parliament complex.

The unjust nature of the EU’s rule, like with Rome’s is visible both to the far off lands it attempts to impose its rule upon and the citizens of the city cursed to be home to the bureaucratic, cancerous centre of the Jewish European Union.

The federal nature of the Belgian government leads also to funds being dedicated to the respective French and Dutch areas of Belgium, leaving the overall policing capacity fractured and understaffed.

This division within Belgium that has existed since its artificial creation by Judaized British officials (Britishness: another artificial, internally irreconcilable term) in itself shows the fundamental impossibility of any forceful, or artificial and un-natural destruction or combination of two different cultural groups within a singular state (let alone different racial groups).

That the EU parliament is stationed in the impossible state known as Belgium is a ludicrous testament to the anti-natural counter-nature of the Jewish designed, founded, promoted and operated European Union that seeks to destroy and dilute first and foremost the Germanic and then wider European cultures, nations and peoples within its cancerous, parasitic and degenerate Marxist legislative and demographically manipulative reach in an identical manner to the demographic and legislative manipulations of Soviet satellite states such as in Ukraine after and during the Jewish-Supremacist authored Holodomor.

Belgium is now afflicted by a colossal, criminal African, Semitic-Arabic, Asian and sub-Asian welfare absorbing, immigration created underclass, that resulted in the ethnic minority 2006 Brussels riots, as with the mirroring 2010 London ethnic minority riots.  

Thankfully the prevalence of Islam amongst these migrants is awakening millions of Dutch and French Belgian folk to the reality of the horrors of mass non-European immigration and providing a stark contrast to the Judaized future EU and the more excellent, ethereal, extraordinary, pure and powerful Europe promoted by Asatru informed, patriotic Northern European folk

Stand up for our beloved folk in the face of this dark threat. Through the motivationary force of Asatru we can obtain the required sheer political willpower to retake our nations and to free our folk from the defiling, spiritually degrading influence of the Semitic ideologies and through this we will be able to save our folk from the Jewish Supremacist designed, promoted and executed mass non-European immigration and demographic onslaught.
Asatru inspired, Nationalistically informed Dutch folk: Upon whose shoulders alone shall rest the fate of the Dutch ethnic nation and augmentation of the awakening of our kindred folk all over Northern Europe

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