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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 13th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 13th Night of January 2015
Anti-Germanic mass immigration: The Jewish multicultural facade and subsequent Terrorism

Jews promote terrorism against whites
Mass-Immigration of non-Europeans into and against our European nations is in itself an act of racial terrorism, committed by the Jewish political manipulators, ministers for immigration & asylum and the entire complicit pro-immigration media, including the so called anti-immigration papers and figureheads, who actually support racial terrorism, through supporting the forced integration of non-European immigrants forcibly, in direct opposition to public opinion, with the intention of enacting a comparative demographic destruction of majority European nations.
The Australian Islamic group (a term made possible by Jewish artificially promoted mass immigration) Hizb ut-Tahrir, that endorsed the non-European terrorist in Sydney (Man Haron Monis) stated that European powers are "vile and racist" in the wake of the non-European terrorist attack in France, echoing directly the attitude of Jewish academic terrorists and political figures who occupy 99% of the public and private politically influential institutions of our nation, such as our entire University system.

This quote reveals the racial motivations behind the mentality of many so called Islamic groups, that puts them on the same objectives page as Jewish Supremacists, they seek to undermine the racial character of Western nations, in exactly the same way Jewish Supremacist do, through belittling our culture as racist and motivating their non-European followers to use this as motivation to attack and undermine Europeans as much as they can. Islam is merely a catalyst, for what is fundamentally a racial conflict.

This is proven by the fact that 99.99% of the followers of Islam are racially non-European, although as indicated by the terrorist attacks in London, the killers of Lee Rigby were not motivated by Islam but by racial geopolitical conflict issues, and race, they would not have killed a black soldier, they chose to kill an English soldier, they were African themselves, proving that terrorism is conducted almost always exclusively along racial lines when conducted in European nations.

Secular and mainly Christian Blacks all over North America commit daily terrorist attacks through committing murder against Europeans at a statistically over-represented rate and proceed to destroy entire neighbourhoods through an increase in crime rates that has the dictionary definition of a terrorizing effect, the same is also true of Pakistanis in England along with every other non-European invasive ethnic group.

The Jewish media control what is defined as a terrorist, routinely arguing among themselves what is classed as a terrorist attack, but for those living alongside non-European ghettos created by the Jewish Supremacist open borders policies of our governments, the reality is terrorizing for normal families and individuals, even the BBC has talked about the subsequent effect of "white flight", which is akin to refugees fleeing from terrorist occupied regions, and yet no action is taken, in-fact the opposite occurs, mass-immigration is continued and integration (slow genocide) efforts are accelerated.

The terrorist attacks in England during the 2000s were all committed by non-Europeans and in the case of the ethnically Irish led terrorist IRA during the past several decades, by non-Germanics.
100% of terrorism in England has thus been caused by non-Germanics, foreign ethnic groups motivated primarily above all by a hatred of us English folk.
100% of terrorist attacks against European people were committed by non-Germanic racial groups including Irish socialist terrorists who were obviously non-Germanic.

Ideologically Zionist terrorism in Norway, whereby a insidious Jewish ideology took advantage of a confused and socially isolated Anders Breivik is the sole exception to this long history, resulting in the killing of pro-Palestinian Norwegian children.

   100% of terrorism in Europe has been caused by Semitic corruption therefore, especially in early history with the Semitic Christian churches brutal terrorism and persecution of Europeans, up until the 19th century.

   The instigation of pro-Jewish interventions in the middle east since the 1940s and the subsequent destruction of European state's immigration laws.
   The corrupt Semitic Christian terrorist sects (IRA) and Semitic Christian terrorist individuals (Breivik) are the only major exceptions of high level terrorism that were not committed by Africans, lower Asians, Semites or Middle Eastern ethnic groups.
   No genuinely spiritually, racially and culturally Germanic folk have ever committed acts of terrorism against our own folk.

   The solution to prevent terrorism from occurring in the future is obvious, remove the demographics prone to racially motivated or Geo-politically motivated terrorist attacks and the Semitic ideologies that motivate them.

This sensible, logical security policy will never be enacted by our current political establishment, for it is their objective to racially undermine our nations, thus demonstrating the necessity of replacing our current governments, entire political media, cultural and spiritual establishments with Germanic folk if we ever want to be safe from terrorist attacks.

The so called Islamic terrorists were all motivated by the UKs forced involvement in the attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, on behalf of Israeli foreign policy manipulators. All of the Islamic immigrants were non-European, and their very presence in the UK, even the so-called "home-grown" Islamic terrorists, is that they are descended from non-English, non-European ethnic groups which have a natural hostility towards rival ethnic cultures and peoples, their existence in our nation was enabled by Jewish race relations acts and acts of immigration subterfuge by policy manipulators.

Terrorism is the mechanism these non-European racial ghettos engage in warfare through, simply because open warfare is a non-viable option for them. Terrorist attacks from non-European racial groups and individuals will continue for eternity, this is the nature of human interaction between European and rival Semitic racial groups, the history of their region is constant tribal and racial ethnic conflict, genocide and enslavement, this will not stop until they are all deported by definition.

Rotherham was a case of sustained terrorism (that is a situation that is ongoing all over this nation), from the perspective of the girls abused and the society shaken by their abuse, the effect was terroristic, far more than the killing of Lee Rigby alone, an event which was classified as a terrorist attack.

All of the post 1990s terrorist attacks in America were committed by non-Europeans, again instigated, if not directly conducted by Israeli manipulators, as with the attacks on September 11th 2001, in which 0 Jewish persons died.

Highly plausible theories aside, what is known is that once again the attackers were non-European racially and were motivated by Jewish foreign policy interventions, that America was forced to enact through the Jewish AIPAC control of American lawmakers, both the Congress, Senate and Presidency.

This terrorism, in addition to the lies of Iraq’s weapons of mass productions, produced in a fake report by leading Jewish Neo-cons, such as P.Wolfowitz was used to justify further pro-Israel interventions in the middle East, continuing to this day, over 14 years later... Time and the actions of all our governments is all the evidence you need to evaluate the motivations and origins of this attack in hindsight.

The shooting massacres in America were conducted by Jewish ideologues or mentally unstable persons, often their ill mind-state was created or motivated by the Jewish Hollywood atmosphere of cultural sadism and nihilism.

The Charlie Hebdo attacks in France once again were committed by non-Europeans, who hold a racial animosity for European civilization, anyone who has been in a debate with an Islamic fundamentalist, like I have, knows this, half of their arguments are racial not Islamic, Islam for them is merely a symbol of their interests and culture, which they often take to be one and the same, which is not technically true as Islam is universalistic, (and Jewish designed at its foundation) despite 99.99% of its followers being non-European. Ultimately the personal primary motivations for their beliefs and worldview are racial. This is especially true of Pakistanis and Semites.

The terrorists who attacked the office of the Jewish dominated Charlie Hebdo magazine were going to commit a terrorist attack against any target of opportunity, as did the other terrorists who hit targets including a Jewish supermarket, the provocations of Charlie Hebdo simply made them a high priority target, behind targets of opportunity that were impractical, such as protected government offices or military personnel.

The Jewish attacks and instigation against Islam are directly responsible for the attack being directed against Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish Supermarket, but the attacks would have occurred if Charlie Hebdo had not existed in the first place, they would simply have occurred against another high profile media target or the French people themselves.

   The attacks were ultimately enabled by the Jewish subversive undermining of immigration laws into France that have made entire suburbs of France into non-European ghettos, in which the inevitable culture of these immigrants evolves itself into an offensive operational format, which is what enabled these immigrants to be able to gain weapons and sufficient motivations to carry out the attack.

Quite frankly that the attack occurred against Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish Supermarket and not a school of French children is the most positive and fantastic aspect of the recent events, that Jewish Supremacists were killed is a truly positive change, compare the 0 Jewish deaths during 9/11 and the attacks on London and elsewhere, due to Jewish manipulated immigration and foreign policy.

Quite frankly if this attack had occurred against a school of pure Frankish and Norman French children, the Jewish international media would have cared less and there would be no comparable protests at all, in which Benjamin Netanyahu turned up at.

Jewish false flags
Dead JewsThe genocidal hypocrisy of the Jewish media is exposed in their massively over-proportionate focus on the Jewish victims and the Jewish Charlie Hedbo magazine subversive writer's deaths. The fact that the attack occurred against a Jewish dominated magazine is being used to divert attention away from the true crisis of immigration that caused the crisis, which ultimately was caused by Jewish ideological and governmental corruption.  The Jewish media are attempting to portray the meaning or quasi-parable of the whole event as one of Jewish free speech to insult Islam, rather than what it really is. These attacks are a symptom of an immigration situation which enables the murder of thousands of European people at the hands of less high profile African, Middle Eastern, Semitic and other non-European murderers with each and every month that passes in the dark streets and alley ways of Paris and every single European city, that are simply under-reported or simply not reported, merely noted down in police statistics (if even that) as classes of murders and rapes.

Attacks against our European folk number in the millions when the numbers of murders committed by lower Asians, Africans and Semites against Europeans is accumulatively taken into account globally across all European nations and ex-European nations, such as South Africa (an example of a formerly Germanic nation that was usurped by Jewish political subversives.)

   95% of all historically significant terrorism against Germanics, in Europe, America and Australia has been caused by non-Europeans. 100% of all terrorism in Europe has been caused by non-Germanics.

In America the number of non-European terrorists composes almost 100% of cases, especially when it is considered that several of the shooting massacres were carried out by Jewish individuals, who the media reported as 'white' as the crude cover-up terminology for what was Semitic racial aggression, just as in early Palestine.

The majority of worldwide terrorism numerically is caused by pro-Jewish foreign policy interventions, the Jewish quasi-state's international Mossad operations that have killed civilians in and from America, India, England, Iran and just about every single nationality on Earth, alongside the reactionary Islamic terrorism that has been provoked, promoted, facilitated and enabled by various Jewish Supremacist foreign and domestic policy manipulations.

Preventative initial logical solutions that Germanic nations must adopt:

   Absolute and total repatriation of all ethnic non-Europeans from Europe and all European majority nations such as Australia, Canada, Vinland, New Zealand, etc.
   A complete re-assertion of Germanic self-determination enshrined in a series of new constitutions based not on any abstract law or Jewish Semitic 'Christian' divine' authority, but on the biological ethnic interests of Germanic folk, defined in accordance with our best archetypes of our selves.

   Denouncement and prevention of all Jewish Supremacist influences from international bodies and organisations outside our governmental legislative reach. Removal of all internal Jewish Supremacist or corrupted Semitic influenced individuals inside our government's policies, a complete re-structuring and democratic transparency enforced in governmental policy formation, authorised only by local Things, (local folk assemblies) to prevent central abuse, especially on matters of race, culture and immigration.

   Removal from public broadcasting rights and residence in European nations all Jewish Supremacist domestic opinion forming influences and manipulators, such as the Jewish CEO of the BBC, Jewish owner of the Express, and entire Jewish Supremacist co-ordinated propaganda outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, Guardian, Sky News, ITV, Channel 4, etc.
   Removal of the Semitic Church and all Semitic social groups and ideologies from public office and public interaction. Resulting in the closure and blocking of all Semitic organisations and their subversive leading manipulators.

   Criminal laws brought in against proponents of open border racial subversion. Criminal laws brought in that are able to prevent lawmakers from allowing non-European immigrants, terrorists or economically and demographically parasitic elements into our nation. Central authority for the application of all laws relies upon the Germanic folk peoples themselves, especially with the non elected sensible majority through referendum, local thing assemblies and initiatives, if even one Germanic individual can prove logically that a member of the government is acting against the ethnic interests of the wider Germanic world, that public official is removed instantly. Thus enforces a governmental accountability that forces elected Germanic folk to act absolutely and always in the best interests of our folk. This confers supreme power to the individual Germanic person to remove their leaders, and entire governments. Thus we Germanic people ourselves enforce all laws through an absolute right of self-sovereignty.

   Absolute free speech permitted on all areas of national discourse, preventing Jewish influences and ideologies in order to maintain true freedom and self-determination, (preventing indoctrination or foreign instigated revolutions) by preventing Semitic ideologies from violating our society's self-determination as they have done since the 3rd Century (Christianity) and the later secular Socialist Jewish inventions and cultural insurrections and artificial revolutions since the 17th century.

   Those who articulate political, cultural or spiritual ideas that are detrimental to the ethnic interests of our folk would be prevented and blocked, as all theories and ideologies that are detrimental to the ethnic interests of our folk are foreign in their origin or corruption, for no natural process in the biological human mind rationally creates systems of thought damaging to its own ethnic interests.
   Thus preventing any political degradation of our people for millenniums to come, allowing our civilization to move beyond the current corruption and stagnation of politics and to start exploring space and continually evolving in accordance with intelligence, biological aesthetic beauty, longevity, virtue and a pursuit of intrinsic knowledge upon each generation.

This is the Asatro inspired future I demand and thus am fighting for.
Join me in fighting through writing and organising for this future, for the best long term interests of our Germanic folk.

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