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Article author: Volunteer Writer / Published: 18th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 18th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014
The Jewish media onslaught against our Swedish folk

Jewish media in Sweden
If there is one country in Europe we can point to and prove with absolute certainty that Jewish Supremacists have targeted and are attempting to exterminate our people through mass immigration and its inevitable consequences, it is Sweden. Sweden is a vision of the future Eurabia if nothing is done to stop it.
No other country has a political elite that has gone quite so far in its fanatical embrace of cultural self-destruction and ethnic ruination.
For years, the news coming out of Sweden has been horror story after horror story of gang-rape, murder and treason.

In 2008, when Malmö became 25% Muslim and 30%+ non-white, it was basically declared a no-go zone for police, the politicians INCREASED the number of third-world immigrants granted 'asylum' the very next year! Helped by the plane-loads being imported directly from Israel.

In 2012, when the Swedish government ripped up the constitution by allowing non-citizens to hold even the most sensitive positions in government office, without consulting the people, the tax-funded socialist media spun it as “progress”.

When the non-whites, led by Muslims rioted in Stockholm last year, the allegedly majority Jewish-owned media blamed institutional racism, a.k.a Swedish people for existing and having institutions.

Their government effectively steals money from the people and uses it to brainwash them. The idea of privately-controlled, independent media is dangerous, for they might not tow the pro-genocide line. Not quite North Korea, but not as far off as you'd expect. But North Korea does not allow Jewish-Supremacists to ethnically assault its people!

There are only 20,000 Jews in Sweden, but don't let the number fool you. At just 0.2% of the population, they are (allegedly) more capable of mass brainwashing than you dare to imagine. Of the seven largest daily newspapers in Sweden, six are Jew-owned.

One Jewish family, the Bonniers, owns four of them, as well as the TV station LNK. The largest private TV channel in Sweden is TV4. Guess what? Bonnier owns that too, and has allegedly, racially filled its upper echelons with their fellow tribesmen. Peter Hjörne (real name Kaplan) owns the Gothenburg Post, the only newspaper in Sweden's second-largest city, daily reaching a readership of 600,000. If you are thinking he is a Jew and an alleged Jewish-Supremacist at that, give yourself a pat on the back, because you are correct.

This is the Jewish-Supremacist who personally paid for all high school seniors to watch Schindler's List.
Sounds pretty impartial, right?

The largest production company in Sweden is Strix Television. It is owned by Robert Aschburg – a … well, the name gives it away. He also just so happens to be a financier of eXpo, a Swedish version of the ADL.

The largest newspaper in Sweden, Aftonbladet (the Evening Post), is not directly Jew-owned. However, the paper's chief editor just so happens to be the great grand-daughter (maternal line) of a former grand rabbi of Stockholm. Wow! What a coincidence! As if that weren't enough, TV3, ZTV, the free Metro newspaper, and even the Swedish Film Institute are ALL very much under Kosher control.

This is why it is so hard to Swedes to understand their situation. It is the Jewish-Supremacist journalistic standard to never mention the race or nationality of criminals, when they are non-white. Hence, as far as less critically-thinking Swedes are concerned, there are no immigrant criminals. Just ask a journalist. In Sweden, this almost means 'Jew' by definition statistically in terms of the influential and high-ranking journalists.

   To cap it all off, the county's Prime Minister is Fredrik Reinfeldt, a Jew, of the ironically named “Moderate Party”. Because there's nothing quite so “moderate” as genocide, is there? Quiet, docile, gentle Sweden – formally regarded as one of the most pleasant places to live anywhere on this planet, known for its low crime rate and wonderful people. Now it is the holder of the shameful title of Rape Capital of Europe. In fact, an absolutely staggering one in four Swedish females can expect to be raped during their lifetime. They have twice as many rapes per capita as any other European country.

This rape trend has, however, just so happened to have coincided with the growth of Sweden's immigrant population. Iraqis, Moroccans, Somalians; you name it, they're all statistically guilty in the onslaught against Swedish women, whom they apparently consider to be their personal whores. That, and the government welfare handouts.

   No matter where you hail from in Europe, if those facts don't make you 'racist' or European racial rights advocate, you're retarded. -Or maybe you just need to be shown what moral courage is, to stand up for your folk like the writers at the Nationalist Asatru News do, day in, day out, no matter the cost.

In January this year, the infinitely hypocritical terrorist quasi-state sandwiched between the world's largest concentration camp and a graveyard of “liberated” nations: Israel, was publically revealed as having engaged in a long process of shipping their unwanted Africans to Sweden.

In the name of preserving the cultural and racial character of their own country, these shameless, amoral Jewish Supremacists seek to destroy the cultural and racial character of Sweden. Chutzpah to the extreme! -Chutzpah that will be repaid in kind with its defeat and exposure. And you know what? As of December 2014, it will be ILLEGAL for a Swede to uphold any lingering trace of their much-eroded national identity.

Being critical of immigration will be an imprisonable offence! So much as whimper about mass immigration maybe not being the best idea in the world and on go the handcuffs. If you are Swedish and you do not want your precious ancestral homeland to descend into a toilet for the world's (allegedly) lowest forms of life, you will be considered a criminal.

We thought we had it pretty bad in the UK, but this is insane. Why Sweden? Well, who are more Nordic than the Swedes? When you picture a typical Nordic in your mind, you picture a typical Swede. Their stunningly fair features are renowned throughout the world; there are arguably no other people better than they to exemplify the difference between the Nordic/Germanic race and all other, races.

That, and they had harsher-than-most immigration restrictions towards Jews in the run-up to the Jewish War of German Annihilation, more commonly known as WWII. Jewish Supremacists, the unforgiving, vengeful political-psychopaths that they are, just like their (allegedly) false God, are naturally inclined to exact brutal revenge.

But you know what? Sweden is a pressure cooker. It has no safety valve. The lid is sealed. Sooner or later, it is going to explode.

Few now believe there is any hope for Sweden, but there is always hope. As long as Nordic blood flows through their veins, the impossible can be made possible.

And if the Swedes do not liberate themselves in the time before we liberate ourselves, still there is hope for then when we liberate ourselves, the Øresund bridge will behold the glorious sight of an entire battalion of English Challenger 2s rolling through that foretold night, and the very same bridge that brought so many immigrants to Sweden will bring its liberation by our hands.
English Longbows will adorn the skies, Tornadoes and Typhoons will soar alongside Viggens and Drakens, Assault carriers and Destroyers will adorn the sea-ports of Stockholm, Gothenburg, Ystad, Malmö, Skellefteå and Örnsköldsvik, led by the flagship super-carrier of the to-be English fleet.
And Valknut inscribed Challengers would stand as Chobham cladded guardians aside the sacred Uppsala.
Let it be known, that we English will stand for eternity besides our Nordic brothers and sisters as fellow Sons and Dottirs of the Æsir.
We will help them to take back their country if it comes to it by military intervention.

   For as long as any Nordic or Germanic is suffering, we shall not rest and our goals will remain un-attained, every time even a singular tear drops from the eyes of our ethereal Nordic brethren, we will clench our fists in sacred solidarity and take an oath to secure their safeguarding.

Never shall the Swedes nor the Danes, Icelanders, Norwegians nor Germans stand alone, we English stand in purposeful solidarity with you, all your enemies are our enemies, all those who violate your sacred grounds, violate ours in our hearts.

In our struggle we have a responsibility not only to ourselves but to all our folk, showing the utter necessity of succeeding here in England, that requires you to stand tall, greet, meet and engage in political awareness accelerating efforts with all our kindred folk.
We will relcaim control of our nation in its entirety and all European nations will follow or be reclaimed after victory here in England.

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