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Article author: Volunteer Writer / Published: 8th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 8th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

Israel racist hypocrisy

So what's new in the illegitimate, Jewish-Supremacist non-State of Israel?

The same genocidal, hypocritical, subversive and insidious manipulations and crimes against humanity.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking at Independence Hall in Tel Aviv, announced a plan to introduce legislation that “will enshrine the country's status as the nation state of the Jewish people”.
   Staggering proof of Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy that has fallen on the selectively deaf ears of the Western (Jewish owned) media.
It will be written into law that Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people, and no one else.

   And yet Jews boast about being on the front lines of the promotion of inter-racialism and multiculturalism in all our nations.

The legislation is not even trying to hide the Jewish-Supremacism, in a move that will expose the Jewish racist roots of all the conflict in the Middle East a& Globally that emanates from Israel: It does not even state Israel for the Israelis, but Israel for the Jews as do the Jewish symbols visibly painted on the sides of (US taxpayer funded) Merkava battle tanks and F16s that bombard defenceless Palestinian civilians with weapons that are illegal under the Geneva convention.

The same Jewish symbols and Jewish-psychopaths who burned hundreds of children alive in the sieges on the few Palestinian inhabited areas of Palestine, that have existed non-stop in a state of de-facto ethnic-cleansing and war for the last 70 years.

A true crime against humanity. Effectively, a non-Jewish person born in Israel, who spent much of their evolutionary ancestral history there also (exempli gratia: Palestinians), will not be a citizen of Israel; they can, at best, be an unwanted guest.

The truth is that Jewish activists promote such not out of principle but in order to achieve their fanatical and unrealistic racial aims of making Europeans disempowered minorities (and extinct after that) whilst establishing their own ethno-state.

   “To my great regret, we have seen recently, there are those who do not recognize this natural right. They seek to undermine the historic, moral and legal justification for the existence of the state of Israel as the national state of our [Jewish] people.”
    “ It is impossible to speak out in favour of a Palestinian nation-state just to preserve the Jewish character of the State of Israel, and at the same time, to oppose recognizing that the State of Israel is the nation-state of the Jewish people. Supporting the creation of a Palestinian nation-state and opposing the recognition of a Jewish nation-state undermines, in the long run, the principle of the State of Israel's [hypocritically justified] right to exist.”
   -Prime Minister of the "Jewish State" Benjamin Netanyahu

Meanwhile, his 'Chosen'-ite brethren outside of Israel have the gall to control countries populated with Europeans with their behind-the-scenes political financiers and special interest groups, such as AIPAC, the SPLC and the ADL in the USA, or the Conservative and all mainstream parties' Friends of Israel groups in the UK and Europe, all working towards the cultural destruction and genetic defilement of our folk utilizing mass-immigration as a weapon of mass-ethnic destruction.

What is doubly disgusting about this outrageous double standard, is the fact that we Europeans in Europe, unlike the Jews of Israel, have far more right (in most cases absolute rights) to the lands we live in, for we evolved in them and are their sole inhabitants for the last 50,000 years, unlike Palestine.

It is essential to the survival of a people to maintain their own identity, culture, traditions, and a territory to call home.

This natural right the Jews demand for themselves and refuse for us, this Jewish hypocrisy is both shameless and shameful.

But they do not care, for Jewish Supremacists exist on a level of perceived constant racial-warfare and they will use any means possible, hypocrisy and manipulation are their weapons of choice.

   As the motto of Mossad openly states (in Hebrew):
   "Through deception, thou shalt do war".

This waging of war can only by default be waging war against non-Jews. That in itself shows you everything you need to know to realise why you should oppose the existence of Israel and the power of Jewish Political-Psychopaths and Jewish Supremacists in our nations themselves.

Case in example: James Harding the Jewish CEO of the BBC, who has openly declared war on English employees

It is amusing to note the outrage that the billionaire LA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling (real Jewish name= Tokowitz), has caused in the controlled media recently. Having been caught on tape speaking ill of Negros, he is very much being presented as a European, rather than a Jew, using the manipulative, undefined and selectively defined term; 'white' : to achieve the intended inverted-headline of "A rich, White racist" instead of "Jewish racist mentality exposed", etc.

Revealingly, the Jewish Journal praised the man for changing his name, effectively concealing his true identity, and thus protecting the Jewish community from being associated with the very racism it creates, allowing the Kosher media to push a “Privileged White racist” narrative, feeding straight into the Jewish-Marxist narrative of university lecturers and staff the West over.

 Providing these Jewish-Marxists with 'case-study' ammunition for anti-European courses in privilege or another manipulative, insidious term used to 'legitimize' anti-European racism in academia, the media and in cultural and governmental level political discourse, which is ultimately, again, controlled largely by Jews, whose fellow Jew (Donald Tokowitz) created the very example they weaponise in politics and ethics.

Of course, this glosses over the reality that Jews are, without doubt, the most un-naturally or artificially privileged racial group on this planet, thanks to centuries of self-promoting cronyism and, yes, blatant “racism” and supremacist in-group organising, making them into a small yet powerful group that penetrates government, media, finance and education to insidious depths and horrifying consequences.

The Jewish billionaire said it himself in the (uncensored) recording: “In Israel, blacks are treated like dogs.” Even “black Jews”, that exist due to the semi-dominant Jewish gene-set, Supremacism is ingrained in their culture.

Their perceived “superiority” is woven into the very fabric of their society, religion and perhaps even their DNA.

And they think it's okay, so long as we non-Jews don't find out! We have found out, and it is only a matter of time before the majority of our nations become fully aware of the Jewish-Supremacist origins of multiculturalism, mass-immigration, international finance (92% of bankers are Jews) and (almost) every aspect of defilement that is waged against our otherwise elegant, ethereal and extraordinary Northern European people.

   But article by article, and soon to-be video by video, and documentary by documentary, the Nationalist Asatru News works to expose and reveal the uncompromising, empirically verifiable truth for all to see, in a relentless march towards victory, that will come in the form of the awakening and mobilization of our folk as we re-assert our rights and destroy international Jewish-Supremacism, for our own safety and ensured future and the safety and futures of all other peoples alike.

The Jewish-Supremacists once had Israel confiscated from them by the Romans, like a psychologist confiscating an item from a retarded psychopath, by the hand of the then Pagan Roman empire 2000 years ago in response to masses of Jewish-Supremacist crimes against non-Jews.

In almost an identical parallel with Jewish-Supremacist and Jewish Political-Psychopathic crimes today, on a smaller but more insidious scale (followed by the launch of Judeo-Christianity, or the 'beta version of Marxism' two hundred to three hundred years later as retaliation).

This time, the Jews will keep Palestine, and launch no retaliation, but shall live in a multicultural state of their own for the rest of time.

   If Jewish activists truly endorse multiculturalism, inter-racialism and the dysgenic, egalitarian Jewish philosophies of Marx, P.Singer, A.J.Ayer, etc, to the extent they promote it for others: they should have no moral grounds from which to object to that which they promote for all others being forced upon themselves.

That is how Israel and the Israeli nation will end, it will end with the re-beginning of Palestine.

With the Israeli nation a mere demonized and hideously repugnant and self-apologizing memory of the past, the Israeli nation shall be wiped aside and replaced by our world of Europeans re-asserting our noble-blooded ethnic rights, with the individual national liberty of our Germanic and Nordic nations ensured and returning to an ancient and uplifting Asatru inspired path of perpetual self-improvement and noble evolution towards archetypal perfectionism.

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