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The Jewish Dysgenic War Against the Best Philosophy of our Northern European Racial Awakening
Article author: Dan Rayner / EnglishNews.org / Article Published: 6th day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 6th day of June 2019
Jewish subversives like Mark Potok know too-well that Christianity is multi-racialist, dysgenic and conducive to national erosion. They and other Jewish subversives throughout the modern history of America (and undeniably through the creation of Christianity itself and the history of Europe) have, as a result of this, helped promote and some say even setup fake Christian nationalist fronts, groups, websites and movements to enact a sickening dysgenic campaign against the most promising form of our natural, logical and positive racial awareness awakening, which is obviously our natural European ancestral belief systems. Jewish subversives like Potok have even openly stated how they see Asatru (in the case of us Northern Europeans, especially in America) as more logical, racial and politically potent than Christianity:
Potok attacking Asatru1
These vicious, subversive, hypocritical Jewish supremacists think they can suppress Asatru whilst promoting a kosher false dichotomy between the Judaized Christian right and the Judaized Christian left. Both the Democrats and Republicans give lip service to Christianity along with the majority of the weak American so-called alternative movements, all of whom have achieved nothing in gaining prominence nor representation for Americans of European descent. In fact the efforts of the Judaized Christian nationalists have damaged the image of standing up for our racial interests, all whilst promoting a religion that believes:
   There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.”
-King James Bible Galatians 3-28
How is this compatible with standing up for and fighting for our continued existences as Europeans? -It is not, it never has been and will never be.

So, logically we seek something else. They know this. Well educated biblical scholars and Jewish subversives know that Christianity was designed to undermine the spiritual homogeneity of European nations with the long term aim (as written in its text) of paving the way for undermining the racial homogeneity of European nations and any nation that adopts Christian (and ultimately Jewish designed) policies.

Jewish subversives for centuries suppressed European folk religions: the Northern Crusades, the witch hunts (killing the top 10% of people with folk knowledge, especially women with knowledge in herbal medicines and lore), and on the European continent there was the inquisition, killing anyone not in lockstep with Judaeo-Christian values and doctrine. Christianity did to mainland Europe what Communism did to Russia. We are starting to remember this, despite the worst efforts of Christians to hijack our awakening movement and run it into the ground. We are starting to remember that there is an alternative, a natural and logical one. And this too our enemies have realised. So our enemies are seeking to suppress our natural racial awakening movement in its re-connection with the most logical philosophies to guide it, the philosophies our ancestors developed over tens of thousands of years of evolution. In Northern Europe, for us Germanics and Nordics this was Asatru. In slavic culture, Rodnovery or Slavic Paganism. In Greece this was Hellenic paganism and the same in all other European folk lands where distinct national identities emerged.

As a learned advocate of Asatru for my fellow Northern Europeans, I know that this belief system is actually consistent and coherent between my spiritual beliefs and my racial (natural and positive) politics, for they are one and the same. My racial views are verified by Darwinian science, which unlike with Christianity does not conflict with our spirituality but synchronises perfectly with it. From the understanding of Ginnungagap (the collision of two opposites creating the universe: i.e the big bang) to the logical, evolution forged and proven successful virtues and principles of ethics found in Asatru, there is logical harmony between scientific fact and racial-spiritual values. This is what made Asatru successful in the first place, otherwise it would never have evolved. This is the ultimate level of biological vindication of our ancestral spiritualities, that they proved conducive to survival for our Germanic and Nordic racial communities. And this is why our enemies sought to artificially suppress them. They did this by brute force via the Roman Empire, and after the Roman Empire with the subsequent manipulations and the buying out of Kings, of Chieftains with Christian wives and the foreign mercenary forces used during the Northern Crusades. This is a trend we see to this day; our enemies buying out our leaders and using foreigners as a voting block to prevent our natural uprising. However, they have failed to suppress ordinary folk in their true beliefs. The rising force of racial nationalism proves this and in direct, undeniable correlation with this is the increase in the awareness of and support for our natural, racial spiritualities. The majority of Americans of European descent are of Northern European descent, for whom Asatru is the natural perspective. There is no such thing as non-folkish Asatru, only frauds and defilers. Asatru is by its nature a folkish spirituality.

We are on a trajectory to retake our nations if we continue with a slight acceleration to our awakening. However, this will be sabotaged by Jewish subversives who seek to promote controlled opposition with the intention of preventing our national uprisings from producing viable political and societal structures required for retaking our nations. When we look at the examples of intentional failures we can see the examples are all Christian-Cuck-nationalists, from the civic to the racial movements alike.

Their constant PR-failures and seemingly self-inflicted contradictions and lack of consistency reveal to us their compromised nature. Throughout this we see the glaring contradiction between racial politics and Christianity. As reported recently in America, and it is the same in Europe, Jews are supported by Christian subversives; they are their 'willing', ideologically enslaved collaborators according to their perverse, Judaized, un-natural belief systems.

What needs to happen is what the subversive Jewish supremacists and their Christian proxy groups and collaborators are trying their worst to prevent: we need to reclaim the momentum of racial nationalist movements with a pure Asatru informed perspective (and in other European nations their respective spiritualities) to create a philosophically consistent and naturally-justified ideological and naturalistic movement for the reclaiming of our nations. On behalf of our descendants and in honour of our ancestors, we have to achieve this.

English News and its readers through articulating this will be a significant part of this reclamation. It falls to us to inform our racial awakening, to counter and annihilate the subversive, dysgenic influences our enemies seek in their hubris to defile us with. They will fail. The purity, intelligence and beauty of Germanic women and men worldwide shall not be suppressed nor denied a pure future.
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