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Article author: Asatro News  / Published: 26th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 26th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014
The historic victory at Crimea: a colossal European Racial victory that has likely tipped the balance in the direction of global power.

Russia Crimea
In the face of all the combined international Jewish forces of lobbying, threats and manipulation, Russia, a government of comparative anti-Zionist and relatively pro-European tendencies, despite all that holds it back, has triumphed and reclaimed one of the most important strategic locations on the European continent and sent a symbolic shockwave throughout political discourse the world over and has simultaneously halted the 2nd Jewish war on Ukraine and threatens to overturn the legitimacy and hegemony of the Kiev regime.

The US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee after relentless lobbying from AIPAC and other Jewish foreign policy groups has passed (but not fully legislated on) a bill that if passed will give financial support of $1 billion to the Jewish Kiev regime and place manipulative financial fines and restrictions on Russia, Crimea and anyone deemed hostile to Jewish interests in Ukraine, in what is an obviously Jewish authored and supported piece of legislation.

The Jewish-Supremacist, hubris filled psychopath Julia Tymoshenko has also stated (and confirmed that she stated) that she wants to manipulate the Western world into nuclear warfare with Russia, as is self-evident from her disgusting, hubris filled remarks in the above video by RT.

Julia Tymoshenko is a Jew (this seems to be confirmed), she is also guilty of charges for embezzling over 960,000 Ukrainian Hrynias and governmental corruption equivalent to 380 million pounds in a separate incident. She was freed from jail and seemingly absolved of all her financial crimes by the Jewish cabal that has (for the moment) seized control of the central Ukrainian government in Kiev.

Russia has been removed from the G8 'club'. A move which will seal the gradual end of the G8 itself and of all Zionist to Russia (by proxy) governmental negotiations. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov mocked the move to exclude Russia from the G8 (which now has to call itself the G7):

    "The G8 [was] an informal club, no one issue membership cards and by default no one can expel anyone from there... If our western partners think that this format has outlived itself, then so be it. We see no great tragedy if it does not [exist]!"
   -Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister.

In contrast to these anti-democratic legislative efforts and Jewish international threats of war and isolation, the natural support for a Russian Crimea is beyond dispute, showing utter Jewish-Supremacist hypocrisy on the subjects of democracy and legitimacy in clear terms: 96.8 percent of the Crimean folk, on the 16th of March 2014 voted in favour of secession to Russia with a voter turnout of 83.1 percent, which is the biggest democratic mandate for any legislative decision in Crimea's entire history and arguably in the history of any European parliament.

   Once again we find Jewish-Supremacists on the opposite side of our European-folk interests and clearly legitimate democratic self-governance. In reality Jewish-Supremacists are once again revealing themselves to be on the side of tyranny, international manipulation, spite, financial blackmail, organised murder, destruction and anti-European terrorism efforts. Crimea has officially adopted the Russian Ruble and its entire economy will be phased into utilizing the Russian currency independently from the Ukrainian system. This change is imminent and will deal a severe blow to Jewish financial interests in Ukraine within a matter of weeks.

    "From this day, we can officially make payments in rubles. There is a short transitional period of two, maximum three weeks underway now"
   -Crimean First Deputy PM Rustam Temirgaliyev

Crimean residents have been queuing up for Russian passports since sunrise on the 26th of March 2014, with PRESSTV.ir reporting long lines of Crimean folk at passport offices, where Crimean citizens are switching their passports, ID documentation and citizenship from a Ukrainian allegiance to Russian.

This comes after the Russian presidency signed into law measures that officially make Crimea a constituent of the Russian Federation, expanding the Russian Federation directly against Jewish geo-political manoeuvres (the revolution and change of government in Kiev) that aimed at further isolating Russia, demonstrating just how much of an important racial victory the reclaiming of Crimea potentially is in the future of this current struggle against Jewish-Supremacists on an international level.

Symbolically the Crimean regional flag and the flags of Sevastopol have been placed alongside the Russian flags in the Russian equivalent of the House of Lords, signalling the en-codification of a historic and now permanent geo-political and ultimately racial victory for European territorial, financial and political interests over the opposite, detrimental Jewish interests and agendas that had previously gripped Crimea following the 2nd Jewish war on Ukraine and its conclusions with a Jewish staffed and led governmental-gang in Kiev.

Russia has also placed sanctions on the majority Jewish Kiev government and pro-Zionist Canadian government including placing restrictions on several Jewish aides to the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and members of the Canadian parliament who have interfered with Russian affairs in the past.

This is a positive step in the right geo-political direction, for the internationally and Israeli based Jewish-Supremacists can only be fought internationally.

    “In short, the [Jew] World Order – a shadowy group of [Jewish] global banking [and media] oligarchs bent on establishing a [Jew]-world dictatorship – is trying to overthrow every leader on earth who resists [just like they did to Hitler]. Russian President Putin is resisting [and has been directly compared to Adolf Hitler as a result of this]. That is why the Western propaganda machine is calling him names...Putin is stopping the [Jew] World Orders ‘creative destruction’ in Syria and Ukraine. He is part of a growing coalition opposing the [JWO] – not just of religious traditionalists, [like Nationalist Asatru individuals and groups] but also... anti-globalization forces"
    -Kevin Barret, Professor of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, in an article for Press TV.

   All comments in [brackets] are corrections to the Professor's comments.

Russia has also seized several gigantic military assets, including capturing entire intact previously Ukrainian naval military units, an assault carrier, submarines, supply ships and of course the entire strategic area of the Crimean peninsula, in addition to all of the military equipment, fuel, bunkers and infrastructure of Crimea, making a removal of the Russian forces impossible.

The illegitimate US president Barack Obama, has to admit this reality, in statements where he indicated removing Russia by force from Crimea is not going to occur and is not possible.

   This is a permanent military-racial victory for the comparatively pro-European Russian Federation, that will also transfer into nationalist hands, once ethnic nationalist sentiment increases to encompass the entire direction and approach of the Russian and other European national governments within the next decade.

It is undeniable that Jewish-Supremacists have just lost a crucial geo-political battle, it is in moments like these, when the dust has settled for a while amidst the workings of war, that we can revel in a positive battle-victory, and resolve in ourselves to work to ensure these victories culminate into an absolute and total victory in the decades to come.

This highlights our right and our duty to engage in global politics, starting at the local and Asatru cultural level, to build ourselves up, so that we may be in a position to re-take our nations to then render our enemies into nothing but ashes, rather than allow Jewish-Supremacists to make moves, according to Julia Tymoshenko's words to reduce Russia and all other Europeans that oppose Jewish-Supremacist geo-political interests to ashes.  

Fight, struggle, construct and resurge, so that we may partake on the front-lines of the political and racial Ragnarok of our era, or die, there is no choice to be made.
Stand strong, Stand steadfast, and start striving forth on our Nationalist, Asatru war-path.

Through faith, for our noble folk.
Keep positive, Keep practical, Keep persevering.

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