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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 16th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 16th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
The eternal, extraordinary ethics and essence of Ásatrú:
   I love my genetic / racial nation, and our genetic-nation beyond our shores, the nation of my family, stretching back to eternity, in war as in peace, in love, in the darkest of nights, through eons of time, across the plains of this earth, the very oceans and to the very edge of space, have our brave and gallant people fared. Long since separated from our true spiritual heritage, the heritage of our Nordic & Germanic religious heritage, Asatru: “faith in the Æsir”: our blood guides and progenitors, Gods, Goddesses, Wights, Valkyrie's and Norns.
Our code of conduct, lives, minds and existences, as laid down in our very blood, and in stone, steel and upon paper alike, our eternal religion, as old as our branch of humankind, whereas Christianity can claim only a pathetic 1700 year history, Judaism a mediocre 5200 year history and Islam a pitiful 1400 year history our religion is over 20,000 years old in its recognisable format, and before that, the very essence of our people that formulated our recognisable Asatru, goes back 400,000 years to the formation of our distinct Nordic peoples.
There were once Blonde queens as far south as North Africa according to the legends there.
There have been ancient red haired Europeans, skeletally identical to us here today found as far as China, Central Asia and North America.
We have an ancient heritage that has been for the last 1500 years betrayed by mediocrity, forced upon us, through false religions and creeds, Christianity as with Communism, genocide and manipulation, genetic and spiritual, against us as a folk people.
The very traits which enabled us our intellectual fairness and brilliance simultaneously makes us temporarily susceptible to ideals that are in reality self destructive Semitic, Judeo-Christian creeds designed not for sustainable existences but to make life unsustainable for us, and vulnerable to corruption and other extremely destructive subsequent insurrections.
We Nordic and Germanic folk are susceptible to manipulation, for we have not evolved for manipulation or warfare through deceit but for fair brilliance, nobility, purity, longevity, pure intelligence, beauty, civilization and the ability to evolve further with speed through our recessive genetics, that are in themselves the reason why we will survive.
We who have led the world for thousands of years, in every field of intellect, in times of perpetual war, naturally find it difficult as a civilization to withstand subversion and internal forced decay.
It is such an abstract method of war, that is being waged against our folk by Jewish-Supremacists and their political slaves alone, that for many generations our folk were stuck in a perpetual state of comparitive decline (in comparison to what we could have been) over the last 1700 years, instead the last 1700 years has seen Semitic induced fratricide, dysgenics, egalitarianism (Christianity), miscegenation (Christianity and Jewish 21st century propaganda) and thus universal decline, from the decline of our culture, language, art and governmental organisation (to facilitate further Jewish-Supremacist manipulation) to the decline of our economies and birth rate, our past generations seemed incapable of organising against the internal subversive forces of Jewish-Supremacists and their slave like victims (our politicians and judges, school teachers and religious officials) due to Christianity in itself and the Jewish-Supremacist infiltration and subsequent subversion within these sectors, who enact their defilement via proxy.
As already stated and widely evidenced, our folk have now started to wake up to this reality, on a level not seen since 1290. Jews all over Europe in survey after survey admit by other words that “non-jews are waking up to the Jewish subversive and racist anti-European influence,” even in the UK 60% of Jews or more admit this awakening against them is occurring and it is truly unstoppable.
This awakening has received a catalytic boost from UKIP, the single biggest political catalyst in our political history for well over 100 years.
After the destruction of the false-flag negative image nationalist infiltration groups of various forms (EDL, BNP, NA, etc) collapsing, our folk are set to resurge beautifully, eloquently, articulately and professionally, to secure our ethnic rights, underlying this is a quiet revolution of people individually waking up to the reality of issues such as the Jewish domination of the banks, coupled with statistics like 93% of bankers are Jews, this awakening is shown to be larger than our enemies would let us believe.
   This fundamental deception against our collective political confidence as racially and geo-politically aware folk is beginning to be shattered, and by the end of the Summer of 2014, if all goes to plan, it will be largely annihilated.
Our folk are awakening and key individuals are positioning themselves to facilitate an augmented and accelerated awakening to the fundamental, racial, economic, geo-political, spiritual and societal issues pertaining to our continued existences as Northern Germanic folk.
   We have not come this far to give up now, for those who have held faith in our Gods and Goddesses and even merely in the fundamental ‘ethic’ or ‘essence’ of Asatru as a spiritual reflection of ourselves, giving up has never been an option.
   For 2000 years now, from Hypatia through to Herman and Boudicca, countless ill-remembered martyrs and heroines, warriors and battle maidens of Asatru and its related European spiritualities or ‘ethics’ have given their very lives for the protection of their Folk, Family and Faith, that burden, now heavy with the weight of providence and the context of our times, falls to us.
   For the recent generations past have forsaken or proven inadequate in their roles of guardians of their folk, family and faith, thus we young folk or folk of recent generations must take upon our shoulders our entire civilization, our borders, our very lives included, and with ourselves the lives of all our ancestors and descendants alike.
The lives of all our forbearers and descendents depend solely upon us, and of ‘us’ those minute numbers of vocal, potentially influential, courageous and inspirational folk who without regard for ourselves nor our perceived individual non-importance, give and intend to give all for our sacred folk.
This era, where natural thoughts are classified as crimes. Where to proclaim you are proud to be of Germanic blood, where to proclaim your loyalty to your elegant, ethereal folk and to them alone, where to stand tall in defiance against the nihilist creeds and Jewish ideological theories and political hegemony can result in being injured, slandered, or incarcerated in chains of lies, forged themselves from the accursed links of manipulation, corruption and cowardous compliance.
Those Jewish-Supremacists who in Jewish jealous spite and supremacist delusions wish to destroy our very people, for the very reason that we are so strong, intelligent and beautiful, and increasingly no longer vulnerable (and they know it, for it has been proven statistically) to the most abstract and indirect forms of their warfare, these Jewish-Supremacists are the archetypes of defilement and supremacist racial ambition, they attempt to spite us, for they know otherwise they will fail in comparison with ourselves, but even now, after 1700 years of defilement, subversion, and all the aforementioned tactics and consequences of their manipulations, we stand to annihilate Jewish Power, to render it unto nothingness once and for all, led forth by incidental, iconic and inspirational individuals and a general awakening, our folk shall prevail, it is almost guaranteed now, the pieces are falling into place and the order of things to come seems clearer and clearer in our racial favour, with many of our pieces still in the shadows awaiting deployment, that when deployed will unleash our folk’s awakening to higher levels by the million.
It is in the face of this Jewish-Supremacist enemy, in whatever form it takes or has taken, through whatever proxies or methods it employs, from Judeo-Christian onslaughts into our homeland, Judaic intellectual and monetary onslaughts, communism and international finance and mass non-European and non-Germanic immigration alike, to the internal decline caused by the aforementioned factors combined.
It is we Asatru enlightened and political-warfare engaged Europeans from as far as Russia to Iceland, from Australia to Alaska who hold faith in our worthy racial or ancestral lineage and promises, it is our role, of those who hold faith in our Gods and Goddesses, it is through our intelligence, beauty and purpose, on behalf of all our folk who have now been dying slowly for over a millennia, many by the stake, the gulag, by the chopping block, ethnic cleansing from our geographic nations, despite the spiritual, economic and racial corruption we key incidental, inspirational individuals stand forth with stead-fast defiance imbued with such potential awaiting to be unleashed, for we Asatru folk, we have no fear, we have nothing to gain from submission to the accursed creeds of this era, be it Christian and Semitic anti-natural heresies of Christianity or its phase two: Marxist anti-racial thoughts, for we Asatru folk know the truth, we are the living examples of the truth that our folk spirituality and true racial state is one of unleashed power-potential and perseverance that can allow us to overcome all obstacles, in the way of ourselves and through ourselves, our entire folk.
We know ourselves, we know who our Gods, Goddesses and spirits are and through their archetypal glories, including the understanding of how it is in elemental terms that we are able to overcome the God of trickery and manipulation and through this archetype all our enemies, such as the Jewish Supremacists.
We know and eternally aspire, to be ourselves in more perfect gradations of purity, ever ascending in perfection and through the uncompromising industriousness of our finest; in attaining such ever ascending perfection, on behalf of our ancestors and descendents alike, for our folk as a whole stands as our true sacrificial calling, to give ourselves as individuals for our folk’s future, for we are nothing and our Nordic & Germanic people are everything.
I sincerely hope that, and expect that all Nationalistic, Asatru informed folk adhere to the essence of this simple decree I often state in various formats, that goes as follows:
   For I am nothing, as in comparison, the best of my racial-folk are my all and everything.
Understanding that you are insignificant in comparison with the totality of our noble racial folk, is an unleashing and fundamentally necessary realisation that you must make to truly unleash yourself.
Fight to awaken and enlighten our folk with the intelligence, courage, perseverance, honour and strength of a thousand men, because as the furthest descendant of your bloodline, descended from the Æsir themselves, you carry in your blood the dreams and ambitions of all your and our shared ancestors, and this battle, this era, will force you to fight with the virtue and nobility of all your ancestors simultaneously, for in this battle, in this era, your combined bloodline, the honour, dignity, purity, freedom and very existence of our folk is the highest and purest goal that you can exist in accordance with in this life before Valhalla or Fensalir.
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