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Article author: John Nordsson (edited by Dan Rayner), Asatro News / Published: 16th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 16th Night of January 2015
Historians will look back at this time we are living in now, and they will declare that indeed this is the point in which humanity took its first steps toward becoming truly enlightened. The great pan-European revolution is at hand.
The time when men and women of the European folk weary of the plight of their world and faced with their own demise, rose up with a tremendous swiftness and with a truly awe inspiring ferocity and with a mighty sword cut the fetters that bonded. And with eyes of purity and hearts of epic Germanic strength freed themselves from the shackles which for so long had cruelly cut in to the flesh and hindered their progression to a pitiful crawl!
Newly freed, the standing and enraged, now in a position to see the full extent of the damage inflicted upon us, Europeans turned on their oppressors and without mercy and with a steady hand struck out and completely vanquished the evil that for so long kept the world in darkness, cleansing and re-birthing both the spirit and body of mankind, truly.
Then inspired by a gleaming, Asatru inspired vision of our now infinite future potential, of the most splendid glorious radiance this future reigned down upon Midgard and for the first time in history man had an illuminated path to travel. Now with the ability to see clearly where they wanted to go and without having to fear secret subversion from enemies, the Europeans rejoiced in splendour and made such monumental leaps in art, science and technology the likes of which brought the Earth into an utter paradise and made life even sweeter and more precious and purposeful and dignified.
Europeans have done this already once before but It was more just a practice run, still held within the chains of subversive influences, the Enlightenment era philosophies and philosophers attempted to overcome Semitic dogmatism in Science, art, literature and political philosophy.
The Enlightenment era we are forging through Asatro and our folk's resurgent folkish nature in all its purity, we will be without chains, without fear, without end and will have the full effort and dedication of all European folk and we shall create a world; a world so alluring and marvellous, so outstanding and magnificent that dare even the most beautiful minds of antiquity could have hardly dreamt.
   A world free of the unnecessary and horrific suffering which is so abundant and plentiful in our present time.
   A world where cruelty, Semitic dogmatism and ignorance have been replaced with Germanic love, knowledge and the spirit of exploration and unrelenting science and artistic beauty.
One of the traits which perhaps distinguishes our folk from the rest of the world is that part of the nature of the European which impels him and her to so incessantly and endlessly try and improve their surroundings with order and invention (unmatched by any other race) in the attempt of creating a better life for himself and his family, has led our people into space, to the deepest depths of the oceans and to engineering and scientific prowess, unrelenting and unstoppable.
This makes it especially easy for us who are not affected by the spell of denial and who have returned to Asatru, to be in a position to awaken the rest of our folk, to overcome that which has cast so many of our folk into a state of deplorable ignorance, to look around at our world today and see in where the inherent problems of society lay and what remedies to use in accordance with correcting and wiping them aside and avenging them.
We see the depths of depravity mankind sinks into when faced with the kind of spiritual, intellectual and physical poverty that keeps him from being able to acquire the basic needs to sustain a healthy, non-dependent life. However this is not always necessarily do to with a lack of honest and hard work on the part of the individual but in fact it is due to the outright thievery and plundering of his assets by the people who we have almost all helped to empower, and continue to empower if only through our inaction, the single biggest obstacle that our European resurgence must overcome.
Rise son of Wotan. Rise daughter of Frigga, rise for the sake of all your fore-fathers and fore-mothers, for the sake of all the Æsir, upon Ragnarok we stand and yet so few stand to action, avenge this situation, arise in yourself the will to actively contribute to our resistance, stop reading the works of others and start writing yourself like I have done, organising yourself and motivating, informing and inspiring our folk yourself! Get in contact and start writing articles or attending Asatro gatherings.
We see the enslavement of our folk today in the vile practice of usury and with the misallocated and over taxed predicament of the people, our beloved people, to governments that have no legitimacy in anything other than corruption and manipulation. Our time itself (through the theft of our money via taxation) goes to funding the most deplorable atrocious deeds, atop this list, the funding of welfare to parasitic non-European immigrants who are demographically replacing our very existences or seeking to.
Vast sums of our peoples time (money=effort x time) is spent on weapons of war, demographic and military that go to fight foreign wars that we have no interest nor natural right in fighting and indeed end up killing countless innocent children in the names of our nations, for the objectives of others opposed to our nation!
While we have many hundreds of thousands of our own people homeless collectively across all European nations and suffering from malnutrition in Greece, starving in the streets our leaders see fit to bring in an endless hoard of non-European immigrants and proceed to use the product of our labour and time to encourage them to arrive in our lands through welfare!
   This is not some great and complex problem, nor difficult to understand conspiracy which is impossible to solve but rather it is a very easy to solve problem and one which we will solve by wiping aside and annihilating our current political establishment and degenerate leaders and weak minded complacent populous mentality.
Improving the biological existence of our people into the future (Eugenics) today is seen as somehow an evil idea that is cruel, vicious and or unfair, how on Midgard, can improving our people be evil or unfair? It is the very archetype of moral fairness, as morality is based on the interests of our folk themselves and all moral legitimacy comes from one source only: the biological interests of our people.
The anti-eugenic political hegemony of our times is a ethos worthy only of condemnation in the eyes of nature, as you know, this anti-natural (what we under-condemn as merely “left-wing”) political ethos really is very contrary to the truth and it may possibly be the most foolish and ultimately dangerous and devastatingly harmful way of thinking.
Us true men and women who see this can imagine the Europeans of the future if we now as a people start making ourselves the best we can absolutely be, and by choosing the best partners to have children with and to pass down, reinforce and strengthen the qualities with which we cherish so dearly. Envision our descendants 1000 years, 5000 years or even 100 000 years into the future. What will they be like? Well it all starts with us, for what we do now with each moment has an affect which ripples down through eternity, choose wisely.
Eyes of sky like purity and hair emanating with Golden light, minds of strength and bodies of necessarily pure complexion.
I want the future descendants of the European folk to have eyes so bright they seem to glow, metaphorically and literally. We can control our future and carve ourselves akin to the Elves and the Æsir themselves. I can see illuminated eyes harbouring the most other worldly deep sapphire blues and even ethereal silver and white irises that make the most beautiful of our eyes today look plainly dull in comparison.
Not just that but due to the already extraordinary recessive-genetic excellence we can see within our European folk today; If properly nurtured and left to bloom I see no reason that our folk will not once again evolve whole new colours of eyes and hair. I imagine a world containing the most spectacular purple eyes, eyes the shades of rosy pinks and hot fuchsias, eyes bright yellow like sun shine, Indigo eyes, eyes of silver and gold which reflect the moon and sun.
Our future is genetically unlimited if only we overcome this current era of degradation and defilement, which would hold us back forever if we enable it through continued inaction.
I see skin so pure and vibrant that it glitters like windswept snow sparkling in the pale white moon light. Maidens with cheeks as soft as new flower petals and yet stronger then we can fathom. Men of glory and inventiveness with IQs beyond what we believe is humanly possible. Let the descendants of our future sons be men as strong as statues chiselled out of white marble like the ones of Greek and Roman antiquity, carved of the strongest stones, like the Megaliths of the North.
Let them be true Gods and Goddesses to behold. To fare forth into the stars, to fulfil our potential, to evolve forever and ever, forever ascending away from the darkness that currently afflicts us.
I can easily see the common Germanic man of the future with an I.Q of over 200, with Germanic women of the future with I.Qs of over 210 and I see the genius of the future being truly God and Goddess like in intellect and intensity, with the highest epitomes of our society with I.Qs of over 250, evolving forth as one forever self-improving race of Goddesses and Gods. I see our beautiful future folk healing this planet Earth which we live on now and then branching out in the colonization of the stars, respecting the universe, recognizing our inherent part of her eternal reaches.
We are destined for this greatness but only if we survive the coming onslaught. Only if we guide our Germanic Asatro movement to victory; then one day our descendants will really live like the stories of yore, living Gods and Goddess dwelling in the astral heavens that we shall carve from the political Ragnarok of our era.
The signs of these revolutionary changes are everywhere and like the much loved western wind Zephyrus which blows in the change of spring and with the strength of Asa-Wodan’s Grungnir and Asa-Thors Mjolnir mid-flight. One can hardly go a day without seeing some sort of evidence that the colossal Æsir spirit that is our folk is beginning to stir and awaken, like the Giants of our mythology, great changes are awakening.
We see this all over the internet with sites like English Asatro News, leaders like Dr. David Dukes site, Red ice radio and many others that are professionally and artistically re-kindling a pride in our folk’s spirit and informing our awakening, to all the YouTube videos and comments invading even mainstream news websites, to a hilariously overwhelming degree to online radio programs that pick out and re-examine past narratives and take a look at all the heinous contradictions in our so called “history” that are so blatantly evident as even a child could perceive.
People have even suffered in jail for daring to expose the truth of events (e.g:Ernst Zündel) that hold so much consequence for us today. More encouraging is the lack of these arrests, that our politically and racially corrupting leaders can no longer afford to arrest us. It is universally known that truth fears no inquire. Yet It is the same global elite that has usurped and infiltrated its way into our power structures that fear truth and inquire and that is why they try so desperately to conceal and pervert truth. I dare not imagine what will happen if we lose, and what all will be lost if we do not cease our inaction to emerge victorious. Though I am confident that there can only be one outcome; and that is the complete and total ascendancy into triumph for the European peoples, inspired by the spiritual vigour of our ancestry and informed with a vision for our future on behalf of our unborn children to be.
We do face the challenge of waking up the most Noble of our folk, first and foremost, the key intellects and above average individuals who will be so crucial to achieving a total awakening of a majority of our ethnic folk. So in that they may have the foresight to prepare and so too they shall survive the coming future events. For those more inferior and less deserving of our folk who prefer to garner their knowledge from TV sitcoms , Hollywood movies and filthy main stream news outlets. They shall be so unready and unfit that they will do nothing less than accomplish the culling of their own weak genetics out of our strengthened gene pool. Yet is it not best to say good riddance.
Who said Pain is just weakness leaving the body? Nature said this in her un-coded constitution of the laws of life and it is true of politics and culture as it is of the physical form.
   Though our nations may be in peril, from the flames of the furnace, only the purest Gold emerges, the strongest blades, the mightiest hammers, despite and in defiance of the trickery and interference of manipulators, as with the creation of Mjolnir, the symbol so many of us Asatro folk wear this moment so proudly around our necks!
To all the true European men and Women; do not fool yourselves into naivety and denial; but merely open up your senses to your surroundings and you too will hear the dogs of war barking or the sound of Heimdall’s Gjallarhorn, and the war drums steadily pounding; the rising spectre of Surt, the forces of those who would destroy us, the echoing in the near distance, the fire against the night sky, that rests each day in the glow produced by our cities violating our sacred skies, wherein our Valkyries shall reign forth to clutch those of us that fall, whose deeds were not small in battle and in glorious death!
Feel the indomitable power as Asa-Thonar(Thor/Thonar/Donar) lights up the sky with sparks from each mighty strike of Mjolnir.
   We do not fear this coming tide, on the contrary we in fact welcome so much so as to even desire and yearn for it. For it is time for the atoning political, cultural and spiritual vengeance to be wrought against all those who have committed unforgettable crimes against our people!
Tis the time in which we shall restore glory and honour to our mother Europe and all of her children!
Hail to the Germanic folk, in the love filled pride of purposeful pure dreams for our future!
Hail the coming revolution: Hail our Gods and Goddesses reborn!
Rise son of Wotan. Rise daughter of Frigga, rise for the sake of all your fore-fathers and fore-mothers, for the sake of all the Æsir, upon Ragnarok we stand and yet so few stand to action, avenge this situation, arise in yourself the will to actively contribute to our resistance, stop reading the works of others and start writing yourself like I have done, organising yourself and motivating, informing and inspiring our folk yourself! Get in contact and start writing articles or attending Asatro gatherings
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