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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 7th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 7th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon) 2014

English Asatro

With the combined right wing vote at over 55% of the electorate, between the Conservatives and UKIP it is a good time to be a patriot, and life must be starting to look gloomy for those subversive left-wingers, egalitarian defilers and anti-English immigrants.

The tide has finally turned. The death of the left in UK politics as a majority force has occurred electorally, although the FPTP electoral system means the Labour party could illegitimately and un-democratically seize power with a minority electoral support base of less than 20% of the population (equating to roughly 35% of the electorate, depending on the turnout), although if Labour did illegitimately seize Westminster during the 2015, secession movements (followed by devolution movements) in England would likely reach critical mass magnitudes.

This would bring a legal and constitutional end to the legitimacy of the Westminster government, although polls already indicate that normal folk already believe that the Westminster government and Political class have absolutely no legitimacy, with a large percentage of our English folk already supporting England separation ideals.

Ultimately if a Labour government occurred in 2015 it could potentially cause the fully-fledged start of an actual national secession movement away from Westminster and the immigrant occupied capital and its vile, racist immigrant-first priority politics, seeing more and more powers taken back into local English councils (first in the South of England) and the immigrant supported Westminster and Londonistan capital and Labour constituencies ostracized from the rest of England increasingly.

This would inevitably occur upon the public outrage after numerous ethnic minority criminal waves, following in the line of the racially motivated Pakistani abuse of our English girls in Rotherham.

With UKIP making serious gains in the North of England, the ethnic minority fuelled Labour party will be flanked electorally both from the North and South (Labour already gets no MPs in the South West of England, except for in heavily immigrant occupied urban centres such as Southampton and barely even any in the South East (outside of London).

The same trend is developing in the North West and North East solely through the rise of UKIP.

In 5 years time of consistent UKIP growth, this will likely only accelerate and occur sooner than predicted here, with some estimates that UKIP should be already targeting 100 seats in the 2015 general election.

Labour will be unseated from well over 50-75 seats in Westminster, potentially even in the 2015 general election combined with subsequent by-elections, this loss of Labour seats to UKIP is inevitable by 2020, potentially this number could rise to 150 UKIP seats by 2020 if the growth of UKIP is consistent, UKIP will theoretically exceed even this ambitious prediction, considering how UKIPs electoral performance has multiplied by several hundred percent since the 2010 general election.

This seismic shift to the pro-English, anti-EU, staunchly anti-immigrant right will inevitably shift the balance of power in the UK to the right considerably, and permanently.

This will occur In the face of a continued increase in the numbers of non-European ethnic groups multiplying in our midst, almost exclusively in urban areas, this growth and the crisis produced in the face of it, opposing our folk, will lead to calls for the deportation of these occupying ethnic minorities like never before seen in British (or more accurately, in English) politics.

The respective and continual rise of the Front National in France will correlate with and actually contribute to this galvanization of English politics, and will help us via the prevention of immigrants coming through France by Marine Le Pen as the president of France in 2017 (which according to poll prediction increases in her popularity ratings, is likely going to occur) decimating all thoughts of pessimism and the outdated nihilist predictions for the future of mainland Europe.

The next 10 years will see the growth of the pro-English right with a rise in Asatro folkish sentiments and a consistent growth in the numbers of active Asatro folk, following in the wake of UKIP’s icebreaker like effect of opening up the political discourse in our nation at the core of this.

With a continued decrease and discrediting of Christianity and the inevitable and positive political victory of our increasingly Asatro inspired English folk over anti-English racist immigrant voting blocks, leftwing subversives and the discrediting of the pro-immigration subversives who brought them here in the first place and the subsequent political class that keeps them here, this will lead to systematic and rightful calls for the expulsion of occupying immigrant blocks that will eventually become the only remaining numerically significant supporters of the then minority Labour party (post 2015/2020) alongside their Jewish political figures (e.g.: James Harding, the Jewish CEO of the BBC) becoming utterly ridiculed and ran out of public life and eventually out of this country (Ed Miliband’s brother for example already has emigrated having seen the writing on the wall).

After this initial purification of the political discourse of our nation, the resulting effect will then be incarnated in the positive and articulate discourse of ethnic rights whereby our Germanic and Nordic people’s futures are secured through the repatriation of all non European ethnic groups, including their descendants and by-products, after public outrage and hostility against the large number of immigrant crime waves, housing demands, welfare parasitism, affirmative action, immigrant racism against our folk and immigrant civil riots that will occur once UKIP MPs and converted overtly patriotic MPs start making large inroads legislatively into Parliament against welfare and immigration.

Initially this will occur only implicitly and directly in the 5 years after that directly, leading up to and immediately following the 2020 general election.

   The increasingly pro-English legislation and political atmosphere will develop In accordance with a galvanized proud English folk electorate and population, who fed up with hostile third world ethnic groups committing crime against our national infrastructure, people and economy, will see a rejuvenation and purification of the celebration and defence of our ethnic ancestry, ethnic sanctity and racial future, this will result in the unleashing of an exclusively Germanic and thus excellent scientific, spiritual, racial and economic future as a civilization.

This is the future I am advocating for, this is the future, that as an English person you must come to understand is necessary and positive for the future of our civilization.

This is the extraordinary, excellent and beautiful future that you also must advocate for in your own way, through contributing articles, referring other English folk to these ideals encapsulated here and in appreciating, understanding deeply and working for this future yourself, in the politics you espouse and support in public and in private.

For the sake of all our fellow Germanic folk that we care for and our beloved future generations, in honour of our ancestors we shall be victorious and the future can thenceforth be bright for our generations to come.

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