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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 22nd day of Æftera Līþa 2264.RE / 22nd day of After midsummer month 2014
Eternal, Illustrious, Wilf, Noble and Pure:
Our Ásatrú Spirit
The power and sincerity of Asatru can be heard in the ancient sincerity of the sound of thunder and the glory of lightning. Asatru is nature, Asatru is our nature, eternal and like the rising sun: unstoppable, for Asatru is the articulation of our spiritual connection to nature, illustrated through metaphor animated by our Nordic & Germanic nature.
Asatru is pure and wondrous, strong and wild, Asatru is eternal, ethereal and ancient yet youth-full and full of life. Asatru is as pure and innocent as the sound of morning birdsong to the hearts and ears of our awakening Germanic folk. Asatru is purity of the spirit, our spirit, our Nordic & Germanic spirit.
Asatru is as glorious as my ancient and natural ideals for my English Germanic folk, beneath English skies of thunder and lightning, eyes of lightning blue purity amid golden lightning hair, furious and proud, wild and pure, reigns our divine blood, ethereal in form, the daughters and sons of the Æsir, the mothers and fathers of all our civilization, for the rest of eternity that it shall last: our idyllic Asatru civilization of tomorrow, that ideal for all our extraordinary Nordic & Germanic folk that we will secure by the price and joyful service of our full dedication to our sacred folk and folk spirit in this era of purification.
Asatru is simultaneously the daughter of the Æsir and the mother of all our Nordic & Germanic civilization to come, the spirit that shall guide, the examples and eternal wisdoms and inspirationary forces that shall flow with our folk for eternity, for Asatru is our perception and knowledge of the Æsir, Vanir and all things natural and divinely natural.
Asatru is our only sacred spiritual nature, our guiding force, our beloved sustainer, our long lost and simultaneously always known soul mate.
   Asatru as an ideal set of Æsir informed ideals herself is the only true ‘chosen one’ of our divine folk's resurgence, that is the truth, for no one lone individual could ever encapsulate the purity and colossal magnitude of the sacred Germanic and Nordic ideals and archetypes and expectations of our folk, only an ancient and pure spirituality, an idealistic, perfectionist and natural spirituality, an ancient set of wisdoms, imbued through a deep, eternal and unstoppable love for our folk can perform this role as our folk’s eternal sustenance:
Asatru, our chosen spirit, our Matriarch of Germanic and Nordic purity, perseverance, perfectionism and potential.
Asatru, Æsir spirit: be no longer merely our sleeping conscience, and forlorn lover and creation but forever become our waking resurgence through each and every member of our folk, in each and every mind upon each and every second of each and every day!
From this point onwards in the minds of the readers of these words and forever forth in purity.
My sacred folk, hold true to Asatru and she in return will hold you high in her grasp of purifying Nordic beauty and ancient ethereal wisdom and then you in return shall do the same for all our folk.
The strength of our folk, is the strength of Asatru, and through the strength of our rising armies of Asatru informed warrior folk, the strength of Asatru, a self sustaining cycle of purity and the pursuit of perfection shall be awakened.
Resolve in yourself the Asatru and Æsir informed will to hold strong, hold steadfast and start striving, for as long as it takes to awaken and arise all of our sacred folk: that is the Asatru ethic.
Hail our Folk
Hail our Æsir
Hail our Vanir
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