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Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE
Paris wins bid to host 2018 lesbian, sodomist, bisexual and transgender 'gay games'... in the media shadow of the surging popularity of the Front National and Marine Le Pen.

Sodomite Jeux
The first 'gay games' is to be held in Ohio, in the Marxist hotbeds of Cleveland and Akron, where the 'gay games' shall attempt to enact its cultural defilement in 2014, no doubt on an enormous amount of U.S taxpayer funded 'security' for the event, where the 15,000 'performers' will attempt to emulate, in a sick parody, the actual (which is in-fact a multi-racialist, anti-nationalist cultural enforcement-platform copy of the original Greek) Olympics.

Paris, or rather some illegitimate figures within Paris have pledged sufficient political, social and financial capital in order to have the 'gay games' stationed in France in 2018 and to replicate upon the 2014 design scheduled for the United States. For the duration of their occupation, cultural defilement shall be served instead of traditional French culture (or what remains of it) in central Paris, and all over national French media channels, that will all too happily broadcast from such an event.

The only electoral organisation force that stands to prevent such a symbolic act of defilement against French civilization and to prevent further destruction of France and through France wider Europe, is the Front National. As of October 11th the Institut Français d'Opinion Publique IFOP reports that "with 24% Marine Le Pen's Front National leads voting intentions (and predictions) for the European elections of 2014".

The Front National is quickly becoming the main opposition party in France, gradually putting the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UPM) into ever greater degrees of insignificance, which in the aforementioned most recent polling data is 2% behind the FN in relation to the EU election predictions of the vote share for 2014.

This change from fringe political party to the dominant political force in terms of the European elections has the leftwing anti-white media scrambling for cover as their hegemony of suppression and moral blackmail over the spirit and identity of the French people gradually comes crashing down before the heel studded feet of Marine Le Pen and her team of high-grade candidates such as Bruno Gollnishce MEP (President of the AEMN) in the run up to the 2014 EU Elections.

Marine Le Pen by all indications will likely continue onwards post 2014 into a surge of political support resulting in her destiny as the First Front National President of the French Republic, and thus becoming the de-facto leader of mainstream continental European Nationalism in continental Europe until other nations are inspired to enact similar cultural and political Renaissances.

Until the Front National is in power France will continue to suffer intense political, demographic, racial, economic and cultural onslaughts from the organised left, from groups such as the European Jewish Congresses dictatorial decrees attempting to enforce tolerance of the genocide of Europeans to the Communist and Socialist policies of the Parti Socialiste and the gradual cancer like erosion of the all of France that comes as a result of the existence of such groups in political power.

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