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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: Final Night of Sol-mōnaþ 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / Final Night of February 2015
Germanic Revolution
   We are insignificant, powerless and enslaved as individuals within a majoritarian political system when we are disorganised and de-motivated. Thus we must defiantly declare and dedicate ourselves to become more than this, to stand up for our Germanic folk and our dreams for our folk future as a singular Asatro informed Germanic folk.

For our Germanic folk to rise we must give our greatest combined dedication to their awakening. For we as individuals are nothing and our Germanic folk as a whole are everything to us, we as individuals are insignificant, it is for our beloved that we fight, to awaken them to fight for themselves, on behalf of our collective Germanic ancestors and in defence of our collective Germanic descendants to come.

To create its own tyranny our majoritarian governmental system promotes false-individualism, not to empower but to divide us unto millions, so that we focus on our insignificant individual interests instead of remaining as one invincible whole, we are instead shattered and splintered, divided and artificially forced into a state of self-deluding quasi-individuality. Observe the average person, Conservative or Liberal, they proclaim to be an individual, but they are all repetitions of the lifestyle and ethical and philosophical diseases and stereotypes of those who first manipulated them into the identification with their liberalism, socialism, or even the concept of being ‘”average” as an ideology of submission and passivity in itself, a lack of nobility, a plague of human identity inferiority, degrading even the naturally strong, like rust upon steel.

The truth of this fraudulent individualism we see in today’s society is not an attempt to liberate, but to enslave, to replace individual Germanic intelligence, strength, nobility, innocence and initiative with lowly crowd behaviour and thought, group think and cowardice, all the while each unit within that very crowd proclaims its own uniqueness, ignorant to the vast hordes of almost identical individuals who reside alongside itself, rendering it insignificant.

Awakened folk are several thousand, if not several million times more unique and valuable than the average city-dwelling, indoctrinated person.

Although even amongst our ranks there are those who are no better than the average indoctrinated, passive, submissive quasi-individual, for they are inactive and thus the end effect of their existences is teleological identical in their non-significance and futility.

Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, Jewish Marxist, neo-Marxism and even Conservatism are all dead ideologies, in that they are both un-natural and require dead spirits to inhabit, and it is from these dull, average hordes of complicity and complacent indoctrinated individuals, with no common sense that these ideologies gain a stranglehold, through the passivity of quasi-individuals and their numerical application in a majority electoral system, the political power of worthless leaders of inferiors could potentially rule non-stop, as it has now for so many decades. This is due to the effectually equal uselessness of the informed but non-inspired awakened folk, who de-motivated, demoralised, disorganised and destitute are of no use in providing an active nor effective resistance.

But this is all about to change, already our people are awakening, as detailed extensively on this website, in relation to pure ethnic concerns and the potential this provides for a resurgence in Asatro as our ethnic spirituality.

   From the perspective of the history of our Germanic people our people are awakening in what is from a historical perspective: a blink of an eye.

Proudly at the spear point of this natural resurgence and defiance against complicit, conformity, fake self-deluding quasi-individualism, mass immigration and Semitic dogma is an increasingly unified Germanic political awakening and politically rebellious ethos. The kind of ethos that takes “Politically Incorrect” as a badge of honour.

I as the author of this website, as an English Ásatrúar I am just like you, the reader, we are so, so alike, we are not individuals, we are part of a whole, a defiant whole that stands in opposition to the destruction of our people. A whole that is organising itself and motivating itself to action.

   We in turn are an inseparable part of our ancient and beautiful Germanic folk, through our collective ancestors, that we share with every other English and wider Germanic person alive in this era.

Look down upon your hands as you read this and know that if you are Germanic, many of the same genes that are carried in the nuclei of your blood cells are identical to the ones that flow within my hands as I write in this moment to attempt to inspire you to action. Although, I ask, as I type this, why is it that so many of our people’s hands are not writing, nor acting on behalf of the interests of our people? Why is it that the overwhelming majority of our people in their entire existences remain inactive and in-effect in betrayal of our ancestors even though they are increasingly becoming awakened and informed?

   Information can only ever be of use when driven forth with a purpose, for informational coding: 1s and 0s are just that, 1s and 0s, they are impotent, without will or programming, without a voice, or a platform for communication they remain but numbers, surrounded by millions of other irrelevant and purposeless 0s and self-deluding 1s. Which from their 1st person perspective cannot overcome nor even comprehend the numerical insignificance of their individuality within a majoritarian system, which is the law of nature and the universe, for we are miniscule within this universe, and even without our relative societal political universe we are so insignificant, our voice overwhelmed by amassed nothingness, suppressed under the tyrannical decrees of inferior leaders and unworthy political figures, like static interference disrupting a public broadcast.

You awakened folk must be inspired to overcome this situation, to become more than just individuals, even awakened individuals are powerless without a driving force and this motivational force can be Asatro, which is in its total effect the resurgence of our pure biological Germanic nature animated through spiritual belief and metaphor, Asatro is ultimately focused on becoming true Germanic folk, in accordance with our Sagas and ancestral lore, remembering both the heroes within our blood and the inherent heroic nature within our blood, throwing down the shackles of complacency and passivity, and raising tall in our arms the hope for a better future for our beloved Germanic folk!

For whom I would give my life in an instant, but oh if it were that simple, that we raise our swords and retake our nation. For warfare in this era is far more complex and delayed than it was in the eras in which our Sagas were encoded even, let alone in the era in which they occurred, thousands of years ago. The Archetypes remain constant in their excellent advise and societal, political and cultural wisdom. It is from this source of strength, in Asatro, the definitive Germanic spiritual view of our own folk that we must re-embrace, to find the resolve, moral courage, integrity, tact and wisdom required to safeguard our future and triumph over our enemies.

   Forget this statement not, my fellow Germanic Asatro individuals, that if the pen is mightier than the sword, then so, by a magnitude of more than a hundred is HTTP and URL coding, instantly accessible images and words of inspiration akin to aligned armies, words that carry the potential for instant information and inspiration, like commands of battle, like decrees of war. For that is my intention, spiritually, politically, culturally and motivationally to stoke in you the realisation, that our people are awakening and we have a thousand battles to be waged and an entire nation to be re-taken.

The process of informing our people must in itself be an act of inspiring both our people and ourselves personally to act on the information they and we were awakened by, to motivate yourself, as a member of our proud and pure folk to right the wrongs inflicted against our people, that is one of the primary required principles of our revolution, to right the wrongs enacted against our beloved folk, spiritually, ethically, racially, economically, militarily, economically and politically. To right the wrongs enacted against Our folk, our Germanic Folk, it was our Germanic ancestors that created Asatro, by our most ancient ancestors, and within whose blood, as in ours today, flows that legacy and potential to not only right the wrongs afflicted upon our people, but to attain a noble future of elegance and purity, to march forward as a folk, into space exploration and increasing our knowledge and brilliance upon each generation in accordance with our Asatro archetypes, as the sons of Odin, the sons of Frigg, the daughters of Thor and Sif, wisdom, elegance, strength, beauty and every single archetype and virtue our folk shall embody in excellence and elegance, this is a future worth aspiring towards, a future worthy of dedicating your entire life to promoting and ensuring.

Anglo-Saxon maskI will not rest until my entire nation and all Germanic nations have learnt to be free, to overcome fear, through attaining that most noble of trait; courageous defiance, to unleash ourselves to achieve the futures we deserve, for we shall not live "in inferiority" as our enemies are currently attempting to enforce upon us.          

A courageous defiance emanating from the spirits of each and every ordinary Germanic person, from the folk of our lands, will secure for our extraordinary, elegant, intelligent folk, the ethnically secure and purposeful future we deserve.

It is courageous defiance that led me to this point in my life, it is courageous defiance that shall lead me, to inspire you to lead yourself I so hope! To lead yourself into battle on behalf of our folk, through spiritual, cultural, political, artistic and organisational methods. Through writing, through partaking in Asatro organisation, through campaigning. I hope that you learn to lead yourself as a fellow Asatro inspired Germanic individual, as a pure, Germanic.

Defiance in the face of persecution and oppression, in defiance of the destruction and defilement enacted against our beloved folk. Defiant dedication to our Germanic folk, to a dream of Elegance and Purity!

This is what I believe in, this is my dream for a nobler future for our folk!

   All our folk, and you foremost amongst them, as a Germanic must learn through this example, that when mediocrity and the mediocre seek to oppress you, when indoctrinated quasi-individuals attempt to suppress you, it is then, in that moment that you must re-kindle in yourself your greatest dedication to your people, your mightiest will of defiance and dedication, to never retreat, to never become oppressed, battle is when you cease to become a victim, and raise your sword arm high to the sky, beneath Odin’s ravens and Thor’s lighting, in yourself through thought and memory, stoked and baptised by the lightning of your own declaration of love for our folk, in times of peace and in times of war. A hand fasting of yourself and our Germanic folk, a unifying of purpose and potential.

Let persecution and pressure, political, legal, civil, social, spiritual, racial and financial make you stronger, let it unleash you, let it empower you, let it evolve who you are through your reflective fortitude and discipline, let it refine and reinforce your spirit of defiance and character, in defiant, daring dedication to our people’s future.

   Let every moment of your life build you up for a cause, for a purpose, let not your life wander aimlessly, like a leaf lost in the winds of time, dictated by other peoples changes, torn from the tree of your own life.

   Unto the dawn that is death and forthwith unto Valhalla maintain a posture of defiance, for the practical purpose of enabling yourself to be more persevering and actively effective in inspiring and informing our folk, for the sake of a more noble vision for our Germanic people’s future.

Give your all today, so that our descendants may have a tomorrow.

So that our people may live that future of Elegance and Purity that they so deserve, that our ancestors fought for a thousand, thousand generations to achieve and maintain.

Be the bearer of generations uplifted and proud of their nature and defiant in this moment of our history, be the bearer of your own spirit and being, through your will, on behalf of our Germanic folk, do not wait, nor merely lay the foundations of that change, but be that change, stand up for our people immediately, keep practical, keep positive, keep persevering for our English Folk.

   I defiantly invite all Asatro inspired and informed Germanic folk to stand alongside these words and the organisational efforts of English Asatro that shall follow, this Summer with an English Asatro Allthing upon the Solstice, in this era, to stand, hand to hand, in a shield wall of Folkish liberation, to become free, through unity of our purposes, to enable us to have an effect, to be able to shape our future, for fractured and alone we are powerless, but as equals in a shield-wall of sacred Germanic solidarity we can achieve what we could never and have never achieved alone.

For in this era, we must all stand-up for our Germanic folk. Stand-up for our folk now. Rise from your seat, cease to be complacent, improve who you are as a Germanic person, on behalf of our people, cease to be inactive, improve and empower yourself, through improving and empowering our Germanic people’s future.

Your actions determine your future, your actions determine our future. Do not continue being purposeless, rise now to stand a chance of achieving the positive Asatro inspired dreams we share for our Germanic, English folk.

You know where to find me, the writer, I just hope you know where to find yourself, and most importantly that inner strength within yourself, that is absolutely necessary for you to become active politically in defending our noble Germanic folk. Then only will you be ready, to help inform and inspire our beloved Germanic people.

To take your rightful position as an Asatro inspired Germanic individual without our greater Germanic folk, speaking and writing alongside what I write here, to awaken our people yourself, directly, and to become a leader in your own right. If I am a teacher through what I write on this website, I can only hope that I can teach you to become better than yourself, to become better for the sake of our people, for there are those reading this right now, and you know it is true, who are so politically and spiritually gifted, that your activation and active participation in awakening our folk will make all the difference.

I await you as a motivated Germanic, inspired through a love of our people that is inherent to Asatro.

This is my message, this is who I am, I will never give in, I will never be silenced.

   And what calm my enemies experience before me, I swear is the calm before the storm I shall cast around their world, before I bring it down to its brittle, worthless knees, and crush it unto Hellheimr. For to create a future for our folk, the disgusting present must be rendered unto the past.

   We proud Asatro folk care not who proclaims to hold sway in this era, nor pessimistic understandings that this era belongs to the defilers.

   For we shall render this era of defilement unto the past, and upon a new horizon we shall reclaim all that belongs to our folk, our lives, our lands with the time that lays within our grasp.

   We care not for the proclaimed ownership of our government by Jewish Supremacists, for we know and dedicate ourselves to the declaration that we ourselves shall retake our government and nation absolutely and in its entirety, so it matters not who controls it at this moment, for that is the present, that shall become the past, annihilated beneath the elegant and extraordinary nature of our Germanic people’s everlasting future.

   A day shall come, where upon each and every seat in Parliament is held by a proud Germanic Asatro individual.

   Einherjars and Valkyries of our folk, Guardians and Leaders, Heroes and Heroines, Shield brothers and Shield Maidens in all but name.

   For this is who we are, and this is the path we dedicate ourselves to, totally, uncompromisingly, professionally and eternally, we the awakened sons and daughters of England and all of Scandinavia and Germania.

   For our people to rise, requires the destruction of the chains and tethers that hold us down, and even if in this struggle I am brought to my death, or destitution in my sacrifices on behalf of my people in the decades that arise beneath the horizons ahead, I will always clasp firmly my sword hand, and swing to Valhalla, the blade lit by the overpowering glare of the reflections of my tears of defiance ablaze, emanating with my unending love for my people.

Hail Our Gods
Hail Our Goddesses
Hail Our Germanic Folk

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