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Article author: Max North @ Asatro News / Published: 1st day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 1st day of September 2014
Seiðr An ethnic Nordic & Germanic meditation and ritual (shamanistic) tradition
Germanic and Nordic Shamanism
Seiðr is the Germanic & Nordic, Northern European Shamanistic Tradition. Seiðr is a magnificent and sacred form of Shamanism and High Magic that has been long forgotten in the Germanic/Norse Psyche, in its complexity it is more substantial and detailed than almost any other system of the understanding of the soul and the ritualistic practice surrounding attempts to focus or direct the energy of an individual, group or our entire nation.
Due to centuries of spiritual and psychological colonization under the Semitic creed of Christianity and in more recent times a Semitic-dominated post logical positivism era of rationalism we have been denied our Native spiritual practice of Seiðr along with Asatro in the minds of the majority of our folk population.

In the 21st century when young Germanic/Norse men and women wished to practice spirituality they are usually presented with some other form of native tradition or something from the new age movement or simply indoctrinated back into the Church.
The mission of Max, the newest writer of the Asatro news stands to present a True Magical Northern European Tradition of Seidr which is primarily Germanic/Norse.
  Max stated:  
   Hopefully this will empower my fellow Northern European Folk both psychologically and spiritually, this is my gift to my people. The esoteric occult knowledge along with the Practical and Divinatory systems that I will present will involve detailing and extrapolating upon:
       The Nordic Tree of Life or world tree: Yggdrasil (which is the Germanic/Nordic cosmological and symbolic understanding of the universe), its significance, its purpose and its potential.
       The Nordic Runes, The Norse Tarot, a discussion on the importance of the Elements of Nature, a detailed extrapolation of the Germanic/Norse Mythology, Animal Totems and Familiars/Fetches, connecting to our Ancestors, Jungian Psychology, the art of Blot and Sumbel ritual etc.
       The Knowledge and Practice of this Tradition I have gained myself when detailed in depth and understood by the reader, will help to heal the Northern European Psyche not just on a Collective level but also on a Individualistic level.                 
       You do not have to put all the knowledge and Seiðr practices that I present into practice though the primary foundational practices are the most important especially for psychological or self-motivation purposes, which can and will help to motivate you in your ordinary and extraordinary life.
Seiðr invokes the use of the Runes, Runes can also be used as a highly cultured form of writing, to be used to entirely replace the Latin alphabet that all European nations and countless other nations have been forced to utilize.
The Asatro News utilizes and honours a version of the Elder Futhark in defiance of the defiling latin alphabet, via a transliteration program composed by a Swedish Asatro individual of a Swedish Asatro group who personally contacted the Asatro News with the personal offer of his freely given translation program.
Seiðr often revolves around the use of these Runes, providing a extra-cultural mechanism, wherein our Nordic Elder Futhark or the Anglo Saxon Futhorc can be used to inspire, symbolise and animate core aspects of Asatro ritual on an individual basis:
   Know how to carve them,
   know how to read them,
   know how to stain them,
   know how to wield them,
   know how to ask them,
   know how to bloody them,
   know how to send them,
   know how to sacrifice them.
   144. Hávamál
The Northern Germanic Runic futhark's and futhorcs compose the tools and iconography inherent to Seidr, the Northern Germanic system of spiritual, archetypical and meditationary 'magick' or self-inspiration.

Although an under utilized form, Seiðr (pronounced Seith) is a useful segment within Asatru, most Asatruar do not actively believe in any real power of Seidr as supernatural, but view Seidr as entirely natural and some even explain its use through Jungian psychology, such as the meditation on archetypes that help to direct and focus an individual's life and energy to help oneself stay inspired and empowered to focus intensely and sincerely on life's natural tasks and duties.
The use of the Runes as an ethnic, cultural, spiritual and community ritual medium and individual spiritual ritual mechanism can be extremely useful not only as a motivating or inspirational force but also on a deeper level of spiritual significance that brings a cultured ethereality, confidence and prowess to ones personal conduct and lifestyle if done properly.
For Odin hang himself "sacrificed himself to himself" for 9 days upon his own spear from the edge of the world tree, Yggdrassil, to symbolically attain for our Northern Germanic folk the ability to utilize, write, understand and weild the Runes, thus any complete practice or understanding of Asatru needs to understand the Runes, they are a part of our heritage and ethnic cultural style.
  I know that I hung, on a wind swept tree for all of nine nights,
   wounded by spear, and given to Odin, myself to myself,
   on that tree of which no man knows from what root it rises.
   138, Hávamál
So how to use the Runes and put them into practice?
The director of the Asatro News has learned how to fluently write using the Elder Futhark and nearly the entire Anglo Saxon Futhorc, never again needing to use the Latin alphabet in written form. Learning to write using any of the Futharks or the Anglo Saxon Futhorc is a spectacular celebration of our ethnic linguistic culture.

The Runes are although to be primarily used ritually in addition to this. For it is not a complex form of divination at all, in fact if you are ethnically Germanic/Norse then you will be able to work with them very easily as they are naturally and ancestrally connected to your Psyche. The most simple way to use the runes is to hold all the runes in both of your hands while your eyes are closed and pick out 3 and cast them.

What ever 3 Runic Symbolic Stones you have chosen are then laid out as Past, Present and Future just like the Maidens in Yggdrassil. Reading the runes when deployed in such a manner is although a difficult task, open to interpretation.
   “Thence come the maidens, mighty in wisdom,
   Three from the dwelling, down 'neath the tree;
   Urth is one named, Verthandi the next,
   On the wood they scored, and Skuld the third.
   Laws they made there, and life allotted To the sons of men, and set their fates.”
The runes can also be used as a divination system through deployment alongside normal writing, to give your writing more power and force, an article, website or poem that starts in the runes will inspire the writer more than anything else, which in turn often leads to better written content, thus the Runes can be deployed in simple ways that can be of use on an everyday basis alongside ritual divination of a more esoteric or abstract form.

   Hail the one who speaks them,
   hail the one who knows them
   useful to he who gets them
   hail they who heed them.
   164. Hávamál
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