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Article author: Max North, Asatro News / Published: 24th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 24th Night of January 2015
Á Natural initiation into Seidr
The article author Max North is the English Asatro resident expert (a well read and informed, individual) on matters of the Esoteric, the Runes and Jungian psychology:
For the last 5 years I have gone through an inner initiatory or knowledge and discipline accumulating process, much like military mental training that has led me to practice the Germanic esoteric shamanic tradition of Seidr. I had to metaphorically sacrifice myself to myself as my patron god Woden/Odin once did on Yggdrasil to acquire knowledge. I visited all the nine worlds from within myself it was a very empowering, informative and admittedly introverted task for a while during the initiation and self-discipline stages.

The initiation into the art of Seidr will be different for every Seidr investigating Asatro folk individual. The cosmology of Yggdrasil, Norse & ancient Germanic Lore and the Runes will always be the compass and primal structure for this particular practice. The Gods Odin and Freyja are the patron and matron of the Seidrfolk, those within Asatro at the self-disciplined elite who literally embody our spiritual energy and potential, like Odin and Freyja. The Seidr practicing all-father and foremost of the Vanir alike are the primal metaphysical Father and Mother of all Seidrfolk, learning from whom, through reading of the lore pertaining to them and by drawing inspiration from their Archetypes is essential for elite understandings and self-realisations via Seidr. Seidr must be practiced and should only be practiced alongside the spirituality of Asatru as without Asatru there would be no Seidr.

   While I was going through my 5 year initiation process I only knew of Asatru very vaguely but as I went deeper within, the image and names of the Aesir and Vanir only got closer as I read more material and nurtured its pure, Germanic imagery into my spiritual and thus daily outlook.

This is my story of how I was introduced to Seidr by self initiation, Seidr is an elite mindset of self-discipline and high cognitive awareness in accordance with our ancestral lore, archetypes, ideals and runes.

Since as far back as I can remember I have always had an interest in mythology, history, nature, spirituality, art and music along with also having a high interest in culture and how it manifested through human nature. I was raised a liberal catholic and never really felt Catholicism or any of the other modern major world religions were for me. However I always have had a sense that there is some metaphysical force or intelligence guiding this world, a pantheistic feeling. When I was 20 years of age I was introduced to a number of subjects that I knew of only vaguely at the time, partly due to my own inquisitiveness. The subjects and topics were all cultural, spiritual and esoteric in nature, they all seemed to connect the dots to all the other interests I had previously to taken an interest in.
I started to take my study into the esoteric further after about a year of looking into the esoteric in a very vague light, I then started proper, serious research, to a higher gradation than any degree program could ever hope to offer. I started to specialise in practising the esoteric arts connected to general eclectic paganism. For approximately two years I engaged in solitary practice and knowledge-seeking through the Hermetic arts, Wicca, Druidism and other vague pantheistic philosophies along with discovering at the same time that psychology and mythology are both strongly connected to each other.

   I was starting to awaken to the understanding that spirituality is something deeper than just religions and culture, that its root is in our nature and in our distinctive natures lays the roots of our ethnic spirituality.

A revelation I would not realise for a while longer. This exploration of all things spiritual led me to go deeper into studying Jungian psychology along with expanding my practical techniques in the esoteric arts. It was through this route that I discovered our archetypal ethnic philosophy: Asatru.

Around this time last year I came to the ultimate realisation that the Hermetic arts, Wicca, Druidry and Jungian psychology were all merely pieces of the puzzle that lead me into Seidr. Like a small number of Asatro folk I was awakened to Seidr first. Which I had some basic practical knowledge of at the same time, as I was studying and practising the esoteric arts in general from 2012/13 onwards as I was experimenting with a colossal amount of esoteric techniques at this time, almost searching for one that was truly suitable, it was not until I realised the sheer importance of our biological, ethnic or racial nature in determining our spiritual nature and requirements that I came to fully embrace Asatru in all its other respects.

Spirituality and Politics are deeply linked and co-dependent, Asatru implores and motivates us to enact our spiritual will and lifestyle through a real and meaningful service to our biological nature, as individuals and as part of a collective Germanic peoples.

It was in 2014 that I discovered the immense power of Seidr and I realized that this is the esoteric tradition I have wanted to practice all along, that has been encoded at the deepest level of my being, like a sacred, ancient memory, a feeling of mysterious longing that requires Asatru, which motivates us towards truly ‘knowing’ ourselves and our nature through living in accordance with our naturally epitomized ethnic archetypes, bridging the void between the longing of the spiritual world and the completion of the natural world, which are upon inspection one and the same.

Even when I was practising the esoteric arts before embracing Seidr formally in 2014, which has since motivated me to take a primary position to awaken my folk through writing to help awaken my fellow English Ásatrúar, the esoteric rituals and systems I had created all mimicked Seidr in a vague way, unconsciously almost.

I had mystical and unexplained, auspicious experiences and statistically inexplicable coincidences that mimicked Norse mythology and at this time I had only briefly explored Germanic mythology as I was still rationalizing within the popularized Egyptian, Classical and Gaelic mythology at the time. Although the experiences when using these other gods and heroes and their mythologies for practical metaphysical psychological purposes, and never quite achieving a complete system, conclusively demonstrates that our folk, as myself required our natural spirituality to be properly motivated and organised.

Even when I was reading and seeking to use Classical, Egyptian and Gaelic spiritual styles I always mirrored a more epic Germanic mythological style along with coming to the realization that the particular symbols and archetypes I liked in say Egyptian or Greek mythology were all very similar, albeit foreign to the Germanic/Norse true examples in terms of comparative mythology.

My path for the last five years has been an adventure of discovery and self-improvement.
Which I am now positively putting into action via writing articles to awaken others via writing to inspire an English Asatro resurgence.
For this journey of five years I had to go through sacrifices and obstacles just like Odin (the archetypal/patron God of the Seidr) to get to where I am now.

I see the story of the last five years of my life as my introduction to Asatru and Seidr. However my path does not end until death. I still have a very long way to go before my time upon Midgard has ended, and I have yet to have fully mastered the Seidr art and our people have yet to be awakened likewise.

I will dedicate my time to teaching all I know so far about the art of Seidr which should cover all the primary practices.

My road ahead is one devoted to helping my noble and excellent folk discover that we have our own esoteric shamanic tradition which is just as deep, rich and empowering than any other indigenous shamanic or esoteric tradition in the world.

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