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Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 29th 2013 (1st edition article) / 29th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE
Russian-Iranian alliance reinforced

Russia Iran
Amid Jewish 'international-community' led pressure against Iran, Russia and Iran have started a Russian Cultural festival in Tehran in an effort to reinforce cultural ties between the two nations in order to ensure long term agreements and understanding and therefore good relations between the people of Iran and Russia, despite Israeli threats of war and Jewish-lobbying caused financial sanctions against Iran.

The festival has started its work with an opening ceremony of Russian cultural heritage and art on October 14th in the central Tehran Vahdat Hall.

The opening ceremony and gala is being attended by Russia's Deputy Minister for Cultural Affairs Grigory Petrovic Ivliev in addition to 40-50 Russian cultural officials, artists, musicians and cultural experts.

The event will show case 6 Russian cinematic pieces of artwork alongside various other pieces of high Russian art, as opposed to modern Judaized art forms such as 'modern art' (which in no way has anything to do with anything modern or anything artistic).

The Russian cultural display in Iran will visit several Iranian cities, such as Isfahan on the 18th of October for an additional 2 days.

This event comes under the context of wider international relations and a prior agreement between the Russian State Library and the Iranian National Library and Archives in addition to meetings between Iranian and Russian literary scholars and figures.

It is evident that Iran is seeking to gain a cultural augmentation via experiencing the merits of Russian culture and allowing its population to experience it in full force.

This follows the distinct Iranian tradition of following in the direction of truly European ideals and cultural trends unlike other Islamic countries.

The aforementioned meetings between Iran and Russia were agreed upon between Iran's Islamic Culture and Relations Organisation, the ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Russia's Ministry of Culture.

The continuation of enhanced relations between Russia and Iran go against the Israeli instigated hostility towards Iran and provide a noble example for other European nations to restore ties with Iran in defiance of the recently humiliated prime minister of Israel after his juvenile, seditious and incorrect comments regarding the cultural freedoms of Iran.

Seeing that Iran is experiencing a healthy European culture, it is most definitely a free cultural nation.

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