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Article author: Asatro News / Published: October 17th 2013 (1st edition article) / 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE
Russian folk stand up against immigrants, immigration and immigrant crime

On Sunday October 13th Russian folk in a southern district of Biryulyovo, Moscow went on the offensive in a mass civilian directed manoeuvre to force the government to enforce immigration laws.

After the degenerate killing of a young white Russian lad, stabbed to death in the heart with a knife, before the very eyes of his girlfriend by a suspected immigrant of visually identifiable Semitic/Arabic origin whilst walking home.

The suspect has been arrested as of October 15th by the Russian police.

The civilian directed protest manoeuvre swept across large swathes of Biryulyovo -Moscow, resulting in the temporary detainment of 380 protesters. Included in this demonstration of displeasure at the current state of immigration in Russia was the protest of vandalizing, rioting and breaking into a vegetable warehouse.

The nationalist protesters were so distraught at the state of affairs pertaining to illegal and supposedly 'legal' immigration into Russia from the third world, by mainly Arabic and Semitic peoples that the protesters engaged in any act they could in order to demonstrate their sheer displeasure with their situation, one demonstrator group was estimated as being as large as 1000 persons by itself, smaller groups around 350 were also identified by police.

Smaller attempts to escalate the demonstrations elsewhere in Moscow did not gain enough traction to develop into tangible protests, unlike in Biryulyovo district.

The protest in Biryulyovo ceased as of midnight on the 13th of October with small sporadic shouts and displays of displeasure elsewhere being the only remaining signs of protest leading into the 14th of October. Damage to the immediate area was limited to broken doors, over-turned cars, street debris and broken glass.

The rioting and damage is largely as a fault of a small proportion of the demonstrators, almost all of them legally classed as minors.

Whether police instigation caused this violent twist in what was a peaceful protest is unknown. This protest and the degenerate killing is now international news.

It is evident that the Russian people will not tolerate mass immigration, it is hoped by millions that this will inspire a moral character into all Russians and provide moral inspiration for similar peaceful demonstrations all across Europe.

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