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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 19th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 19th day of September 2014
The Rotherham abuse exposed:

Paki Pedos
Anti-European racism motivated exploitation, sexual assault, molestation, slavery and entrapment inflicted against our children
Initially implicitly, in 1919 multiculturalism was insidiously instigated and logistically, un-naturally forced into being, stillborn as it is, through the culmination of prior decades of anti-democratic, organised political infiltration into the political culture, media circles, education system and the very top of government in the UK by foreign, mainly Semitic elements and racially-subversive ideologies: the case example of the atrocities within Rotherham perpetrated by Pakistanis and other non-European immigrants and the subsequent media suppression are the seismic quakes produced by that genocidal conception of multiculturalism (demographic-genocide through the artificial imposition of other racial groups into our homelands en-mass), the expose of Rotherham shall serve to annihilate all the decades of lies and façades of the degrading, denigrating, destructive and defiling weapon of multiculturalism.
See below: The official report PDF on the abuse in full.
Here is the truth: 66 years later in 2014 the horrific, organised and orchestrated crimes against our folk have been publicly revealed, the systematic defilement of our nation is illustrated through this one public disclosure, of the truth of this indicative 16 year long trail of 1400 systematic cases of enslavement and exploitation of members of our English folk that has existed for decades, fanatically concealed and suppressed beneath a malicious kabal of manipulative multiculturalists, anti-European Semitic supremacists and legions of Christian, Marxist and a controlled opposition, whose existences and self-deluding façades serve to do nothing more than reinforce stereotypes and prevent genuine action, intentionally collaborating in the suppression of and degradation of the truth, the truth of the suffering and crimes against humanity that have occurred almost exclusively against young girls of Northern European descent, English girls, our girls.

   There were 16 professional reports made exposing the systematic racially motivated abuse of our English girls in Rotherham, each and every one of them was ignored or suppressed by the Pakistani, Jewish and culturally Marxist, pro-Multiculturalism officials, charity workers and police officers who held the truth down, until Alexis Jay's report brought the overwhelming truth to light.

The Rotherham incidences of a racially motivated exploitation, sexual assault and entrapment abuse and the subsequent attempted cover-up over two decades exposed:

   -Racially motivated exploitation and sex slavery atrocities occurred continually between 1997 and 2013 and were systematically covered up by elected officials, Pakistani and BME community representatives, Church and Council representatives, various local and national media non-reporters, academic demographic researchers, police spokespersons and investigators.

   -In the period 1997 to 2013, the latest reports as of 2014 indicate the victim numbers to be in excess of 1,400 girls and an unspecified number of young boys, almost 99% of the victims were and are of Northern European ethnicity, primarily English, Welsh and Irish girls.

   -100% of the prosecuted perpetrators are ethnic Pakistanis, 100% of the perpetrators who remain at large are of Pakistani, Bangladeshi or other sub-Asian and Semitic ethnic origin. Dr Angie Heal’s report cites that there were also a significant number of Iraqi Kurds and (non-European) Kosovans participating in the exploitation.

   -The entirety of the national media ignored the sincerity of the widespread nature of the abuse for over 25 years, early indications of racially motivated slavery and exploitation emerged around the 1990s. -30% of the victim’s cases were already known to child services which did nothing, on several occasions the victims were arrested for attempting to flee from their Pakistani abusers.

   -The Labour party oversaw both the Rotherham and nearby Sheffield councils and various government departments during the entire period from 1997-2010 and deliberately covered up the systematic racially motivated assault, slavery, torture and sexual exploitation of English girls and a small number of young boys by an organised ring of Pakistanis.

   -Statistically it is undeniable that several thousand Pakistanis and other non-European immigrants abused these estimated 1,400 (minimum estimate) young girls, possibly upwards of 14,000 non-European immigrants abused these children, if each child was abused by ten different immigrant abusers*.

*Note: the average number of abusers per prostitute (or sexually exploited, entrapped victim) is normally well above ten per person, if the ratio is comparable in this instance, the numbers of perpetrators who remain at large and are unaccountable for their racially motivated assaults within our nation undeniably number into the thousands, potentially into the tens of thousands, and this is just Rotherham... which is merely the de-facto over-flow town for Sheffield.

   -The initial reports, investigations and witness statements of abuse were maliciously suppressed by Jewish media editors, Jewish and Marxist police officers and seditious defilement tactics by far-left groups, including the Jewish Board of Deputies (allegedly via proxy organisations), Searchlight (including key infiltrators within the BNP who by their association made it hard for any genuine researcher to present the same conclusions for fear of “sounding like the racist BNP”), Hope Not Hate, the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats, the BBC, ITV and Sky media companies.

*Marxist elements in key positions in these political-discourse defining political media companies and subversive organisations established a political atmosphere from Westminster to Rotherham council within which any investigator into the self-evidently racially motivated child exploitation by Pakistanis was attacked and put under immense pressure to drop their investigation or manipulate the results to cover up what were at the time ongoing atrocities against our people’s children.

   Any individual or group that dared to mention or even speculate about the anti-European racist motivations behind the widespread exploitation and sex slavery of young girls and even boys by Pakistanis was attacked and suppressed.

   One investigator was even subject to diversity training after submitting a report on the subject, and was reprimanded with a course in attitudinal alteration in relation to race and was told "you must never refer to Asian Men [in relation to crime]" which verged on revealing the depth of the crimes and the complicity of the authorities in covering them up, including the police, council, children's services, local and national media.

   -2002: A quote from a 2002 draft Home Office report (that was never released) pertaining to child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Rotherham stated that there was: "a high prevalence of young women (White British) being coerced and abused through prostitution" by immigrants [Pakistanis].

*The shocking reality that this truth was known, clearly and distinctly by the Labour Home Office at the time shows the complicity the Labour party has had in enabling and de-facto encouraging the abuse of our women by primarily Pakistani immigrants.

   -2003: "there are a significant number of girls and some boys who are being sexually exploited" [in Rotherham, by older Pakistani men]

   "In Rotherham the local Asian community are reported to rarely speak about them [the Pakistani perpetrators]": i.e.: there was a Pakistani community wide cover up of their crimes against our English daughters.
   "In the past, it had been for their personal gratification [through racial hatred and exploitation], whereas now it offered 'career and financial opportunities to young Asian men who got involved'."

   -Dr Angie Heal, strategic drugs analyst operating as a case investigator commissioned by South Yorkshire Police.

   -2006 Rotherham described by official report: "a [Pakistani] organised and established sexual exploitation scene" with 90%+ English (White British) victims.

   -2006 report by Dr Angie heal into the Rotherham abuse, which was also suppressed.

   -"It is believed by a number of workers that one of the difficulties that prevent this issue being dealt with effectively is the ethnicity of the main perpetrators [the police will not make arrests nor take seriously investigations against Pakistanis and other non-Europeans]..."*

*This is as a result of the political atmosphere created by fanatically anti-European racists in the media who suppress the truth which has the potential to awaken our people to the current reality.

   -2010 "there are sensitivities of ethnicity with potential to endanger the harmony of community relationships"*

   -Rotherham Safeguarding Children Board report, 2010

*This report openly admits the malicious, Semitic dominated media and political establishment intentions behind hiding the abuse: which is to maintain the genocidal multicultural onslaught at all costs by preventing news of such atrocities from ever being aired.

   -2012. According to the Times news company investigation (which it was forced to do over a decade after the initial reports exposing Pakistani exploitation), a confidential (politically suppressed and withheld) police report in 2010 sought to issue a warning that potentially thousands of child sex slavery cases were still ongoing and thousands had been committed by Pakistani men in South Yorkshire alone, which were not restricted to Rotherham (this has still yet to be publicly revealed, the current story has been limited to Rotherham only).

   There is "a significant problem with networks of Asian males exploiting young white females, particularly in Rotherham and Sheffield"

   -Times report

*It is known that Pakistani and other non-European exploitation kabals have been and still are operating in an estimated 20 plus areas in the UK, with only a fraction of these having been discovered, as far north as Newcastle and as far south as Oxford.

   -August 21st 2014 Professor Alexis Jay’s report also corroborates the fact that the Judaized political correctness was elemental in ensuring the cover up, leading to the abuse of 1,400 primarily English girls and some young boys, primarily (99%) by Pakistanis: “ethnic considerations had influenced the policy response of the council and the police.”

   There were examples of children who had been doused in petrol and threatened with being set alight, threatened with guns, made to witness brutally violent rapes and threatened they would be next if they told anyone,"
   "One senior officer suggested that some influential Pakistani-heritage councillors in Rotherham had acted as barriers" [against the investigation into their own ethnic Pakistani criminal community].
   -Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997 – 2013), Alexis Jay, August 21st 2014.
-As of 2014 only 9 Pakistanis have been prosecuted, out of that number only 5 were convicted and that was as of 2010, consider that the average prostitution slave is used by over 10 criminals, that equates to potentially 10,400 Pakistani or other non-European criminals abusing English girls, and yet there have only been 5 convicted Pakistani criminals (the rest remain at large within the area and further afield). Right now you should be getting really, really annoyed, to the extent whereby you will learn the necessity of defending our people. The defence of our folk cannot be left to the complicit police, we must organise ourselves! We must re-take the entire political discourse and direction of our nations, otherwise such atrocities will only continue, and statistically Rotherham can only be a small section of a national exploitation system and sex slavery trafficking of members of our own ethnic population by non-European, primarily Pakistani criminals.
A significant number of our beloved Swedish Folk are also victims to the same racially motivated exploitation and no-doubt prostitution-slavery, in addition to a horrific overt rape rate, perpetrated by almost exclusively African and Asian immigrants AND their descendants. In the immigrant occupied suburbs of Stockholm immigrants are statistically responsible for 75-99% of all rapes.

Our Northern Germanic folk face the same threat for one reason: because we are facing the same onslaught, as a direct result of African, Asian and Semitic immigrants who are in our nations as a direct result of Jewish, Marxist, neo-liberal, neo-conservative and Christian bigots (all ideologies inserted into our national discourse over the past by Jews) who are attempting to systematically defile, degrade and deteriorate our ethnic folk on every level.

Today those foreign infiltrators into the very political culture and power structures of our nations go by the same Semitic tribal names of Miliband and Roche, Spectre and Soros, from Finland to Australia their reach pervades, and this is what must be undone.

This is my task, this is yours also, it falls as the providence laden responsibility upon all of us, young and old, English or Swedish, to save our beloved folk, and to support and in return receive the support of other peoples in their fight against our common opponents who are attempting to deny and defile all our people's ethnic, political and spiritual existences and identities.

From Goteborg to Sheffield, from Anchorage to Sydney, one fight, one ancestral alliance, many folk peoples is required to re-take our nations and to prevent the continued sufferance of our people at the hands of foreign elements opposed to our very existence.

  The most effective feasible retaliation to enact in light of the Rotherham disclosure is informational, to awaken the majority of our folk, that includes you, your decisions can help to prevent the ongoing abuse of our children, your inaction is a betrayal.

To tell our people the truth and to motivate, not mere groups to futile, counterproductive street protests but to motivate and inspire millions of our folk from this point onwards to think and then act in order to politically avenge the Rotherham victims and to make active, individual organisational efforts to fight against such exploitations of our people, from watching their neighbourhood, reporting suspicious behaviour, looking after fellow members of our folk in order to prevent them from falling victim to Pakistani and other immigrant sex traffickers and rapists.

Ultimately the only political action that is effective and is necessary in the long term is the deportation of these criminality inclined groups and the halting of their current self-importation through open doors mass immigration.

This one article will raise more awareness and information than all of the counterproductive street protests combined, telling our folk the un-restrained truth is the primary avenue to awaken our folk to be able to force our political system to respond to our ethnic interests, which is necessary to prevent abuses of our people from continuing to occur. In negative contrast to this effective ideal course of action: the effect of all the emotively negative street thug image ‘nationalist’ groups who shamefully exploited this atrocity for their own group and ego agenda's was negative, costing the police over £750,000* to cover just one demonstration, a massive amount of funds that could have been spent on tracking the Pakistani criminals and increasing the police presence in Rotherham or Sheffield alike.

*The South Yorkshire Police force has one overall budget, a budget that the false-nationalist protests have no doubt drained, instead those who claim to be ‘patriots’ have in reality played right into the hands of the media and wasted police time and manpower whilst simultaneously achieving nothing, in their non-effect and negative effects they, like the rest of the far-left political establishment are complicit in the continued prevention of the alleviation of the continued suffering of thousands of English girls who remain enslaved, undetected and entrapped due to the distractions the police have been forced to deal with at this crucial time, when all of the Pakistani criminals will likely be moving their exploitation operations elsewhere, when they could easily have been intercepted by the police if only the police were not busy expending £750,000 on unrelated patrolling costs.

  Rotherham is the line in the sand, will you let those foreign elements who wish to exploit and defile our beloved folk cross it, no matter what guise they take?

Expose the truth demonstrated by Rotherham to everyone you know, fight back informationally, read the reality of the cause and consequences of the Rotherham abuse here, arm yourself with this information and email distribute it to all those who need to be awakened.

You need to take a moment to sit back and reflect at the sheer horror of the atrocities that have been committed and that are ongoing, including the infuriating cover-up attempt, you have to feel what has happened, really feel it in your heart, I implore you to think for a moment from the perspective of the victims, who are of our folk.

What would they want us to do?      What would their parents want us to do?

The answer: to make sure that this can never happen again, not only that the Pakistani and other immigrant criminals should be ruthlessly punished and deported but also that future generations, other peoples daughters, even your own, or your relatives are not subjected to the same racially motivated exploitation and torture by Asians and other non-European immigrants.

To avenge the tears of the daughters of England we must secure a future that is safe for our daughters and all our children, from Sheffield and Goteborg to Stockholm and Berlin, that we secure for our children a worthy and noble future, a future worth living, free from suffering at the hands of numerically increasing oppressive foreign groups.

To avenge the suffering of our folk in the present we must secure a future re-imbued with the ancient spirit of our natural civilizations, from the time when our people were truly free, in spirit, body and politics.

A future where our folk are imbued with the spirits of our Gods and Goddesses, where our daughters are held high as the Goddesses they are.

I present to you the above information, the truth, including the download link to the most recent report in its entirety that caused the unstoppable national release of the ongoing atrocities, for all the sons and daughters of our folk afflicted, victimized and killed alike by those opposed to our very existence and those who would cover up these realities, fight back against them, by awakening everyone you can, for our people’s sake, to avenge the violated children of England, Sweden and all our lands that have been subject to this same onslaught of non-European immigrants and their degenerate degradations of our people's lives and even bodies.

For the daughters of Rotherham (the overflow town for Sheffield) and Stockholm (especially its suburbs) alike, for their parents and friends sake, let this uncompromisingly truthful information reign far and wide as the anti-European racists scramble and proclaim they are “shocked” and horrified when in reality behind closed doors, the only thing they are shocked at is the fact that the truth has been revealed in relation to Rotherham, and Rotherham is only the beginning and by the time that the wider truth has been revealed our folk will have the information they require to motivate them to retake our nation and to safeguard our ethnic lands, this will be the final chapter in the beginning phase of the end of our Semitic dominated, Marxist infiltrated and shamefully negligent governments.

For we are in an information war, an information war to awaken our folk and ourselves to inspired action, so that together we can declare this is the final line in the sand, only yourself as a part of the majority of our folk are capable of enforcing this solemn pledge of universal defence of our people, through a political and societal earthquake, a general political, spiritual and cultural uprising.

For our people’s sake .
For our people's lives .
For our daughters and their tears.
Rise now and distribute this truth, only with the majority of our folk awakened, will the ongoing atrocities be prevented, anything less is futile, I for one will not let the tears of the daughters of England nor Sweden rain in futility, each and every last tear shall be answered, you must help to awaken our folk to this folkish defence effort.
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