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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 28th day of Hærfest-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 28th day of September 2014
The beautiful, increasing pan-European unity:

European Unity
In the face of hordes of non-European immigrants fellow Europeans have been brought together in spirit and racial allegiance for the duration of the foreseeable future, for the duration that Europe faces invasive non-European ethnic groups a growth in preferential pan-European ethnic allegiance will continue.

The crimes in Rotherham in the UK, where Pakistanis systemtically selected and abducted English girls and teenagers have woken up nationalists all over Europe. The abuse and rape specifically aimed at European races by non-European races has caused a huge increase in European racial allegiance in the face of subversion and attacks by these subversive foreign non-european races.

The Jewish owned media of the UK covered up the abuse of English teenagers and girls for decades. It took 18 reports and investigations to finally get the corrupt South Yorkshire Police to admit to what was going on and even then it took the media to actually force them to accept it publically. This disgusting establishment betrayal by Jewish occupied institutions has vindicated European racial nationalists. Everything we ever said, was proven. This saw an increase in European racial awareness in reaction to these foreign rapists. The effect has been world wide in our non-Jewish alternative media.

The demographic threat to the continuity of each and every European peoples is forging an undeniable degree of comparative pan-European unity, that will overcome all past divisions. In this era of defilement and destruction there is so much hope, for not only are our folk witnessing a colossal and unstoppable awakening against not only immigration, multi-culturalism and international finance (colloquially described as hostility towards bankers) our folk and all European folk are developing a never before seen degree of ethnic self-allegiance of a pan-European nature.

Never again will European folk be divided and ruled by foreign instigators or vile Semitic sectarianism, for from amongst the ashes of the incineration of the non-existent legitimacy of our current multicultural endorsing states is arising a populist, folkish and purely natural upsurge, forged from common ancestral experiences and identical contemporary political experiences, challenges and threats.

Everyone knows it, some feel it, even the services are starting to witness and enact it. The French border agency is protecting our English homogeneity and the demographics of the UK overall through their border controls at Calais, despite the EU’s effective legislative destruction of our borders on our side of the English channel, the French border guard, despite the EU legislation, have upheld a high degree of security at their exit-borders that lead to the entrance to the English channel. Even immigrants that break through the fences are shortly rounded up and herded into fenced areas and back away from the passenger ferries and logistics lorries.

Compared to the non-security at Dover, French exit-border control actually exists. On a strictly civic level it would be in the theoretical economic interests of the French state to let these parasitic self-declared welfare-seeking non-European immigrants leave France and to enter the UK, but despite this the French border guard (an agency of the French state) actually acts to prevent a large proportion of illegal immigrants from entering our country even though it would benefit their state economically to be rid of the parasitic hordes of illegals that occupy the French ports and commit crimes against the local French population. Implicitly or otherwise we are seeing a de-facto overcoming of the age old state self-interests, for courtesy and co-operation despite the best efforts of the EU to erode those very borders.

The French, Dutch and Belgian defence of our borders, by enforcing their border exit-points shows what could be a glimpse of a growing European border co-operation, it is almost as if the French especially are sacrificing their economic and demographic interests in order to preserve and protect our economic and racial demographics by preventing these non-European immigrants from crossing the English channel, to what would comparatively be a non-resistance at Dover.

For so long continental Europeans appeared so far away from us, from the perspective of our Island, the French were for so long foreign and cultural enemy no.1 for centuries we had wars with the Spanish and for the last century the Germans, we English have remained undefeated since 1066 in a military war that was in direct defence of our homeland. The last two wars were Jewish creations, instigated to legitimize the concept of a European Union, that would attempt to chain European states together so that logistically war would be infeasible. This is not although true and thus cannot explain the peace between European nations that is emerging.

If European states wished to go to war with one another, we could do so regardless of the control of our economies by the Jewish International monetary fund's and Jewish occupied central European banks and administration, for our armies are mobile and no longer restricted by the need for fuel depots or supply chains due to the modern road network and advances in technology across all military platforms. The reality is that not since the 19th century have two Western or Northern European peoples had legitimate reasons to engage in fratricidal war with one another, all wars since that date have been recognized as partially of wholly instigated by Jewish financial entities, coalitions and corrupted national governments. The once violent conflict in Northern Ireland has almost completely subsided, since 1997, which correlates directly with when New Labour started importing non European immigrants into Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK in deliberately genocidal quantities (as admitted by Labour party aides to Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson directly).

The mass Judeo-Labour advocated and legislated invasion has actually brought both English and English-Irish folk of Ulster and Eire together in the face of a far more foreign and criminally inclined demographic threat. Most commentators put the peace down to the Good Friday agreement of 1998, but there were dozens of agreements prior to 1998, such as the Anglo-Irish agreement of 1985 and the Sunning dale agreement of 1973, all of which failed, when the Ulster population were divided along traditional Ulster-Eire allegiance issues. Now that a completely foreign, criminally and racially hostile demographic block of non-Europeans has been imported, the traditional conflict of Ulster has largely been put aside in the face of a greater, more existential and external threat.

    “As a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them.”
   -Peter Mandelson.

   [Labour engineered mass-immigration]“to rub the Right’s nose in diversity...[immigration] didn’t just happen; the deliberate policy of Ministers from late 2000…was to open up the UK to mass immigration"
   -Andrew Neather, a Labour party speech writer wrote.

All of the treasonous racially subversive governments that have occupied our nations have done is to accelerate and infuriate the intensity and ferocity of our folk awakening, of our understanding of the necessity of holding high the love of our own noble ethnic folk, in the face of grave danger, the same has occurred all over Europe, due to the international promotion of mass Immigration, primarily by overwhelmingly Inter-governmental Jewish agencies, lobbying institutions and racially subversive, fanatically extreme think-tanks and universities.

The rising preferential pan-European ethnic self-allegiance is our people’s natural response to this and that entails. The decline of Christianity is also to be thanked as the 2nd most important reason for the increased unity between European folk peoples, especially in Ulster and continental Europe, who were for over a thousand years, divided along idiotic, insignificant, maliciously defiling and deliberate, Judeo-Christian instigated fratricidal religious-denomination conflicts.

This decline in the Judaization of politics and spirituality, through the outright and phenomenally positive decline in all forms of Christianity is itself a catalyst for the resurgence and growth in a never before seen level of pan-Germanic, Nordic and often-times mainland-European inclusive ethnic self-preference.

The politicisation of this positively anti-Christian elemental ethnic (biological) self-preference is only natural and through being natural it is self-evidently positive for our peoples long term genetic, cultural and even linguistic prospects, for biology, ethnic or racial character is at the fundamental centre of human existence as it is for every other, less advanced life-form. This is the resurgence of a fundamentally natural, and even biological (racial) political and social perspective.

European peoples in poll after poll are showing an increase of hostility towards third world immigrants, on a sociological level the experience of third world foreign criminals assaulting people we know, robbing us and insulting and obstructing us on our own streets and public places, is an experience that has undoubtedly been experienced by millions of Europeans, an experience which will undoubtedly create a preference for people of our own racial character, and related European folk peoples, for any European folk peoples are statistically less likely to be criminal than the non-white immigrants that infest so many of our larger cities and towns. This shared European experience of the criminality of non-Europeans has undoubtedly brought us closer together in common interests, forged from the experience of common ethnic and criminological threats to our life conditions and futures.

Mass immigration of non Europeans into all European nations has changed who the cultural and racial opponents and rivals of our people are, mass non European immigration makes us comparatively favour our fellow Europeans, it's almost a racial common defence policy that ideologically is developing in the minds of our folk after experiencing the same political and even psychosocial attacks from Jewish Political-Correctness enforcers in the media and in certain sectors of employment, violent non white criminals and even the basic feeling of cultural defilement, decay and fracturing that the existence of non Europeans within our nations is intrinsically causing by the day.

There is an English love for everything Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and German, linguistically, in cuisine, culture, style, furniture, housing design and now spirituality, this is statistically undeniable, and even Danish sperm banks have become superbly popular in England, that is to say we are reconnecting with our pure Northern Germanic identity. This is replacing the old 'Western', UK-U.S cultural “special relationship” (which was effectively a Hollywood, Washington D.C and New York cultural-scene import) identity that had artificially developed over the years of the 'special relationship' politically and culturally between the UK and US, as demonstrated by its vile cultural imports, not least by a more recent attempt in the last decades (which has now failed) to import a multi-racial music scene and a Billy Graham style Christian evangelism as seen in the Jehovah's witnesses that plague so many streets.

Thankfully Christianity is declining terminally and this is correlating by 100% with the rejection of multi-racialism and the positive growth of a pan-European, comparatively preferential ethnic allegiance to our immediate genetic folk and even our geographical neighbours such as the French and Irish, conflict with whom has almost entirely disappeared. For our people’s sake .

Hail to all Germanic & Nordic European Folk
Hail to all our related ethnic European Folk

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