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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 20th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 20th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014

Front National Sexy
Front National revolution:
The FN is now the most popular party in France overall, Polling at No.1 for 2014 EU elections, Polling at No.1 in 8 cities and is scheduled to win the 2017 Presidential Elections if current long-term vote growth trends continue at this rate (2019 UPDATE: did not achieve this due to stalls in growth and Macron's fake outsider image that stormed French politics in 2017, now resulting in Yellow Vest protests).

The Front National has the electoral support according to favourability polls of 1 in 4 persons composing the French electorate (the voting population: the only thing that matters in elections).

   The Front National is polling at 24-25%  
   The Centre-right* are polling at 22%  
   The Socialists* are polling at 21%  
   The Socialist President Hollande's approval rating is at a historic low of 18%  

*Both the Socialists and Centre-right are pro-Jewish-Supremacy and are working together electorally do anything to keep the FN out, including working with each other, whilst supposedly being electoral and ideological enemies.

   Exposing the fact that they are just the two different wings of the otherwise unified, Judaized political establishment.

   Evidently the false establishment of the 'democracy' in France have absolutely no legitimacy, for popular support is now firmly on the side of the Front National.

What lies ahead in French politics will merely be the correction and righting of politics, as the public's will overcomes the institutional, technocratic and electoral barriers to be accurately reflected in Government.

A multitude of pathetic Jewish-Political pundits, have been squirming around for any false-reasons to try and explain away the rise of the Front National, whilst ignoring all of the evidence, of what can only be be described as a foundational political revolution of a racial and moral-courage based nature.

Some ludicrous Jewish anti-white racists have even suggested the rise in the FN has nothing to do with immigration.

Or have engaged in frantic, self-exposing and hilarious calls for the 'mainstream' left and right to unite against the FN (against the opinions and overriding political-direction of the majority of French Folk in effect, demonstrating that politics in France is the will of the people v.s the will of the increasingly failing Jewish-Supremacists), in a vile, manipulative, vain and futile attempt to 'do anything to stop the FN' from having an increase in government positions.

   Electoral manipulation is the final line of defence evidently for the nearly-exposed Jewish-Supremacist French establishment.

   It is too late for the political establishment, their reign is over, the political power of the Jewish-Supremacists in France is in irreversible decline, their fate is sealed.

Evidently the electoral potential of the FN has not yet even been unleashed, according to a mainstream polling company the FN, in only running candidates in 600 cities has barely begun to attain its true potential, which if unleashed would make the FN the No.1 governmental political party in France, with all that entails, and further unleashes in the years that follow the death of the Jewish-Supremacist power structures in and over France.

   “The left lost badly except in a few strongholds.
   The Front National only ran in 600 cities; this means only one French voter in three even had the chance to vote FN.
   The five percent score it got across the country is an illusion compared to its real potential.”
   -IFOP polling 'expert' Frédéric Badi

The actual potential of the FN is thus 200% of what it achieved in the 2014 municipal elections.

The FN is not only polling at No.1 for the EU elections, 24-25% nationally, with the FN scheduled to take the Presidency of France in 2017, but the very foundational outlook of the French folk has been changed, beyond and above the FN.

A major French polling Institute, BVA conducted a report over 2013, showing 35 percent of French respondents self-identified, or openly and defiantly admitted to being “a little” or “quite” racist, this has increased from 29 percent in 2012, showing a 6% increase in only a single year... And this was during the initial uprising of the re-styled FN before its main gains in 2013, which has, like UKIP in the UK, acted as a catalyst, legitimizing anti-immigrant sentiments* and showing the people a degree of moral courage by example to stand up in spirit and vote against multiculturalist propaganda and political parties that promote such (100% of the establishment parties).

*What are anti-immigrant sentiments?:

  Anti-immigrant sentiments are not just 'anti-immigrant sentiments'.

   The following thought experiment/example shows that so called anti-immigrant sentiments are actually, and positively anti-non-white sentiments.

When someone sees non-whites walking down a street, such as in London, or sees a majority non-white area, within these areas our European population is the most 'anti-immigrant', the sight of non-whites, experience of their criminality, the resulting crime increases, non-white propaganda and offensive non-white ethnocentrism from Jews to Pakistanis increases 'anti-immigrant sentiments'.

Seeing someone who is technically an 'immigrant' for example: an ethnically English Australian does not on the other hand increase anti-immigrant sentiments.

This can be observed in multiple scenarios and across all European groups.

   Anti-immigrant sentiment is in reality caused by non-whites, even if they are so called '2nd generation' immigrants and not-legally 'immigrants': again positively showing that anti-immigrant sentiments are in-fact 'anti-non-white-sentiments'.

Side note: This is a positive fact, that shows that the situation in the UK where 'anti-immigrant' sentiments are at 89-95% among us English folk, shows that in reality, in an almost perfect correlation (although people are more reluctant to admit to this due to the stigma of race, it is none the less true that) 89-95% of the English population hold anti-non-white sentiments.

The same could be said of anti-immigrant sentiments in France, with the poll showing the increase in people self-identifying as racial-realists from 29 to 35 % in less than one year, actually shows an already held political opinion, the only difference being that now 35% of the 70-80% of French people who are opposed to mass-immigration are openly stating that their opinions come from racial-realism, rather than any transient economic or social objections to immigration per se.

This is an analysis that will give hope to European racial-realists, in that the majority of our folk already agree with us, all over Europe, but simply lack the courage to speak openly on the subject.

   This highlights the role of racial-realists, pro-Germanic racial advocates and activists, is not simply to raise awareness, but to inspire in our people the moral courage to vocally and politically oppose the very presence of non-whites within our sacred homelands

That role is best enacted, through leading by example.

The BVA polling report also showed that 87% of French people saw Muslims (99.99% of 'Muslims' are non-whites) and Roma (Roma are barely classifiable as European, Roma are a sub-slavic racial group, mainly the product of Islamic slave trade miscegenation in South-Eastern Europe) as apart from the majority of French society.

Jewish anti-white campaign groups in France have been taken by surprise, after the polling report published this year, for 2013 showed the willingness to self-identify as 'Racist' increased by 6%.

   Imagine if the polling question had been asked differently, instead of using the generally-negative term of 'Racist', they had used 'Racial-realist', the poll would most likely have seen a 10-20% increase.

This fact is most likely known by the ethnocentric Jewish-failing-Supremacists, explaining why numerous French anti-white campaign groups are increasing their propaganda efforts.

Despite numerous pieces of research showing that multicultural propaganda actually makes people more likely to dislike multiculturalism, whilst exposing itself as artificially imposed and against nature's will, and the ways of the given folk, who are being bombarded by multi-racial/multi-cultural propaganda.

   No-matter what the Jewish-left in media, politics or finance does, France will be free, liberty shall reign from each and every street, in the soon to-be future France, non-whites will be expelled and the spirit of Vercingetorix will reign throughout France, and the spirit of the folk there will become a catalyst for a Europe-wide Racial political revolution, that will sweep all that defiles, degrades and is detrimental to our folk into the blast furnace of history, where incineration is the only outcome.

~Hail to the spirit of Vercingetorix~
~ Hail our Folk ~ Hail our Gods ~ Hail our Goddesses ~

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