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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 2nd day of Sol-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 2nd day of Sol-month 2014
The malicious Holocaust disproven
The holocaust, is the opposite of truth, it is an extremely radical, malicious, seditious falsehood: that is so transparent, its continued acceptance and very existence as an idea in the minds of mankind rests solely on the suppression of any truthful discussion about its non-reality.
But it is ironic ultimately for the truth cannot be stopped from arising: even discussions attempting to assert and reinforce the existence of the falsified Holocaust, serve more often than not, to the keen eye, to further render ludicrosity upon the coherence, plausibility and 'evidence' of the Holocaust itself, as the obvious false nature of the Holocaust, are to be found in the details.

This near-universal headline (published by multiple media companies at the same time over several nations) in the Daily mail, Russia Today (RT) and countless other mainstream media outlets proves the above point so clearly and blatantly, it is unbelievable that such a headline was even aired.

The article attempts to cover for the glaringly-obvious fact Himmler never told his wife about the 'Holocaust' was because it was simply not occurring, otherwise, I am sure, a typical depiction of a European Nationalist would be one that would boast about killing Jews, or that his wife would like to hear the positive news from her husband's day at work.

And yet once again there are no records in any of his letters, as with 100% of WW2 letters at every level within the 2rd Reich and allied espionage and observation records alike, there are no records of any large scale effort to kill Jews or even other minorities within the 3rd Reich (a regime that had an Indian Legion, fighting for it, composed of volunteers).

The historical empirical reality is that there are no official or even unofficial (such as personal letters) German orders on the subject, no enigma broadcasts (which were all intercepted in the later years of the war from 1942-45), no coded messages, no notes encoded in smiley faces, etc, during the period of the enactment of the alleged 'Final solution', a term never used or found in any German orders or radio/enigma communications, this is undeniable.
The only single document ever found pertaining to the disposal of Jews was a roughly drafted suggestion, written by a low ranking official in Wansee, which never reached the central German administration and never mentioned gas chambers.

   SIDE NOTE: *(Unlike the existent Israeli development of anti-Palestinian and anti-European racially selective biological virus weaponry, this genocdial plan was confirmed by an Israeli defector over half a decade ago, it is evident that talk of the Holocaust is projection, a mass distraction effort whilst Jewish Supremacists work to enact a Holocaust of all their opposition, otherwise known as all of humanity.)

In epistemology (within Philosophy) we study how knowledge is gained and what knowledge truly is, the strongest system of understanding knowledge, is empiricism: the understanding that knowledge comes from empirically verified data, that we experience and can define, describe, record and analyse, the Holocaust has no grounding in reality, it has none of the aforementioned empirical aspects, in fact it has no empirical foundation, no verified features whatsoever.

It is widely understood, but rarely spoken of that in-fact the 'Holocaust' has largely been refuted, by its own advocates, over several decades of frantic re-defining of the quantities (from 6million to 12million and back down to 5.17million) and of the conditions of the ill-named 'Holocaust' or Shoa, solely in order to keep the seditious, radical holocaust lie credible and believable in the eyes of an increasingly aware population, a malicious effort which is failing by the day.
The Holocaust finds its foundation solely based in power, not objective reality, power in the case of the enforcement of the Holocaust through prison sentences in several nations (not including the UK), threats of social status reduction through character destruction in the media and economic pressure wars waged through repeat legal cases and lawsuits, funded by far-left Jewish institutions, public lobby groups and wealthy, individual Jewish-bigots, for whom gentile disbelief in the holocaust is a personal heresy to them, not because it is offensive, or discriminatory to them, but purely and tactically because it is not in their racial interests for the false-'holocaust' to be rightfully destroyed and disproved, or put poetically: incinerated in the furnace of proper historical debate and the all-reaching heat and light that emanate from the flames of truth.

There are zero findings of or autopsy reports of any Nazi gassing victims from any western doctors, military or investigators.
Although there were many thousands of corpses available in German concentration camps by the end of the war and although at least 1,000 autopsies were performed, none showed any evidence of death by poison gas or poison, nor were piles of ashes seen or found being concealed (there would have to had been be a thick layer of ash in the soil for miles, this is not the case).

Bodies gassed by Zyklon B, also turn bright red, in the photos, of supposed 'gassing victims' this has obviously not occurred, showing how fraudulent the use of these photos as proof of gassing in our education system and media is.

The traumatizing and deliberately manipulative photos of supposed gassing victims shown to children in school on special 'holocaust education days', are thus of those who died of natural causes (including typhus, starvation and other illnesses), the piles of dead bodies were also not created by the Germans, but by the British and American military units, who militarily piled up the dead bodies for disposal, as is obvious from the fact that the personnel visible in such photos are allied.
Holocaust was a Myth
There are NO German or allied documents to identify any gassing victims, that narrative was maliciously concocted post war, a story which did not emerge even remotely coherently for almost a decade, which was then followed by constant revisionism and numerical alteration of the casualty numbers, to an extent that is well past the edge of reason.

The concentration camps used strict records, that even recorded shootings and hangings for prisoners who engaged in sabotage or attempted escape, but no gassing reports, not even one and as stated there is not one body or traces of bodies to suggest there ever were...

It cannot be a matter of an attempt to cover such up, as otherwise they would have not reported the hangings and executions, additionally, from 1939-42 the Germans thought they would be victorious, and so made absolutely no effort to cover anything up, as shown by the meticulously detailed reports detailing precise numbers of deaths due to typhus, old age, injury, over-working and execution in separate, well defined categories throughout the duration of operation of all the labour camps, which were after all set up with the co-operation of Jewish community leaders before the war, as part of a larger plan to train Jewish terrorists to weaken the British hold over Palestine as a part of the pre-planned North Africa campaign.

SIDE NOTE: And for this co-operation with multiple Zionists leaders (a fact that numerous letters prove) Germany was betrayed, stabbed in the back again, with these lies we see today, as those suspiciously well trained Jewish immigrants to Palestine formed terrorist groups such as the Ergun and Stern gangs, which used military grade tactics to force out the Palestians of most of Palestine in a matter of only a few years.
This historical message to all the frauds and disgusting Philo-Semitic nationalists and national leaders who think that they can seek alliances with Israel or the Jewish right is that you are unbelievably foolish and are absolutely ignorant of basic historical precedents in this matter.
The only existent and functional gas-chambers, are not even called Gas chambers on the tour of the various death camps, as they are small rooms, near the entrance, which were used to fumigate the clothing of inmates in order to save lives by preventing the spread of lice carrying typhus (ironically and now the Jews lie about the SS guards who actually saved many of their lives, this is the reputational fate that awaits all who bend the knee to Jewish interests at any level whilst possesing an ideology opposed to their effect).

 Typhus control utilized fumigation chambers, that were not big enough to fit the ludicrous numbers of people supposedly gassed in little rooms, the numbers so called 'survivors' refer to could not mathematically fit into the small spaces that were the fumigation chambers, and that is not even claimed, the actual so called 'gas chambers' also simply could not fit the numbers of 2,000 people per chamber or higher reported falsely by some holocaust historians, as was proven in the Ernst Zündel trial and numerous other cases.

Elie Wiesel (in his book) and tens of thousands of Jewish “survivors” left Auschwitz and went back to Germany by January of 1945 with the very same people who had supposedly been murdering them.

The treatment of inmates is also positive in numerous photographs and videos taken by the third Reich and in liberation photographs, where inmates are seen healthy and well-fed (and evidently without typhus) as shown in the videos below.

The Third Reich also set up thousands of Ghettos for Jews to live in so that they would not interfere with wider society, without deporting them to a series of camps, this fact refutes the central tenet of the Holocaust theory, as being one where Jews were all rounded up onto a series of several camps for execution, coupled with census data, the Holocaust become a ludicrous, incoherent web of lies.

Jew Ghettos
During the Nuremburg trials confessions of random and absurd crimes like 'shrinking heads' and changing the eye colour of in-mates (what would be the point if you were going to kill them) were gained through the well documented use of torture. All of those held in the Nuremburg trials were tortured.

An American report into the treatment of German illegally held POWs, showed that 100% of them were severely beaten, many with permanently disfiguring injuries, including but not limited to: the crushing of the testes, bending of limbs, fracturing of bones, permanent eye damage, broken noses, permanently disfigured ears (from beating), burns, (cigarettes, etc), lacerations, repeat near-death suffocations and multiple other injuries resulting from torture methodologies applied to 100% of illegally held defendants.

Side note: The Jewish treatment of prisoners is consistent from Nuremburg to modern day Israeli Sinai torture camps.
Bernard Clark, a Jewish illegal 'torturer' during the Nuremburg trials, admitted torturing Rudolf Hoess (Clarke. B in Legions of Death, Rupert Butler, pp.236-238)

Jewish supremacists ludicrously state that "gas vans" were used to gas over 2 million Jews in Treblinka, Belzec and Sobibor, as an excuse as to why there were no gas chambers there. Obviously this would have used several thousand tons of diesel, in order to produce enough Carbon monoxide to poison 2 million people, which logistic supplies of Diesel show never occurred and the idea that the German army would waste so much vital fuel on gassing Jews, when such could simply be done by running them over, or starving them, which costs nothing, shows the idiocy of such a suggestion. One of the Holocaust musuems showed 'footage' of a Gas van being used which turned out to actually be film from a fictional film script that was shown in an actual film they misleadingly and with malicious propaganda intentions clipped out and showed in the Simon Wiesenthal Center musuem.

Numerous death camps were actually labour camps, with records showing significant outputs in rubber, vehicle parts and various other resources that would have been impossible, if they were extermination camps as described in the traditional lie, that inmates would arrive and go straight to the 'showers'.

Jews killing POWs
US intelligence reports designated Auschwitz as a synthetic rubber production facility using prisoner labour.
No wartime intelligence reports discovered any signs of gassings or mass-executions in so called death-camps.

The post war books by DeGaule, Churchill and Eisenhower do not mention any gas being used to kill Jews and they do not even mention anything pertaining to mass systematic killings, showing the 'Holocaust' came into existence outside of factual reality and outside of the perception of those who lived through that entire era.

Allied aerial photographs produce massive, holocaust shattering inconsistencies with the lies of the so called holocaust historians and witnesses, many of whom describe tall chimneys, billowing with smoke, which 0 out of tens of thousands of allied photographs detected.

Allied photographs also show in-mates wandering about freely within some camps, with considerable periods where they did not have to work for their freedom to live.

The Katyn Forest Massacre, is a prime example of the fraudulent projection of Jewish war crimes onto the German army, as it was instantly claimed to be a result of German war-crimes by the soviets, once Western investigators discovered its existence. It has since been found to have been a Soviet war-crime (this was known by the Germans since 1943 and part of the Jewish-Bolshevik methodology of killing the top 10% (the most intelligent and experienced "intelligentsia") of the population of Poland, in this case the victims were experienced and learned Polish military officers and their families, among many millions of Polish victims of Jewish-Bolshevik ideological-racial massacres, as also seen during the Holodomor, which resulted in the death of in-between 7 and 11 million Ukrainians, that figure, actually has bodies and official Jewish-Bolshevik order records to verify and prove it occurred, unlike the Holocaust's mere speculative estimations and ludicrous assertions.

The Katyn Forest Massacre was still used as evidence against the German prisoners of war during the Nuremburg trial, and as a result dozens of German officers were hung for crimes committed by Jewish-Bolsheviks, this fact is indisputable.

Sickeningly, pictures of Germans investigating the Katyn Massacre in 1943, when they pushed into Poland, were used as evidence that the Germans were responsible, which is the diametrical opposite of the truth, many Jewish-Soviets also sat at the trial as witnesses, some of whom may actually have been responsible personally for the Katyn Massacre and sat and watched as their crimes were used as illegal justifications to kill innocent, honourable German folk.

The Nuremburg trials themselves were denounced by numerous supreme court judges in the United States and all over Europe.

The Jewish in-mates were not innocent, many hundreds of thousands of them were criminals, financial fraudsters, exploitative industry owners, saboteurs, terrorists and those who had volunteered to work for the Red Orchestra and other Soviet Bolshevik terrorist and spy entities, in addition to former members of various communist and socialist parties, homosexuals, gypsies and common criminals.
Even then, the philo-semitic orders of Hitler were to keep them alive as no order of execution in the camps was ever given, they were not executed, the camps were for the purposes of isolating such people away from the rest of society and preventing them from causing damage, whilst also forcing them to work for their keep, thus: "Arbiet macht frei", is literally true. That this motivational work slogan is made out to be some infamous evidence of gassing is pathetic, insane and illogical.

The Jewish population of Europe in 1939 was only 6.5 million by 1943 3.5 million of this 6 million had been evacuated from the continent, Jews such as Ralph Miliband were among this number, the anti-English racist father of Ed Miliband.

It is thus statistically impossible, according to the census data on the Jewish population of Europe, and more specifically of the Third Reich occupied territories (an even smaller number of Jews existed in this area) that "6 million died", this is reinforced by a Jewish population census taken in late 1945 and again in 1947 which showed that the Jewish population had not decreased, but had in-fact increased. It is statistically impossible for 6 million to have died, and then for the Jewish population to have increased to twice that number within less than a year after the end of the war in Europe.
This would have required a birth rate of about 13 children per person, which simply did not occur, as the census records on the numbers of births demonstrate...

There are no mass-burials at any of the concentration camps that reach the numbers attested to by holocaust witnesses or historians of approximately "6 million" over the entire period. This is an undeniable fact, that mainstream historians cannot deny.
UPDATE: The official number of Jews that died has been downgraded to 5.7 million by one prominent Jewish 'authority' or 'historian' on the subject. Yet the Jewish media keep repeating the 6 million figure when their own 'experts' have said this is not true by 300,000. This continual change in their narrative is because it has no basis in reality.

The Holocaust lie is not the 1st lie, Jewish-Supremacists have aired, claiming to have had millions of their race killed by others, note the ludicrous tales of the burnings of 4 billion Jews by the Romans (the population of Earth did not reach 4 billion until the 20th century), as detailed in one of the videos below.

As one of the videos (below left) shows, it is also impossible to burn large quantities of bodies, and would have taken 68 years or more to do such in the asserted amounts Holocaust manipulators espouse, with the equipment available at the camps, showing the logistical, chemical and mathematical impossibility of the entire story of the "burning of 6 million™ bodies". The word 'Holocaust' as a word technically means: "burnt sacrifice", evidently the only Holocaust of sorts that occurred was the "burnt sacrifice" of Dresden and countless unrecognized smaller German towns and cities, which were made as "burnt sacrifices", along with the fratricidal war itself: to Jewish power and political dominance attained through the Jewish dominated Soviet and Western governments.

The actual existentially verifiable (provable) figures pertaining to deaths of Jews during WW2 in all Third Reich administered concentration camps is nothing in comparison to the numbers of Europeans alone who died as a result of the Jewish instigated conflict of WW2 alone, and of minute significance, almost of statistical irrelevance in comparison to the colossal Jewish authored extermination of near to 7 million Ukrainians in the Holodomor and the tens of millions killed under the wider Jewish-Bolshevik dominated regime in Russia from 1919 to 1956. More Germans died in less than 20 minutes during the Jewish-encouraged (Churchill's) Dresden 'Holocaust' than Jews died during the entirety of the war. Many thousands more Germans died under the Jewish encouraged (Eisenhower's) death camps established for German POWs post 1944.
It is time the emotional weight of these losses and the guilt associated with them is applied to those Jewish-Supremacists responsible, in addition to growing contemporary sanctions against Israel, the Jewish state and all Jewish-Supremacist groups should be forced to pay reparations for every war they authored and for each and every death they caused as well as each time a lie authored by them was aired.
    They can be very convincing. Because they have to do it so often over the years. They've had a free run. We're going to meet because she has that tattoo. I am going to say, 'You have that tattoo, we all have the utmost sympathy for you. But how much money have you made on it! In the last 45 years! Can I estimate! Quarter of a million! Half million! Certainly not less. That's how much you've made from the German taxpayers and the American taxpayers.' Ladies and gentlemen, you're paying $3 billion a year to the State of Israel. Compensation to people like Mrs. Altman. She'll say, 'Why not, I suffered.' I'll say you didn't. You survived. By definition you didn't suffer. Not half as much as those who died.... They suffered. You didn't. You're the one making the money. Explain to me this. Why have you people made all the money, but Australian soldiers who suffered for five years in Japanese prison camps haven't got a bent nickel out of it!"
-September 18, 1996.  David Irving
  "It [the Holocaust] is something like a religion.... The Intellectual Adventure is that we are reversing this entire trend within the space of one generation -- that in a few years time no one will believe this particular legend anymore. They will say, as I do, that atrocities were committed. Yes, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, but there were no factories of death. All that is a blood libel against the German people."
-David Irving
  "The alleged Hitlerian gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which permitted a gigantic financial swindle whose chief beneficiaries have been the State of Israel and international Zionism, and whose main victims have been the German people and the Palestinian people as a whole." as quoted by the Guardian Weekly, April 7, 1991
-1981 Robert Faurisson

   "The mere fact that you belong to a certain ethnic group makes you eternally guilty, according to the twisted logic of Zionism. If Germans who were not even born before 1945 must pay reparations to the State of Israel, which did not exist until 1948, then you can be included in the Zionist racket of reparations and revenge."
-Speaking on behalf of the Concerned Parents of German Descent," Ernst Zündel

Holocaust was a Lie
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