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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 7th Night of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 7th Night of January 2015

How to Report Illegals
All immigration of non-whites into European Nations should be illegal. But until we get into government to make this change: we need to do what we can practically, casually on a day to day basis to stem the tide of foreign invaders.

An immigration assessment published by the Home Affairs Select Committee in August of 2014 stated that “unresolved” illegal immigrants, immigrants that failed to successfully apply for immigration or asylum that have then illegally gone to settle in the UK has reached over 393,222, this number is now well over 400,000.

Over 400,000 illegal immigrants are at large and are wanted by the border agency, and this is only the number immigration agencies know about, the tip of the iceberg, with Migration Watch estimating there are over 2,000,000 illegal immigrants at large, the immigration situation is self evident in all its criminality and demographic degradation potential through combined immigration and illegal immigration that enables and encourages a tenfold demographic, economic and criminal defilement of our nation.

The calculated and verified lifetime economic burden of every 482,000 immigrants on our nation is 134,600,000,000 (134.6 Billion), and this only counts the raw costs, not even including the knock on generational degradation of our national infrastructure, economic productivity and relative economic investments competitiveness decline relative to expanding economies, due to losing our high GDP due to low IQ immigrant productivity and a highly nationally damaging welfare parasitism.[1]  

The GDP per capita of the UK has already declined to below 37,300 (2013 est.) compare this to the GDP per capita of Iceland (41,001), Denmark (43,080), Switzerland (53,977), Norway (64,363) and Luxembourg (90,333) and the degradation enacted by low IQ immigrants is clear and undeniable.

The UK has the highest immigration from non-EU sources of almost any EU member state in addition to being one of the primary destinations of non-Germanic immigrants from within the EU, who use the EU as an immigration gateway, after entering the EU from the South (via Italy) or South East (via Romania.)

Click this link here to visit the webpage form for reporting Illegal Immigrants to Immigration Enforcement. REPORT TO DEPORT
Migrating to the UK
This situation demands action, all readers of this English News article must take action to report all suspected illegal immigrants to help in the fight against non-Germanic immigrants occupying our nation.
This is a practical plan for a truly effective Asatro informed and inspired national action plan that will have a direct and positive effect, which if done properly will result in tens of thousands of reported illegal immigrants, and will also exert an atmosphere of pressure and change the political discourse and demographic situation of this nation.

Illegal immigrants are a parasitic, degrading cultural, economic and racial burden on our society and must be reported and thus deported ruthlessly and consistently by us. The reporting phase of deportation relies solely upon you, the reader.

No other groups will report suspected illegal immigrants in large enough numbers consistently over time. It falls to us to make detailed, accurate reports to result in the identification and deportation of migrants as often as you see or suspect them.

   If you suspect someone is an illegal immigrant or a business has illegal immigrant workers you are one hundred percent within your right and are in fact actively encouraged to report suspected illegal immigrants.

With estimated illegal immigrants and unidentified illegal immigrant numbers composing up to 5% of our total population, only targeted citizen reports of illegal immigrants stands a chance of being the mechanism of removal, if you report a suspected illegal immigrant, it is statistically highly likely that your act of reporting one suspected illegal immigrant will lead to the detection of a chain of illegal immigrant dependents and thus you can personally be of use in securing our demographic security in your local area. You have a moral, racial, cultural and spiritual (Asatro) duty to secure the future of our people through reporting immigrants.

Reporting illegal immigrants is a necessary act in being able to deport them, the government is simply too inept to enforce its own laws, through an under-staffing of immigration status investigation departments. As a reader of this article and this website you must take it upon yourself to report and thus facilitate the deportation of any and all suspected illegal immigrants you know the business or home address of.

In the face of the crisis our nation is faced with, we must take action to deport immigrants before we reach national power or prominence even, this is to be done by reporting illegal immigrants, individuals reporting illegal immigrants is absolutely necessary for the understaffed Border Agency to be able to deport immigrants. The article linked below highlights and outlines another duty we must all enact as individuals in order to lay the foundations for re-taking our national political-cultural discourse and eventual governmental structure.

Border agency chief John Vine, the Chief Inspector of Borders, has revealed that more than 173,000 foreign nationals had overstayed their visas in the UK since 2008 and some 89,000 of those have vanished in addition to recent additions the figure of illegal immigrants at large is over 400,000, with half of that due to immigrants obtaining Visas and then deliberately staying in the country after they expire, indicating that their original intention was immigration and not work, which is the rational under which Visas are given, immigrants exploit this. Add to this the reality that working immigrants are the most damaging group of parasitic immigrants, and the degrading nature of our current economic, law enforcement and demographic situation becomes clear. All whilst Jewish lobby groups such as the JBoD argue for tighter race relations laws and fronts such as the former Labour minister for Asylum and Immigration Barbara Roche's Museum of Immigration attempt to cover up and pacify the political debate in relation to the true defiling nature of the immigration of non-Germanic ethnic immigrants entering and occupying our nation.

There is even an "International Migrants Day" asserted by Judeo-Marxist activists, with the explicit aim of promoting immigration, in order to undermine the homogeneity of only majority European nation states. The effects are one hundred percent negative on a demographic level, if not several hundred percent negative, this is true also on a criminological, cultural and economic level. A prior Home office report during this last Conservative government, that solely took into consideration logistics and economics, stated that it is confirmed that over fifty percent of our population are negatively affected by immigration and yet immigration numbers have only increased under this last government, as with every government since 1900, in direct opposition to growths in public opinion against immigration to the extent of 89-94%. This conclusively shows that either our governments deliberately do not do what public opinion suggests (which would run against all electoral campaigning logic) or that election to government office, through the massive structural restraint of the media, allows only pro-Israeli, pro-foreign war, pro-immigration, pro-dysgenic welfare policy political parties to rise to prominence.

Do not immigrate to the UK
Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have turned up in the country without any legal paperwork, they simply turn up under the facade of applying for citizenship or asylum, with the deliberate intention of never actually applying for citizenship and then they simply disappear, most of these immigrants do not speak English, or only partially speak English with a heavy, non-European accent, have little or no qualifications and may also have multiple  criminal convictions and thus know they would not pass basic citizenship tests, they are easily noticeable and are all non-white or non-Germanic. Be aware of this statistically huge amount and report any and all suspected illegal immigrants you know the business or home address thereof.

It is statistically likely that for every 10 immigrants speaking their native language at least 1 or 2 of these are illegal immigrants, this figure increases in newer immigrant ghettos, up to potentially fifty percent 5 in 10.

Hardly a day goes by when the UK government isn’t being criticised quite rightly for its failure to control who comes into our country Added to the backlog of cases currently being dealt with at the Home Office, which is 304,222, this brings the total number of [known] unresolved immigration cases [as of August 2014] to 393,222.
   Add to this the hundreds of thousands of people who arrive clandestinely into the UK and what we have is not only a national embarrassment but a major national security issue.”
-Steven Woolfe, UKIP Immigration policy spokesperson

Statistics gained via the FOI request indicated the number of illegal immigrants detected trying to enter the UK reached over one hundred illegal immigrants attempting to violate our national homogeneity through illegal means per 23hrs, in addition to the over one thousands immigrants who currently so called "legally" enter our nation with every single day that passes. They too should be classed as Illegal, for they are violating the future demographic security of our people.

   The sharp rise in the number of clandestines might reflect more effective detection but an increase on this scale is more likely to be due to increased pressure on our borders.
   Part of that may be due to deteriorating conditions in the Middle East [caused by Israel] and Africa [again caused by Israel, for example in South Africa, or Libya, Egyptian government instability, etc], but there is little doubt that the freedom of our society, the existence of a black market in Labour and the presence of relatives and friends add up to making the UK a very attractive destination.’
-Lord Green of Deddington, the chairman of Migration Watch

It is current Border Agency/Home Office policy to advise all lorry drivers not to stop within a 130 mile radius of Calais in order to prevent illegal immigrants from hiding in their vehicles due to the presence of a continual shanty town of over two thousand five hundred in the area surrounding Calais. In this context it is even more indicative of the subversive, anti-Germanic objectives of the Labour Party, when it has been proven, in a leaked Labour strategy document, that Labour advises all their manipulative door-to-door subversives, political campaign agents, MPs and candidates not to even mention Immigration and to frantically try to bring up dozens of other issues so as to prevent conversations with the public or media being allowed to get near immigration. Resolve in yourself the understanding that this will continue to happen unless we act, Labour will keep on "not focus on immigration", the biggest threat to the future of our people.

That is effectively what the political subversives and manipulators waging war against our people intend to do, to attempt to destroy our nation through attempting to make people ignorant of the sheer importance of the immigration and racial realities, leftwing politics is and always has been the politics of ignorance and the politics of enforcing political ignorance, from Marx through to Lenin, Stalin, the dysgenic NHS founders of the Judeo-Marxist Labour party and their contemporary Jewish pro-immigration lobby groups and political manipulators, it is one system that sustains itself through a perpetual POLITICS OF IGNORANCE, which it instils upon voters and our folk to pacify us and disarm us informationally and inspirationally.

   It is obvious that we cannot wait for UKIP to clear up the deliberate mainstream (extremely manipulative and anti-English) political discourse's deliberate degradation of the demographics of our nation through immigration.

Additionally though our own political and social influences, as individuals and as a coherent group through our voice via this website we must inform our people of the sincerity of this situation, to tell them and to remind ourselves of the reality of the sincerity of the situation, so that all our folk will become both awakened and motivated to enact national action in defence of our people's interests.

Do not migrate to the UK
Work to inform others with the above article and action plan of REPORT to DEPORT, until all of our folk population is both informed and inspired to take back our immediate demographic security and then our government, and all our governments and governments-to-be globally so that all the governments of Germanic folk honour and protect our folk as their highest and most natural fundamental priority.
Instead of merely talking about deporting when we folkish individuals retake government, we Asatro motivated English folk and all self-concerned Germanic folk must actually act to report and thus deport immigrants in the face of this crisis immediately, get to work tomorrow, walk through past ethnic minority shops or housing areas, and if you suspect they are using illegal immigrant labour, or the residents of a certain household or institution, including universities or colleges have illegal immigrants residing there, note down the address and fill in this form immediately.

Your objective is to result in deportations, so as to help secure our borders through your personal actions.

   The Ragnarok of our era is demographic and it is ethnic. We must act in the maximum capacity we can to repel these violating immigrants, we currently operate within the constraints of the law, until we are in place to change those laws, we can only report illegal immigrants, who are increasingly numbering into the millions, increasing by hundreds of thousands every few years, you can help to delay this, to secure our people the demographic window of time necessary to re-take our nation, in addition to clearing your immediate neighbourhood of unwanted illegal immigrants and the businesses that parasitically operate using them.

You could potentially shut down every single illegal immigrant staffed ethnic minority shop on your local high street if your reports resulted in their closure due to systemic violation of immigration status laws and visas. Potentially thousands of immigrants can be deported by the readers of this article alone, if we all make an effort to seek out and report businesses and individuals who are likely staffed by or are merely suspected to cater for or house illegal immigrants.

Be vigilant for 'immigration advice centres' around immigrant population areas, the immigrants inside of them are almost always illegal immigrants trying to find criminal ways to obtain visa and most do not have any legal right to be in the UK, and thus can easily be deported if only the police arrive when they are inside. If you see non-whites inside an immigration advice center that are obviously illegal immigrants looking to get fake papers or become 'legal' immigrants report them to the police before they can do that ASAP. Literally report the Immigration Advice Centre to the Police the moment you see that. Become a demographic defender of our nation, use your investigative skills and basic observation techniques to identify the location/home of and then report suspected illegal immigrants. The government simply does not know how many illegal immigrants there are in the country nor where they all live, this is where you come in. So reporting suspected illegal immigrants, immigrants you reasonably and practically believe are here illegally, will help to identify and deport immigrants and to put pressure on the government itself and will help to clean up your local area, demographically, economically, culturally and criminologically.

It also puts pressure on illegal immigrants elsewhere to leave before they are detected if co-illegal's they know, including their co-workers or relatives are being deported on a daily basis. The detection of one illegal immigrant likely results in the deportation of a whole chain of dependents and associates. We can achieve a deportation rate increase, through our own actions right now.

But this relies upon you personally to do your part, and to simply fill out a government form when you have such evidence or indications that a business or private premises are occupied by or house illegal immigrants.

So when you walk past a known illegal immigrant staffed business or housing block, write down the name and address and the reasons for your reasonable suspicion and report it if you remotely consider there to be illegal immigrants inside, statistically you will result in the successful deportation of immigrants every single week if you follow this approach, combined with a selective and reinforced rationale for each premises or individual you report.

This can even be done to deport specific suspected illegal immigrants who work in your place of work, instead of reporting a whole businesses.

This will force all the immigrants in that instance to have their visa papers checked, and citizenship status checked, they would likely also be asked questions about the immigration status of any dependents. Statistically, do this to even just one or two suspected parasitic illegal immigrant organisations, shops or premises and you will almost certainly result in the detection of 1 or more illegal immigrants, and more importantly you will put pressure on any would be illegal immigrants from inviting other illegal immigrants into the country, often legal immigrants encourage their illegal immigrant family or friends to move to the UK, having their immigration records checked will dissuade those subversive immigrants from encouraging other immigrants from coming over, and for all you know, your act of simply filling out a form on the Government website (to report more suspected illegal's to enable the agency to engage in targeted investigations) you could result in dozens of immigrants being deported every month, this would help to secure your local area from the threat of criminal, parasitic, illegal immigrants.

This will help to ensure the demographic security of our nation and to secure our people a larger demographic window of opportunity through which we will be more likely to be able to democratically re-take our national governments and especially your immediate local area and council.

We Asatro informed individuals do not merely talk about defending our folk, with your help we can engage in a nationwide applicable plan of action that will with each successful report, enable us to defend our folk by reporting and thus deporting dozens of illegal immigrants.
Driven by a love of our folk and a natural wish to secure our Germanic people's ethnic future.
To preserve the excellence and elegance of our people for eternity requires your action, you must:
Make sure to report only those who are likely illegal immigrants so as to not waste police time.
When we get into government we can deport all non-whites, regardless of paperwork or place of birth status.
This illegal reporting plan of action is merely a practical plan you can take part in right now.
The true definition of legal or illegal is whether something, an act or a person is in the interests of our racial existences:
Thus in reality all non-whites should be criminal entities intrinsically when in our nations.
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