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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 2264.RE / 2014 / Updated: 2269.RE / 2019.CE

National Action Far Right
National Action Jews
A malicious "nationalist image" defilement organisation working in conjunction with the media and allegedly well known subversive organisations, created by Jewish infiltrators.
2019 UPDATE: English News was vindicated in our attack on National Action as National Action proved an ultimate failure in its methods as well as set the precedent in UK law for white nationalism and anti-Semitism to be seen as terrorism related ideologies. It was also admitted by the BBC that there was a prominent Jewish member in National Action who lived in Israel and converted to Judaism, a disgusting cucked philo-semite. An updated article will be produced with all the new evidence! We were Vindicated! Screw all those who lacked the perception to see National Action as fake and all those that supported them. Our denunciation of the allegedly Jewish subversive co-ordinated group however shields us and all serious nationalists through us from the 'associated-image' that National Action created deliberately. That National Action was likely setup by Jewish activists should be the story of the decade but the media refuses to ever cover this narrative, or even draw attention to how one of them lived in Israel and was a Jewish embracing cuck who converted to Judaism with a Portuguese (possibly Jewish) partner whose own statements dont add up as to their past. Instead the media mentions such buried 3 pages down in a BBC article. This 'convert' to Judaism had a Slavic-named Jew looking friend who knew him from before he was in NA. Suggesting this Jew and the Jew-convert both joined NA together. These were the pathetic Jew-cucked freaks who composed National Action's inner ranks. The media continues to engage in wilfully promoting the false notion that they are an example of -real- 'white terrorists' or 'White terror'. An image National Action explicitly projected with their 'White Jihad' video and others, where they, not the media, said the things the leftwing Jewish media -had always wanted to be said- about European racial advocacy movements and just happen to have Jews as members. Their objectives were obvious.

These continual degradations of the image of nationalism can only have been the product of malicious intentions from the very start. From 2014 they projected an image to render racial nationalism extreme and negative post BNP collapse where the left had few examples of idiotic racial nationalist protest groups to rally against and whine about and use an excuse to bring in new hate crime laws and prosecutions to set precedents to restrict our freedom politically.

It is the opinion of English News that National Action was setup by Jewish activists to defile the image and credibility and legal standing of racial nationalists in the UK. It was solely English News who said this for years, with the exception of a few commenter's on various forums who were suppressed for 'infighting' by moderators. Nationalists seem to find it easy to realise that groups that have different ideologies but are still semi-nationalist like the EDL are Jewish funded by Jews who wish to undermine or co-opt the image of nationalist politics. However when it comes to other groups claiming to be racial nationalist there is a pathetic, weak-minded reluctance to openly attack obvious image-defilement efforts on some impotent reasoning that they were just not skilled political communicators, idiots or some such, even though idiocy is consequentially the same as the effect of hostile infiltrators in achieving organisational/movement failure and in the negative image it creates (see skinheads etc, that entire style I believe was Jewish authored in that case, to make racial nationalist look 'extreme' and 'thuggish' to stop normal people from associating with those ideas, where racial nationalism was once normal, there is no logical connection between skinheads and standing up for our racial existence, the same of National Action's balaclava, scarf-faced, goggle-wearing thug image, other than to cover up many of their activist's Semitic noses).

You will read in this article from 2014, National Action was setup by vicious Jewish anti-white activists, headed by Alex Davies and Benjamin Raymond, both distinctly Jewish looking, who remain without significant prosecution or prison time to this day! When by stark contrast, the other, later leader of National Action is right now serving 8 years in prison.

These Jewish frauds intended to make Nationalism look (by their own words) "more obscure and isolated".

National Action was banned after its allegedly Jewish leaders probably told many key members to make silly, inconsequential plans for theoretical attacks and then likely informed on them as they were all caught while planning fanciful, unrealistic attacks v.s members of parliament etc, how did the state know they were planning and catch them right at that moment? How did they -ALL- get caught just after they were likely told to make plans, not before or after or during their attacks, none reached that point, they were all intercepted...

I believe the Jewish subversives behind National Action after achieving their intended level of media fame sought to make one final and spiteful blow to racial nationalism and set the precedent for a group being shut down for terrorism, as well as taking several individuals out of nationalist political activism permanently and to pave the way for the government being manipulated into equating white nationalism with terrorism. We now see that this is their game-plan internationally.
National Action's Jewish leaders even went so far as to put out videos called 'White Jihad' literally doing what Jewish Supremacist media and 'Anti-Fascist' Jewish anti-white groups have wanted in terms of reducing the image of White racial nationalism to the equivalent, negative-image realm of Islamic terrorism. National Action fed itself to the idiotic emerging narrative of 'white terrorism is the biggest threat not Islamic terrorism'. This is emerging now as a key talking point of the Jewish left when confronted about the terrorism directly as a result of non-white migration. On all levels of analysis, even as a terrorist group, National Action failed horrifically and only set a negative precedent for the credibility and image of racial nationalists.

The media continue to hold them up as an example of 'white terror' when the group was clearly setup by the media's friends in the form of Jewish campaign groups and political inititiatives as I saw through as early as 2014. The State has been given the opportunity to prosecute anyone who made the mistake of associating with National Action; locking up and dissuading many racial nationalist activists. Recently they even sought to prosecute the girlfriend of a low-level National Action member for being brought along to a NA meeting and photographed by NA (under the transparent one time ploy or facade of a 'miss Hitler contest') to try to show they aren't all Jewish male yobs to sucker single white men into joining. Long before all this, I was at the first ever protest National Action came along to, they tried ludicrously to claim as their own which failed (because the one National Action member at the time Alex Davies forgot to bring their banner) and showed their parasitic start-up methodology after being allegedly launched by the Western Spring (which routinely promoted National Action) as a pet project of further image defilement and to stop racial nationalists ourselves or other groups from launching a street movement. I met and talked to the founder of National Action in person, as Nationalist Asatru News, back in early 2014. I was at the first ever event National Action turned up at, I know these things, the media has no clue, they are ignorant of the most likely origins of that organisation, 99.9% of them never interviewed or met with these people and quite frankly they want the narrative their Jewish colleagues who founded National Action have given them. So they promote the narrative that they were actual 'examples' of 'white racist terrorists-extremists'. They were frauds, all of the founders and some of the later key figures I believe were Jewish activists. This should be the political scandal of the decade...

I will be writing a full updated article detailing all the evidence including the revelation that one of the members of National Action was confirmed as having converted to being religiously Jewish and even lived in Israel at one point who full-on cucked to the Jews... The below article has been more than vindicated since it was written. All those short-sighted frauds who doubted this and endorsed/supported National Action ought to be purged from racial nationalism as absolutely lacking vital political foresight and basic perception skills.
----- END OF UPDATE: 22/03/2019. Original Article from Mid 2014 (updated partially in late 2015) follows.-----

National Action is a subversive political counter-objective group, NA demonstrates perfectly how the left first managed to subversively 'occupy' the entire political spectrum: not through legitimate argument or appeal but through destroying their ideological opposition movement's reputations, respectability and cohesion from within, first and foremost by destroying the image of European, Germanic racial identity politics, tradition and culture through crude image-defilement.

Through taking over the far-right or pro European ideological movements, leftwing infiltrators as early as the 1920s were able to relegate and reduce the pro European racial movements by driving them into the ground from the inside, and pushing them towards what appeared to be a self styled extremism image, which led to their rejection from the entire political discourse, the malicious leaders and designers of such leftwing groups as National Action aim to continue this legacy of destruction through defilement through into the post BNP era. Their obvious aim is to stifle all genuine UK based nationalistic group efforts that seek to inspire or re-energize a pro Germanic political atmosphere and resurgence in the political discourse of our nations.

Thankfully they have failed to achieve this, but none the less they enact a negative PR effect at all our expenses and the expense of the public perception of associating with their own ethnic rights as English, British or Germanic folk. National Action carry on where the defilement groups of the 70s "far-right" left off.

The Judeo-Bolshevik hatred of European and English racial rights knows no bounds and thus the utilization of emerging defilement groups such as National Action to disrupt and thus prevent the ability of racially aware political movements to reach national prominence in the last century has been the rule. National Action is the latest example of this century old subversive political tactic of political cause defilement, by the most malicious, seditious and insidious Jewish supremacists, who befriend and corrupt many of our folk in the process of infiltrating, defiling and thus downgrading pro-Germanic racial, cultural and political movements.

   This quasi-extremist “marching group” image that was artificially pushed and imposed upon our political dialogue around the 1930s, first with groups with names such as the ludicrously self-defeating "British Union of Fascists" made it impossible for normal people to realistically identify with entire ideology sets that defended English or wider European racial rights movements, subsequently the left came to dominate the political debates of the century, simply through demonising the appearance of standing up for our English racial existences and the racial composition of our nation, and even the so called right, were torn away from racial politics, finding the same arguments used to prevent the mainstream Conservatives from opposing immigration, due to the defilement of racial politics, guilt by association political manipulation was used by the Jewish media and overtly Socialist BBC to suppress all opposition to non-white immigration, which used the forbearers of such groups as National  Action to make opposing non-white immigration look like a "thugs game", this is the now proven effect that National Action has had, creating numerous self-demonising media headlines, with its deliberate thug-image and absolute political image failure on every level of its demonstrations and (admittedly negligible) online presence, despite the promotion of National Action by numerous known Jewish frauds and self-evident entire long term defilement websites that pose as nationalist groups in addition to the openly Jewish online tabloids. [1] [2]
Groups like National Action seek desperately to continue and extend this legacy of defilement, National Action and every single group that proclaims to represent our people and yet systematically damages our political image, is a political enemy of all European people as they damage the political prospects of Germanic rights movements and thus our very existential survival and integrity.
Our Resistance against mass-immigration, cultural Marxism and Jewish Supremacism must not be allowed to be manipulated into a repeat of the failed 1945-2015 period, to attain more than this we must ruthlessly expose all Jewish Supremacist infiltrators and their front groups regardless of sentiments or divergent ideological political preferences.

Few used to consider National Action to be a positive movement, even fewer people once foolishly trusted its leaders, Benjamin Noyles & Alex Davies (or whatever their real names are), trusting these obscure, un-trustworthy, egoistic degrading and undeniable image-defiling infiltrators that seeks to make nationalism: “more obscure and isolated” (according to their own words) will only permit the vile leaders of this defilement operation to enact that precise agenda, which will severely degrade, demonise, defile and forever stagnate the image of those who stand up for our folk’s racial existences.
National Action Poster
In order to awaken our folk we must articulate a positive vision for our future, professionally, morally and efficiently, National Action is working directly against this.
As are all of the “skinhead” marching groups, that are all allegedly image defilement groups, working to the same defilement agenda, whilst simultaneously taking advantage of and subsequently ruining the employment prospects of all those that associate with such vile, Semitic image defilement groups as National Action.

Would you ever employ a National Action member, with their balaclavas, psychotic, depressed political self-image and communist salutes? No.

No ordinary, respectable, credible nor sane person would logically choose to associate with National Action, and that right there is the elemental demonstration of what National Action does, it defiles the image of all European racial rights advocates and the reputability of its own members simultaneously.

And this is why I am forced to denounce them so heavily (this article is no mere guess-work but is grounded on absolute, concrete evidence, which is a rare and fortunate situation, which although anyone who carefully inspects their social media pages will notice prima-facie anyway), their image, i.e.: the image Alex Davies in his defiling influence promotes is easily  sufficient by itself to demonstrate the malicious, deliberately defiling and detrimental image that Alex Davies's National Action plan (which ironically & revealingly abbreviates as N/A or Non applicable) seeks to confer upon all others who genuinely promote European racial rights, identity politics and ideals that will safeguard and uplift our sacred Germanic folk.

National action has only and will only ever work-against and completely damage the reputation of those that join them and damage the overall image of legitimate Germanic and wider European efforts and dreams for our effective racial self-determination and preservation in England, Europe and internationally.

The report printed below is the truth countless people should have listened to back in 2013 when the vile National Action group was first manipulatively and chaotically started initially solely by the alleged Jewish infiltrator, who appears to potentially have deep connections with numerous leftwing groups from the SWP, to Searchlight and lesser known leftwing groups who uses the name of Alex Davies, with other Leftwing thugs joining him after his plan was evidently given the go-ahead.

National Action UK
The individuals behind National Action personally utilize and operate literally hundreds of additional fake emails, pen-names and profiles on over 6 forums, including Face book, Twitter and elsewhere, which were crucial in the early phases of the malicious plan in conferring upon the NA defilement efforts the impression that this malign and self-evidently politically-fraudulent image-degrading group had genuine support, when it did not and never has.
   I was there filming a speech by a member of a different organisation, to help them out, at the first ever event at which National Action abruptly turned up at to largely claim as its own, as it does with multiple groups. National Action in 2013 was composed of Alex Davies and Davies alone (at least visibly) he was annoyed at Paul Hickman (the malicious manipulator who was crucial with the logistics of starting up National Action) that day for not having his non-informative, purely self-promoting NationalAction.info black-banner printed. So I know more about National Action than almost any other individual, as a journalist of a pro-Germanic nature, I have been in a position to empirically perceive and observe objectively what I am detailing for you to read here in this article, this article is a 1st hand witness testimonial from a Germanic, nationalistic perspective.

   I knew right from the start, that Davies was Jewish, behind the false Welsh, anti-English persona, from having recognised and matched his facial characteristics, particularly his heavily-inset eyes, dark hair, dark eyes and protruding brow line, nose and practically non-existent jaw line, voice and personality style as un-mistakably ethnically identical with numerous Marxist and Socialist Jews that I have debated against relentlessly in university seminars, lectures and corridors alike over the year prior to first meeting Davies.

   He also appeared to have some kind of involuntary hand spasm problems and nervous twitches, where he touches his face over and over repeatedly, as most Jewish infiltrators most likely cannot help but display, whilst they are attempting to crudely go 'undercover' amidst racially aware European, Germanic, English folk, whom Davies hates so much, his Welsh-Jewish Socialist hatred for our people was self-evident, he simply cannot conceal it, this is not merely a personal account, as it has been confirmed by statements the alleged Jewish infiltrator who goes by the name Alex Davies has made against the English and against our spirituality, Asatru, once calling it "black magic crap", showing a complete Jewish ignorance for Germanic religion and implicitly calling for all English people to be deported from Wales, no doubt under the facade of presenting a Welsh persona as convenient cover for his undeniably non-Germanic phenotypes, but to a vitriolic, would-be genocidal anti-English extent, indicative of and corroborating his truly racially Semitic Supremacist worldview, intentions and political nature, methodology of defilement and constant and unrelenting tendency to instigate infighting on a political group level, in addition to his racial image defilement and degradation by association of all Europeans who associate with standing up for our own ethnic interests.

   Low-grade Leftwing online tabloid media websites with primary audiences in the UK and US have already used National Action as "evidence" and "an example of"  (this is what National Action intended to provide them with) for anti-white, anti-Germanic political propaganda articles and arguments that intend to maliciously suppress, dissuade and intimidate people from associating or organising in accordance with our own ethnic, racial interests, by conveniently using the disgusting, degrading, retarded-looking, image-defilement National Action exerts and exemplifies to politically manipulate the general public into avoiding associating with the ideas National Action degrades by association.

   This can no longer be denied, this has been National Action's empirically verifiable effect by 100% over the past 2 years.

The truth is out, and has been for a while, it is estimated that now National Action survives solely on a core group of 20 genuinely (seriously) Jewish ‘volunteers’, who are potentially linked to and sourced via the JDL (Jewish Defence League) association in London, to give an impression that it is attracting turnouts, it is that pathetic, they are political actors, instead of working at their local synagogue or Jewish agency they instead go out on "field trips" to serve Jewish interests in other, seditious, manipulative ways every few months, alongside the minority of National Action's genuinely ethnically European victims, who this group exploits and many of whom I knew, and who have emailed me stating they have subsequently lost their job or faced personal ridicule for a mere association with such a vile group as National Action, despite their names never having appeared in the media, proving that they were reported to their employers by co-members of National Action directly after talking about where they work, not surprising. Economic strangulation, often through lobbying for the career ruination of European racial rights advocates has been a primary tactic of the left since the 1960s.

This is what National Action does, it screws over those who sign up to support it, whilst screwing the very image of ‘Nationalism’, damaging the image of all Germanic folk who stand up for our right to exist, its effect is unadulterated defilement on a political image level, and also on a cultural and identity association level, see for yourself:

National Action Alex Davies
It is unlikely that all groups like national action will ever collapse below this, unfortunately, but NA will merely exist at this lowly level to enact its defilement, for as long as we do not expose it and distance ourselves from its vile, Semitic, image defilement efforts it will have an extremely negative effect upon many of us, even personally and inflict years of delay potentially upon the speed of our people’s awakening, like its previous incarnations maintained throughout the entire past 60 years, from the designed failures or still-born creation of the far right in the 1920s, until today, especially during the 1970s, a period where European racial rights movements should have seen an increase (in the face of mass immigrations initial stages) but did not, due to being held down and spited internally.
The very fact that Enoch Powell did not join any of these groups goes to show how any intelligent person could observe that the false-right were deliberately defiling the image of those like Enoch Powell and European racial politics by mere association and image defilement.

   Our folk need to be awakened in beauty and elegance, with dreams of purity of Germanic Asatro culture and pride, not some idiotic street marching thug imagery, that is so counter-productive it is impossible to think of it as anything other than deliberately detrimental, for what normal person would associate themselves with such an anti-European, almost Semitic image of street thuggery and skin-head-ism that dozens of lowly groups like National Action promote.

This expose is designed to help prevent any genuine folkish person from being affiliated with National inaction, in order to limit, if not deny outright, the ability of this vile collection of allegedly Jewish Supremacist's and confirmed leftwing thug's ability to defile individuals and our overall folkish movement.

   In preventing and exposing this defilement of my people's ethnic cause, I am taking a huge burden upon my shoulders, in the hope of purifying our movement from all defilers like them, so that we can stand up for our folk's right to exist with the elegant aim of inspiring all our folk to do the same without internal defilement, the one and only detracting force that has worked against European folkish movements from within, that alone has held us back. our folk naturally support us, there is no reason for us to remain on the political fringes in this era anymore, and I for one shall not allow this proxy defilement to continue, for the sake of all our noble Germanic folk, here in England and internationally.

For your own protection and political credibility I urge you to denounce National Action and distance yourself from anything and everything this defilement group (and countless others like it) do in their operation as deliberate image defilement efforts.

Unfortunate as it is, the left chooses to defile our image and thus our defile political image and electoral political capacity in the most insidious and side-winding, manipulative styles, thus we must learn to diagnose their efforts and effectively overcome them adaptively and professionally.

National Action false Flag
The task is upon us to overcome this artificially imposed, defiling imagery and raise tall our folk’s spirits and racial pride through positive Asatro informed, Germanic political ideals and beauty, this is what I have and will always do, I would implore those considering even verbally supporting National Action, to reconsider and choose a higher path, that does not feed the Jewish defilement of our people’s racial rights movements.

As I and my writers via this website state routinely and highlight through statistics relentlessly, we nationalistic folk, are the true mainstream, we are neither militant, nor radical, but are the legitimate mainstream, we are normal political individuals, and it is this title that we must reclaim, retain and purify, to enable the vast overwhelming majority of our people to be able to self-respectfully support their own ethnic existences, in the face of the opposition we face, for this is what is required to secure the existence and future of our folk, ordinary people standing up and acting in accordance with our Germanic ethnic group rights.

   Those who would destroy all resistance to Jewish-Supremacism from within nationalist groups, through sheer malign proxy-defilement, must be exposed as the ultimately insidious threat to the survival of our folk, they are the greatest and most perfidious and seditious Jewish supremacists and Marxist subversives, who go hand in hand and a part and parcel with the mainstream Jewish-supremacist media's defilement of our folk movements, historically and to this day.

The likes of National Action deserve our unreserved disdain and rightful complete rejection and reaction: This is a controversy the Jewish dominated media will never report on, for they are involved in utilizing the negative image generated by such groups as National Action themselves to further defile our folk resurgence efforts by mere association and stereotype, which are powerful psychological tools in the media.

The fascistic, undemocratic and quite frankly racist Jewish supremacist defilement of an entire segment of the political spectrum through front groups such as national action, as is already widely accepted in relation to the EDL, is a national controversy-in-waiting, that until it is exposed through our actions (such as sharing this article), threatens to stagnate and degrade the purity and vital speed of our folk awakening, which could ultimately tip the balance against our people’s racial and national survival prospects.

These blatantly suspicious and outright compromised groups alike with deliberately anti-professional, anti-respectable, anti-natural, anti-sensible imagery and media effects must be exiled out of the Germanic political sphere once and for all our folk's sake, in order to allow us to professionally, respectably, naturally and sensibly awaken our sacred Nordic & Germanic folk.

Alex Davies once agreed with a castigation and derogatory racial insult that all "White British" people are overweight drunks, in a text-interview with the Huff-post, a vile leftwing online tabloid propaganda outlet. Davies has in less than 18 months given the leftwing tabloid-media damaging admissions and degrading images, that afflict and degrade the image of all the genuine Europeans who advocate for our ethnic interests by association.

National Action's subversive leader is also on record for privately and even espousing within his group at large an anti-Germanic political subversion: Davies privately advocates for the deportation of English people, truly exposing his anti-Germanic and anti-Celtic division instigating mentality, this directly according to the testimony of one ex-National Action member, corroborated by another who proclaimed Davies stated implicitly that English students should be banned from studying in Welsh Universities, a typical sign of a civic Welsh socialist, allegedly with Jewish ancestry (which is what motivates him to go out and degrade the political image of English folkish movements), according to another ex-National Action member who lost his job due to merely being pictured at a National Action event, which he believes was sent to his employer by the leadership of National Action after he stopped attending their events (/fell out with Davies & co) suspiciously only weeks after he had casually been manipulated into discussing where he worked in a conversation with National Action's leading members.

National Action has also fanatically encouraged its core members to publicly attack and slander this website after the publishing of the original expose last year, as a pathetic attempt to discredit this expose, which failed, they routinely attack and slander numerous genuine nationalistic groups and figures who achieve more success than them, normally using deniable email addresses and social media accounts. National [In]Action also seeks to debase UKIP and tells all those it can reach via its social media effectively not to vote at all, de-facto disenfranchising all its supporters (admittedly less than a few dozen people, but the effect is still detrimental and most be exposed on principle).

Logical inconsistencies between written content and visible public image presentation, behaviour and media style are one of the key indicators of infiltrators intent on committing political image-defilement. Infiltrators such as the leadership of National Action, just like with the EDL, display utter hypocrisy and routine self-contradictions in their direction and inconsistency. Anyone who has observed National Action over the past 12 months can see this self evidently. This statement is authoritatively corroborated by statements Dr Kevin MacDonald made during the Sheffield demographic documentary interview, whilst discussing the future of our movement and why it has been unsuccessful in the past due to artificial political image-defilement by sponsored infiltrators.

   The undeniable image-defilement group National Action and the Western Spring's sponsored and co-ordinated group, “Sigurd”  have given the Cultural Marxists the headlines they have always wanted such as "British Nazi Jihadist fanatics"- in the Mirror for example.

It is self evident that their primary effect and thus one can only assume their original intention (excluding sheer idiocy) was to deliberately defile the image of nationalism and by crude media-association extension all folkish groups.

It is self evident therefore that they are in-fact all de-facto collaborating with leftwing image-defilement media companies who defile the image of nationalists in order to prevent nationalism from ever becoming a mainstream political movement, simply through the act of damaging the stylistic image of nationalists, in such easy to set up groups.

   The left is creating their own desired headlines, through organising, coordinating and otherwise encouraging such image defilement groups to exist, ensuring their own respective ideological power, through preventing nationalism from re-attaining its once naturally respectable mainstream political discourse dominance.

Alex Davies is an alleged University drop-out, and according to email testimonies from ex-associates of his he is an egotistical, allegedly psychotic wannabe Jewish-gang-leader and power-freak who lacking the physical or mental courage to create a JIDL like organisation, insidiously uses others to do his work in preventing real anti-Jewish Supremacist movements from emerging, through occupying nationalism instead, having already resulted in the arrest of one of the members of his and Benjamin Raymond’s ( suspected real surname: Noyles’s) group, whilst himself remaining immune to law enforcement, whilst demonizing all people who stand up for our people’s rights through image defilement, through the malicious image defilement enacted via the degenerate, non-informative style enforced through National Action by Alex Davies and Benjamin Raymond/Noyles and any other potential Jewish assistants they might have.

   “Despite otherwise favourable conditions, far-right... networks are really struggling at the moment.”
   - Nick Lowles, the chief manipulator of Hope Not Hate mockingly stated

When 89-94% of our population heavily opposed immigration no nationalist movement has ever gained traction nor substantial media, let alone internet prominence.

Why? Because of the decade long slow-motion failed legacy of the BNP, which occupied and defiled the entire nationalist scene before National Action emerged, failing every time it appeared in public, as seen in Nick Griffin’s Question time appearance. Nationalistic movements have also been held back and stagnated by the multitudes of fraudulent civic nationalist infighting groups such as the EDL, Britain First, British Democratic Party, English Democrats, etc combined with the image defilement enacted upon the awakened, political, cultural and racial far-right caused since 2013 by -National Action- almost all by itself (with the exception of Western Spring’s Sigurd group creating self-demonizing headlines in 2014) which prevents normal people from wanting to associate with pro-English or indigenous Northern European identity groups or even their proclaimed worldviews.

In what way does standing up for our people entail pictures of mutated dog faced 3rd Reich soldiers, that implicitly reinforce manipulative Jewish claims relating to the Holocaust, using crude idiotic stereotypes, genuine folkish nationalism has nothing to do with such malicious Jewish-propaganda confirming imagery whatsoever.

National Action’s effect over the past 2 years has only been to make nationalism “even more isolated and obscure”, and this can now be conclusively empirically stated from the verifiable imagery and media-effect evidence available from November 2013 to January 2015, now that National Action has existed long enough for it to have established a highly negative and ultimately failed track record, having achieved no breakthroughs and created only negative headlines, whilst communicating absolutely no information to the general public, achieving no awakening whatsoever, merely degrading and defiling its own image and degrading the otherwise natural image of all racial identity groups and movement potentials.

National Action has a nearly 2 year long verifiable track record for degrading and damaging the very image and defiling the perceived substance of pro-indigenous political ideals in the UK, playing directly into the hands of the leftwing online tabloid media, handing to them on a silver platter, the imagery they require -and would not otherwise have- to demonize us genuine Germanic racial identity advocates (through crude implicit association) and rights activists who are almost all professional and ideologically superior and distinct from the lowly idiocy displayed by the Christianized and openly Socialist National Action. All sensible, awakened European folk must denounce National Action and all the groups associated with it to overcome its defilement and subversive political image degradation.

   It is clear that National Action deliberately aims to achieve this defilement objective. There is no other explanation that can explain away its almost 2 year track record of overt, unrelenting image-defilement.

NA is demonizing the far-right or English/Germanic indigenous political movements in the UK whilst simultaneously awakening no-one and simultaneously causing a massive split and fracture within the far-right, with an image that even off-puts even the most devoutly nationalist individuals, and thus failing utterly to match the standards and professional credibility exerted by genuine folkish activists and volunteers, especially the honourable volunteers who write selflessly for this website, such as Max North who are subsequently attacked by National Action via spam emails and insidious and malicious FB comments for openly exposing National Action for what it is: an extension of the image manipulation defilement efforts of the established Jewish Supremacist and Cultural Marxist Left.

National Action is undeniably a Jewish-Supremacist and far-left led, designed and funded group, from sources and evidence obtained over the last 12 months and from the primary, undeniable visual evidence, publicly available behaviour examples of the malicious image-defilement group National Action and the media sub-headlines it freely creates aiding only the far-left demonization of English and European indigenous political ideologies and associations, thus stagnating and holding back the English and wider European indigenous folk movements through enforcing negative stereotype associations enacted through its deliberately subversive media image-effect.
From the empirically verifiable publicly visible evidence National Action's aims are to:
   Defile genuine folkish movement's public image with the old 1970s (proven failure) "street-thug" or "white-gang" imagery (a term NA uses openly to no positive effect), in order to strategically and maliciously prevent the general public as a whole from ever associating with racial-self-interests and destroying the political image of "Nationalism" by association. (see the pictures above for a conclusive demonstration of this.)

   Demonize Nationalism: Through the use of posters, primarily online, espousing crude stereotypes, using the SA logo to instantly off-put the majority of the general public, thus preventing the group from achieving real success, indicating its sole objective is to enact defilement. Through using terms such as "apartheid", that are politically suicidal National Action's effects result in portraying by association many folkish movements and all nationalists as street thugs. National Actions use of the anti-drug meme also implicitly suggests that it is openly self-castigating all nationalists as Drug users and alcoholics, this is conclusively corroborated by comments its leader made in text-interview to an online leftwing tabloid "Vice", where he effectively agreed that British people are the problem and not immigrants, literally working with the leftwing media to give them the admissions and statements they want. No genuine nationalistic group member, especially not its self-proclaimed leading member would ever logically do this, excluding the possibility of absolute political retardation and incompetence.

   National Action is continually engaged in an effort to demonize and defile all nationalistic inclined intellectual ideals, movement credibility and individuals by mere association, dissuading newcomers and awakening individuals from associating with our own ethnic interests ultimately. This is the most damaging effect of Alex Davies's and National Action's existences.

   National Action also aims to degrade and ultimately destroy all previously existing nationalistic organisations with the objective of replacing them in order to corrupt the entirety of the far-right and control it to a slow-failure at this crucial point in time, where ethnic self-interest is needed more than ever. National Action also privately advocates "white enclaves", which in effect would seal the destruction of our people, by manipulating all racially aware people to retreat out of the political discourse, giving full control to the left, which would then increase mass-immigration over-running any white enclaves (which groups like National Action do not actually intend to set up, but merely espouse in order to de-motivate and de-involve racially aware persons from the vital political and electoral battles in mainstream society, which natural folkish politics could easily win if mobilized).

   National Action's primary objective is to stifle and prevent any chance of a respectable indigenous political resurgence occurring.

   National Action aims ultimately to "define" nationalism, as a thuggish enterprise in order to achieve the above, which requires that National Action, or its promoting associated groups, achieve hegemony over folkish movements. It is clear from emails obtained that the anti-English, anti-Germanic promoters behind National Action undeniably aim to do this.

   National Action provides the established Cultural Marxist left and Jewish Supremacist campaign groups like Hope Not Hate, the Mirror, Searchlight and the Board of Deputies of British Jews with an example of "extremism" (which although achieving no real political effect) which is used to lobby for tightened hate-speech laws and criminal convictions of pro-indigenous activists. This is why key National Action members allegedly encouraged Garron Helm to specifically spam over 2,000 tweets to Luciana Berger MP, a member of Parliament with extensive legal experience and who hates the English as it is, thus creating a convenient excuse for the Parliamentary Labour party to propose tighter hate speech legislation if it is elected in 2015. Corroborating this is the fact that National Action attempts to dissuade all those who view its social media pages into not voting for UKIP, which is effectively campaigning on behalf of Labour.

   National Action also aims directly attacks both Asatru and Christianity in favour of the 100% artificial "Bible" by Ben Klassen (an alleged Jew and anti-Germanic motivated individual) who wrote a severely un-popular document proclaiming to be a Bible for "white people", which by his definition effectively excludes and degrades us Germanic folk.

   National Action also aims to reinforce an abstract Semitic Christianized attitude "in the face of and in order to cause systematic conflict with" growing nationalistic and folkish, Asatro, Pagan and Pantheist leanings on the pro-Indigenous right in the UK, as seen from the 2011 and 2001 census with the huge growth in affiliation with English Pagan(Asatro) beliefs.

National Action would more adequately be named "National [In]action", as this has been revealed as one of its intended aims, to manipulate the most staunch nationalistic folk into being complacent and inactive, due to an inflated and artificially asserted dominance of National Action, which in its effect awakens no-one and solely provides the leftwing media with the headlines they want in order to make nationalistic or folkish groups "even more isolated and obscure".

This is corroborated by statements taken from National Action's own website, social media interaction and memes, where it states it maliciously aims to: #OCCUPY NATIONALISM (as shown in the above pictures.)

   This Occupy Nationalism declaration exposes everything this allegedly Jewish Supremacist group aims to enact and is clear evidence that everyone can see for themselves that National Action's objectives are detrimental to nationalism and by extension the image of all folkish groups. Thus National Action must be denounced.

National Action has done less than 2 pathetic National activism sessions, alongside an un-substantiated claim to have conducted un-verifiable and un-provable "dozens" of smaller demonstrations. Ultimately 2 of its demonstrations were parasitic, merely following after an EDL organised march (along with its promotion group the Western Spring). The majority of National Action events were composed of less than 3 people, holding a flag or taking a picture of a sticker posted on a street sign. National Action flash-mobs of Jewish activists, despite being funded, have never exceeded more than an estimated 30 people.

Using fake email addresses it has been ascertained that leftwing groups, including the SWP, and potentially Searchlight allegedly stated that "Alex Davies is one of us". The far-left can visually see the date and time of National Action events but has never once launched a counter-demonstration against them, indicating the far-left wants National Action to enact more degrading, image-defilement protests, or is actively coordinating these protests themselves directly and thus does not protest its own 'false-flag' image-defilement operations.

It has been confirmed by an ex-National Action associate that National Action operates several dozen, if not several hundred fake social media accounts, using cheap bulk-bought sim cards to validate multiple Face book accounts, which it uses to attack rival groups, harass genuine folkish individuals and frantically 'like' its and the Western Spring's FB pages, in effect artificially conferring upon themselves a degree of plausibility and the image of popularity, they would not otherwise have.

Honest nationalistic organisations and independent individuals who have been manipulated into supporting National Action should distance themselves from it immediately.
Those protesting alongside National Action or promoting it will only draw their reputation into utter disrepute.

In the process of discovering that National Action is an image-defilement group, an observation any logical observer can make, it has also been discovered that there is a long term network of (allegedly) Searchlight, Socialist Workers Party, Unite Against Fascism and multiple other smaller fringe Jewish-Supremacist or Cultural Marxist groups working overtly to defile and stagnate nationalistic or folkish movements from within, using forums, networking groups and website fronts that are currently occupying much of the so called 'Nationalist' movement in the UK, almost 100% of civic nationalist groups fit into this category of being coordinated by Cultural Marxists at their core, as has been alleged of Britain First, the EDL, BNP and so forth, alongside the more insidious false-nationalistic movements such as National Action and the websites that promote it relentlessly.

Those who wish to remain anonymous and help to compile reports to expose these Cultural Marxist infiltrators in groups such as National Action and any other potential emerging defilement movements should submit any evidence via email, that can be publicly released within the confines of the law pertaining to the press and private communications. This is a difficult task to expose our enemies, a task we Asatro folk must defiantly enact.

Decades of defilement of our Germanic Folk will only come to an end if we have the willpower and endurance to promote our Germanic folk's racial rights, futures and ideals in a positive and professional manner, in defiance of the degrading image-defilers and Semitic detractors alike.
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