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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 21st Ærra Jéola 2013 / Winter Solstice 2263.RE
What our culture truly was and should again be like as a race:

The racial purity, cultural purity and spiritual purity of our pure Germanic ancestors
The racial, cultural and spiritual purity of our ancesors is proven and recounted to us via the written observations made by Gaius Cornelius Tacitus in Germania of our ancestors in the year 93.CE or 343.RE
Citation reference:
   Tacitus. G.C, (93.CE), "Germania": in "The Agricola and Germania", English transaltion 1894, Aberdeen University Press / Methuen & co.
Tacitus's description of the race of Germans, is a vital resource, that demolishes liberal discussions about the nature of what we are as people, in terms of our ethics, nature and religion, for it has been written 1920 years ago now, what we  were like in our 'state of nature' or early civilization years in clear and precise terms.

The people of Germania have since conquered large portions of the Earth, taken for ourselves (this was our original intention at least), America, Austrailia, Greenland, New Zealand and for a time we took a combined 1/4 of the surface of the earth and had uncontested control over ALL the worlds oceans through the efforts primarily of the English, the Scandinavians and the mainland Germans, all of whom are Northern Germanic peoples. Many other European populations have strong Germanic elements within them, and are described simply as Germanic and can also claim heritage to Germania, such as the people of Switzerland, Austria (obviously) and the dispersed minority Germanic populations throughout the Netherlands, Hungary, North Western Russia and as far south as Greece.

Tacitus's description of the race of Germania describes all of the Northern Europeans in existence.

Tacitus's Germania should be weilded as a weapon of racial pride and cultural pride routed in an ancient and verified historical account of the true nature of our people. These quotations below are our inheritance, remember them and use them as archetypes, and do not rest until our folk once again have become safegaurded as pure, racially and spiritually as much as our ancestors were. Use these quotations to inspire fellow Northern Europeans to racial pride, spiritual pride and courage in our battles.

This series of quotations should be read by our folk who wish to gain an insight into the true nature of our Germanic folk, prior to the jewish moral onslaught that began through the corrupted Roman empire well before the time of Herman of the Cherusci (who was born into Roman rule in the year -18.CE / 268.Rune Era).
   the Germans are the original inhabitants of the country, and are entirely unalloyed by admixture with immigrant tribes from without.
   For myself I am disposed to side with those who hold that the German peoples have never intermarried with alien stocks, but have always stood forth as a race rooted in the soil, pure and unlike every other. This is why, extraordinarily numerous as the Germans are, they all possess precisely the same physical characteristics, fierce blue eyes, red hair ([meaning blonde & red]), and large frames
   The sagas, which are the sole record of their past history, say that the God Tuisto [Tyr] sprang from the earth, and that he and his son Mannus (To Mannus they ascribe three sons) were the authors and founders of the [German] race.
   Their religion confirms the belief in their antiquity. This wood is the centre of their whole superstition, being looked upon as the cradle of the race, and the god of it as the universal ruler to whom all other things are subject and obedient. The sonnenwald
   The German tribe called the Nahanarvali are the proud possessors of a grove of immemorial sanctity....the gods they speak of in connection with it are, to give them their Roman names, Castor and Pollux ; their attributes are similar, the name by which they are known is the Alci. Images of them there are none, nor is there any trace of their worship having had a foreign origin ([sinking the Jewish Indo-Aryan myth])... the people adore them as youthful heroes, and as brothers ([racial blood relatives]).
   The worship of Nerthus or Mother Earth, is common to them all, the goddess, according to their belief, mingling in the affairs of men, and visiting her various peoples in her chariot.


  On an island out in the ocean there is an inviolate grove, where, covered by a robe, is a sacred chariot/vessel dedicated to her. One priest, and only one, may touch it. It is he who becomes aware when the goddess is present in her holy seat ; the chariot/vessel and the robes and (if we choose to believe them) the goddess herself are washed in a mystic pool. Slaves are the ministers of this office, and are forthwith drowned in the pool ...
    a sacred mystery enshrouds those rites which no man is permitted to look upon and live.

   Heligoland: the seat of the Vanir Goddess Nerthus (Earth)

   on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea we find the tribes dwelling along the coast ; in their religion and in their fashions they are Suabians,(the largest German tribe) but their language is more like the British. They worship the mother of the gods and, as a religious symbol, they carry images of wild boars. The symbol serves instead of arms and every kind of assistance, and gives the devotee of the goddess a sense of safety even in the midst of foes.

Heligoland   Tradition goes so far as to say that [Thor] visited their country, and they raise a hymn in his praise, as the pattern of all valiant men, as they approach the field of battle. They have also a kind of song which they chaunt to fire their courage (they call it "barding" and from this chaunt they draw an augury of the issue of the coming fray. For they inspire terror in the foe, or become flurried themselves according to the sound that goes up from the host. It is not so much any articulate expression of words as a warlike chorus.

   Nay, the Germans even ascribe to women a certain inspiration and power of prophecy ; they do not either despise the advice they give or neglect their forecasts.
   Their traditions tell that more than once, when a German line was wavering on the point of giving way, the women rallied it, urgently entreating the men to fight on, baring their breasts and crying out that their captivity was at hand. Captivity for their women is a thing the men abhor far more than for themselves
   Unlike the great majority of barbarians, they are content with one wife ...
   The wife does not bring a dowry to her husband ; on the contrary, he offers one to her.
   the wedding gifts... are no toys collected to suit feminine frivolities or adorn a bride ; instead of that, they consist of oxen, and a bridled horse, and shield and spear and sword. These are the presents that await her as a wife, and her own wedding present to her husband in return is a gift of arms. This is the strongest bond of union this the mystery of marriage ; these are their gods of wedded life. Lest the woman should think that masculine courage and the perils of war lie beyond her sphere, these tokens remind her upon the threshold of marriage that she comes as the man's partner in toils and dangers ; and that in peace and in war she must expect ... to dare the same
   she is to hand on to her sons, inviolate and unprofaned ; what her sons' wives are to receive after her, and they, in their turn, to hand on to her children's children.
   So they guard the chastity of their lives, with no shows to entice them nor orgies to excite their evil passions... To men and women alike such a thing as secret correspondence is unknown... Amongst all this immense [race's] population adultery is extremely rare, a woman becomes a wife with a wife's hopes and wishes once and once only....to the end that she may not look beyond him nor let her desires stray further ...To limit the number of the family or to put to death any of the later-born infants is held to be an abomination, and with the Germans good customs have more authority than good laws elsewhere!
   Every mother suckles her own babes, ... the children inherit the robust frames of their parents.

   They choose their kings for their noble birth [alone]
   each separate squadron or column is not a mere casual aggregation of chance-comers, but is composed of men of one family and one kin ; and their households go with them to the field, and the shrieks of their women and the wailings of their children ring in their ears. Each man feels bound to play the hero before such witnesses and to earn their most coveted praise. To his mother and to his wife he brings his wounds ; and they do not shrink from counting them, nor from searching them,
   Every youth on reaching manhood allows his hair and beard to grow, and vows that in this guise he will boldly court danger until he shall have slain an enemy. Then, in triumph, bestriding the bloody corpse, he bares his face, and proclaims that now at last he has justified his existence and proved himself worthy of his parents and of his country.
   Peculiar to the German race is the importance attached to certain forecasts and warnings afforded by horses as well. Horses are kept at the public charges in the sacred woods and groves ; they are white in colour and are never desecrated by any toil in the service of man
   Upon minor matters the chiefs deliberate ; upon greater matters the general assembly, with the reservation that, in the latter case, where the popular vote settles the question, these matters, too, must be thoroughly debated at a meeting of the chiefs. The general assembly is held regularly on fixed days (except in the instance of a sudden emergency arising) either at new or at full moon, for they hold these times to be the most auspicious date for entering upon their discussions. ... If the proposal finds no favour, its rejection is signified by groaning ; if it is accepted, the warriors clash their spears. Approval expressed by the clashing of arms is the form of assent held in the highest honour.
   Before the general assembly, likewise, criminals may be charged and may be tried for their lives. The penalties vary with the crime. Traitors and renegades are hung on a tree ; cowards and recreants and infamous wretches are pressed under a hurdle into the slime of a morass and suffocated. ... Minor offences are punished proportionately, the offender on conviction being fined in a number of horses or cattle ; part of the fine goes to the king or to the State, part to the man whose wrongs are being righted, or to his family. It is also in these assemblies that chiefs are chosen to administer justice
   Beyond the Lygians are the Goths, who are ruled by their kings rather more strictly than the rest of the German nations, a condition that we find prevails as we go north, but, not to such an extent as to extinguish liberty ([unlike in Rome and all other territories at the time, Germanic folk were unique in our freedom]).
   They reckon time by nights instead of by days as we do, and all their engagements and arrangements are made on this system ; the day is counted in with the previous night.
   peace is repulsive to the race, and the path to glory lies through danger,
   as if such were the express commands of the deity whom they believe to be present on the field [of war]; and they carry with them into battle certain images and statues brought out of the sacred groves.
   there are one hundred [warriors taken] from every village ; these chosen youths are always known as "The Hundred" among their own folk
   Throwing away the shield is the crowning disgrace, and a man who has so dishonoured himself may neither take part in the rites of religion nor enter the general assembly ; many such survivors from the battlefield have been known to end their shame by hanging themselves.
   The fact is well known that the peoples of Germany do not dwell in cities, and will not even suffer their settlements to adjoin each other. They plant themselves separately and independently
   Germans plaster parts of their houses with some care, using an earth so pure and bright that the effect resembles coloured designs done with paint.
Clothing that is Germanic in spirit, a celebration of our unique & inherent beauty as beings.
   Their invariable dress is a cloak fastened with a brooch, or, failing that, a thorn. With nothing on except this they pass whole days indoors around the hearth where the fire is burning. It is a sign of great wealth to wear underclothing, which in Germany is not loose and flowing like that of the Sclavonians and Parthians, but fits close and follows the shape of the limbs.
   The women dress like the men, only they frequently wear a vesture woven from flax, with a purple pattern on it ; there are no sleeves to the upper part of this garment, the whole arm being left bare, and the upper part of the breast is likewise uncovered.
   The exacting of interest simple or compound is quite unknown [to the Germans] , and is therefore more guarded from abuse than if it had been forbidden.
   They make a difference in the value they set upon the precious metals for use and for commerce. One may see amongst them vessels of silver, that have been officially presented to their envoys and chiefs, put to the same common uses as pots of clay,
   They have no ostentation in their funerals. The only special observance is the custom of burning the bodies of famous men with particular kinds of wood. They do not heap robes and rich spices on the funeral pile ; but a man's arms are burnt along with him, and sometimes his horse is burnt also. A barrow of earth is raised as a sepulchre ; they will not hear of huge monuments laboriously piled up in their honour, considering them as but a load upon the dead.
   the (German tribe called the) Hermunduri ... they covet nothing.
   Within living memory both the Mark-men and the Quadi had kings of native race, the noble line of Maroboduus and Tuder. Now they submit to alien rulers whose despotic power rests upon the arm of Rome
The despotic Semitic and then later Christian rule hiding behind Rome was shattered twice (Battle of the Teutoburg forest & Final collapse of Rome hundreds of years later, post Christianity adoption) and ended, and so too will the same despotic rulers of our era.

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