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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 18th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 18th day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
A conclusive report on the undeniable & self-evident Jewish promotion of malicious, genocidal, anti-European mass-immigration policies through governmental level lobbying

Who promotes mass immigration
The Jewish involvement in not only initiating but continually and fanatically pushing tighter and tighter one sided race and immigration legislation from the ‘British Nationalities act' of 1948 (which gave citizenship and the right to settle here in the UK to every single person of non-white descent in the entire commonwealth), the infamous Race relations acts of 1965 (pushed through by the Jewish Labour Home Secretary: F.Soskice, a ‘Russian’ Jew), 1968 and 1976 (created the Commission for Racial Equality) in addition to successive anti-Germanic immigration policies (using eastern European mass-immigration) and ultimately anti-European immigration policies as a whole (using non-white/non-European mass-immigration) are shown for what they are when the Jewish-supremacist context is shown in relation to race in their own words:

   "The Jewish people as a whole will be its own Messiah. It will obtain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and the establishment of a World Republic."
   -Baruch Levy writing to Karl Marx.

   Additional context: See the article: A conclusive report on the undeniable & self-evident Jewish EU, and: the attitudes of the Jewish migration chief of the UN on immigration, facilitated through the Jewish EU.

The Racial Harassment Bill of 1985, introduced into the House of Commons of Parliament by the Jewish, H.Cohen:

    "to bring in a Bill to create an offence of [subjectively defined] racial harassment...in relation to racial harassment; to make provision for investigation of complaints... and to make provision for compensation of [those proclaiming to be] victims...
   Under my Bill, the police would have been under a statutory duty to investigate ...attacks and the incidents... [subjectively and politically defined] as racially motivated crimes... That, by implication, advocates tighter law and the need for clearer duties on the police in these cases.

   My Bill will provide just that. However, the Bill also imposes duties upon local authorities, as it is also, in part, a housing Bill...
    Specifically, my Bill will put on the statute book for the first time the crime of racial harassment—a racially motivated crime by a member of one racial or ethnic group against a member of a different racial or ethnic group. Racial harassment denies one the right to peace and comfort in one's home and reduces the quality of life. It can mean that the person affected fears for his safety...
    ...In severe cases, the Bill provides grounds for the eviction of [seemingly only the Ethnic European] perpetrators [enabling a literal territorial ethnic cleansing system by law, where non-Europeans can start a fight with a European neighbour and then claim the European assaulted them and have them removed from that area, this process is a way non-European ethnic ghettos were created in numerous places in almost all major cities and in Rotherham in Yorkshire for example]...

   The right hon. Lady [Maragaret Thatcher] was not prepared to make ANY effort to bring in legislation to combat this increasing form of [subjectively defined] violence."
-H.Cohen, House of Commons speech at 5.07pm on the 17th of July 1985 , via the Hansard Archives

Context in reality: the rate of racially motivated attacks is allegedly 96% against Europeans, perpetrated by non-Europeans, demonstrating the hypocrisy of the Jewish promotion of race relations laws, which are almost always used exclusively against Europeans.

Anti-racially motivated crime laws should theoretically be in our proportional European ethnic interests thus, but due to the way they are implemented, we Europeans are not protected at all and are infact made the victims of these laws in addition to the non-white criminality inflicted upon our folk. Race relations laws are almost never applied in our defence on the basis of our pure European racial nature/status and then there are the Jewish media lies about the subject to inflict a futher level of anti-Germanic injustice, which present the opposite picture in a malicious and genocidal effort to prevent this fundamental truth about the hypocrist of race relations laws being aired, which would result in an increase in anti-immigrant sentiment, which is already at 89-94%.

If our folk were all to overtly realise this truth and take it to heart, we would have a revolution against the Jewish control of our governmental institutions in mere months, this is why Jews seek to cover such up, to ensure their power, and through their power, to ensure their Marxist objective of assuring their own racial superiority, not through their own merit, but by defilement and “the dissolution of other races.”

Numerous other Jewish MPs and politically promoted peers of the House of Lords have fanatically promoted anti-European racist legislation for decades, always from within the Labour party, demolishing the myth that the two main parties are the same, they are not, highlighting the necessity of annihilating the Labour party, as it is literally a Jewish entity:

    "It is a fact that, 12 years ago, when I was shadow Home Secretary, I introduced in Standing Committee G on 10 April 1986 a new clause that would have created the offence of racial harassment. The then Conservative Government defeated it. On 12 April 1994, I spoke from the Opposition Benches on the then Criminal Justice and Public Order Bill. I spoke in favour of the creation of an offence of racial harassment.”
   -Gerald Kaufman (Jewish), 8th of April, 1998, the current MP for the Manchester Gorton constituency.

Neville Nagler, the 1991-2004 Director General of the Board of Deputies of British Jews (an alleged terrorist funding and violence organisation and self-evidently anti-European organisation) during the 1970s, 80s and 90s was behind the radar of the media, the head of the Home Office Department that designed, promoted and pushed anti-European race relations laws during all of the Labour governments terms in office and then subversively below the radar of the Conservative governments.

Neville Nagler can only be described as the Jewish influence in the Home Office on matters of race for over 2 decades, during that time the anti-European racist subversive consulted and received support and motivation to push for further anti-European racist legislative changes via the Jewish G.Bindman and A.Lester of the same organisation (the Board of Deputies of British Jews) that N.Nagler would be appointed to, as its General Director in 1991.

   “Neville Nagler was appointed as Chief Executive of the Board [of Deputies of British Jews] in 1991 after a successful career in the Treasury and Home Office”

It is alleged that Nagler drafted the notes of records of speeches in Cabinet meetings on all subjects of race, and was therefore in a prime position to control, manipulate and lie to other (non-Jewish) members of government in order to more fanatically push anti-European racist legislative efforts and discussions. N.Nagler was also simultaneously a synagogue official, with absolute tribal loyalty to Jewish Supremacist organisations such as the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

The Public Order Act of 1986 also subversively contained elements within its details which effectively sought to intimidate individuals with the threat of arrest, fines or imprisonment for discussing Jewish power and Jewish control of the media and race related subjects.

It was presented to Parliament by another Jewish Home Secretary (amongst dozens historically), Leon Brittanisky, a Jew from Lithuania.

The Public Order Act mainly pertains to communication in public places and forums and also for the distribution of materials by hand, if and only if they are reported and are crude enough to be construed as in breach of the public Order Act.

The Jewish home secretary Jack Straw MP, supported and advised by the Jewish Board of Deputies members E.Tabachnik and the past Conservative Home Secretary Michael Howard (whose real Jewish name was Michael Hecht) sought to push for measures against Europeans speaking openly about the negative impacts of immigration, as well as ensuring mass non-white immigration continued under Labour:

   "A Labour government will act to make Holocaust denial a criminal offence, opposition leaders pledged this week. The announcement, made at the party's Blackpool conference, was the culmination of a lengthy campaign by Jewish groups, including the Board of Deputies, the Holocaust Education Trust and Poale Zion.
   Shadow Home Secretary Jack Straw confirmed that a motion committing a Labour government to such a law - due to be discussed yesterday - had the backing of the entire leadership.
   The Blackpool conference continued the party's courting of the Jewish community. (correction, the Labour party is the political wing of the Jewish community, it does not merely 'court' it, this is a diversionary lie by the Jewish Chronicle)."
   -The Jewish Chronicle (4 October, 1996)

The legislative efforts and campaigns to outlaw discussing the negative effects of immigration, and exposing the fraudulent Holocaust largely failed and despite massive pressure, Holocaust denial remains LEGAL in the UK.

This fact demolishes the de-motivational and intimidation efforts of Jewish media elements and infiltrators within talking circles and so called nationalist groups (example- Nick Griffin refusing to expose the Holocaust during Question Time, when even given permission to do so by Jack Straw) to intimidate informationally aware English and wider European folk in the UK from openly demolishing the malicious, seditious lies in numerous subjects ranging from distributing information pertaining to the negative effects of mass-non-European immigration (this intimidation effort is so obvious as even political parties are allowed to do this) to the subject of the non-existent Holocaust (as it is very easy to do and demonstrates so much, which is precisely why its enforcement, as with the Jewish-Marixst intellectual blockade on obvious racial realities relies on an atmosphere of illogical fear, enforced more often than not by Jewish infiltrators within racially aware circles) and its associated or by-implication subjects, such as the Jewish authored and executed Holodomor and the control of the media, and education systems.

Countless Jewish organisations ever since the idea of the Holocaust was invented in-between 1945-48 until this day have sought to promote laws against holocaust denial simultaneously alongside laws preventing open discussion of Jewish control of the media, and the very subject of this article, the Jewish design of, their ideological fanatical promotion of and enforcement of mass-immigration.

The Board of Deputies of British Jews, supported by Jewish media outlets such as the Jewish Chronicle have been and continue to be the primary force behind anti-European racist legislative and immigration design and lobbying efforts alongside numerous other Jews such as James Harding, the Jewish CEO of the BBC and numerous other identical Jewish figures historically, that go back for over 250 years to the start of when immigration was first re-deployed as a weapon in the modern era at least (as the semitic influenced Roman empire also used immigration to undermine national homogeniety of its subjugated European territories over 2000 years ago).

Board of Deputies JewsThe Board of Deputies of British Jews, openly reinforces and corroborates what I have openly and freely written in this article, to the extent that it can no longer be denied:

   “The Board [of deputies of British Jews] has been at the forefront of the development of proposals for race relations legislation in the UK [as with similar Jewish organisations in every single European nation on earth, such as the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society in the United States or The Jewish centre (Paideia) in Sweden, a country Jews have been waging ethnic war against like none other].
   The Defence Policy and Group Relations Division, which monitors the activities of political extremists and racists, [using groups such as the English Defense League (EDL) or National Action(N/A) as an excuse to bring in more race relations and anti-demonstration and speech laws that would also simultaneously pertain to the internet] has urged successive governments to enact and strengthen race relations legislation…
   It has also sought allies and made common cause with other religious and minority groups [against ethnic Europeans and their original ethnic spirituality].
   The Board played a fundamental part in urging upon government the first race relations act which was based, in part, on reports prepared for the Board by [the Jewish] Professor Geoffrey Bindman and [the Jewish] Lord Lester of Herne Hill.
   Subsequently the Board of deputies of British Jews has provided written and oral evidence to enquiries which preceded the passage of the Public Order Act 1986, the Criminal Justice Act 1994 and the Crime and Disorder Act 1998…
   There remains some scope for improvement [from the Jewish anti-European perspective].
   We [Jews] regard the proposals of the CRE for legislative change to be well thought out and substantiated… In particular we draw attention to proposal 1B…
   We would support the extension of the Race Relations Act to all government and public bodies. These organisations play a leading role in forming public opinion on social issues [which can be used to promote anti-European cultural and political atmospheres to facilitate further anti-European racial restriction acts]…
   We [Jews] are also shortly [going] to respond to the Government’s request that it might consider introducing specific legislation to [attempt to] outlaw "Holocaust" denial The Board can also see the case for new [anti-European] legislation to combat discrimination and incitement on religious grounds [on a one sided anti-European basis]…”
   -2014, Response of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to proposals to amend the Race Relations Act of 1976,’

The above changes would, by preventing all negative discussion: promote Judeo Christianity and the Jews within it (The Arch bishop of Canterbury is Jewish and so too is most of the Church at all levels) in addition to promoting all other non-European religious and ethnic groups at the direct and genocidal expense of ethnic Europeans, especially Germanic Europeans and especially our unique ethnic spirituality, which is not protected by such laws, due to its real world political engagement (simultaneously proving how effective our Nordic & Germanic spirituality is).

The Jewish Labour party political-fanatic Barbara Roche was appointed as the Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration in 1999, as the first person to hold that ministerial position, after the Asylum and Immigration department was made in 1999 to increase non-white immigration into the UK, under the Jewish occupied Labour majority election victory in 1997.

The Jewish, anti-Germanic racist subversive Barbara Roche also helped to increase non-white immigration into the UK simultaneously from within the Home Office from 1999 to 2001 and then from within the Cabinet Office from 2001-2002 and continues to promote non-whites and anti-Germanic Jewish group efforts to this day, having also led a malicious pro-multiracial attack campaign against UKIP in the 2014 EU elections.

This period saw the biggest legislative and logistical effort to increase immigration into any European nation in history, where it is alleged by ex-Labour minister P.Mandelson, that they [the Jews] in the Labour party, such as Ed Miliband, and Barbara Roche, pushed through an effort to literally send out “search parties,” acting as immigration travel agents to third world countries to look for immigrants, and to advertise immigration to the UK through foreign governments and ethnic groups, especially from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Eritrea and countless other non-white, third world areas.

   Evidently this is the most direct and undeniable example of Jewish influence directly responsible for the actual and colossal numerical increase of non-white and non-Germanic immigrants flooding into the UK, through government level changes and efforts increasing from 1999 to horrific, comparatively genocidal levels.

This demonstrates the sheer necessity of opposing the Jewish political-psychopath Ed Miliband in 2015, for imagine what will happen, when all these Jewish organisations like the BOD realise they have one of their own at the head of government, in addition to the thousands of Jewish civil servants and several dozen Jewish and partially Jewish MPs (Jews are already well over 300% over-represented in Parliament, just counting the number of religious Jews, it is several thousand percent counting racial jews, but no surveys have openly presented this out of fear of having such a survey called anti-semtitic, for pointing out an obvious fact), the radical nature of legislation pushed would likely force this nation into civil war with public outrage at the socialist, pro-Eu and pro-non-white (and specifically anti-English racist) policies of Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband’s proposed Jewish policies to establish a “farm tax” would undoubtedly set the ground for a pre-Holodomor style destruction of our nation’s farming and food production capacity, again highlighting the utter necessity of opposing and exposing Ed Milliband before 2015, even if we do not stop him from getting into government our people need to be aware of his Jewish Supremacist agenda, so that we can literally force him out of power post 2015 through a combination of legal strikes, legal logistical strike pressure and boycotting.

If Ed Miliband subversively gets into government in 2015, our government will cease to have any electoral credibility with the English folk, guaranteed. (Thankfully he did not)

Over 50% of the electorate supports the Conservatives or UKIP, but due to the FPTP electoral system in the UK, Labour, although representing a minority political opinion (along with ethnic minorities, especially Jews) could yet take a majority of government seats in 2015 and is already polling to do such, thus a Labour government could attain power, with literally no majority democratic mandate, pushing through anti-English ethnic laws and “farm taxes” on all rural (English) folk, whilst inflating the welfare state and child benefits for non-whites, this event and series of policies in itself would almost certainly cause the first phases of mass strikes, civil objections and potentially civil war, or an ethnic civil war triggering initially from the English and ethnic European public outrage against the Labour party’s Jewish-Supremacist legislation efforts (by other words) and enthusiastic ceding of powers to the Jewish designed and promoted EU inter-governmental structures.

Jewish Ed Miliband
Barbara Spectre Quote
The history of Jewish immigration and racial policies in the UK has just been detailed, within this context and true historical understanding of the actual truth behind the origins of the destruction of our ethnic interests within our own government. It is undeniable that a Jewish led Labour government in 2015 would only accelerate such policies.
At this point in time, to demonstrate this truth of the degrading, anti-European ethnic insurrections led by Jewish-Supremacists, we have a Jewish political-psychopath at the head of the Marxist Labour party and at the head of the Socialist Christian “Church of [anti-]England” in the UK.

The earlier quotation between Baruch Levy and Karl Marx not only shows the ultimate objective of all Jewish efforts pertaining to race relations, nationality and race, (which can only be described as genocidal, supremacist and malign) but also simultaneously shows once and for all that Jewishness is a matter of racial identity, crushing the escape clause uttered by Jewish commentators that effectively there is no such thing as themselves, (and thus nothing can be blamed on them) which is usually uttered as “there is no such thing as the Jewish race.” There is, and the above quotation represents its alleged primary method of warfare, in a letter that was never meant to be visible to the gentile world, let alone us here in the extraordinarily Germanic and Nordic England.

It is from these lands that Jewish Supremacists will be utterly exposed once and for all and our ancestral spirituality will arise, for the sake of the survival of our folk and all our folk worldwide.

   The Jewish control of the media is not absolute. This article proves this fact. We can write about them to get through their influence, but the reader numbers are limited (at the moment).

All it takes to overcome the Jewish domination of 83%+ (estimated, this figure could now be higher, around 90%) of the media is willpower, intelligence, inventiveness, timing and moral courage.

To all those reading these words, you must realise that it is impossible to deny the Jewish Supremacist role in the historical and contemporary racial, economic, spiritual and cultural degradation and defilement of our nation in the face of such overwhelming evidence.

   Post Script: I hope this article gives you the inspiration and the required information to understand and thus to be able to expose the almost exclusively Jewish promotion of mass immigration and the subsequent (failed) Jewish attempts to prevent discussion of this undeniable fact.

So email this article URL to all viable fellow European folk, to augment this awakening.

   All English Asatru leaflets and articles, such as this one are and will always be safely outside the reach of the Public Order Act and subsequent laws, demonstrating hope for our efforts, that cannot be stopped, despite the legislation that has destroyed other websites and individual informational activists, it is in this context that it is evident that Jewish power and the concealment of the Jewish involvement in the promotion of racist anti-European laws relies on an atmosphere of fear and intimidation to prevent this revealing information from being broadcast to our wider folk to awaken them to this reality.

   I stand in defiance of this atmosphere of the Jewish imposed intimidation of our folk and will prove that Jewish power is nothing more than a paper tiger when armed with the Mjolnir of truth and the courage to wield it on behalf of our folk.

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