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Article author: Dan Rayner / EnglishNews.org / Article Published: 2nd day of Ærra Līþa 2269.RE / 2nd day of June 2019
Do not Visit the Renegade Tribune or Renegade Radio/Broadcasting of the image-defilers Kyle & Sinead
I along with most of their former writers, radio hosts, supporters and racial nationalist online posters believe their espousing of 'flat earther' theory (something espoused by Christian fringe revisionists and nutjobs) alongside giving lipservice to our racial nationalism is a deliberate attempt to damage the credibility of the racial nationalist topics they cover. Remember also how Kyle was a 'Star theory' advocate (some nutjob unrelated conspiracy topic) before he moved into giving lip-service of racial nationalist topics and how Sinead is barely even concerned with racial nationalism spending more time talking about obscure health subjects. It was a mistake to ever associate with Renegade Tribune for even just the 1month that I wrote for them (mostly copied articles from this site).

This page will remain here as testament to the backstabbing nature of Renegade Tribune and its co-authors Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy who come over as transparently roleplaying being racial nationalists when they are not talking about random health topics or 'NASA conspiracies' or 'Chemtrails'. It is undeniable that they are undermining the reputation of racial nationalism in what they attempt to associate it with and in their image-defilement towards their own image and the image of others who get near to them whilst attacking everyone else. They decided to attack me after an expose against the World Jewish Congress and my announcement of an intention to write an entire series of articles exposing various Jewish Subversive organisations. This seems to have been too intense for them and this pushed them over the edge into slanderous attacks. Their attack was just baseless and conflicts with empirical evidence.

It was clear that they had decided to attack me beforehand and were just desperately looking for any reason to launch a strategic defamation attack: Sinead and Kyle in a uncontrolled, logic-devoid and inexplicable splurge of posts (followed with posts from their other name accounts) within the same hour claimed: a friend of mine linking 2 Adam Green videos on his site which I helped him with meant he and thus I also was promoting Adam Green, that my name is not my name, that I am a 'psychotic', then separately that I was a 'fraud' and that EnglishNews threatening to sue them for defamation is "proof" I, and all people associated with English News are 'shills', 'psychos', 'frauds' or some other unspecified concepts. They subsequently sent an email pretending to be someone else to try to get me to not sue them, almost begging. It is clear they slander 90%+ of people they have ever worked with. Just look over their list of former radio guests compared with the current 2 besides themselves.

Kyle and Sinead are most likely a pair of vicious Jewish leftists whose objective it is to slander and drive away any genuine racial nationalist advocates whilst masking this by attacking the usual suspects to try to normalize their undeniable past record of having attacked 90% or more of the people they have ever worked with or had writing for them for however brief a time.

This level of insane, baseless attacks (as they have done against numerous others and which they are infamous for amongst racial nationalists) demonstrates an alterior motive for such an attack. There is literally no reason to attack someone for 2 videos linked on a friends site of someone they dont like. This was a 'total prextext' for them to attack EnglishNews. I made the mistake of thinking everyone else was just saying the aforementioned about them because they disagreed with them or were competitors but it is true. I learned this after just 1.5months writing for them.

This makes me believe that they are image-defilers and laughable Jewish fake racial-nationalists who were just looking for any moment to engage in slander against a group website effort that they rightfully fear genuine competition from in the long term and for whom attacking was inevitable and typical of Renegade.

I am 1 person too many that the Renegade Tribune has attacked. I am seeking to take legal action against Renegade Tribune (a.k.a: Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy). Anyone who wishes to support such an action to take them to court in the US and be an in-person representative in court in the United States is weclome to contact me directly. I expect they will back down before that point however. This offer will be open for weeks, months or years if it takes such a time.
I am also seeking to make allies of all the genuine writers and radio hosts Kyle and Sinead have attacked before.
I recommend to the few remaining Renegade writers and 2 remaining hosts to quit, just like everyone before they will attack you also for nothing but being there truthfully talking about the topics they want to be dragged through the circus reputationally.The average Renegade reader will be shocked to see the truth about Kyle Hunt and Sinead McCarthy and the sheer number of people they have slandered over the years who were good racial nationalist new-authors, radio volunteers and website operators. No genuine nor logical organisation treats its genuine volunteers in such a way. They mask this beneath a veneer of attacks on the usual suspects they criticise to attempt to make their objective of slandering newly emerging, often times 1st time writers and speakers willing to oppose Jewish supremacism. It is something a lot of people have realised about Renegade. But more need to realise and to also stop visiting their websites.
Additionally: Do not buy from their 'Heathen Herbs' which having nothing to do with Heathenry and are alternative-health basic compounds you can get much cheaper elsewhere.
A full article exposing them is being worked on by a friend of mine and with input from my experience at:
If you have experienced slander from the Jewish roleplay-nationalists Kyle & Sinead and wish to add your experience: email the above website.
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