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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 16th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 16th day of Þrimilce-mōnaþ 2014

Racial Politics England
Politics in Britain is becoming more and more racial, revealing again underlying and eternal racial conflicts and inevitable confrontation that the Jewish-dominated media of the last 50 years has tried desperately to conceal.
Once again, nature and racial realities are starting to dominate politics in Britain despite the suppression efforts of non-white media personnel, anti-English governmental legislation efforts and the horrific corruption of academia and the educational system.

This is coinciding with a historic re-assertion of English identity, in this era, it seems that our folk are rising and the natural truths of our world, despite the malicious, seditious, and manipulative efforts of Judeo-Christianity's non-teachings on race and the Marxist and Neo-Liberal's desperate denial of the very importance of race.

Non-whites support political parties only if they perceive them to be in their racial interests and then quit over 'racist populism', the moment that political party appears to not be in the anti-white ethnic interests of non-whites, including Jews.

Case in example: UKIP and a non-white member of Young Independence (UKIP).

   This case should highlight why pushing non-whites in UKIP into positions of high media exposure, solely because they are a non-white in UKIP, will only backfire.

   For as soon as they perceive a political party to be against their racial interests, even by a slight amount, they will attempt to take the entire party's image down with themselves.

   It is also inevitable that non-whites will join UKIP, and spitefully leave to deliberately damage the reputation of UKIP.

Non-white students, knowing they will be the beneficiaries of affirmative action by UKIP in order to deflect from accusations of racism have attempted to join UKIP to spite it and launch their own careers in politics at the expense of UKIP and UKIP's 95% majority of English supporters.

Non-Europeans know they will instantly become the beneficiaries of de-facto anti-European ethnic political affirmative action in relation to the media image of UKIP and can then subsequently damage UKIP by getting to such a position and then leaving.

Case in example: Sanya-Jeet Thandi, a 3 year YI member and recipient of endless media-related affirmative action promotion by the UKIP head office.

The racist hypocrisy of Sanya-Jeet Thandi becomes self evident, when in an interview on May the 6th via Channel 4 she openly admits she only supported UKIP's immigration policy because, having a non-existent, deluded comprehension of politics and immigration factors and legislation, she thought it was racially beneficial for non-whites, and against the interests of the English folk and all Europeans.

Thus her support for UKIP was drawn out of and justified-to-herself through an intrinsically hypocritical and incoherent degree of racial self-interest.

   “Currently the immigration policy that is in place means only European people get preference…the actual results of the [UKIP] policy would mean it was equal and fairer for the whole world.”

   - Sanya -Jeet Thandi , Hypocritical anti-English, anti-European racist of Indian ethnicity

In the same interview the hideously ugly, Indian, hypocrisy afflicted anti-European racist, openly admitted that she was not English nor British despite being a 2nd/3rd generation immigrant.

The other non-white guest on the Channel 4 interview openly stated he considered himself African and African only.

This entire interview and the case of the racist-hypocrite Sanya-Jeet Thandi, shows what racial realists have been stating for decades, that integration of immigrants of non-white ethnicities into our population is impossible and can only lead to conflict.

The black guest on the Channel 4 interview with Sanya-Jeet Thandi openly exposes the non-white, unified attitude of anti-white racial malice and hypocrisy when he stated to the then UKIP YI member that "you are betraying your skin-colour", by being a member of UKIP, which as a party is against the malicious, unrelenting anti-white ambitions and hatred of non-whites, whose anti-white racial motivations are being more often than not exposed on the internet, through videos and television interviews like the one in this case.

The Eritrean (African) guest on the Channel 4 interview of May the 6th displayed an overt in-group vs. out-group moral hypocrisy on the subject of racism.

   That the interviewer let this non white get away with calling UKIP racist and then in the same rant showing his own overt racist approach to politics is indicative of a media establishment that necessarily needs to be exposed, overthrown and annihilated.

This hubris filled non-white then went on to continue, stating that Britain owes Africans and other non-whites: "anything the rest of the world wants from it".

In effect this Eritrean, anti-European racist stated de-facto that European nations (especially England and the UK) should capitulate and die for the rest of the world whilst paying billions for the criminality and welfare dependency of non-whites.

This is the infuriatingly typical, but rarely openly spoken argument non-whites, especially Jews will fall back upon when pushed into a corner in a debate, they believe that 100% of ethnic Europeans, the folk of this nation and our governments, because of our natural superiority militarily in the past during the era of colonialism, subsequently have to give everything, including our lives to atone, for our own innate superiority during that era of human history, due to the Jewish historical lies and hypocrisy regarding 'divide and rule' imperialism and 'slavery', the two aspects of imperial governance that Jewish-Supremacists dominated, the latter by over 2000% percent.

   Mass immigration is resulting in comparative demographic genocide, the non-whites espousing more non-white immigration virulently want us to be subject to an absolute genocide.

   If we do not re-take our nations we cannot prevent this, only we will stand up for our right to exist, your ethnic nation and  territorial country truly needs you in this era, in this coming political era of racial resurgence and the European folkish political revolution.

This racially-realistic narrative is rapidly surging into the foreground, no-doubt all of the English folk who saw that interview will have become more racially aware as a result of it and realisation of the inevitability of having to expel 100% of non-white ethnicities from our nation will likely have been a logical thought that entered the minds of a few thousand viewers of that interview.

The case of Sanya-Jeet Thandi, shows that even temporarily 'rightist' non-whites have opposing ethnic interests to our own, highlighting the impossibility of sustaining a nation with multiple ethnic groups and that the most important factor in politics is race for non-whites, demonstrating their utter racist hypocrisy when they castigate Europeans who de-facto want less non-whites in our nations via any, even minute restrictions on immigration.

   It is self evident that the current state of race and politics in the UK is the non-extended variant of what would otherwise already have been a scenario of civil war in less politically stable nations, as seen from the opposing ethnic interests that surround the number one electoral and political issue: immigration.  

The very fact that immigration has been the number one political subject in the UK for the majority of the 21st century, shows that race is the foundation of politics, the most influential factor in every aspect of our lives, from our rising racial culture to the currently escalating sense of racial conflict in all of the inner cities with substantial, or even minor non-white populations.

The emerging prominence of anti-English spite-filled racial politics in the UK is an early warning to all of our folk. The resurgence of racial politics is the rekindling and amplification of the prophetic predictions of countless racial realists in our political history, such as Enoch Powell.

For if we do not re-take our governments, and the political discourse of our nations, non-whites, who detest us on ethnic grounds, will take everything, including our English racial identity, homes and lives if they are given the chance, as was openly admitted by the racially hypocritical Eritrean immigrant and Sanya-Jeet Thandi on the Channel 4 interview of May the 6th as featured above.

   This anti-European racist hypocrisy is becoming more and more self-evident and visible to our people, this is undoubtedly one of the driving factors behind the unstoppable awakening against immigration that must, and currently is increasing to levels never before seen in the political culture of a 21st or even 20th century European nation.

UKIP's ascent into a party that is mobilizing support, through "racist populism", that the non-white Sanya-Jeet Thandi described as "terrifying" (against her anti-European racist ambitions) and UKIP's de-facto effect as a catalyst for further political revolutions in England has already undoubtedly awakened millions of English and European folk to oppose the politically racial agenda of mass-immigration that is being waged by non-whites and enabled and sustained by Jewish-Supremacist immigration lobbyist groups against our nations.

   UKIP is only being supported by our folk, because it is the least detrimental political party to vote for, showing the potential for a purist racially-realist political movement and cultural awakening in our nation already in 2014. (2019 UPDATE: UKIP was taken over internally around late 2015 and became JEWKIP in effect, this was indicated by the emergence of Sneur Odze and the sickening: 'UKIP friends of Israel' group within UKIP. As of 2018 arch Zionist sell-out Tommy Robinson and Sargon of Akkad are the pro-Jewish, anti-racist vultures picking at the corpse that was once UKIP). I will sort this mess out personally and wipe them out of political relevance in my shadow.

England is leading the way in this awakening, the only reason this awakening has not revered immigration into the minus figures, or secured Denmark gradation immigration restrictions, is due to the corruption war waged by the Jewish-infested BNP and the lack thus of any political party that is appealing to the enlightened, awakening and racially realistic thoughts of our increasingly politicised English population.

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