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Article author: Max North (edited by Dan Rayner) , Asatro News / Published: the night of the 26th day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 26th day of December 2014 / the 6th Night of Yuletide in Anglo-Saxon/English and all Germanic ethnic culture.
The Purification of Folkish Germanic Politics in England and all Northern European homelands and territories
Throughout the 20th and 21st centuries the image of any form of European Nationalism has been heavily demonised due to the infiltration by Jewish supremacist front organizations and individuals to make the image of any European nationalism either appear obnoxious, dangerous or self-threatening.

This was then used to present and still is used to defile the presentation of nationalism in all its ethnic European variations as extreme and obnoxious which then subsequently isolates ethnic European nationalism further and further, with internal stagnation causing further self-isolation. In recent years we have seen the rise of nationalistic groups throughout the U.K though they take on the image as either a Neo-Nazi Skinhead Thug or a conservative Christian pseudo-intellectual image, based more on failed egotists who could not compete in regular employment or academia.

The Neo-Nazi Skinhead Thug image is embraced by protest groups such as "National Action", a defilement group which openly admits its implicit subversive aim is to defile what nationalism in the future "looks like" to make it "even more obscure and isolated", as is self-evident from the vile, un-intellectual image it deliberately represents, along with those that promote it, an identical story exists with the English Defence League and even more recently instantly still-born groups such as the "Sigurd Legion Camp", which gave the media the image they have always wanted of 'White terrorists', along with a satanic sounding name to go with the Mirror headline: "British Nazi Jihadist" (launched by associates of the Western Spring who also promote National Action) which the history books will eternally and rightfully record as having had a negative effect, although hopefully one so small it will not be permitted to detract from the momentum in the increasing folkish sentiment and political involvement of our folk.

2019 EDIT: National Action became a total failure, the Jews behind it encouraged members to plan acts of terrorism and then snitched on them: National Action killed 0 people but many members were just ever so suspiciously snitched on whilst planning various attacks... This proves beyond a doubt that the Jews behind national action not only wanted to make nationalism bad but aimed to equate it with terrorism. They succeeded in getting anti-Semitism and white nationalism noted on their paragraph in the proscribed terrorist organisations list. This vindicates the criticism this website made back in 2014. Not only did they make nationalism demonised amongst weak-minded people they also set a precedent of getting nationalist-image groups shut down and also failed as an organisation ultimately. Even if you don't think they were Jewish and it was intentional failure, failure is failure and they have failed as an organisation on every level of analysis.

Myself and all the writers here including Dan Rayner and increasingly many thousands of intelligent pro-Germanic political observers believe and have empirically observed that these groups do not merely fail, but it is their intention to make it look like "nationalism fails" through their self-designed failures and idiotic imagery, in order to stifle genuine nationalism, so this article is not per se solely about the image of folkish nationalists needing to change, for folkish nationalism has not been actually represented by genuine Germanic folk on a national level since before Christian times, this article is calling for individuals to disassociate from and denounce all such infiltrated image defilement groups as those listed above that seek only to achieve a pathetic, meaningless 'hegemony' over all the other groups they perceive as 'nationalist' in what appears to be a politically subversive pseudo-gang territory mentality from the perspective of the average fools manipulated into supporting any of those defilement groups, the end products of which are all the same: failure and image defilement, which one can only conclude was their original intention. We must purify Germanic folkish politics in order to be able to wipe aside the secular Christian and Semitic political hegemony that exists over our national political discourse.

It is utterly indicative of the true objectives of these fraudulent groups and blatantly is one hundred predictable that such a far-left infiltration group ordered one of its members with a camera to film such a vile negative image of an event, which just shows how groups like these (which are literally set up over night to) deliberately set up such gatherings to defile the image of actual genuine nationalists and simultaneously make the attendance potential of racially aware groups seem minuscule, for sheer incompetence alone could not explain their idiocy, several Jewish infiltrators who two-time within the informal associations or 'groups' known as National Action and Sigurd attended the Sigurd event according to the Western Spring, a blatantly contradictory and inconsistent blog site (given the image of relevance through traffic directed via the British Resistance, a known infiltrated and infighting instigating association) which endorsed the event, advertised it and some say co-ordinated it and is thus wholly responsible for the defilement, this is also verified by personal testimony from the owner and author of the once superbly popular New Right Reloaded YouTube Channel, an individual who has selflessly filmed various events for a half a decade, helping to raise awareness.

The image defilement groups like National Action and Sigurd and the shady individuals who operate behind them across multiple associated groups aim to attain what the Judeo-Bolshevik Lenin advised as the methodology to control opposition in violation of all genuine nationalist efforts: "if you want to control the opposition, you must lead it", thus naturally these easy to set up Jewish image defilement groups present the image of merely being politically inept imbeciles neglecting their own image, but are in reality deliberately demonizing through these groups the associated appeal of wider racial awareness ideologies themselves and all those efforts from the perspective of our wider Germanic population.

Our natural Germanic folk support base are civilized and intelligent people, with above average intelligence, wealth and education, attributes the above defilement attempts can never and never will be able to appeal to nor present themselves, quite simply because the aforementioned Jewish defilement operations do not aim to appeal to our natural folk, but aim to demoralize our folk by making them lose hope in all folkish co-ordination efforts and thus our people do not participate or politically associate with standing up for their ethnic rights in any organised way, these defilement groups deprive us genuine Germanic folk of the support of our own people and thus stagnate our Germanic ethnic rights advocacy attempts at organising on behalf of our people's ethnic interests before they are even established. This is the real reason why our folk efforts go nowhere, these defilement groups even talk about why they are going no-where and try to blame so abstract series of motivational excuses, but the real reason they receive no report is because of the image they present through their defilement.

Every few years Jewish Supremacist defilement fronts, fund and organise another group or barrage of defilement efforts, often connected and organised by the same old Jewish or anti-fa thugs who masquerade as nationalists, many of these infiltrators have been exposed, one even wrote a book about their attempts at defiling and ruining the image of the far right, to boast about it, a typical sign of their fraudulent nature is their public relations damaging stylistic approach and promotion of contradictory Christianity or Celticism in a Germanic nation such as England, these infiltrators are often easily caught out as they are incapable of articulating what they actually stand for and when they do they state it, they state it in such a way that actively seeks to defile that cause and of-put people listening to them, presenting at best an imbecilic, threatening or downright obnoxious image that actually goes against normal people's democratic folkish concerns about foreign immigrants through their deliberately presented obnoxious image, which of-puts effectively 100% of the people who see, read or hear of such groups, their image even of-puts the most racially aware and awakened patriotic folk, in addition to all centre-right semi-awakened voters, thus alienating the pre-existing naturally right wing or genuinely folkish support bases within our population.

   Take into consideration that 7% of English folk and rising support repatriation of non-white and Eastern European immigrants, and yet no nationalist group ever came close to 7% in their entire history (during the 1970s support for repatriation of immigrants was as high as 20% and yet there was no representation of this public opinion which has since been bludgeoned down by cultural and patriotic atrophy), due to this artificial far-left defilement.

   This sentiment is again rising and it is our duty, to make sure that it is articulated and represented on a professional level and taken into government, rather than simply fuelling some corrupt Jewish infested far right organisation such as the ones listed.

The defiled nationalist groups often neglect our English folk entirely, if you read their websites they almost always promote 'Britishness', 'Christianity' or the misunderstood concept that is 'Celticness' (which is not even a racial, but archaeological classification, referring to culturally non-Germanic immigrants living in Germanic lands, which can mean about 5 distinct ethnic groups, all of which are not indigenous to Northern Europe, even most Welsh, Cornish Northern Irish and Scottish people are Germanic and not Celtic for example, demonstrating the absolute idiocy of 'Celticness' that is promoted consistently by groups of infiltrators) which is why these fraudulent nationalist groups will always fail, they go against the growing rise in Englishness and our indigenous spirituality and fail to take note of the terminal decline in Christianity.

The conservative Christian image which is less prominent in infiltrated nationalism but has been embraced by some in the British Nationalist Party has long since proven impotent and too far gone to ever be resurrected in terms of its utterly failed and contradictory spiritual, cultural, political and public relations image.

This Christian conservative image was part of the old 1900s mainstream (what would now be called far-right) conservative circles, which presented a strong nation state politic, with a strong government that instilled cultural rules, but with actually no emphasis whatsoever on race, as was evident throughout the entire post-1670s (post English civil war and Cromwell's passive illegal treason in allowing Jews back into the) history of the 'British'*Empire *('British' is a meaningless, intrinsically anti-Germanic civic term, promoted by Jewish political circles post 1600s to deliberately suppress us English folk and deny us symbolic political ownership of our own country, which paved the way for the situation today, where we have no Parliament of our own and no such thing as an 'English citizen' exists in any law in our country) or 18th century European state's political mentalities. Neither of these images have gained any popularity what so ever among the majority of our folk as they neither embrace any authentic pro-European image nor articulate any intelligent propositions and have long since been abandoned, thus demonstrating the idiocy of Christian nationalist attempts to revive such ultimately anti-Germanic ideologies (which reveals the true agenda of the artificially led Christian nationalist groups, which are pumped up on non-existent real support).

   More English people now consider themselves English first and British second in polling and have done for a few years, Christian affiliation is estimated to be as low as 49%, with less than 0.1% going to church every week, so in terms of actual religious Christians, there is no political potential whatsoever, unlike the small but most fundamentally important growing numbers of 'heathens' or Asatro folk visible through the gateway spirituality to Asatro in the form of generic 'paganism', 'heathenism' or 'ancestral beliefs').

The Image that I think needs to be embraced by all forms of Ethnic Germanic rights advocacy or Germanic folkish politics (to purge ourselves of the overly-defiled word 'Nationalist') is an ancestrally natural and historically accurate image that is in accordance with our pre-Christian, or naturally described: our un-corrupted northern European ancestral ethnic ethos, culture, politics and spirit, this is the image of Asatro in all its Germanic glory, sanctity and purity.

With this change in an Asatru inspired folkish image as opposed to all the previous forms of defiled or flawed nationalistic images in our recent history we will then be able to inspire and present a positive, honourable, courageous and powerful appearance to inspire our people to investigate and come to understand the purely natural and beneficial philosophy and politics we present.

Which will then hopefully change people’s perception of folkish politics (having completely disassociate and distanced ourselves from the word Nationalism, its defiled connotation and with it all those who Semitic or Celtic malicious manipulators who defiled it in the first place), only then will the average intelligent person and average politically active member of our Germanic population truly see politically organising or voting for their ethnic interests as a worthy and morally commendable cause, and their right to embrace a native and natural way of life, to have a love for one's own folk and ancestral culture, land and heritage as a highly positive and natural deed and belief system.

This is the future image I propose, opposed to the current majority opinion which is that aforementioned failed groups (crudely co-opting and claiming nationalism) present the sole idiotic image that such political associations equal nothing more than crudely articulated racial hatred and nothing more, culminating in nothing positive, nor purposeful, nor productive, which thus naturally explains why the public do not support these defilement groups. This although is a good sign, that these defilement groups failed, shows that folkish politics indeed does has a potential, a potential which has never been actually represented or realised in English politics for almost 1400 years.

If we are to attain a natural national folkish political atmosphere, dialog and democratic ascension, this can only be achieved through inspiring and organising our people's natural faith in folkish politics into a coherent political (and cultural and spiritually driven) atmosphere that is able to reclaim its rightful place as the mainstream political ideology, this requires that we deny image defilers any attempt to castigate awakened and racially aware folk as they have done for the past centuries, through the media or through infiltration.

It is a colossal task, to overcome both the Christian defilement and demonising of racial politics, to overcome their "all are one in Jesus Christ" ethical subversion and through doing such to overcome the more insidious secular-Christian social attitudes. To do this we must first overcome the politically subversive image defilement enacted by Jewish-Supremacist media empires and their co-ordination of individual infiltrating image defilers and their convenient front groups (that give them the headlines they want), like those listed above.

This is the first step towards purifying and retaking our national political discourse. The subversive left want us true Asatro folkish individuals to be stifled and stopped at the first stepping stone, once we have overcome their defilement efforts, our political path will become a linear cultural war and electoral struggle, rather than the current internal fratricidal conflict of meaningless, that is a political conflict we will win, in contrast the current stagnation cannot be won, only overcome and surpassed.

To overcome the artificially imposed stagnation and stasis within Folkish movements, we must gain a singular unity, purged free of all subversive and simultaneously divisive Christian socialist sectarian politics (Protestants vs. Catholics) and their legions of attitudinally corrupted secular, or ‘Christianized’ political ideologies and mentalities that leave individuals within our ranks confused, corrupted, de-motivated and disunited. Proof of their de-motivated nature is evident in the one hundred percent absence of successful Christian folkish movements, none of which have the support of their own proclaimed established religious (or subversive) communities (and are in fact unanimously denounced by all national Churches and clergy).

In the place of subversive Christianity and Judeo-Liberal ideologies of weakness and genetic degradation must come a courageous, normalised, cultured and purposeful Asatro asserting itself is the rightful mainstream spirituality, culture (as it still does in all but name) and political ideology, in order to practically advance the genetic interests of our ethnic folk, without fear, inspired through a duty to our people and powered by our people's support themselves, directly via support in every part of England, as it should be naturally and nationally.

Asatro should never be known by a severely divergent nor contradictory artificial modern name for the sake of communication accuracy, unity with ourselves and our wider Germanic folk, to purge away the old defiled numerous names and stereotypes of Odinism, Wotanism and all the other "isms" of artificial modern paganism in favour of pure ancestral Asatro, accordingly its regional linguistic variations are to be naturally accepted where appropriat.*

*(Vinland uses Asatru, Iceland and many Asatro groups on the continent also use Asatru, in Denmark Asetro is predominantly used along with similar spellings, in Norway and Sweden as here in England it is Asatro, in Germany Asatru and Asatro are used, Olde English and Olde Norse terminology should also be used, proving that Asatro and similar variants are the the best deployment of linguistic and historical logic, using our ancestral languages is important to remind us of the strength and culture that resides in remembering who we are through words our ancestors invoked for a millennium, as inspiration to secure this great ethnic culture and our ethnic sanctity in totality for our descendants.

   In our Germanic lands, no Celtic identity movements must never be tolerated, for Celticness is probably the most misunderstood, outright fraudulent and artificial ethnic identity, which truly is the only social-construct, for Celtic was merely a term used to describe all archaeological finds that were not distinctly Germanic, there is no singular Celtic group in Northern Europe and those that only partially are (i.e the South West Irish) are nothing more than non-European immigrants who crawled their way along the coast of France and Spain, unable to farm or organise their civilizations effectively through their own inferiority and incompetence, being wiped out and pushed through Gaul and briefly residing in outer areas of Europe and were rightfully forced out by our ancient and then modern Germanic folk reclaiming and protecting our land from these Celtic immigrants.

The so-called Celtic groups within England, are simply an archaeological classification and were genetically indistinguishable from Germanic folk, one hundred percent of true English ancestral folk legacies are Germanic, for our ancient population shared a singular genetic homeland that stretched from Cornwall to Denmark, that was submerged only several thousand years ago.

Reinforcing this is the then later migration of additional Germanic folk straight from Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Denmark, Norway, Sweden who joined a pre-existing genetically Germanic population in England, Scotland, Wales, and even large parts of Northern and Eastern Ireland that were settled by what we would now define as English folk and our Viking genetic cousins.

Secondly folkish movements must be purged of all non-professional imagery styles and tendencies, however symbolic of a youthful rejection of the corrupt socialist tendencies of our political establishment, such an image has consistently failed over several generations and is likely not even a product of youthful right wingers, but of malicious Jewish Supremacists.

Intrinsic to this is the need for a systematic rejection, denouncement and distancing from all known organisations that espoused this politic, they should not be accepted, nor reconciled, but outright rejected, for the even the well-meaning but politically idiotic individuals within them will always lapse back to the same old political tendencies that have stagnated and ripped apart folkish politics in England for decades. We need an absolute purge, to purge out of the realms of folkish political respect and involvement, all the failed political leaders of our past, each and every one of them, for their legacy of deliberate defilement is entirely indicative of their far-left and Jewish-Supremacist motivations, exempting those who were simply manipulated into supporting the counter-productive image of so called 'nationalism' that sought to defile and co-opt the potential of folkish political movements.

   Once this is achieved we will have a pure English folkish movement here in England, that is one hundred percent pure and inherently complimenting to our folkish movements in all Northern Germanic lands.

We shall be unified here in our Englishness, our Germanic and Nordic beauty as a people, our Asatro spirituality and a noble and uncompromising acceptance and appreciation of nature, our own natures and nature's laws, first and foremost the principles of naturally selective self-improvement and an artistic appreciation of nature that resonates strongly with our folk, articulated through our politics, culture and spirituality that shall re-forge our civilization in accordance with natural principles and natural virtues that will inform, improve and inspire the lives of all our Germanic folk.

We must never forget that are our people's number one natural political preference is a political and spirituality that place them as the highest goal and sacred cause of government, a governmental and cultural ideology and political movement which seeks solely to benefits its people on a racial, cultural, economic and scientific level as its ultimate end, will always be the most popular political force, once it is realised and articulated as such, when the forces against such a folkish-egalitarian movement are overcome and their defilement outmanoeuvred and overcome. I as a member of our English folk will only ever allow the existence of a government that holds sacred my English ethnic future, you should make the same declaration on a universal level, as millions of our folk already do if only they were organised, motivated and realised their political desires as important in their lives, together we shall achieve what we demand for our beloved, beautiful English folk population and nothing less.

For this we must attain a purity in our movement, that is to be achieved not through unification but through purification of the defiling elements, using a small ideological coalition to wipe aside the hegemony of the leftwing political defilers who so love to disrupt and defile our hopes of attaining for our English people the future they deserve. UKIP is paving the way, but we would be fools to sit back and do nothing, we must pave our own way, upon the foundations being laid imminently.

To overcome the artificially imposed social, spiritual and politics stagnation and stasis in our nation, we must remove its core causes, and remove them from all our political outlooks, associations and electoral groups, first and foremost is the divisive Christian socialist and Judeo-Bolshevik economic and social attitudes that plague our nation, we must expose and politically annihilate and remove from office all Christian, and overwhelmingly Irish, or Irish-Welsh or Irish-Scottish Socialists and Marxists (who being immigrants, such as is the case of dozens of Labour MPs, who hold an immigrant's mentality and disrespect for all Germanic and thus all English folk which is what motivates them to support subversive pro-immigrant policies), they must be removed from our nation, following removal from political and cultural or even social existence in our nation, along with their Jewish financial supporters that enable the electoral existence of the Labour Party, especially in Scotland and Wales, which are the only reasons the overtly socialist left has ever been able to electorally take control nationally, through exploiting economically weakened areas and using artificial and divisive concepts such as Celticness as an excuse for the Celtic-socialist Scottish Nationalist Party or Marxist Celtic-Labour party proxy known as Plaid Cymru.

The Asatru inspired image is not a collectivist or doctrinal spirituality and is therefore naturally going to be appealing to the vast majority of our English folk. It is your ethnic Germanic ancestral and natural heritage, lore, historical records and spirituality integrated and codified into the 21st century. Our Pre-Christian ancestors used to fashion and dress themselves in the manner of our primal metaphysical ancestors who are the Aesir (Odin, Thor, Tyr, Frigg, Baldr etc.) and the Vanir (Frey, Freyja, Njord, Nerthus).

The Asatru image has already become to some degree fashionable particularly among young people in England (cultural commentators have even started to talk about ‘Scandi fever’, which is an understatement for what is actually a truly English ancestral stylistic, spiritual and cultural re-connection surge), Scandinavia and Germany due to the popularity of Scandinavian and German Viking style, lore and even Folk Metal music.

   Inspire, Inform and Improve your life-image, life-style and life actions in accordance with our ancestral Gods and Goddesses as recorded through our ancestral lore.

However Asatru goes much, much deeper than this, but the cultural echoes are a sign of its potency, that even at this stage our ancestral spirit it again already permeating the mainstream, Asatru must never be embraced as just a part of this trend but must be held as sacred to the life of an individual in terms of his or her spiritual, philosophical and ethical ways of living, what we call our 'Asatru spirit' is already having a profound and unstoppable social and cultural effect, even though politically we remain outside of any elected office, and this is the power of being on the side of our true ancestral culture, we will always be flawing on home turf, and our people will always naturally re-surge towards their ancestral collective spirit, it is our sacred duty to inspire and lead of folk, not to sit back and wait for our folk to be re-awakened, we must accelerate and guide this process to ensure its purity and to guard against corruption and the aforementioned defilement, which in going against Asatru, jeopardizes our entire political resurgence, which is going to be Asatru informed and inspired, no matter what, it is already happening beyond the ranks of mere 'nationalist' news website readership circles. The Asatru image has many variations.

Our ancestral Gods and Goddesses are key cultural inspirations and encouragements in how we express ourselves not just in terms of image or appearance but also spiritually, culturally, philosophically and ethically. Asatru is our native spirituality and culture and that makes it even our native fashion sense and physical self-image, the resurgence of this is a sure indicator that a resurgence in the "real deal" i.e: Asatro as an entire way of life may soon become a cultural tide in itself both within the mainstream and rightful mainstream political circles.

With a distancing, disproving and purging of the idiotic Semitic-Celtic skinhead hooligan street thug image that was an artificially invented and enforced defilement and disruption image, folkish politics will be become free enough to re-surge in its mainstream applicability and suitability to its rightful place in mainstream political dialogue. With folkish politics represented by an Asatru inspired folkish ethos in the near future will change people's perception of Germanic folkish politics entirely and naturally allow people to re-connect with standing up for their own ethnic interests.

It is time for racially Germanic folkish politics to be brought to the fore and purified both in image and substance, purifying away the once manipulated and negative image of the defilement afflicted upon our truly selfless pro-Germanic efforts, it is time we ensure our folkish Germanic politics is free from defilement and disruption and free to embrace our original indigenous, native and natural image and spiritual politics into the 21st century, after all it is well overdue for we are are already in the year 2264 within this most recent Rune Era, of a racial history that is well over 130,000 years in the making, it is time we truly organise and rise to efficiently honour our ancestors and pave the way for an even greater and free future for our descendants.
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