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Article author: English News / Published: 7th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 7th day of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2014
Слава россии

Слава россии
Russian troops this week prior moved to secure the regional security of the autonomous region of Ukraine, the Crimea, the geographic allegiance of which has been split between Russia and Ukraine historically.
It is no-surprise that the once-called "first Jewish President" and confirmed anti-European racist: Barack Obama has attempted to intimidate Putin over his decision to safeguard the people of the Crimea, asserting Putin's act to safeguard the Crimean Russian population as "violating international law".

The "first Jewish [US] president" has already signed an executive order restricting (certain) Russian visas into the US in a symbolic and hostile move, reminiscent of US restrictions on Japanese citizens post 1942.

In REALITY Putin's actions and the actions of the people of Crimea (minus the Jews) and their Parliament: have safeguarded the European Crimean population from the violent Jewish criminals who have taken over the central government of Ukraine in Kiev, illegitimately, without any democratic mandate, except the mandate of betrayal, force and the blood of innocent Ukrainian folk on their semitic hands.

Jews in Ukraine have been conclusively identified as the PRIMARY source of the violent and disruptive disturbances and violence in Ukraine that were spreading to the informal border with Crimea, especially along the border at the edge of the Crimea, hypocritically the so called Jewish community or 'Kabal' in Crimea have called the Russian move to augment the security of Crimea, an 'Invasion', their hypocritical anti-gentile bigotry is self-evident.

After receiving financial and REAL military support from Russia, amid an atmosphere of chaos and uncertainty, Crimea has voted for increased stability and safety in a regional referendum to become a part of Russia, the Crimean government voted by 78 to 0 to join Russia!

The Simferopol Parliament and Crimean-wide decision to join Russia and separate from the new Ukrainian coalition's jurisdiction has been proven especially wise, as it emerged around Friday that, as previously stated by the Nationalist Asatru News, the deaths of the first protestors as a result of bullet wounds, were as a result of protestor on protestor violence.
   The 'protestors' in this instance being hired snipers, most likely ex-IDF or Mossad

The reports by pro-Russian domestic Ukrainian media had already identified an ex-IDF commander as being instrumental in the organisation, co-ordination and instigation of the majority of the initial and most violent Maidan square violence in central Kiev, that started the main period of riots.

A leaked phone conversation between the Estonian Foreign Minister and ex-CND communist Catherine Ashton (the EU Foreign Minister) has conclusively revealed that the Maidan coalition hired snipers to kill protestors and police to literally force the situation from a riot into a near-civil war, when the riots were actually decreasing in ferocity.

   The 'Maidan coalition' is headed by the new Ukrainian PM Arseniy Yatsenyuk (who is known as "a brazen Jew") in close association with another 2 Jews: Vitali Klitschko (violent protest leader) and Julia Tymoshenko (convicted of governmental-corruption).

In contrast with the criminally Jewish coalition that has hired snipers to kill the very protestors who helped it come to power: the semi-autonomous Crimea has no realistic self-interested option but to join Russia.

The tyrannical, anti-democratic hubris of the "brazen Jew" Arseniy Yatsenyuk was revealed when he stated the Crimea referendum to join Russia was "illegitimate", this is coming from the Jew Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who no doubt was in full knowledge of the hiring of snipers to kill concerned Ukrainian folk who partook in the demonstrations, albeit for entirely different motives than the Jewish-Supremacist motives of the "brazen Jew" Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

The Russian state Duma has already legislated to accept the Crimean referendum to join Russia in the face of growing anti-Russian decisions and efforts being illegally authored by the new Ukrainian 'coalition' or 'interim' government that has NO democratic mandate to be making any decisions at all on behalf of the entirety of Ukraine.

   "[Ukraine's new authorities, have imposed] absolutely illegitimate decisions on the eastern, south-eastern and Crimea regions.”
   -Vladimir Putin

The allegedly Jewish-staffed and influenced Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has been subsequently banned from moving into Crimea on behalf of Ukraine, undoubtedly out of a Russian concern that these 'officials' would instigate anti-Russian sentiments or engage in riot-starting in Simferopol, the capital of Crimea.

The Jewish-staffed US Pentagon has also reportedly started evaluating Putin's body language to assess his next geo-political moves, revealing the mindset of the Jewish-dominated foreign policy of the US, which is starting to treat Putin like an overt enemy.

U.S officials were apparently caught off-guard by Putin's masterful move to intervene in Crimea, that has thwarted Jewish attempts to isolate Russia, and will likely lead to other potential secessions to Russia, as the Jewish Kiev coalition loses legitimacy, for example the heavily pro-Russian North East of Ukraine, in light of the revelation that the Maidan coalition hired snipers to kill its own protestors to escalate the violence, indicates that its legitimacy, that has no constitutional or democratic basis, will only continue to decrease.

The (Jewish lobby advocated) EU and US proposals for sanctions to be placed on Russia, has been slammed by Russian officials and the rising super-powers: China and India, in their state of non-alignment with the Jewish-Zionist occupied foreign policies of the EU and US, China and India (separately and in their own words) have stated that they disagree with the proposed use of sanctions against Russia over the Russian move to safeguard Crimea, that is in Russia's "legitimate interests" (as stated by India), that has subsequently resulted in a surge of pro-Russian sentiment (especially in the face of the Jewish-Ukrainian coalition government) that will almost certainly result in the return of Crimea to its rightful and natural position as a part of the Russian federation.

   "Russia will not accept such language of sanctions and threats, but in the event of their implementation in practice they will not be left without a response,"
   -Russian Foreign Ministry

In reality, EU stocks in the trade markets have decreased, after a Russian threat to cut-off Russia's supply of Gas to European markets through Ukraine, the EU has no leverage over Russia.

    "sanctions, would inevitably hit the United States like a boomerang,"
    -Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister.

Russia has gained a massive degree of democratic authority and popular support especially among the people of Crimea, but also among Russians as a whole as a result of Putin's new foreign policy success (adding to the score of successes: of preventing war in Syria, Iran and preventing Ukraine from making EU trade deals last year): over 65,000 Russians rallied in support of Putin and Crimea joining Russia on Friday.

   "We know that Russia will never abandon us. The Russian people will always be with us."
   -Crimean Parliament's speaker addressing the rally outside the Kremlin

The Jewish-dominated, corrupt media and lobbying system that exists in all European nations has increasingly been working to instil an anti-Russian sentiment in the political class of every other European nation, in an overt attempt to divide and rule Europeans against one another.

The left-wing, Jewish-owned media has started to blame the violence during the protests on the so called 'right wing' groups within Ukraine, even though the leader of the so-called 'right-sektor' has sworn loyalty to the Jews and even drew positive applause from the Jewish-Supremacist Abe Foxman, leader of the Jewish gang known as the ADL.

The left-wing media is trying (and failing) to blame the violence on 'nationalists', despite the fact it has been revealed by both Ukrainian and International media that Israeli and locally based Jewish instigators have been at the core of the violence for over 4 months! -And that even the EU admits the snipers were hired by the new Jewish-coalition government of Kiev.

The Maidan coalition does not represent Ukraine so I will not call it the government of Ukraine (and neither should any honest commentator), it in-fact represents the interests of Jews and Jews only.

The rise of a nationalistic Russia can only be possible through further nationalist sentiment increases and entrenchment in all European nations, so as to prevent any singular European nation being used against one another.

It is up to us nationalists to re-take our nations, so as to prevent our nations being divided against our own ethnic interests, as they were in 1939.
If Putin really is the next Hitler, let's give him the international allies he will need, if not then we will be stronger none-the-less, there is nothing to be lost in working hard to re-take our nations and uplift our folk, there is everything to be gained.

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