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Article Author: English News.org / Article Published: 23rd Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 23rd Night of April 2019.CE
Yes, Our Future is Being Stolen: Being Stolen by Non-Europeans: A response to Environmental Protestors & Greta Thunberg
There is a level where this is becoming true that is as important in the long term and in the short term is far, far more important than the 'extinction' threat posed by climate change.
Seeing Greta Thunberg a Swedish 16year olds' correct statement that "Our future has been stolen" and the Jewish Subversives promoting her makes it important to write about the level upon which our future is being stolen by non-Europeans.
"Our future has been stolen"
-Greta Thunberg
A foreword on terminology: Our future is being stolen but we will however take it back, so it could be said that instead of saying our future has been stolen (past tense) as Thunberg said, that it is instead 'being stolen' as it is in the process thereof being stolen as we have not lost and are not ever going to allow that to happen however useful on a motivational level it is to say 'it has been stolen', that narrative line could run the risk of instilling defeatism as you see in the 'extinction' and 'white genocide' narrative's undertones often. Many describe this as "black pilling", I avoid this as it is something our enemies do, conventionally it is called 'demoralisation' of an opponent, so we must purge all those who proclaim to be racially aware and yet push a morbidly depressed narrative. As someone who stopped writing online for 3.5 years I can state authoritatively that this is important to keep up day to day moral, energy and the efficiency of our fight.
Replacement Migration: an extinction rebellion is needed against this.
The Jewish media and international organisations would love to have all those people concerned about our biological future distracted purely on environmentalism. But what is the point of maintaining our environment if we aren't even around to exist within it?  Or that our descendants don't resemble us. I am an environmentalist and as an actually consistent and coherent one I want the preservation of my race. Conservationist types should logically want this also: but instead they are being distracted purely into opposing Western Industry and basically the economic growth of European nations whilst most of these climate deals agree huge financial packages and exemptions for non-white developing countries.

Here is the truth about the biggest global polluters and destroyers of natural habitats:
All 10 of the top global polluters/destroyers of natural habitats in raw terms are non-white countries relative to resource availability.
9 out of 10 of the top global polluters/destroyers of natural habitats in raw terms are non-white countries (with the only racially European nation on that list being the United States due to its sheer size and Industry, but the US is only 60% purely European currently). If the US were to expel all non-whites it would be a lot less polluting, less cars on the roads, less food needed, less housing needed, less product consumption and the knock on effect in manufacturing quantity reductions etc.

Here is the reality of the biggest air polluters:
The reality is that non-Europeans are the biggest threat to the global climate and are the biggest threat to us in immigration (biological or racial replacement) also.
Many Environmentalists logically pursued efforts to encourage birth control in the third world as a method of reducing the human burden on the planet's environment. Many of the controlled opposition, gatekeeper types like Alex Jones criticise these people routinely.

The Earth in our Germanic (most purely in our Northern Germanic = Nordic) racial spirituality (Asatru) is a Goddess by the way (The Goddess Jörð, the mother of Thor via Odin) so our environmentalism is part of our world view literally, so no-one can claim we racially aware and well informed Germanics are not environmentalists naturally, the best countries for tackling emissions have been the Nordic and Germanic nations despite being heavily industrialised tech centric nations.

It is no surprise that this iconic Greta Thunberg is Swedish. However surely any Swede, aware of what is going on in terms of the migrant threat to their continued existence should consistently on a conservationist chain of logic want to safeguard the existence of our race and a future for Germanic children and understand that the Beauty of the Germanic woman must not perish from the Earth.

These environmentalist lobby groups, as one of my kindred leaders says: "are more Red than Green".

The likes of Carolyn Lucas of the Green party are more concerned with Socialistic and Communistic economic and social models in which European are made a minority on a racial level than they are about the environment. The very idea of these selfish 'Green' parties is disgusting, all political forces within a healthy nation should seek the preservation and protection of the environment that composes the land, sea and air of that nation, without which existence is impossible. Having a 'Green' party undermines environmentalism and makes it a partisan issue when it should be a universal concern, just with preserving our racial existence, which should be universally agreed on by all those in public life. The opposite is currently true. It is no surprise there is inaction on environmental issues.

However the most efficient way to tackle this will never be reducing our emissions by 'x' % by 'x' date because even if we brought our emissions to below 0 like many areas in our nations have done already, China, India and all the other top polluters would ruin our global environment.

If we want to tackle climate change, pollution and the destruction of our global environment then we need to tackle the problem that is the huge, overpopulated, resource consuming non-European world, that each and every day is threatening our environment as well as pushing into our natural habitat and threatening us here, in exactly the same way that certain parasitic flora takes over entire ecosystems or foreign species cause an imbalance in an ecosystem that collapse it.

These environmentalists are all frauds according to the logical continuation of their own ideology because they do not address our racial continued existence, most of them are indoctrinated into self-hatred, I know, ive met and talked with some of them at length.

If you want true environmentalists then look to racial nationalists: we want a clean, idealistic future where pollution doesn't threaten our children's health and futures. We Germanic racial nationalists alone stand purely and uncompromisingly in defence of our existences. We are the real Extinction Rebellion not these frauds and niche non-human environment concerned people. We are a part of the natural order (something Christianity denied, which is the root of this problem, and ultimately Christianity was written by Saul of Tsarsus... a Jewish author).

You look at the greatest environmentalists throughout our history and almost every single one of them was either a Darwinian Eugenicist or a highly nationalistic lover of their nation, this is a good thing by the way, these philosophies should be in government at all levels and not be artificially demonized.

This is where true environmentalism finds its roots and true environmentalism can never belong to the Christianized Left or right nor the secular-Left as true environmentalism is rooted in a will to preserve all of the natural order, including ourselves and our racial future as a unique sub-species.

Greta Thunberg however, if she said this, they would all stop promoting her and say it's just because of her Aspergers Syndrome ... Next thing you know theyd have some Jewish kid reading from a script or perhaps a non-European. The subversive hypocrites, they will use her and all other environmentalists until their ability to spot patterns makes them see through all the Jewish Supremacist establishment's lies in turn. Environmentalists need to be consistent and take their ideology (which naturally leads to racialist politics) to their full conclusion or forever just be useful idiots to the Jewish establishment and its Christian collaborators.

We need to expel all non-Europeans from European nations to safeguard our immediate biological future.
We need to cease all foreign aid to stop the effect of the inflation of the population of the third world.
Additionally we must stop buying goods manufactured in the third world to stop financing their crude industrialisation and industries that result in deforestation and clearing of vast areas of natural habitats such as the planting of palm oil crops where there was once rainforests (Indonesia) or clearing the land for cow grazing areas for beef production (the Amazon, Brazil primarily) that occurs at the expense of the habitats these selfish non-whites clear aside without any care just for the sake of their insignificant incomes. The short-sightedness and the sheer population of the non-European world is the greatest global threat to our environment as well as their own habitats. Most of all we should not allow them to spread out into our nations and threaten our existences here.
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