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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 24th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 24th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014

Racial right to Exist
The modern Judaized, consumerist, Neo-Christian or 'Marxist' culture of the mass-media (83% of the media is Jewish-owned), education establishment, banks (92% of bankers are Jews) and political class (Jews are several hundred percent over-represented in government offices, Westminster and the EU) have continued to defile our folk in more ways than solely through immigration and cultural defilement and indoctrination but also through waging war against our folk on a basic biological, economic and behavioural level.
It sounds far-fetched and quasi-scientific but its statistically provable.

In recent years, rates of addiction, autism, suicide and other behavioural abnormalities in all nations with a Judaized consumerist and media culture have seen varying increases in the rates of triggered autism, clinical-level addiction, etc, some increases in the realms of several thousand percentage points compared with only 2 or 3 decades ago.

The same is also true with obesity, numerous other diseases and crime.

There are two significant obvious factors:

The increase in diseases and mental disabilities are largely due to non-white immigrants afflicted, non-whites vary, but roughly between all the different racial groups they have a 50-100% more likely chance of having genetic and environmentally triggered mental disabilities (10% of mental hospital places are taken by Negros) or biological disabilities like genetic diabetes or specific non-white subgroup or 'ethnically unique' genetic disorders like the Jewish Tay-Sachs disease or the African sickle cell anaemia, obviously these diseases increase in direct correlation with the increases in these non-white sub-groups.

Thus the increase in diseases, can largely be solved via the inevitable deportation that will occur when our folk opinions come to be represented in government by our own efforts.  

The 2nd factor is actual biological and chemical defilement, from fast-food related obesity causes, the obsessive, anti-physical, artificial computer world of today, inducing obsessive addictions to mobiles and reducing physical exertion to the poison in many non-organic and chemical devices, foods, fumes and atmospheric pollution.

   A Nationalistic, Asatru informed government would do everything to protect its people's biological integrity, and ensure that nature permeates every aspect of life so as to counter the often-times dysgenic and unhealthy tendencies of this modern universally Judaized Neo Christian culture that plagues almost all of Europe.

The European Folkish political revolution is primarily driven by race-related immigration concerns, and economics, but also cultural pressures are having a profound effect, which Asatru as a religion of nature finds itself primed to be the natural and final solution to the spiritually, politically, economically, biologically and racially defiled European cultures.

All of which will be righted and avenged by the coming European Folkish political revolution over the next 2 decades.

An example of what this Neo-Christian and Judaized modern culture permits and simultaneously thus an argument demonstrating the moral and thus racial imperative for the destruction and replacement of the current ruling governmental ethos, was exampled in a recent case of a criminal Pakistani gaining a profit from assisting other Pakistani illegal immigrants to stay in the UK illegally.

Criminal Pakistani 'Nazakat Ali utilized an organised circle of Pakistani criminals to prevent Pakistani illegal immigrants from being deported by arranging sham-marriages with Eastern European immigrant women, by taking advantage of the ludicrous dysgenic immigration policies of the EU and the European Human rights legislation to protect and facilitate this criminal, dysgenic effort.

Illegal immigrants can stay in the UK if they have a partner or supposed family with anyone who is a EU citizen under EU migration laws.

Thus EU migration laws result in the increase of illegal and would-be-illegal immigrants into the UK.

For this onslaught against the current demographics not only of England but of Europe, Nazakat Ali was only jailed for six years, at taxpayer expense.  

The European Union, and the European Court of Human Rights and its enforced legislation is designed to create this effect, in a systemic attempt to undermine the homogeneity of European nations, in line with the Jewish-Supremacist effort to attempt to make Europeans a minority within our own homelands, so that we can literally be persecuted and legislated against, with some Jewish fanatics openly talking about attempting to then kill us Europeans through demographic warfare, enforced by race-relations legislation.

   The only thing stopping this agenda is the massive 89-95% hostility towards immigration* (*among the English, Source: 2013 & 2014 Channel 4 & You-gov polls) and countless other examples of polling data showing that the general public of almost all European nations are engaged in what can only be a somewhat peaceful political-opinion revolution.

See the numerous articles under the European News section and Complete Chronological Archive for details of this unstoppable awakening against non-Europeans assaulting our homelands, the unstoppable awakening against immigration and the European political revolution.

The potential for the overt identification of the Jewish-Supremacist driving forces behind the dysgenic, cultural and demographic defilement of our nations is increasing and so is the active resistance.

Many companies are starting to make passive moves against Jewish Supremacism, directly in the case of boycotts of Kosher and Israeli products, and directly against the Jewish Supremacist demographic war against our noble folk.

As our English folk's opinions inevitably become more and more implicitly ethnocentric against non-white immigration, Jewish cultural defilements, the Marxist-Christian church, media and the Jewish-Marxist dominated education system, governments will be changed, those that do not capitulate to the rising will of the Germanic and Nordic peoples of Europe, will be overthrown through the ballot box or civil war*.

(*The Nationalist Asatru News does not advocate this for legal reasons but states such on a purely analytic level)

   "The message is getting home to the people of the European Union, you are going to find that Euro-skeptics are coming back in June in ever greater numbers... And I can tell you worse as the people get your number it won't be long before the people storm this chamber and they hang you, and they'll be right!" - ex-UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom  

The European Folkish and Spiritual Revolution cannot be stopped, it cannot be satiated.

And it is going to be led not by any singular group, nor individual but by the enraged spirit of the European folk peoples ourselves, who will not stop until everything that afflicts us, from the churches, schools, banks, media companies and non-white immigrants have been wiped out of our nations and all those who persist to wage war external against our folk-nation in the future will in time be rendered unto nothingness.  

   Through popular resurgence in folkish politics, the European Folkish Revolution has already commenced.

It falls to the core cadre within this transformation of the politics of our folk nation, to enact this change by the strength of our will to survive, to spearhead the resurgence of our folk.

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