Asatro campaigning since: 17th Winter-fylleþ 2263.RE

The prior testing phase website proudly evolved into (, over a 2 month phase, now incorporating the Nationalistic, Asatru informed News section as a comparitively small part of a now group effort, now with multiple writers preparing to work after August the 31st 2015 and contributors, marking the providential completion of the hardest initial gathering of writers, supporters and contacts stage of phase 1 of my 9 phase long plan to retake our entire nation and our spirits through inspiring and informing our Nordic & Germanic folk to action and allegiance.

The prior website launched in October of 2013 was intended as the test phase, albeit a crucial and highly popular one, reaching the rank of the 6,350th website in the UK after only 3 months. DDOS attacks have held back the reach of this website during its subsequent stages. The 2nd phase was planned to be unleashed before the 2015 general election but due to having to complete a Dissertation and work commitments of all writers has since been delayed until sometime after the 31st of August 2015. The 3rd phase will occur passively over the forseable future. This website will serve as a regular news opinion website and the main foundational broadcast platform for Asatro in England.

I founded the 1st original registered company at the age of 19 as of the 13th Æfterra Jéola 2264.RE (January 2014) / English Asatro News Website founded: 1st Hærfest-monaþ 2264.RE (September 2014)

As always: Asatro News holds confidentiality and anonymity as the highest priority for all writers.

Unless the writer wishes to be identified, the identities of all writers are kept confidential or stealthed entirely to allow ordinary, seemingly non-political persons to help awaken our folk through writing informative and inspirational articles through a pure, powerful and potent article author double life.

Use the contact details below to submit an article and begin your personal political and philosophical augmentation on any professional or news worthy subject and especially any Asatro related subjects via Asatro News as an anonymous writer:

"To help awaken our elegant, ethereal, enigmatic, efficient, eloquent, ecstatic and extraordinary: Germanic women-folk and men-folk worldwide, through writing informative and inspirational articles on pure, powerful, poetic, political and philosophical subjects"