Organised and Coordinated by Dan Rayner, English Asatro / Announced on the: 20th Night of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2265.RE / 20th Night of April 2015.CE

To my many intelligent, worthwhile readers, writers, supporters and friends, to fellow Germanic folk, English Asatro folk.

After this fantastic and long-year past of advocating, articulating and defining Asatro, with such positive and heart-warming feedback I believe it is time.

I believe it is time, time that English Asatro meetings became open, to select courageous and noble individuals, Asatro inclined Women-folk and Men-folk to join the selective English Asatro kindred and to lay the foundations of a wider English Asatro Folkish organisation here in England, permanently, for the long term, the foundational organisational network that shall in time, one day become the national Germanic spiritual army and national culture of our nation once more, that shall come to wipe-aside, abolish and replace Westminster and all foreign occupations and corruptions and to inspire all our fellow Germanic & Nordic folk to do the same. A group of ordinary and yet simultaneously extraordinary Germanic families and individuals working together to defend our folk, to define our future, it is time.

It is time, This Summer Solstice is the perfect time to have an open gathering, to build upon the success of the private Asatro gatherings, reaching and involving a completely new group of awakening Germanic Asatro individuals, be they entire families, your colleagues, your friends or groups of inquisitive individuals. The 18 strong (2x9) English Asatro Kindred will attend a separate gathering. This Summer Solstice Allthing shall be a day where Germanic Asatro Individuals new to English Asatro shall be the focus of the event and establishing the foundations of our National English Asatro Folk organisation with multiple individuals can become the main purpose of this true English Asatro Allthing.

To this end I invite and wholeheartedly encourage all Germanic Asatro folk individuals and regional representatives, from all over England and nearby Germania and Scandinavia to attend the English Asatro Folk Allthing. This event will define the future of Asatro and the entire folkish political resurgence amongst awakened folk in England. All Folkish Germanic Asatro individuals are invited.

We shall meet at our own Folk-Thing and define the future of our own nation independently and lay forth our plans to abolish Westminster and all non-Germanic institutions, groups, agendas and corruptions. This culminates in the structured, ritualised Allthing discussion or "Parliament". Thus it is especially important for as many English folk representatives from all over England to attend. It is especially important that both well informed and newly awakened Folkish Germanic Asatro individuals attend alike. I hope that Germanic Asatro individuals attend from all over England and I welcome all Germanic Asatro folk coming from Scandinavia or Germania.

For most of you this will be the first time you have ever experienced a sacred Asatru ritual and a genuine, legitimate Parliament session of Germanic folk, probably the 1st of its kind in a thousand years, and it is thus truly a magnificent and important experience for you as a part of our Germanic folk.

This Allthing, shall be suitable for all Germanic folk, especially including Women-folk, Men-folk, our Elder-folk, families and young children alike with a friendly and positive atmosphere, even during the formal Allthing session.

The ritualised and cultural focus of this precisely organised event will occur upon the Summer Solstice Saturday, the closest viable day to the Summer Solstice, 24hrs later. At the core of this Asatro Allthing shall be the ritualised honouring of our Gods, Goddesses and ancestors, honouring our descendants and building strong alliances solely between the like minded Germanic folk who are present that day from the morning all the way until sunset. The Asatro Allthing is already planned as a full day of continuous activity including: group discussions, speeches, presentations, positive rituals and... a Great Feast!

The English Asatro Allthing occured at Badbury Rings, due to successful information distribution tactics the event occured without opposition and was efficient, effectively finishing the proceedings in less than half the time estimated, having discussed plans for the future, various different hypothetical scenarios in relation to where our nation is headed, ideas for how to increas the reach of Asatro, why Asatro is a positive force and also a healthy amount of informed, awakened discussion, which was then followed by a colossal downpouring of rain.



-20th June 2015 - Poole, Dorset, England - 12:20pm-8:20pm - Free Event-

The First Germanic Asatro Allthing for over a Thousand years

-Asatru Rituals - Great Feast - Allthing Germanic Parliament-



12:30(Aim to arrive at Poole Station for 12:00am by train, Coach or Car.

(Plan ahead, buy your train/coach tickets now and make sure you are free & arrive on time)

13:05 Arrival at location, Security passes over all attendees and secures the Allthing site.

13:15 1st Speech, initiating the processional Walk all the way to the Allthing site.

13:30 Asatru Sumbel Ritual upon arrival at the Allthing site

(A Sumbel is an ordered form of introducing everyone to each other in a circular format)

13:45 2nd Speech at the conclusion of the Sumbel.

Speech ends with Hail the Gods, Hail the Goddesses, Hail the Folk, in unison.

13:50 Start of the 1st Small feast. Barbeques lit.

14:20 Start of the 1st Lecture: Folk still eating whilst the 1st Lecture occurs.

14:50 Start of the 2nd shorter Lecture:

15:10 Autonomous Folk discussions, personal conversations with various individuals, specific questions answered. Meet with specific people. Those who wish to partake in filming for next Asatro documentary occurs at this point. Folk talk with each other directly.

15:40 3rd Speech brings the group together and focuses everyone after the 30 minute autonomous Folk discussion.

15:50 Start of the 1st rotation walk in a several hundred meter radius up the hill to the Allthing site with flaming torches and ambience marching drums.

16:30 Asatru Blot ritual alignment occurs with the end of the rotation walk to the central site.

The group is split into 4 sub-groups, each group walks in from a separate compass bearing, North, East, South and West, to the central monument.

16:33 Asatru Blot ritual starts with a Speech dedicated to the Gods and Goddesses

(A Blot is like a sumbel but focused more on our connection to our ancestors, rather than the other people present, the Blot is more about our Gods and Goddesses, where we exchange offerings with our Goddesses and Gods, Disir, Norns, Wights and Vættir at this point, sacrifices are laid down upon the central altar, extremely epic Ritual experience, puts all other religious rituals to shame in comparison.)

20th of June at 16:38pm Summer Solstice -24hrs occurs during the Blot at the exact point the unified declaration of loyalty and oath swearing to our folk, Gods and Goddesses occurs.

16:55 Blot continues around the circular formation, with each individual giving a few words of their choosing. As to their hopes for a better future and why they are here. As the Horn filled with mead is passed around the circle.

17:00 Blot formally ends with another speech, followed with another unified Hailing to our Goddesses and Gods.


17:00 The 4 groups that walked in from North, East, South and West now walk in the opposite compass bearing than which they arrived at the beginning of the Blot. Each group of 4 walks in the opposite rotation direction back around the hillside and into the centre again. The sun may align with one of the central paths.Walk in towards the sun into the central area.

17:30 After the end of the Blot, The Allthing (Parliament) starts in the centre, with the discussion lasting for a variable number of hours, preferably finishing before 18:55.

Before each individual speaks in the Allthing, be they a Woman, Man or Child they must give a declaration and oath of dedication and eternal-love and dedication for our Germanic Asatru folk, our ancestors and our descendants pure future.

Formal and then Informal ordered discussions covering a varied degree of subjects, such as our resistance against the then possibly Labour occupied Westminster government, denouncements of Christianity and the Church, discussions of foreign policy, domestic policy ideas and cultural plans, ranging from theology, economics, linguistics and our immediate resurgence plans, paths and projects shall occur also.

(If you want to talk about something specific submit topics for discussion via email)

There will be two primary sessions ordering the format of the Allthing. One for identifying the problems, one for providing solutions. One central audio recording of the proceedings shall be made by myself for future reference, so that what is discussed is not forgotten, so that action in accordance with what is recorded is ensured in the long term.

18:55 A concluding speech is given, bringing the Allthing to a final close for the day.

19:00 The Great Feast begins! (Barbeques lit up and food served buffet style)

19:59 Great Feast ends, ( All food must be consumed within the hour! )

20:00 Final hillside Rotation walk around the surrounding immediate area.

20:30 The Rotation walk ends back at the central area. I conclude the days events with a powerful speech. Everyone goes back to their cars, or to the taxis that are called just before the start of the final walk.

Everyone goes home feeling inspired, informed and full of good food, mead and revolutionary Folkish Asatro ideals. All Germanic Asatro women, men and children attending are given free Asatru related, English Asatro publications, educational material (Via EMAIL on 21/06/2015) with dozens of vital Asatru sources and PDFs to read and thank-you cards that prove you were here at the crucial English Asatro Allthing, these contain useful contact details, announcements and events dates on them to enable you to join the selective, private English Asatro Folk kindred and future seasonal English Asatro Folk gatherings.

Those who drove all the way here drive home, those who came via train, or who are staying overnight in Poole get to go with me to the train station, or with those providing lifts back to the train station or in additional taxis, depending on the ratio of persons to cars.



-20th June 2015 - Poole, Dorset, England - 12:20pm-8:20pm - Free Event-

The First Germanic Asatro Allthing for over a Thousand years

-Asatru Rituals - Great Feast - Allthing Germanic Parliament-


"I know that in order to truly advance the English resurgence of Asatru, writing articles alone, no matter how powerful they are, is only the introduction to Asatro and I hope your introduction to Asatro through this website has been a productive and powerful one indeed."

Ultimately partaking in an Asatro gathering, being amongst like minded English, Germanic Women and Men-folk, with unified political and philosophical purposes and potentials is the logical method to mobilise the awakening of all Germanic Asatro individuals in England and for you to mobilise and motivate yourself as a part of this. This is your opportunity have an effect, this is a once in a life-time opportunity, the first legitimate Allthing of English folk in this nation for a millennia.

I understand, through my personal experience of Asatro that we must gather in person, as Germanic folk, upon the Summer Solstice, to conduct an Allthing, nothing less would suffice but a pure Allthing gathering, the first of many to come, to advance our Folk spirituality, as a show of strength to the world, to inspire our folk and warn our enemies, a demonstration of our conviction and to appreciate our own convictions whilst discussing in person the direction of the future of our folkish English Asatro resurgence.

All this whilst enjoying a great social Folkish Asatru gathering, including families, friends and folk. Do bring along all the Germanic friends, colleagues and contacts you can motivate, who are compatible with Asatro.

And what better time to conduct such than upon the Saturday before the Summer Solstice, which occurs this year on the 21st of June at 16:38pm. Trains do not run regularly enough on Sunday, so the event is on Saturday to enable folk to actually turn up. The idiotic shut-down of logistics and business on Sundays (Sabbaths) is the fault of Semitic Christianity for making logistics such as trains not run at usual times on Sundays throughout the year, including on our Solstice. Although you may wish also to attend the Summer Solstice celebration the next day at Stonehenge, this was seen as a potential Allthing site, but the uncontrollable presence of multidues of other people made this location impossible for the Allthing. Although you may wish to attend the Stonehenge Solstice the next day as an individual or newly oath-bound English Asatro Individual.

Dorset and neighbouring Wiltshire host an auspicious quantity of monuments constructed by our proto-Germanic and Anglo-Saxon ancestral Germanic folk. Our location will be within the sacred shire of Dorset, the county wherein lay ancient and sacred Germanic symbols and landmarks dating back thousands of years. The White Horse symbols of adjacent Wiltshire for example date back to thousands of years before Tacitus's accounts of the use of white horses as auspicious augurs, with some dating to over 6,000 years prior to that, some even older, it is in this place of undeniable Germanic and ancient proto-Germanic heritage that we shall gather.

Dorset and Wiltshire are the counties of my childhood (Shaftesbury & Salisbury). It is in this spirit of nativeness that I invite all Germanic Asatro folk to join me in my homeland.

I invite all the volunteers who have written to inspire our folk alongside me to attend this Summer Solstice Allthing in Dorset alongside myself for this unrivalled Allthing.

The event shall was a positive event, inducting many individuals into Asatro who had never before taken part in any form of Asatro ritual. Allthough most of the folk present were not hungry, we still ate a decent amount of paleolithic style food, including cured smoked bacon, chicken, rye bread snacks, spinach, apples, oranges and a health dosage of an extremely powerful Danish Skalde Mjød . The day was short and productive, introducing several Asatru folk who are new to Asatru to each other whilst discussing our future, our current situation all whilst experiencing a positive and pure Asatro ritual, despite logistical restrictions many articulate and intelligent folk discussed our future and gained a sense that we are the start of a greater and purposeful (organisational networking) Asatro movement in England.

This was the 1st of an unending line of English Asatro Summer Solstice Allthings, although this particular event served solely as an induction event for new individuals, on this Summer solstics an additional 6 new individuals have been successfully introduced into the English Asatro Folk movement, that shall continue until we retake our nation, and once that occurs, these Summer Solstice Allthings shall be the day upon which each and every English person participates in Government directly, alongside referendums, democratic regional assemblies and highly accountable elections with recall mechanisms. Ensuring our nation is governed by us Germanic folk, for us Germanic folk and that our leaders can never again become corrupt. This Allthing will be our assertion of self-rule, the first in a thousand years, the 1st since the Magna Carta, but more complete.

All Asatru individuals of all ages attended ranging from 17 to 55. For these individuals their induction into English Asatro was a once in a lifetime opportunity, to be able to state that they were there at the start of it all and more importantly, to have experienced it..

The event was led and coordinated by myself. All contact pertaining to the organisation was directed to me personally and thus our organisation was free from visible opposition. Organisation in terms of car sharing between members occured demonstrating that our Asatro folk movement is capable of providing for our own and providing basic infrastructure and logistics for our members, a trend that will continue to be furthered and augmented

From among the worthy Germanic Asatro folk who attended is still yet to be selected the honourary 1st Einherijar battalion, a 99 folk-strong Germanic Asatru kindred. At this meeting worthy individuals will both be selected to join the 1st Einherjar battalion and Women folk will be selected to form the 1st Valkyrie battalion, these ceremonial formations form a religious role, but also the foundation of a public political, informational and responsible societal influence unit for the future. You shall serve as Ambassadors of Folkish Germanic Asatro in society, at all levels, using anti descrimination legislation to protect yourselves against Jewish Supremacists and Zionistic Christians whilst promoting a folkish Asatro awakening amongst our Germanic folk at large. With the 2nd unit being formed when the number reaches over 99 folk members.

All individuals shall be protected in their anonymity if they so desire during all events. Especially during the filmed ceremonies if you wish to remain anonymous. Ultimately no faces will appear in what video is produced from the event, unless that individual consents to it. Security procedures will be in place to ensure a delightful day for all participants, with no afterthoughts, doubts nor concerns, absolute intellectual freedom shall exist at our Allthing. Security measures Including Volunteer Enforcers and Heavy Security Magnets. All devices, cameras or phones must be left in your car. Or simply not brought to the event.

I know the value of anonymity in relation to an academic or financial business career, where without our permission our overseers might be Semitic and might illegally seek to persecute employees who deviate or ‘offend’ their psychotic anti-Germanic political world views. People like that are the enemies of us all, and I will protect 100% of associates of mine from their persecution beneath my wings of anonymity and safeguarding.

English Asatro, as I have always designed it to be is both public and transparent whilst enabling positive privacy protection, even secrecy for those who I am honoured to call my folk-sisters and folk-brothers, their families, friends and loved ones. It is the purpose of English Asatro to make Asatro so popular and ordinary that within the very near future no-one will ever dare to even remotely criticise us. Let alone persecute us. Asatru/Odinism is already partially recognised in relation to anti-descrimination legislation and thus you are likely already protected. Basic first aid equipment will also be present at all times during the event, including bites and stings kits for wildlife like Adders, hornets or mosquitos, so the group effort for the day is self-sustained and self-protected.

The great feast for all the Germanic Asatru folk attending, shall be brought along by organising members, including multiple Barbeques and lots of Pork Sausages, Wiltshire Beef, Wiltshire ham, etc. The food served shall be Paleolithic diet compatible. Non Vegetarian. There will be enough food for a feast worthy of the Einherjar. There will also be a significant, although reasonable and non-intoxicating quantity of mead, which shall be for ceremonial, toasting and feast complimenting purposes.

Attendees do not need to bring along any additional food or drink, except if it is solely for your own consumption on the journey to and from the event, the event itself is 100% self catered for, this should fully negate your travel costs, considering also that the event itself shall be a valuable life-experience, whether you are young or old, female or male, Germanic or Nordic.

English Asatro will very shortly become a membership organisation, a registered not for profit/charity organisation, that is a truly spiritually and racially English force of Germanic elegance, purpose and organisational strength.

The constitution of the organisation is already sleek and efficient, making it immune to lawsuits, immune to discrimination claims, immune to infiltration, enabling us to peacefully and permanently associate as a group of individuals, not as members of a political party (yet) nor commercial entity, but as individuals partaking in an effort that is legally and morally defined as not for profit, defined solely for the benefit of our Germanic folk, in defending, awakening, informing and inspiring thousands of English people’s spirits, world views and spiritualities.

It is in this spirit of dedication to my beloved Germanic folk that I give my life to the service of my Germanic folk, for my entire life and beyond.