Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 4th Night of Hrēþ-mōnaþ 2265.RE (Hrēþ-mōnaþ = Month of Wildness or of the Goddess Hrēþ) / 4th Night of March 2015

Germanic Folkish Asatro Forum

The forum operates in English, Swedish, German, Danish, Norwegian and Dutch languages, so as to provide a free, and sensibly well-regulated folkish communication platform for Germanic folk from all Germanic nations to organise from within.  This relies upon active participation within the forum and the ‘Allthing’ forum becoming known as a valuable communication centre for our ever growing community of Germanic Asatro folk in our organisation and discourse. I invite all readers to make introductory posts to introduce themselves to fellow Asatro folk to initiate this process. 

The purpose of this Forum is to give you the reader the power to organise and talk with other like-minded readers, Asatro folk in England and internationally.

Most importantly this online Allthing provides a platform to facilitate organisation.


There is only so much one can do when all communication is conducted via yourself the reader and myself and my fellow writers solely over email. This forum allows us to communicate simultaneously as a group and to comment and discuss issues so as to develop our sense of a bond as a Folk community when we are not meeting in person. 

To also give a sense of secure folkish community, to those who are living in an isolated area, such as the Southern States of the US, or the folk living in some field miles away from any nearby village in the English county of Somerset.

Asatro is decentralised. Power in our spirituality is imbued within the folk themselves, not derived from any external source, nor singular individual, as our Gods and Goddesses are collectively a direct part of our folk, a part of each and every true Germanic.

In accordance with this ethic this forum is my effort to give you the reader the power to voice your own opinion, if you do not have the time to run your own website, this forum gives you an accessible and clean platform to communicate and inspire and inform fellow members of our folk, this forum also allows you to voice a positive folkish opinion and far more importantly: to organise your own local Asatro gatherings completely independently from the English Asatro seasonal events and Summer Solstice English Asatro ‘Allthing’.

Ultimately this is what English Asatro is all about, it is not about what is organised by myself and my core writers and supporters, it is about what we as English Asatro folk can organise ,together, to become active in our own areas and lives in order to reach and practically involve and introduce to Asatro as many members of our English folk as possible. Germanic, Asatro Individuals, sign up to see these forums and become a part of the sophisticated, deep, purposeful, always uplifting and outright awesome conversations amongst fellow Asatro Germanic folk that will be happening here, as we organise and motivate ourselves to reclaim the inheritance of our Æsir ancestors.

These are the first days of an organised English Asatro national resurgence, become the first folk to step up and reach out to your fellow Asatro individuals in your area.

This forum is not for obsessive comments nor conversation for its own sake, negative, sarcastic, hostile or pointless posts will be moderated. This forum will always uphold a positive, folkish atmosphere, preventing all vile or non-practical negativity, also preventing any Semite, anti-Germanic Christian or non-Germanic from EVER posting anything on the forum.

Cultural, Political, Artistic and all aspects of cultural Discourse are catered for in their separate categories, this forum is for practical, purposeful and deep conversational organisation and discourse between like-minded, serious Asatro folk, in England and in all Germanic nations.

An exclusively Folkish Germanic Asatro or Asatru folk forum, your communal Asatro experience. Organise or discover an entire local group of Asatro individuals in your area via participating in this forum.

The forum still has some minor æsthetic editing left, but is fully operational and fully functional in relation to all advanced forum features, including pan-Germanic language support for all forum infrastructure.

The Forum awaits your visitation, the forum is 100% free forever and will always be well moderated.

When English Asatro formally becomes a registered not for profit (or potentially if it is possible: a charity) membership organisation later this year, this forum will form the basis of an English Asatro organisation effort, which will first culminate in the English Asatro Summer Allthing, that will occur on the Summer Solstice of this year which shall be based in the Southern Shires of England, the event details will be a formal structured English Asatro cultural event including a ritual format, a blot and sumbel ceremony where we shall hail the Gods and Goddesses, followed and interspersed with multiple keynote speakers, a great feast, real mead, a family friendly atmosphere, provisions, free Asatro material and publications and more. Logistics for the English Asatro Allthing event are being formalised as I write this, lots of individuals are being contacted and coordinated.

Sign up to this Folkish Germanic Asatro Forum to keep up to date and take part in pure Germanic Asatro organisation efforts.