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Article author: Volunteer Writer article (edited by Dan Rayner), Asatro News / Published: the night of the 2nd day of Æfterra Yēola 2265.RE (in Anglo-Saxon/English ethnic culture) / 2nd Night of January 2015

Germanic nature high Human nature
A particularly insidious and malicious piece of Cultural Marxist-Leninist (Jewish conceived) propaganda I see parroted about all the time online is the idea that preferences in social, political and philosophical contexts equal hate, but this is maliciously only stated in the case of racially European people.

This is a tactic to re-frame the use of language in such a way as to change the meaning of words to incur a negative psychological impact and demoralize our people, suppressing our self-confidence and thus our lack of self-preferring political action that results in our degradation gradually.

George Orwell noted the use of this tactic when he authoritatively stated:
   “Political language… is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

However, there is another side to this same tactic. It is when words are redefined in a hypocritical way to demonize and discredit one side of a debate as detailed above.

This is flagrantly and manipulatively used in debates about immigration, ethnicity and culture as anyone who watches the news, social media or online discussions will have observed first hand. When one says that they want to preserve their culture, they are said to hate those who are different or by default not of that culture, that they are xenophobic.

This is more an act of projection of the racial hatred that motivates the core of Jewish Supremacism than it is an accurate statement about any other people, as you will note it is almost always Jewish Supremacists and their media companies, and the culture they have mutated into being in the form of the Liberals they surround themselves with as a literal political proxy-army that in turn enforces what is fundamentally another Semitic projection (like with the Semitic projection of ‘Sin’ upon non-Semites through the moral suppression attitude enforced through Christianity).

If one prefers the company of straight people they are called homophobic. If one prefers the company of racially European people they are called racist, and we are even called racist if we prefer the company of Germanic folk, like ourselves. Of course this only applies to European people, which is where the double standard arises. But this is not just a tactic that is being forced upon Europeans, other ethnic groups should also oppose this being done to Europeans, as it is already being starting to be enacted against the Japanese and many other peoples Jewish Supremacists and radical dysgenicists consider enemies, such as the Persian people.

   All people should stand up for the right of Europeans to have a self-preference for Europeans, for to deny one people a love for themselves is to deny humanity. If other peoples oppose our European rights to prefer our own folk, what are we to think of those other peoples? That they are complicit in our degradation?

When Mexicans or African’s celebrate their racial culture in a European country, this is said to be a good thing that should be encouraged, or a blind eye is turned in their direction. When ethnic Europeans, especially us Germanic folk want to celebrate our own culture, in our own countries and the countries we rightfully settled, Europeans are said to be offending or degrading others.

Recently there have been protests in Germany over the influence that Muslims (who are 99% Black African, Pakistani, Turkish or Arabic) are exerting on their country and culture. Nearly a third of people polled agree that there is a problem that needs to be seriously addressed. Predictably, Merkel (winner of the Kalergi Prize), the Judeo-Marxist-Leninist Eastern German educated chancellor has characterized the opposition to German culture being destroyed as being about hatred.

   Merkel stated, “Today many people are again shouting on Mondays [in the protests that are recurring weekly all over Germany] that ‘We are the people’. But what they really mean is: you are not one of us because of your skin colour or your religion". Merkel then went on to express support for "people who seek refuge with us", whilst 1 in 8 of all Germans are according to polling considering joining the protests and actively support them in their positively folkish opinions (that is millions of normal, ordinary German people).

In point of fact, most Germans like being naturally German and want Germany to stay German. Otherwise, they would live emigrate somewhere else, like Germans did from Merkel’s beloved DDR during the Soviet Era, until they built the Berlin wall to stop people from leaving Communist Eastern Germany.

Of course our German folk mean, “you [immigrants] are not... of us” because naturally, in direct accordance with the obvious scientific realities the generic African, Arab, Pakistani and Turkish Islamic immigrants are NOT German, this is true by definition and I challenge anyone to attempt to deny this obvious and natural definition.

Most followers of Islam are African, Arab, Pakistani or some other Middle Eastern or Central Eastern ethnicity, including Turks, Tajikistanis or Chechen immigrants. Islam is also not European and is especially not Germanic, in the same way that Judaism is not European and is not Germanic, and like Christianity can only claim a legacy of occupation in Europe as opposed to an origin here, as they are all Abrahamic, Semitic creations.

The malicious linguistic implication here being implicitly stated by Merkel (which has been overtly stated by dozens of Jewish Supremacists) is that being German is from their perspective bad and that Germany, like the rest of Europe, should welcome its own demise at the hand of the third world. No one criticizes Liberia for being too African, or Liberian or China for being too Asian or Chinese, but the double standard of disgusting, hypocritical, racist proportions is that only European nations are too German for the power elites and those who define their ideology and re-election.

Even more staggering is the fact that Germany takes in the second largest amount of asylum seekers in Europe, second only to Sweden, yet it is being continuously called xenophobic by people like Joe Biden alongside thousands of lesser well known Judeo-Leninist manipulators. Apparently, nothing short of no Europeans left in Europe will be good enough. This is not going to happen, but this is what these truly hateful anti-European subversives would like to attempt, and their efforts are being exposed with every minute that passes, people are waking up, as indicated by the political awareness increases on subjects relating or affected by immigration, foreign racial groups and political corruption (political correctness).

Major cities like London and Paris are overrun with foreign populations. Normal people who speak out against losing their homelands are castigated as hateful and subject to Semitic political projection of ‘hate’ or ‘Supremacism’ that is more accurate of the Semites who throw about such terms, or through the use of other hypocritical demonization terminology from politically manipulated Liberals who act as an extension to this suppression effect.

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of immigrants of non-European ethnic origin neither respect the ethnic people of Europe nor even our culture, and are not even satiated by the welfare they are being given in the overwhelming majority of cases, when this is not so, they implicitly reject European culture and through their demographic replacement, they quietly know they are enacting a demographic replacement, just look at the discourse of any leftwing ethnic minority politician to realise this fact that they are the hateful ones who covertly endorse genocide and the degradation of the homogeneity of European nations and societies.

94% of our English folk realise multiculturalism has failed as stated in recent 2014 polling, but for all the politicians and immigrants that endorse multiculturalism (multi-racialism) for the sake of endorsing their own power and presence in our nation are by definition endorsing and facilitating the degradation and undermining of the homogeneity of our ethnic folk within our own nations.

The former Prime Minister of Sweden recently said that Sweden belongs to non-Swedes. Could you imagine the backlash if Japanese people were told that unless they give their country to Nigerians they are racists? Even in a country such as Japan where anti racial propaganda is starting to be promoted culturally, it is still self evidently un-natural.

   Those of us who point out this obvious inconsistency are the defenders of the natural rights of our people, the most fundamental rights of our people’s existences, on an ethnic level.

   Without which we could not exist, we are out of pure love standing up for the existences of our people, nothing could be further away from hate as the attitude we courageous Asatro folk have in defending our peoples ethnic existences.

As with most things, ignoring nature only works for so long. As the progressive lunatics who have been steering the West for the last 100 years, in addition to the past 1700 years of Christian cultural and spiritual pacification, continue to push to the extremes of insanity, folkish sentiments, often crudely described as “nationalism” are on the rise and far-right or simply implicitly pro-ethnic European groups are beginning to stand up and say, “enough is enough” and those that do not overtly say this, are promoting policies that will help to safeguard our peoples short term ethnic future implicitly, as with UKIP and the National Front in France.

It seems the left learns nothing from history but are acting on Semitic tradition, that does not evolve. The situation we see today is reminiscent of the conditions that led to World War Two. Indoctrinated social misfits and subversives have been mocking, defiling the image of and ridiculing (yet never disproving) traditionalists since the 1960s all the while apparently unaware that the pendulum they are pushing is only increasing the tension on a spring that will eventually swing back the other way. The harder and more extreme their push, the more forceful the return will be and they will have no one to blame but themselves. And this time they will have no puppets like Winston Churchill to direct the backlash into Semitic directed meaningless European internal fratricide, which is an apt description of World War Two.

The left persecutes rational middle of the road people today who are naturally inclined to folkish sentiments, the less willing to listen to reason those people will be when they finally arise. I would like to avoid all of that uncontrolled unpleasantness, but rational debate and compromise is something completely alien to the progressive mind and they will not submit their power earlier for a quicker sentence. For them, everything is never enough, total destruction is seemingly their aim. Even in a world full of open paedophilia and bestiality self evident in their political class they would be crying oppression and demanding social justice for something else. There is no reasoning with Semitic religious or political tenets, they are absolute and anti-natural.

Going back to preferences, most people prefer to associate with others who are like themselves, this is an elemental law of nature. They prefer to be around people who look similar, have similar ideas about the word, and have similar interests. This does not mean that they hate those who are different, at most they find them uncomfortable or alien.

I wonder what the establishment’s street level “Social Justice” subversives do when they go to a completely non-European area. According to recent headlines they are simply assaulted like everyone else, simply because they are not Black or Asian, as with the recent cases of the South Poverty Law Centre worker who was killed by non-Europeans for merely looking European. European people have an ancient and incontrovertible natural preference (or right, if we are to protect and enshrine it) to enjoy and naturally prefer to be amongst and celebrate our ethnic folk and ethnic folk culture and traditional spirituality and want to preserve them.

We European folk can appreciate the cultures of others, unlike fanatic Jewish Supremacists. I can appreciate organic Mexican hand-farmed food and I am fascinated by Japanese Samurai culture and weaponry, but I don’t want America to become in any way Japanese or England to become in any way Mexican or Pakistani or Indian.

   The extremist self-styled 'mainstream' Liberals and Conservatives often ludicrously cite foreign food stores as an attempt to illustrate a cultural effect of “multi-racialism/multi-culturalism”, but you can experience foreign food in the supermarket, not through demographic degradation, defilement and mass immigration, there is a clear agenda at play, which pathetic mainstream endorsements of foreign food or culture, simply mask the genocidal intentions and effects thereof.

In order for these different cultures to survive they must continue to be different and that means natural separation, in exactly the identical natural way we evolved in the first place. Our history is a history of ethnic uniqueness and naturally positive separation and so must our future follow on this natural path. Different racial stocks with different resources, different ideas and different motivations made our ethnic peoples, cultures, spiritualities and traditions into what they are today.

To defile them all by enforcing an artificial Semitic ideology of race defilement for all non-Semites is not contributing to diversity, it is destroying diversity, even the glorification of this term “diversity” is in itself horrifically un-natural and another example of what George Orwell diagnosed as political terminology manipulation, as a result of the dominant ideology being subverted by non-indigenous interests.

Wanting to preserve something is not hating something else. Would you ever consider stating that someone who collects boats must hate all cars? Must a steak loving man hate chicken? Does appreciation of English Classical War music or Norwegian authored Audiomachine music mean I have to ‘hate’ Viking-rock or German rock-music?

Of course not, such a reactive illogical instant opposite expectation calculus is inapplicable. Wanting to preserve your specific culture and ancestry is normal, natural and commendable.

All ethnic groups of people are encouraged to do so except Europeans, this is an injustice that all ordinary people must fight against.

Europeans need to begin standing up for themselves before they are completely marginalized and dis-empowered and disenfranchised, with every non-European ethnic immigrant that enters our land, with each and every non-European voter, we are being systematically disenfranchised to an extent not seen since the imposition of Christianity and rule by monarchy.

For 60 years progressives have been telling us to ignore all the empirical evidence seen through our very eyes and reject what we know in our natural hearts. Nature will not be ignored forever and the rising Folkish and Nationalistic tendencies in Europe are evidence of this.

The rise and re-emergence of Asatro is the ultimate indicator or this, like Heimdallr raising tall the horn of war, Gjallarhorn and becoming the beginning of Ragnarok, we Asatro folk are a sure indicator of folkish nature returning to the lives and souls of our folk on a scale and intensity not seen for over a thousand years!

Now is the time to decide the course of our future. Those who will not stand up for themselves will be discarded upon the “ash heap of history”, otherwise known as irrelevance, systematic failure and socio-political Helheimr, for in failing to stand up for your people you are stifling our collective effort to define our own destiny.

Will you throw away the blood sweat and tears of your ancestors due to sheer laziness?

Will you throw away a gift that was 40,000 years in the making?

Time is running out, take action, write articles, inform and inspire our folk to truly national action.

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