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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 5th day of Winterfiylleth-mōnaþ2264.RE / 5th day of October 2014
Folkish Asatru
   Our ancestral Gods and Goddesses will do nothing for us that we are not willing to do on behalf of our folk ourselves.
Asatru is a folkish philosophy rooted in self reliance, self inspiration and self governance.
Asatru is the spirituality of the truly free members of our folk.
Asatru is freedom, for it is the unleashing of our natural and therefore ultimately most suitable perspective on nature, ourselves as a part of nature and our lives, through this freedom to think as we are as biological beings is unleashed.

At the fundamental core of Asatru is an uncompromising understanding that upon our shoulders rests our future, upon our actions shall rise and fall the fate of our people, as the moon dictates the rise and fall of the tides, we too must utilize our gravity as members of our folk to pull and rise our folk in the direction of our national uplifting, purification, correction and all future self-augmentation and intrinsically Asatru informed political ideals centred around our folk and ourselves as a part of our free thinking, Nordic & Germanic folk, both in our deeds and our spiritual perspective, that enables and motivates those deeds.

An Asatru informed individual, group or in the future our entire folk population, will demonstrate an intensely self-reliant ethos, that produces heroes and heroines from all of the ordinary folk, fields and fields of heroes led forth by a love of their folk and the purity of their folk spirits is the future that would unfold before an Asatru informed Northern European population.

The resurgence of Asatru is the 2nd enlightenment of Europe, it is the 2nd renaissance, the final triumph over the vile, anti-intellectual, anti-natural legacy of Judeo-Christianity and all its mutations and subsequent secular aberrations, such as Marxism and anti-Liberal-Liberalism.

In a crisis an Asatru civilization intrinsically pressures itself to perform and to surpass all obstacles to not only survive but to efficiently safeguard itself and to triumph in the most effective, ruthless and enigmatic way.

The same is true of Asatru informed individuals, this is the core fundamental motivationary truth at the core of Asatru, and is the hyper-practical justification behind re-connecting with your ancient Germanic ancestral spirituality through Asatru: it makes you into a spiritually, culturally and emotionally stronger and more refined individual, it gives you the freedom of your own ethnic spirituality, as a part of a wider Asatru folk, or even as a singular individual, tied together through one common bond: our beautiful English ancestry.

Asatru has no weaknesses, Asatru has no flaws, Asatru has no Achilles heel, Asatru is a motivationary catalyst that multiplies and purifies the combined total effect and capacity of the intrinsic exceptional excellence of our folk to new heights.

   As English folk, like all Northern European folk, our potential as a civilization and as individuals would be maximized through allowing and inspiring ourselves to return to our pure, ancient Germanic spirituality.

Asatru has the potential to fill the void in the beings of so many people who have grown up without spirituality and yet yearn for something more and have a deep connection with nature.

   Asatru will naturally once again become the majority spirituality of Northern Europeans, it is statistically the only religions growing amongst Northern Europeans, it is not a matter of if, but rather of when.

That is up to those like yourself, whether you dedicate yourself to promoting the true awakening and safeguarding of our racial population through Asatru, or whether you want to let those like myself do all the work alone, I have long since dedicated myself to this path of mine, regardless of whether I have to fight as one or fight alongside many, but what will you do, what are you going to do? or why are you not writing articles or spreading information about Asatru in your own life?

I extend an offer to all genuine, folkish Asatru folk to write alongside me and encourage you even more so to speak about Asatru to people in your life, work-colleagues, fellow students and even to write letters to government officials, reminding them that as Northern Europeans we ourselves have our own, indigenous ethnic spirituality, especially here in England.

Anglo-Saxon Asatru or the worship of the Gods and Goddesses of our ancestors as it would have been called, as I often still call it today, was the most advanced and sophisticated spiritual articulation of Asatru witnessed in any Germanic nation, a spirituality that is more sophisticated and complex than any other spirituality in the world, even according to what evidence and lore we still have today.

It is by no coincidence that England has the highest proportion of stone circles, standing stones and ancient religious monuments in the entire world, it is as a result of our nature as Northern European folk, from our most ancient common progenitor Northern European ancestors to our more recent Anglo-Saxon forefathers, Asatru honours this legacy, I honour this legacy.

We developed our own unrivalled, sophisticated methodology, cosmology and poetry for articulating the essence of Asatru in a pure English manner, we even encoded much of the history of the Danes and Swedes ourselves, as seen through the glimpse into our ancestral honour, glory and ethics that is the epic poem Beowulf, with concepts such as Wyrd and an entirely new and superior Runic Futhorc emerging specifically from England.

   In this line of Asatru philosophy, in accordance with this English legacy I inscribe my words in an attempt to inspire you to do the same, I write to honour and continue our English legacy.

The measure of whether you truly are an Asatru informed individual is defined by one overarching factors alone: your dedication to our Northern European folk as an intrinsic racial part of our wider racial folk population.

The measure of whether you truly are an English individual is likewise, whether you are truly dedicated to our elegant, ethereal, enigmatic, extraordinary and elemental English folk, spiritually, culturally and racially through yourself as an ethnically English individual, as one of the sons or daughters of England.
I sincerely hope that as an English person you understand this message, let it inspire you to great valour and intellectual courage, both as an intrinsic part of our ethnic folk and in accordance with the interests of all our English folk and a mutual support of all our fellow sacred Northern European brethren.
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