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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 21st day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 21st day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
Asatro: The awakening:
Asatru Awakening
The contemporary resurgence of Asatro
It is beyond any doubt that Asatro is an ethnic Northern European faith, this is beyond dispute and is self evident, both from its ancient origins, their exclusively Northern European and Germanic origins, authors and eighteen thousand plus year genealogy back through proto-Asatro variants as proven by archaeological discoveries of religious iconography and items, in England some more than eighteen thousand years old indicating worship of Goddesses and Gods.

Asatro is also undeniably Germanic as gauged simultaneously from its modern proponents in their Germanic nature, as with my future and present efforts as a Germanic and the small number of Asatro predecessors such as the briefly successful Danish woman Else Christensen (our Danish kin-folk are extraordinary) and prior to her: several key influential folkish antiquarian figures, archaeologists and archive researchers who were crucial in identifying and discovering so many of the key texts and artefacts containing vital information that inform our ancient ancestral faith, such as with the re-discovery of the Merseburg Charms by the German Georg Waitz in 1841, which were concealed in the spine paper of another book and are the only surviving Asatro beliefs encoded in Old High German.
Despite the vile, manipulative defilement attempts by Jewish Supremacist, Catholic and Socialist state elements and often-times overtly Jewish or non-Germanic individuals in the post 1960s America in infiltrating Asatru, as seen in the American Asatru scene as early as the 1970s and 80s and subsequently in the fractured and failed ‘British’ Odinist scene, Asatru has remained folkish and Germanic despite this.

Surprisingly even in this era of defilement and secular-Christian political hegemony Asatro has both survived AND remained defiantly folkish and Germanic, this is testament to the remarkable intrinsic folkish nature of Asatro as simultaneously just about every other spirituality, even other pagan spiritualities, as with the Druids or Celtic Pagans, have been either heavily subverted by Judeo-Christian elements or overtly taken over by Jewish and Christian self-appointed and simultaneously illegitimate leaders and subversive elements intent on seeing the destruction, defilement and spiritual stagnation of those attempted re-constructions of the pre-Judeo-Christian spiritual traditions of European folk.

Asatro has survived these attempts, and it has done so with absolute ease, demonstrated self-evidently by the fact that I can still write and lead an Asatro awakening effort in this manner today, enabled by the fact that the vast majority of Ásatrúar are folkish, not only from the visible internet based individual Asatro cultured individuals but even within offline Asatro groups, they are all folkish, even the ones which formally distance themselves from overt racial ideologies, with politically correct disclaimers produced out of their own cowardice (an intrinsically non-Asatru trait), they are still none the less inherently folkish, albeit lacking the moral courage to even state such a position consistently.
This suppression is proof that Asatro folk are subject to religious discrimination by Jewish and Christian manipulators primarily.
Within Asatro even as Jewish infiltrators tried to take over emergent groups (and many did) or influence such Asatru groups that were folkish, they can never achieve success in holding back and defiling our Germanic spirituality, quite frankly because Asatro groups that are non folkish collapse through losing the support of the only demographics that support Asatro.
When Asatro groups are made non-folkish or non-Asatro, it always follows that these Asatro groups collapse before Asatro as an intrinsically folkish ethnic spirituality ever compromises, as with the collapse of American Asatru groups as a result of the leadership infiltration of non-folkish, Jewish elements, this is the nature of Asatro that Asatro inclined individuals would rather not support a organization that becomes non-folkish, which is natural and thus positive.

Thus in the wake of such defilement attempts, genuine folkish Asatro awakening movements, which at the end of day are only ever groups of like-minded, coordinated and motivated Asatro folk can create a national resurgence in Asatro without compromise, as you are witnessing here.

Even when those who adhere to Asatro live among an ideologically defiled and racially degraded world, a world suffocating in universalism, multiculturalism (cultural nothingness and unending conflict) and egalitarian dysgenics, Asatro despite all, remains strong and pure.

   And all those efforts that attempted to defile it find their efforts gradually fail and their effects are eventually corrected and undone by pure, individual Germanic Asatro leaders and advocates, which is where I come in, in my personal, future sacrificial life-long dedication of my life’s purpose and potential to the restoration of Asatro, to reclaim, facilitate and augment the elegant resurgence of our extraordinary Germanic English folk.

By definition any Asatro that is not folkish, simply ceases to be classified as Asatro, and even then the non-Asatro-Asatru are an absolute minority, literally numbering in the ones and twos, barely worth mentioning and often-times are revealed as fanatical Christian or Jewish defilers solely operating website pages in order to attempt to disrupt or dilute the otherwise overtly and professionally folkish Asatro scene.
The development and devolution of Asatro back into the pure hearts, minds and lives of our folk through my efforts and the efforts of my allies now faces only two opposing forces:
   The Primary recurring enemy facing the restoration and national resurgence of Asatro are the malicious, subversive and seditious Semitic or Semitic-influenced establishment and their silent under-hand attempts to disrupt the resurgence of Asatro before it even gains traction. This includes ideological groups such as the Labour party, the Catholic church and legions of Semitic indoctrinated individuals who seek to defile, downgrade and ultimately, brutally spite or suppress the development and resurgence of Asatro, often-times through the promotion of Christianity and other Jewish Ideologies culturally, politically or spiritually, at all levels from the education system, national media, the Judeo-Christian political establishment and Jewish hate groups and campaign groups that prop up Christianity or fanatically promote Atheism.

   Secondly and probably the most dwarfing opponent of Asatro is the weakness of all Asatro organisation efforts, on a national and international level, caused overwhelmingly by inaction, i.e: a lack of collective motivation, whereby individuals alone are forced to bear upon their shoulders the entire future prospects of Asatro alone.
I have known this truth for over a year now through my personal experience with nothing more than a 15 strong Asatro meeting group, facing the insurmountable task of re-taking and re-awakening our entire nation, which when not due to direct defilement by our the primary threat of Semitic defilers and the subsequent cultural atmosphere, is an effort brought down by one force and one force alone, the inaction of the collective Asatru folk.
   The disorganization or de-motivation of awakened individuals is a psychological phenomena that is preventing the resurgence of Asatro and thus our ethnic folk.
For if we Asatro folk were highly motivated in large enough numbers not even overt Semitic defilement could hold us back, nothing could prevent a large co-ordinated group of awakened Asatro folk from awakening the rest of our folk, not even the entire combined national media and political establishment could suppress or placate an awakened Asatru informed general population, stemming from an initial co-ordinated awakening effort of several thousand organised and highly motivated Asatro folk.
   The absence of this force is self-evidently preventing Asatro from re-surging and awakening our folk at the speed that it could be.
Statistically according to Research from the historian Ronald Hutton, generic indigenous Pagan faiths are the most rapidly growing faiths in the UK, this rate although is not fast enough and Asatro folk do are not the majority of the wider category of pagan folk at this moment in time, due secondarily to the absence of an co-ordinated Asatro folk awakening cultural campaigning group.

This is where my plans come into play, to overcome this deficiency, to inspire other Asatro folk to persevere in becoming positive and practical in a collective Asatro folk effort to awaken hundreds of thousands of our fellow Germanic folk to our ancestral faith and to establish nationwide Asatro infrastructure and moots that are morally courageous and defiant in our positively articulated folkish nature.
   The statement by John Stuart Mill that "Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing." and the common statement attributed to Burke that “all it takes for evil to succeed is for a few good men to do nothing”, reigns so true for us Asatro folk, for if we do nothing, or even do anything less than give our all, we face letting evil triumph, evil being the complete domination spiritually, politically and then racially of Semitic philosophies and their designed attempted defilement and degradation of our beloved Germanic folk.
Our beloved folk are the descendants of the very same Northern Germanic folk blood that originally evolved with and thus created what we now call Asatro, in its non-yet forgotten and purest resurgent form.
Protecting our ancestral spirituality is never enough, it must be nurtured and grown as an intrinsic part of our folk existence for it to be restored within the lives of all our folk.
This is the fundamentally necessary and beneficial nature of Asatro, in order to ensure its survival, as a folkish spirituality, it requires intrinsically and religiously that we elegantly ensure and enshrine the total and beautiful ethnic existence of our folk.

It is through this unfaltering understanding of Asatro that the folkish nature of Asatro can be truly appreciated, for it requires our Germanic folk to exist and to exist in a state where we are continually enlarging and enhancing ourselves, just as in the long term we Germanic folk require Asatro to achieve and unlock our true aesthetic and existential potential: spiritually, scientifically, creatively, culturally and politically.

Requiring that our natural, psychologically complimenting ancestral spirituality and ethnic self-expression of Asatro exists to embrace our folk as we embrace our Gods and Goddesses in return as they flow within the lives, minds and restored ethnic culture of our folk.
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