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Article Author: English News.org / Article Published: 25th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 25th Night of April 2019.CE
Black and Minority Ethnic Crime Has undermined Urban Policing
The Westminster or Londonistan Regime is further destroying the efficiency, effectiveness and conditions of deployment and daily operation for our police forces. The most detrimental thing the regime is doing, that affects policing is importing massive numbers of non-white migrants who are in many categories of crime, not only hundreds of percent overrepresented but thousands of percent overrepresented per capita compared to the prior crime levels. This is evident most recently evident in the year long 'crisis' of knife crime committed by Blacks on Londonistan against literally everyone including their own demographics.
Many Europeans in Londonistan have been killed by Black criminals. The Westminster regime's approach is to throw more money at the black hole that is police financing.  The entire establishment and the heads of the police need to be on trial for neglecting their duties to our nation and worsening the situation, managing a steady decline into normalised mass-criminality at the hands of migrants and non-European criminals primarily of African and Pakistani racial backgrounds (knife crime and organised rape especially).

This is especially clear in the example of Rotherham and its cover-up for years. See  this article for details (the Rotherham Report is linked in the article).  The political establishment will pay for their inaction against and in-fact covering up of the crimes of non-Europeans against us for decades, nearing a century of lies and suppression of the ever increasing severity of the problem which has a direct correlation with (as it is primarily caused by) the increase of the non-European population.

There is no point giving a penny to the police if you are allowing in a huge transient population of foreign criminals in addition to massive numbers of statistically more criminally inclined races to take over entire sections of urban areas.
In addition to this the disgusting filling of the police with leftwing subversives who refuse to even investigate minority criminals or who are encouraged to not stop and search minorities or whom are more likely to self-censure in their operational capacity to conduct basic checks and security operations.

The police refuse to go into Mosques for example.

I know this personally. During the filming of my little documentary I made back in 2015, the Page Hall Sheffield documentary (which Dr Kevin MacDonald did some audio for). I will be re-making this documentary. However the original filming was cut short partly due to the Pakistani community threatening to kill me personally after I was seen filming in the area. The Pakistani in question who threatened to kill me (who is still wanted by the police, though they do nothing to look for the suspect and never did)went into a Mosque, the police who reluctantly turned up after 20 or more minutes refused to go into the said Mosque or Islamic Centre because as the police officer said "that community has a lot going for it right now internationally".

That is a perfect quote of what the pathetic police officer said to me about why he was refusing to go into the Mosque to arrest the Pakistani who committed a hate crime against me as a English person and also threatened to kill me, which it said in public, I even recorded the image of the person in 1080p video which the police were given a copy of. They did nothing... A threat to kill an independent (racial-nationalist) journalist, which is effectively what I am, other than being a political campaigner technically. I will go over this in full detail in the re-make of that documentary and probably also at some point talking about it on a radio show with Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting / Renegade Tribune.

Recent headlines show the effect of the Westminster Regime's manufacturing of an artificial situation where policing becomes practically impossible. This has caused in many non-white occupied cities such as Manchester a situation where 60% of all crime is not pursued, mostly low level crime but none the less this makes people flee an area. 'White flight' as the BBC enthusiastically called it, which in reality is English people with standards moving out of occupied areas for ultimately racially-rooted quality of life reasons.
Violent crime is increasing whilst police numbers and the % of crime pursued by the police is dropping. This is a deliberate disregard for us English folk in our own nation by the Jewish Supremacist aligned political establishment.
The current cuts and reductions of the Police are a threat to our future security. In the intermission between now and when we retake our governments and expel the non-white criminal hordes we are going to witness continual Police cuts and diverting of Police resources to urban, non-white populated areas. This will lead to a reduction in our own police numbers in the countryside and English areas, where non-white criminals will start targeting. We will subsequently, organically force our own police forces. They will start from neighbourhood watch programs that go independent from police oversight or registration.

Then they will include efforts by people with investments, such as what we saw with shopkeepers during the Londonistan predominantly-black and minority ethnic riots, where shopkeepers formed lines with their brooms along the fronts of their shops. However throughout England, there will emerge a need for a Police force, an actual loyal, English police force for us, made by us, staffed by us, for only those members of our nation. This time will come if the current Regime continues on its current trajectory. This informal policing and vigilante protection service network will then evolve into and become employed as our actual police force and potential also form the basis for the huge expansion of our military and police when we take back the Governance of our nation.

Only we English folk who love our nation will do what it takes to protect our racial nation. The current establishment not only do not care about us: they hate us and disregard our racial future, with many of them openly seeking to undermine that future viciously. We will overcome them, justice and retribution shall be served.

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