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Article author: John Nordsson, Asatro News / Published: 1st day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 1st day of December (known as before (Ærra) Yuletide (Yēola)' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
Asatru Message
It is unquestionable and absolute that there is something very wrong with our society today.
Yet in the present time the majority of people fail to fully recognize and even deny the gravity of the situation. Those of us who do see through the devious noxious fog of lies that seem to fool so many of our people find ourselves with this realization of an arduous responsibility.

We have pierced through the fog and have seen the assailants in the mist. We can clearly perceive that there is real danger and that our assailants ultimate goal is nothing less than the complete and utter destruction of the infinitely resplendent European genome.

A sanguinary (bloodthirsty) religious cult hell-bent on global domination that sees all outsiders as soulless animals fit only for slavery are the very ones that control our political discourse and international financial they own our newspapers and make the movies and television we watch and their lobby groups control our government bureaucracies.

They have unleashed an unfathomably endless horde from the Third world, non-European global majority which are now defiling and ruining our ancestral lands and countries, ultimately having the capability of completely overwhelming our global Germanic minority irreversibly, to our own fellow European peoples who encourage our demise with their ignorance of the truth or through the inaction of the awakened, and our political leaders who actively seek to destroy us with cruel and malicious laws and polices manipulated into being by very same Jewish Supremacist lobbyists.
This is indeed a type of cold war fought in a clandestine manor that leaves us with our own armies being turned inward and used to attack us rather than defend.

Leaving us absently missing a standing visible defensive forces as such we have always traditionally relied upon.
Our adversaries blind our young with traduce sword and silence their voices with insidious censorship.

This is definitely not an easy thing as of now to overcome, to break through the restraints that bind us we face misplaced judgment and hostility from our own folk who find themselves still in the chains of slavery.

Yet you yourself have found sight where once there was but apathetic ignorance although we can only win this war to awaken and safeguard our people by first making ourselves politically and culturally battle ready.

It is now your duty to release all of the stored and dormant potential bestowed in your genes.
It is time to shed weakness and to garner strength, it is now the proverbial winter and those who are lazy will not survive to the glorious spring that awaits the worthy.
Use your ability to see the world as it is and the subsequent putridity you see in its Judeo hypocrisies and injustices against our people, use them as fuel for your motivational fire.
Dodge the pitfalls of temptations and see what is vital. Educate yourself and your children, acquire new skills and knowledge necessary on your path of greatness.

This will be different for each of us but there are the commonalities of failure and success, and these are simply the qualities with which were found either so favorably desirable or abhorrently condemnable and repulsive to our people for a millennium.  This has ingrained in us these concepts and notions, so much so that we do not need to be taught these things they are apparent to us and apart of us on the most basic level and effect the way we feel and react to the environment around us.
The qualities with which we need to embrace and become blindingly argent examples of are the following states of mind and being: Courageousness, Nobility, Wisdom, Poise, Loyalty, Disciplined, Organized, Focused, Visionary, Joyful and Industrious.

For so long these have been cherished by our people for they are the modes of success and happiness and ultimately survival. On the other side of the whole and perhaps more importantly the ultimate evils we need to shun, discourage and loath are the qualities such as cowardliness, ignorance, complacency, greed, cruelty and languor (which is defined as physical or mental laziness.)

Take logical and natural precautions to maintain your health, for it is more important to your political well being than you realize. Take care of your body with good food that is not harbouring estrogen mimicking chemicals, or has been regularly sprayed with harmful pesticides. Wear clothing made from traditional natural fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, leather and wool and avoid the man made chemical based fibres of polyester, spandex and nylon. Exercise for stamina and weight train for strength, make your body as hard as is your resolve for change.

Asatru implores us to action and through the archetype of Idunna, to excellent health and sustained well-being that can only be achieved by your own dedication.

Take care of your mind by reading great books and avoid the garbage of Hollywood, avoid brainwashing, mind numbing commercials, search out for good epic-music, incorporate business professional grade objective self-reflection on your objectives as a daily practice.

Make your mind as boundless and powerful as is the love for your people and actually proceed to prove it through a dedication to your folk, through writing articles to awaken and maintain the inspiration of hundreds of fellow Ásatrúar, to have the maximum effect possible and to thence forth awaken new individuals to our folk spirituality and politics.

In defence of all our beloved Germanic folk in all our lands, from England to Canada (my home) alike.
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