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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 15th day of Winterfiylleth-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 15th day of October 2014
Mass-Immigration enables and causes Slavery

Immigration is the single largest enabling factor in modern Slavery, both amongst immigrants and our folk who become the slaves of immigrant criminals.

   "The victims of modern slavery can be a variety of people – but it's anybody who finds themselves entrapped in a situation where they are abused or exploited,"
   -Debbie Beadle, ECPAT UK's head of youth development Debbie Beadle.

   "The majority of cases have been people who have been trafficked from overseas and across state borders into the UK, although there are a number of victims who are trafficked within the UK,"
   -Samantha Godec, Salvation Army Anti-trafficking Response Team.

   "Traffickers will seek out vulnerable adults who may have dependencies or may have debts and they traffic them for labour exploitation, which could involve the men being forced into work in fields or agricultural produce so they’ll be working extremely long hours, in terrible conditions, for little or no pay,"
   "Victims may think they are coming to the UK for a job, a better life, an education or to be looked after by somebody... when they arrive here it’s a very different story."
   "Let's not forget the Oxford and Rochdale [and Rotherham] cases, which involved British home-grown girls being trafficked within the United Kingdom [primarily by Pakistanis] for sexual exploitation,"
   -Home Office Slavery documentary

Mass immigration does not benefit our folk and also enables the slavery of thousands of immigrants, many of whom are from Eastern Europe, increasingly many thousands of our young daughters and sons are forced into slavery by immigrants within our own nation.

The shocking revelations by the home office documentary release annihilate all moral arguments that immigration is a positive force, the reality is that immigrants are increasingly becoming both the victims and victimizers in slavery.

Slavery exists within the UK almost exclusively as a result of and within these immigrant communities and as a continued product of their offensive interactions: entrapments and onslaughts against our folk in enslaving thousands of young English girls and even young boys for use as prostitutes. This can no longer be denied.

Many thousands of Eastern European immigrants are also taken advantage of by Pakistani and other non-European immigrant groups for exploitation in sex slavery, domestic slavery and as drug mules.

Currency smuggling and drugs smuggling by Pakistani and Arab immigrants has also occurred recently in relation to the ongoing Syrian conflict.

It is undeniable that across every immigrant group and in almost every area of our nation, immigration enables slavery, slavery that is increasingly afflicting our people and ruining countless thousands of lives.
Any moral argument that immigration helps the vulnerable has just been annihilated.
The British government abolished slavery in 1806 only to have Pakistani and countless other non-European immigrants revive slavery domestically and internationally. The state of Israel is renown as one of the international centres of a degenerate expansion in exploitative sex slavery, whereby Jewish Israeli sex-slavers trade in Eastern European women, primarily Ukrainian victims.

Almost all historical cases of slavery were also enabled by acts of immigration, which were all un-natural, such as the Jewish finance dominated trans-Atlantic slave trade or the Arabic slave trade in Eastern European 'Slavs', all of which relied on some elemental act of forced anti-natural immigration and subsequent slavery of the artificially moved groups for labour, prostitution or political power.

Immigration and slavery as political phenomenon are often fundamentally connected and co-dependent.

Modern slavery relies upon immigration, if we were to permanently end and reverse the artificially imposed immigration of non-Northern Europeans into Northern Europe we could end 99% of cases of slavery in Northern Europe, protecting ourselves and potentially countless tens of thousands of Eastern Europeans and preventing third world (non European) slavery traditions, especially Jewish prostitution rings, from creeping into our nation, which in turn would help to restrict and prevent the further growth of slavery in numerous other countries.

Ending immigration and deporting all non-European immigrants is again proven to be the most natural and moral standpoint.

The Jewish lobbying of our immigration laws evidently is a causal factor in the now revived slave and exploitation trade that is plaguing inner city urban areas of the UK, among immigrants and increasingly inflicting damage upon our native population, altogether creating a horrifically increasing frequency in cases of mutilation, murder, sex-slavery and racially motivated entrapment, as was conclusively proven in Rotherham.

How long will you let the ongoing crimes against our people continue before speaking out?

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