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The purpose of this page is to educate readers of English News and inform them of English News Legal Team policies.
If you do not recieve a Weekly Sunday Email Update after registering for one: forward your automatic registration email to the email on the front page.
Please note that although most often weekly, some weeks the Weekly Email may be missed but should always go out every 2 weeks.
Groups or websites that immitate, steal or repost content without permission or attribution (links to this website at the top and bottom of an article with no more than 200 words of the article copied with the bottom link titled 'Continue Reading' hyperlinked to this website to the article page directly) are liable for copyright infringement which will be prosecuted. No warnings will be given for copyright violations before the legal notice unless English News administrators decide otherwise via other forms of settlement compensation or out-of-court compensation/a permanent link at the top of your frontpage to this website as compensation, etc.

The English News Legal Team will also seek to take legal action against any website, media company or group that immitates or copies specific tactics, styles, stylistic approaches, page ideas or political ideas presented on EnglishNews.org or any of our social media projects. This includes theft by political parties, websites, media companies or individual personalities. All unique original content, images and ideas on EnglishNews.org are copyrighted by precedent.
By visiting this website directly or through links on 3rd party platforms and willingly reading its content you waive any claims of being 'targeted' or 'harassed'. For you intentionally read this website. Any claims of 'distribution of offensive material' are voided. It is not the intention whatsoever for this website to cause offense, any rational human can see that the aim of this website is to provide media support and political momentum to our positive English Reclamation ideals, views and projects/parties involved. Offending our opponents is not a part of our warplan. However we understand that vicious, subversive individuals will make this claim without legal authority or any logic nor legitimacy.
By visiting this website for the 1st time or repeatedly you agree to waive any claims of being offended.

If you or any media entity you collaborate with makes false claims of being offended, targetted or engage in libel or slander against English News and then retract your statements only when sent a legal letter of notice, as a cover for attempting to get away with libel and slander and false claims, the English News Legal Team will come after you regardless of whether you retracted statements with a lawsuit forcing you personally and any parties you represent into court for libel or slander as suits, where you will then be forced to admit you made false claims (and wasting police time, follow-up lawsuits, etc) or committ perjury (perverting the course of justice) by repeating your claims in court that you thought you could get away with making and then retracting.
Under Section 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967, it is an offence to cause a wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making a false report – either orally or in writing – to the police or anyone else that:
  • an offence has been committed;
  • there is a real threat to the safety of any persons or property; or
  • they have relevant information concerning some police enquiry.
Making false complaints of 'offense' or 'hate crimes', (which this website has recieved and all have been proven false) and thus wasting Police time will result in charges against your person for wasting police time.
"Making a false report could lead to a fine, a conviction for wasting  police time or even a prison sentence for the more serious offence of  perverting the course of justice.  The offence [of wasting police time] carries a maximum penalty  of six months imprisonment."
Making a false complaint to the Police with the intention of getting someone arrested to cause disruption or harm or distress to them or their life (including to attempt to shutdown EnglishNews.org as a part of that disruption) qualifies within the definition of an offense carrying a potential six month prison sentence as detailed above from a police source.

Making false claims of being 'personally targetted as a member of a racial/religious/sexual group' in order to achieve the above, when stated in court, your lies (as with all lies in court that attempt to 'pervert the course of justice') of being 'targetted' or 'offended' when this is not the case and you actually made those false claims to try to shutdown English News or the English Reclamation movement, if proven, qualifies as perjury which comes with a 4 to 36 month (3 year) prison scentence.

Making false statements in court, such as that you were offended, when your actual intention is to cause harm to EnglishNews.org or any of our writer's or distributor's reputations, legal situation or finances will bring you into conflict with perjury rules and is a subsection of 'Perverting the course of Justice' and likely  results in a 2+ year prison scentence before we even get to the libel/slander fines and prosecution.

The English News Legal team will pro-actively go after libelous and slanderous social media posters, websites, media companies and governments themselves to protect our rights and our movement's potential. Using the word 'alleged' or writing your slander in the context 'it is thought' will be rightfully seen as an attempt to provide legal cover for what is just your slander and libelous claims to attempt to undermine the potential of EnglishNews.org and all associated projects, campaigns and parties.
You agree to enter into a legally binding Non-Disclosure Agreement between yourself and EnglishNews.org in the handling and exclusive access to unique content relayed via private email communication between yourself and EnglishNews.org.

Prohibiting the publishing of any information from EnglishNews.org to any 3rd party or for use by yourself as an entity in competition with EnglishNews.org

Any entity publishing or releasing any information contained within the email communications between EnglishNews.org and yourself as a party are bound by this Non-Disclosure Agreement agree to be subject to a surrendering/penalty of one million pounds (GBP).

This NDA will be in effect permanently within the statutes of limitation for violations of Non-Disclosure Agreements from the recorded time of agreement and cannot be exited upon cancelation of weekly email communications. Any future disclosures of or publishing of material in the weekly updates is a violation of this Non-Disclosure Agreement. Which you and through you on behalf of any publishing entity, media group, campaign group of any kind, individual, website, company, charity or government are bound to upon penalty of one million pounds (GBP).

Any group or individual or owner of a program that accesses and publishes this information agrees to be liable upon revealing any material contained within or confidential communciations between said parties and EnglishNews.org or any persons involved with EnglishNews.org. Through publishing any material obtained through violation of this NDA you are revealed as the party who violated this NDA.

As an employee, reporter, journalist, researcher, investigator or any form of programmer or individual working officially or unofficially with any publishing entity you understand that you extend this NDA to include any entity you share this information with and they become part of the liable party in the event this NDA is violated, defacto liability resides with the publishing entity(s) be they an individual, group or consortium of any kind officially or unofficially. Accessing information stolen from EnglishNews.org printed anywhere and then relaying that information further may be regarded as possesion of stolen property.

By ticking the check box on the Email signup: "I (Yourself and any 3rd parties via you if you violate this NDA) hereby sign and agree to this NDA with EnglishNews.org in its entirety on behalf of myself and any parties involved."
Upon reciept of your 1st weekly email all contents are bound by this NDA.
(Standard Business and publishing NDA)
Contact English News if you are a lawyer of any level of legal experience who wishes to be involved in high profile pro-active cases. Including before the United Nations Human Rights Court on behalf of our cause on various specific cases as well as against the government and hostile individuals and entities.

Contact English News if you wish to engage in legal protection work for English News or agree with our views and want to operate with a legal team that shares your views.

As the English News Legal team and English Reclamation movement grows we will be able to pay our own legal team instead of them working pro-bono on cases. English News can already pay all expenses for our Legal Team, including travel, accomodation, printing of paperwork etc.

All members of the English News legal team will be compensated by any future English Reclamation government for their service before the point where the English Reclamation movement was capable of paying their wages (above baseline expenses) directly in full. Additonally future national awards for sacrificial service and heroism and potentially government legal roles will be given by the future English Reclamation government to those legal professionals who assisted in protecting the English Reclamation movement in its early phases against Semitic defilers and saboteurs on our rise to National Government.
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