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Article Author: English News.org / Article Published: 11th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 11thNight of April 2019.CE
Corrupt, Referendum-Ignoring Londonistan Regime Abducts Wikileak's Assange due to abandonment by the corrupt and Catholic Ecuadorian President.
Julian Assange has today been arrested. The false charges made against him in Sweden have since expired. However the whole justification for his time in the Ecuadorian embassy still stands and was confirmed as the agenda for his arrest by the illegitimate Regime in Londonistan by its criminal leader: Theresa May who is currently suppressing the biggest democratic mandate in UK history (17.4million of us who voted to leave the Jewish EU):

"I am sure that the whole house will welcome the news this morning that the Metropolitan Police have arrested Julian Assange– arrested for breach of bail after nearly seven years in the Ecuadorian embassy. He has also been arrested in relation to an extradition request from the United States’ authorities. This is now a legal matter before the courts. The home secretary will make a statement on this later... This goes to show that, in the United Kingdom, no one is above the law."
-Theresa May, the Illegitimate face of the vile Londonistan, Westminster Regime.

It seems however that through ignoring the March the 29th deadline that the Westminster Regime itself is outside of the law. What she means is no-one who opposes the Westminster Regime or its criminal international 'friends and allies' can avoid prosecution, persecution and even deportation for accusations from foreign states' legal systems. This trajectory is in direct violation of our recently displayed wish for national independence in law, finance, immigration policy and legislative sovereignty.
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Julian Assange co-founded Wikileaks and was crucial in holding together Wikileaks over many years, some say his leadership style was chaotic although, regardless he was involved in publishing many critical documents that have accelerated an awakening against the corrupt nature of our governments. Of particular importance are the leaks relating to foreign, Israeli-desired wars participated in by the Israeli dominated foreign policy of the US, almost all of NATO and key allies against: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, etc

Wikileaks in this regard has made great contributions to the awakening of our people vs. Jewish Supremacist foreign policy manipulation in relation to internal corruption and the lack of oversight or accountability that allows such to occur.

Wikileaks has also exposed corruption in the third world, released financial corruption information regarding international tax avoidance methods and angered even Ecuador, that was formerly hosting him in their embassy. This showed that Assange did not bend the knee to any of these countries and cared for the truth. There have been accusations that Assange is selective and biased in what Wikileaks publishes, this is not true when it comes to documents: where they publish full documents unlike other media companies and in doing so, do a great job in exposing CIA, MI5 and other intelligence assets. However it may be true that Wikileaks staff may be biased in the kind of material they choose to publicise, they have undoubtedly received files they have not published and that they should have drawn more attention to when they put them on their databases.

Assange did a fantastic job in recently helping to leak Vatican documents exposing their corruption, this seems to be one of the primary reasons the Catholic non-white country of Ecuador decided to terminate his tenure at the Embassy and actually invited the Police onto Ecuadorian territory (the embassy) to stop Assange from escaping potentially via a running effort after it became clear he was likely going to be expelled. The corrupt Ecuadorian President brought up silly examples such as Assange blocking security cameras watching him in the Embassy to provide a list of superficial technical excuses to expel him, when in reality is was self-interested and blind loyalty to the alleged Criminal entity known as the Catholic Church that is at the core of the Ecuadorian betrayal of Wikileaks:

"The most recent incident occurred in January 2019, when WikiLeaks leaked Vatican documents".
- President of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno

It is suitable that such a unprincipled rejection of freedom of information comes from a non-white named Lenin. The disgusting, biased leader made a video explaining his bias and hatred of the truth but only when it exposes something he agrees with (such as the paedophile dominated Catholic Church). The corrupt Ecuadorian President views that act as illegal but yet cares nothing for the leaked US security documents. It is clear that like all corrupt leaders such as Theresa May, what is defined as legal and illegal has more to do with the interests of the governmental ideology of the regime than of true law which is based on the national interests of the people who founded a government or fund its existence, originally for their own benefit. This is clear that almost all governments today do not exist in accordance with these principles. And it is not surprising that the rogue Londonistan regime of Theresa May has decided to arrest Julian Assange with part of that arrest now openly being admitted as being part of an extradition request.

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