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Article author: Lars Alfgrim, English Asatro / Published: 24th Night of Ærra Līþa 2265.RE / 24th Night of June 2015.CE
The Judeo-Christian Subversion & Defilement of Teutonic Racial spirit, morality & law

The Teutonic tribes of Europe originally lived by their indigenous law since time immemorial. However, Roman law was introduced in Teutonic lands soon after their almost always extremely violent, forced spiritual defilement from Asatru to artificial Semitic constituted Christianity.

Charlemagne, who was nothing but a reprehensible traitor to all the traditional Teutonic thedes, was made emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and deemed the heir of the Western Roman Empire. The Teutonic thedes under Charlemagne were culturally, spiritually, and legally subverted by the Roman Empire as their unique system of indigenous culture, spirituality, and law was replaced by Judeo-Christianity. Charlemagne, deeming himself a Roman emperor, introduced the system of Roman law in his empire as it was thought appropriate that the Roman law should continue under this “Roman emperor.” This should prove to all that the inherent agenda of Judeo-Christianity is to subvert the Teutonic thedes with alien ideas and influences and to weaken their ethnic networks.

Charlemagne was not just a traitor, but he was someone who achieved what no Roman emperor before him had achieved or could have dreamed of to ever achieve in a lifetime or even a thousand years: the complete cultural, spiritual, and legal subversion of a significant portion of the Teutonic thedes. The Teutonic thedes had an indigenous law system that was uniquely appropriate for them. However, the law of the Romans, which was entirely alien to them, was imposed upon them; they were thus made from free men, women, and children to oppressed subjects of the Roman Empire.

What the Roman Empire could never achieve had been accomplished through the subversive Judeo-Christian religion; now a significant portion of all Teutonic thedes had been conquered by the culturally Roman Charlemagne who was obviously a reprehensible traitor to all of the traditional Teutonic thedes, and other Teutonic thedes were soon to follow, as the complete conquest of Teutonic Europe was highest on the agenda of the Church which passionately desired to see the subversion of the valiant and brave Teutonic thedes who were not afraid of fighting for their ethnic interests. Fighting off Muslim and other foreign invaders was actually way down the Judeo-Christian list of priorities, so that no serious nationalist can claim that Europe somehow “needed” Judeo-Christianity.

Christians have also sought to de-legitimise and undermine Teutonic indigenous law by arguing to the effect that Teutonic indigenous law is no law/legislation and that only Roman law is real law/legislation. Not surprisingly, they also claim that Teutonic indigenous law is somehow “primitive” and that the Roman law is basically by far superior. It is not hard to see through the web of lies, but you have to at least stand strong in your opposition to whoever seeks the destruction or demise of our folk. Moreover, the word “law” in English is of Germanic, not Latin, etymological origin.

It became the mission of the Church to eradicate the indigenous legal principles in the Teutonic lands and to replace them with those of the Roman Empire that they favoured and practically stood for. This was a foreign Christian-aided subversion of the Teutonic law that had served our ancestors for generations since the Ice Age. The Church threw out the indigenous legal system with the garbage, so to speak. That is one of greatest offences that the Church has committed against us and our ancestors. They hurt the pride of the Teutonic thedes, and they blatantly destroyed everything that our ancestors had worked for, built up and cherished for thousands of years since time immemorial. The native legal tradition was crushed and marginalised and replaced by the foreign Judeo-Christian-favoured Roman tradition that had nothing to do with the native tradition.

The Church has deliberately hurt our Teutonic ethnic pride, because they really wanted to degrade us and our indigenous traditions. They showed nothing but contempt for what is native to us, and continue to do so up to this day. They – and their secular liberal and communist minions who continue to recklessly spread the same Christian lies around the globe despite the fact that liberals and communists claim to be anti-Christian – call our native culture, people, and spirituality “barbarian,” “primitive,” and “uncivilised.” This is the vile hatred that the Christians have unleashed upon the Teutonic thedes and their ethnic traditions; and yet too many fake-nationalists still claim that Christianity is the answer to our miseries and that our ancestors really were nothing but barbarians who needed Roman culture, language, law, religion, and philosophy to be civilised, which is a blatant lie which shows their deliberate effort to hurt our Teutonic ethnic pride and paint us and our ethnic traditions as nothing but ignorant, backwards, and unworthy of any serious consideration, while exactly that which they want us to ignore is yet the most natural and valuable to us because it genuinely belongs to us and is appropriate for our thedes and our thedes alone.
It is often said that our miseries started when the Jews took over in recent centuries, but our miseries already started when the Jewish-supported Christians took over Teutonic Europe. If anyone believes that the ethnic demise of the West is a problem that started only recently, then they are seriously and obviously deluded.

Our worst ethnic problems started with the inroads of the Christians who were already instruments of the Jews since time immemorial and only ineffectively resisted but a few inconsiderable times Jewish subversion, oppression, and exploitation of ethnic Teutonic or Germanic/Nordic folk.

Judeo-Christianity is essentially the oldest instrument of Jewish Supremacism or Israeli imperialism (as it may now be called) if you will, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that hence Christians also behave and think and act like cultural Jews because they are all radical Jews, culturally speaking, as well as virulent Jew-worshippers. The Christian (Judaized) cultural Jews hate ethnic Germanic folk and our indigenous culture, religion, and law almost as much as the most malicious racial Jews do.

The fact that they did everything to destroy whatever is native to us from culture to religion to law testifies to this. The Christian claim that our ancestors were primitive barbarians is not just a huge insult against us and our very DNA, but it is the ultimate expression of an ancient hatred against our native thedes and their indigenous traditions. Judeo-Christianity hates whatever is native to us because it is simply a foreign creed. When something foreign takes over, it can do nothing but hate whatever went before it, whatever is genuinely native and traditional. Saying that the West has a Judeo-Christian heritage is really the ultimate mockery of the West, and similarly it is just a mockery of Russia to say that this country has a Marxist-Stalinist heritage or something of that sort.

Yes, the West does have a Judeo-Christian baggage and so does Russia have a communist baggage, and they need to get over this past instead of trying to dwell on it by taking pride in these distasteful pasts that are blatant aberrations from their native ways; fixation on these pasts is blocking the resurgence of the real heritage. The only way to reconcile with ourselves is to purge what is not ours, and to readopt in its stead what is uniquely ours. We cannot make “peace” with whatever essentially rebels against our very nature, blood, and spirit; we have to return to who we are, take pride in what is genuinely ours, and abandon whatever makes us something that we are absolutely not.

The foreign creed of Judeo-Christianity can never become native to the Teutonic thedes, and neither can it ever become truly pro-Teutonic. It is regrettable that some who clearly see the demographic, political, and ideological injustice done to the Teutonic thedes suddenly cling to Judeo-Christianity as if it were our native heritage. No! Only if they acknowledge that Asatru is our heritage and that it is necessary to return to our ancestral ways, they will be able to truly save our Teutonic thedes. The native religion of the Teutonic thedes is intricately linked with Teutonic culture, and as a unique expression of this culture, it can also act as a strong defender of Teutonic identity.

The important point to be understood here is that Asatru, the native religion of the Teutonic peoples, is also the most elaborate, unique cultural expression of the Teutonic peoples, and that as such it can only be seen as an indispensable source of native identity and as an extraordinary force of cultural protection that is capable of keeping the unique indigenous ethno-cultural identity of the Teutonic thedes alive and well.

Israeli sponsored ISIS barbarians destroying precious archaeological artefacts reminds me of what Jewish created Christianity did to our lands also. Whenever I have trouble remembering/imagining what the Christians were like to our ancestors, I watch this video. It is the perfect example of barbarity that makes our Asatru-following ancestors’ history with the Christians come to life. It also helps me to understand exactly what Christians are trying to cover up and pretend that never happened. I used to not really understand, but this video clarified things for me; now I know what those repulsive Christian apologists and historians are trying to cover up and hide from the public. This is truly one of my favourite videos, because it exposes the Abrahamic monotheistic mind-set that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common as Semitic religions.

If you think that the destruction of archaeological artifacts is for the mentally deranged, then you should think no higher of Christianity, because they were practically the ISIS of the ancient times. They destroyed sacred shrines, temples, idols, forests, etc. in ancient Teutonic Europe, just like ISIS today in the Middle East. Note how ISIS is also resulting in an increase in non-white immigration over the Mediterranean. However, make no mistake about it, Christians today are really no different from early Christians in spirit; modern Christians may not participate any-more in overt acts of barbarism as their precursors did (other than the overt act of barbarism of allowing and promoting mass-immigration), but they are still participating in the covert barbarian acts of the destruction of the Teutonic indigenous thedes through a variety of subversive, offensive means.

Christians are no friends of the Teutonic thedes, and they never will be, as the historical record also shows that they have never been anything but the self-proclaimed enemies of these noble thedes. They have been waging war on us from the very moment that they wanted to change us and our ways, which is really their most ancient aim. It is our ancestral duty to protect our folk through the noble act of revenge against those who harm us and our friends, family, and folk. Revenge is not a savage act, as Christians would have us believe. No! It is the act of a principled Teuton who cares about his folk.

The best revenge is that of fate, for the odds have started to turn against Judeo-Christianity and its Jewish creators, while they have decisively turned in our favour. The time has come for a folkish revolution. The revolution of the 21st century will not just be a nationalist revolution, but it will be one that will irreversibly turn the powers that be on their head and call for an eternal return to the ancestral ways that have been transmitted and practised by our ancestors who survived the Ice Ages and that have been uniquely ours since time immemorial.

It is said that not even the “rabid nationalism” (to quote the enemy) of the 19th-century was capable of completely eradicating the poignant and deplorable Judeo-Christian influences in the law of Teutonic countries. However, this time things are different. There will be a Folkish Asatru revolution, and the Asatru religion will help us to sweep away all Judeo-Christian influences in the law, creating an entirely folkish kind of law. Ethnic spirituality, thede (genetic folk group), and the subsequently created culture all have a huge influence on the development of law, particularly the role of religious institutions is important in the development of law because our thede’s ethics/morals are obviously encoded in our native religion. Note the archetypical God of justice, Tyr, who was for a time the leader of all the Æsir.

The propaganda machine of the Church propagated since the early 9th century the idea that Charlemagne was the legitimate heir of the Roman emperors, that his empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire, and that therefore Roman law remained in force not only for the Church, but also for the folk. In this manner, the Church subjugated the folk “legally” to the Roman Empire, and achieved what the Roman emperors had never achieved: the subjugation of a significant portion of the Teutonic folk living north of the Rhine. Furthermore, that idea that the Church propagated proves not merely that Charlemagne was just a traitor to the Teutonic folk, but also that he and the Church had in mind the thorough destruction of Teutonic indigenous law by means of imposing Roman law on the Teutonic folk, using the continuation of the Roman Empire in Charlemagne as an excuse.
It also proves that Charlemagne was a cultural Roman, as well as that the Church purely as an organisation was culturally Roman in that it was largely based on Roman cultural institutions. As such, they passionately hated the Teutons and their native traditions, and this hatred continues up to this day. Our Teutonic folk are the victims of a most vile hatred that the Christians brought with them to the native lands of our Teutonic folk, and this gives valid reason to the modern descendants of the ancient Teutonic folk, that is us, to band together against this foreign Semitic hatred.

Moreover, there is no way to make the scientific conclusion or serious claim that the Church and Charlemagne were just “intellectually fascinated” by Roman law; what they did is that they used euphemisms to describe their thorough purge of indigenous law, and they promoted their agenda by making appeals to “Roman glory” which had long since become obsolete, as it was “Teutonic glory” that had defeated the Roman Empire, at least in the predominantly Latin-speaking West that is, as it continued for some time in the predominantly Greek-speaking East. Nevertheless, Roman glory had simply been displaced in the West by Teutonic glory, and the Church and Charlemagne showed their true colours by promoting Roman law instead of Teutonic indigenous law. This is the disgusting anti-Germanic nature of these Judaized subversives who managed to take over our societies, the same grade of subversion as all Judaized leaders since, if not worse, for they were the first and thus worst.

Charlemagne acted like a foreign ruler to the Teutonic folk, and he should definitely be viewed as a foreign subjugating ruler from a cultural perspective if it is our aim to understand better how his Judaized mind worked. He was clearly rather a friend of the Jews and their Christian instruments than the traditional Teutonic folk, this is indisputable, and thus he should not be called “great” among the Teutons today but he should be remembered forever and ever as a vicious traitor, like all those who promote Christianity to this day, especially when they come in the guise of nationalistic leaders, and our traditional Teutonic ancestors would entirely agree with us if they were still alive today. What would those executed by Charlemagne think of these false Christian wannabe-leaders if they were here today? They would tell us to fight them with every atom of our beings and do everything to prevent these vile foreign, Judaized subversives, be they funded by the enemy or simply mentally-ill Judaized fanatics caught up in that foreign subversive agenda.

Perhaps an even more important point is that Charlemagne was a subjugator of the free Teutonic folk, and this should always be remembered as a severe disgrace or trauma in our Teutonic ethnic history, an idea that is entirely in keeping with the ancestral way of seeing things. Foreigners and cultural foreigners held Teutonic Europe down in part for centuries, whilst the fall of the Roman Empire had practically meant the end of the Roman threat to the Teutonic folk, and thus it was the quintessential moment for Teutonic culture to blossom and freely develop without outside meddling with its fundamental interests. False nationalistic leaders ruined this opportunity for our folk, as they are trying to do today also.

However, the Roman threat had unfortunately not completely ceased to be in that it soon continued in Judeo-Christian imperialism and its merciless imperial aspirations at northern conquest, driven by a morphed Semitic racial-ideological hatred of our unique Germanic elegance, excellence, intelligence and ethnic cleanliness. The Judeo-Christian imperialists, after their successful conquest and subjugation of what was once free Teutonic Europe, held the native Teutonic folk down for hundreds of years.

he favourable preconditions for the inconceivable greatness that could have been achieved in the north if it were not for the emergence of Judeo-Christian imperialism as the spiritual, cultural, and practical successor of Roman imperialism, were now rendered nugatory, and it plunged Teutonic Europe into the Christian Dark Ages - if only the north were left alone, or the false leaders, such as the traitorous kinds who converted were executed by their own people before they could have enacted their defilement!

The uniquely creative spirit of the Teutonic was suppressed under Judeo-Christianity, in favour of a pan-Western mediocrity and what could already have been achieved centuries earlier would be achieved only centuries later when the dominance of Christianity slowly began to subside and go downhill in an irreversible and permanent process of decline that would last for centuries up until the current age in which there is great potential for a folkish Asatru revolution that will sweep away all the remaining Judeo-Christian cultural influences and restore our Teutonic ethnic pride and dignity.

Our Teutonic folk has suffered more than a millennia of humiliation because of the Judeo-Christian invasion, accompanied by the use of false leaders, false movements, that betray our people and the overriding Roman legal subversion, and meddling with its vital interests by Judeo-Christians who were obviously all cultural foreigners.

What intense humiliation have we suffered since Judeo-Christians claim to be native to our folk while they routinely defile and degrade whatever is truly native to our folk! What intense humiliation have we suffered since Judeo-Christians invaded our lands and forced a replacement of indigenous law with Roman law on us and thus subjected our noble and free folk to the Roman Empire whilst our ancestors had played an eternally glorious, vital and instrumental role in the defeat of the Roman Empire! What intense humiliation have we suffered since we lost our golden opportunity to build a materially unrivalled civilisation after the fall of the Roman Empire, a civilisation that would have put the Roman Empire to shame and make it seem entirely insignificant in the face of a spiritually and materially far superior civilisation!

A golden opportunity was robbed from us by the interference of Judeo-Christianity which arrested our fateful ascent to unrivalled heights, and the intense humiliation that we thus suffered should never, really never, be forgotten. As the folkish Asatru revolution is drawing closer, the day that we can return the favours that Judeo-Christianity has done to us is drawing nearer as well. The revolution will not just be about pay-back time. However, this is a necessary precondition for restoring our Teutonic glory and pride, which will inspire all the generations to come, since any civilisation, particularly ours, must be based on glory and pride.

The salvation of the Teutonic folk will be in its liberation from all foreign influences that have arrested its unique, fateful ascent to unrivalled heights in the history of civilisation. Even when I have already decided to dedicate my entire life to my folk, I can never be worthy of them, because our folk is so noble that no single individual can ever claim to be worthy of them; and this nobility gives cause to its inevitable ascent to power throughout all of its history. The fall of the Roman Empire before our ancestors’ eyes was as much fated as the inevitable and eternally recurring rise of our noble folk to glorious heights; even if our folk may fall on its knees for some time and endure intense humiliation, the Gods and Goddesses will help it rise again and achieve yet even greater heights than it had ever achieved before.

Hardened with a thousand years of humiliation, we will shake off the Judeo-Christian chains and return to our natural ways which will obviously produce the best in, around, and out of us. As Teutons we have been humiliated for so long and we have the unique collective experience of being forced to appear, as it were, spiritually “naked” before the public, and this unique experience will inspire us for thousands of years, because it is this humiliation, or state of disarray and of rebuilding our folk spirituality from the ground up that will kindle a new fire in our hearts and minds.

As I see it, there is no way to prevent what our folk is destined to achieve; even if we have to wait another few centuries, which I highly doubt given the favourable developments in the early years of this century, our folk will and definitely shall achieve what it has been destined to achieve, for no matter how much they humiliate us, oppress us, vilify us, they will never be able to destroy what is destined, and neither will they be able to destroy our folk spirit which will live on eternally. Yes, they are trying hard, but they will never succeed in their futile attempt to cunningly genocide our noble folk, through the combined use of mass immigration, whilst politically and spiritually pacifying our folk, whilst simultaneously using false leaders to prevent any genuine ideological or spiritual break-outs from occurring.

The odds will always turn against them before they can make us a minority, because we are unique Germanic men, women, and children uniquely protected by a force of natural talent and a high sentient consciousness and self-awareness in our people that is intricately intrinsic to our folk; no one will ever be able to escape the force of this noble and unique destiny, because it will sweep away all hostile-resistance like the most ruthless and natural of tornadoes can sweep away entire houses.

Our beloved folk will always eventually be bestowed what is rightfully theirs, and whatever hardships and humiliations our folk have been forced to endure, the short term genetic defilements (short term as they will be expelled) or demographic subversions that occur are what shall kindle our peoples sense of self-consciousness on an existential level, which shall make the majority of our Germanic folk, those worthy of continuing their ancestral heritage’s reactive in defiance of such a defilement, our peoples reaction against our current situation is already making our folk stronger, as it is the harsh and infuriating awakening that our folk needs to unleash in ourselves the spirit, virtue, sense of heroism and uniqueness in ourselves and in our struggle to achieve the safeguarding and eternal thede/population resurgence of our Teutonic folk.

We Ásatrúar in this era shall courageously avenge and correct the violation of our folk.
Hail the Goddesses
Hail the Gods
Hail the Folk.
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