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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News Director / Published: 7th day of Ærra Yēola 2264.RE / 7th day of December (known as before (Ærra) Yuletide (Yēola)' Month in Anglo-Saxon/Olde English) 2014
The Jewish funding of the Labour Party exposed

Labour Jews
The overwhelming Jewish funding has been implicitly exposed through the recent series of international media headlines, started by the Independent announcing that the Labour party is facing a funding crisis due solely to the fact that:
   "A senior Labour MP warned that Mr Miliband now had a "huge if not insurmountable challenge" to maintain support from parts of the Jewish community that had both backed and helped fund Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's election campaigns."
   -Independent headline article.

The organised Jewish Supremacist groups in the UK have started to limit their funding for the Labour party in an attempt to un-democratically force the Labour Party to stop endorsing Palestinian statehood after the Labour party forced a three line whip (a compulsory MP vote) in favour of a Parliamentary motion urging the Prime Minister David Cameron to recognise Palestinian statehood.

Jews fund labour
The Jewish financial donors and crucial "Jewish vote" support for the Labour Party have been exposed amid a reluctance of the Labour Party's Shadow Cabinet to endorse Israel in the face of overwhelming, rightful public condemnation of the illegitimate quasi-state of Israel (occupied Palestine).
One poll indicated that hostility towards Israel is above 60%, another indicated that over 40% of UK respondents believe "Israel is genocidal". Although recent polling has not been conducted since the 50 day long Jewish attack on Gaza from the 8th July 2014 – 26th August 2014.

The recent headline and comments from former Labour Cabinet ministers, cited by the Independent show that without Jewish funding, the Labour party has almost no funding, indicating that the left in the UK is almost entirely Jewish funded.

   "At the same time, a former cabinet minister privately admitted that Labour's fund-raising efforts were in disarray, The former minister said the party would struggle to raise anywhere near the £19m a party is entitled to spend under electoral law in the run-up to next May's poll."

   "I know what's going on in the party. And they are finding it tough going. Look at their reports on what's raised and look at what they're getting from the unions. They are finding it very difficult raising money"

   "...certainly not the same number of Jewish donors. There is a lot of worry,"

   -Stated quotes from the Independent article that broke the story

What these irrefutable and authoritative 1st hand Labour insider statements indicate is that the Labour Party has been the main focus of Jewish financial funding, and that this Jewish financial funding is the only force that raises the largest portion of the £19 million spent each election by the Labour Party, which has enabled them to attain office and open the borders to mass-non-European-immigration (although the Conservatives receive millions from Jewish donors to secure their support also, indicating the Jewish financial control of Westminster is near-universal.)

The revealing statements broadcast to the entire Independent, Telegraph, BBC and other media outlet’s audiences implicitly and yet conclusively demonstrates that the Labour Party is a Jewish political entity, from its Jewish leader, the Jewish-political-psychopath Ed Miliband and all the way up to its Jewish Zionist financial and media supporters, without which the Labour party cannot function electorally.

What this demonstrates is that the main leftwing political entity in the UK (the Labour Party) is not English, or even British, but is instead Jewish, indicating that the history of leftwing politics in the UK has been created artificially, not as a result of working class movements or self-concerns, but almost solely as a result of Jewish support and financial networking and electoral donations that have taken advantage of and divided and ruled Northern Folk against Southern Folk, urban folk against rural folk, in an effort to allow Jewish interests to attain complete hegemony over the left.

This story blasts open, once and for all: the truth, that the organised, anti-English left in our political system is entirely Jewish and its subsequent, mass-immigration enabling policies are clear and evident in their Jewish roots. Also Labour’s class-warfare is exposed as artificial and created and promoted through the Jewish finance sustained Labour party solely in order to divide and defeat our people as a whole.

This headline indicates that not only has mass-immigration been brought about by individual Jewish political lobbying efforts but has been directly enabled by the Jewish financial and electoral support for the political party that has been the prime mover behind the acceleration of mass-immigration and dysgenic welfare policies since the 1940s: the Jewish Labour Party.

Maureen Lipman is being publically named as one of the millionaire Jewish-Supremacist tribal financial supporters of the Labour Party.

Maureen Lipman is a Jewish theatrical agent and overpaid actress, whose character is exposed as purely manipulative when it is allegedly on her own Wikipedia page that she lied to get employed at the Watford Palace Theatre, at the expense of English rivals. She is a staunch Jewish racist who has attacked other Jews for being too English, as can be seen in her quoted comments on her Wikipedia page. From her comments it is also evident that she only resides in the UK in order to parasitically gain employment, as she evidently hates English folk and has sole ethnic loyalty to Israel. Mareen Lipman is a Jewish Supremacist who views that Israel is the only country that should have ethnic homogeneity and is a blatant Jewish ethnic supremacist who has in the recent past even attacked and belittled other (what she calls) 'assimilated' Jews who do not fanatically support Israel and her apocalyptic, messianic variant of Jewish Supremacism that accompanies her schizophrenic world view.[1]  

The Jewish Supremacist Maureen Lipman pours her money into supporting the Jewish Labour party to enact through sheer socialist bankrolling what she could never achieve through convincing the people through public advertising or democratic policy articulation methods, she in this manner overrides our democratic process using financial lobbying through funding and allegedly financially threatening the Labour party.

The political effects of the Jewish financial and political support from figures such as Maureen Lipman also garnered the support of other Jews to support the Labour party which in itself then by stealth goes against the anti-immigrant sentiments of our English folk once in Parliament.

The allegedly fanatical, supremacist lobbying exerted by Jewish donors like Maureen Lipman is one of the primary reasons the Labour party morphed from a working class party into a proto-Trotskyite, multi-racialist party as early as the 1920s, literally only a decade after the creation of the Labour party as an electoral force, culminating over time in the Labour party were burdened with in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Jewish total corruption of the Labour party occurred in totality after the successful infiltration of the entirety of the Labour party by the Jewish Trotskyite, Fourth International aligned group, known as the “Militant Tendency” or “Militant” back when Labour was in perpetual opposition in the Thatcher years. [2] [3] [4] [5]

  "Militant was proscribed by the Labour Party's National Executive Committee (NEC) in December 1982, and the following year, the five members of the Editorial Board of the Militant newspaper were expelled from the Labour Party. At this point the group claimed internally to have about 4,300 members. Further expulsions of Militant activists followed.
   Meanwhile, Militant dominated Liverpool City Council between 1983 and 1987 when 47 councillors were banned and surcharged. The conduct of the Liverpool council led Neil Kinnock, Labour's then leader, to denounce Militant at the 1985 Party Conference. Eventually Militant's two Labour MPs were prevented from being Labour candidates at the 1992 general election, by which time Militant's influence, and presence within the Party, had ended.
   Between 1989 and 1991 Militant led the All-Britain Anti-Poll Tax Federation's non-payment campaign against the Community Charge ('poll tax'). In 1991, Militant decided by a large majority to abandon entryism in the Labour Party. Ted Grant, once the group's most important member, was expelled, and his breakaway minority, now known as Socialist Appeal, continued with the entryist strategy."
   -Wikipedia / "Militant Tendency"

This entryist strategy continued into many groups, including their favourite target of choice, the pro-English political movements, their worst political enemies, which were then corrupted, artificially creating the self-demonizing "far-right", with its designed-to-fail negative, non-mainstream, nonsensical, negative-image.

It is alleged that the BNP, NF and dozens of smaller, but from the left's perspective; essential, defilement operations such as the late Combat 18 and the recently failed imitation group; NA (the logo of which is nearly identical to the 4th International Trotskyite symbol, pictured left) are all examples of this same entryist and infighting instigating strategy, which were and still are used in order to dominate the political discourse, through destroying opposing voices from within and preventing effective political counter-organisation efforts.[6]

It is not known as to what extent this same effort also corrupted the core of the Conservative party, but the post Margaret Thatcher, John Major, William Hague, Ian Duncan Smith and Michael Howard and then Cameron "compassionate conservatives" were increasingly leftwing, pro-Israel and pro-immigration as a result of the manipulations of a small number of financial donors that like the Jewish threats against the Labour party, also threatened the Conservative party if they did not "adapt" and "change" to meet the leftwing demands of their Jewish electoral financiers.

The Conservative party was forced to cannibalize three of its own party leaders before it became the leftwing Conservatives we know today, that have increased net mass immigration up to 260,000+ per year as of 2014, with raw immigration standing at over 500,000, primarily from Eastern Europe and Pakistan.

See the report article on the Jewish promotion of mass-immigration

The mainstream media's admission that Jewish donors do fund the Labour party and that their support is as vital as it is, opens the debate up to the wider influence these Trotskyite Jewish Supremacists have had on manipulating and defiling the political discourse and government immigration policy within the UK and England since as early as the 1920s.

It is at exactly the same time as this, that Jewish Supremacists in Europe start to make moves towards engineering the artificial conflicts that would lead to the creation of the European Union, all of these early figures were Jewish or were ideologically Jewish, with alleged Jewish ancestry.
It is self-evident that the European Union is the Jewish planned system of ethnic defilement and control as was the intentions of its Semitic founders.

Jews now have their own unconstitutional parliament that exists as a formal lobbying group (the European Jewish Parliament) in addition to controlling almost every single respective leftwing party of each European Union member state through the same funding manner that enables them to pressure, control and lead the now overtly Jewish led Labour Party.

   "[I speak as] a Jew, as a [Jewish] son, a [Jewish]grandson and a [Jewish] father"
   "I want you to know that if I become Prime Minister in less than a year’s time, I will be proud to do so as a friend of Israel, a Jew and, most of all, someone who feels so proud to be part of the [Jewish] community gathered here today"
   -Ed Miliband, speaking at the 2014 Jewish Labour Friends of Israel conference.

The mainstream media can no longer deny the fact that the Labour Party exists upon the donations of Jewish financial and political promoters, the proverbial 'cat' is out of the bag.

It is now only a matter of months until our English folk come to realise, at first in our collective private opinions, and then in our organised political opinions: that the Labour party represents the political organisation body that serves Jewish interests and will always betray its English supporters.

This reality is already instinctively well known in the South East, South and South West where Labour support is non-existent and in the North where UKIP is wiping aside the Jewish Labour party's once hegemonic electoral control of the electorally over-represented Northern suburban population centres such as Sheffield.

It is up to English folk like ourselves to act and organise upon these revelations, so as to secure a future for our English nation against these defiling, degrading Jewish political threats that we are so now undeniably faced with in 2014 and 2015.

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