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Article Author: English News.org / Article Published: 15th Night of Ēostrē-mōnaþ 2269.RE / 15th Night of April 2019.CE
Jewish Zionists purging members of the Labour Party: The 4 year-long fraudulent 'Anti-Semitism' campaign.
Jewish figures, organisations, campaign groups and Jewish Labour Party officials have been waging a year-long campaign of suppression of pro-Palestine elements in the Labour Party.

These Zionist campaign groups, lobbying entities, NGOs and hostile-officials have been trying to enforce support for the Illegitimate State of Israel within the Labour party for decades. However in the past 4 years this campaign went from covert purging within the labour party to overt purging of anyone not in lockstep with the Jewish establishment and support for their Jewish ethno-state Israel.

This support for an ethno-state is naturally at odds with the opinions of the average member of the Labour Party. Especially when the English members of the Labour party have witnessed Barbara Roche, the Jewish minister for Immigration and Asylum under Labour, the first person to hold that office after it was created in 2001, turn the UKs major cities and towns (the traditional heartlands of the Labour Party) into third world refugee and migrant dumping grounds. Long gone are the days when the Labour party cared anything about the English working class.

A wise understanding of the history of the Labour Party is that they never actually cared about the UK, although they sucker in many good true-hearted people who care about their working class English communities.

The Labour Party at its core just wanted their support to enact their foreign, Jewish subversive agenda of undermining the racial homogeneity of the UK in accordance with the founding socialist and Marxist principles that underpin the Labour Party. And in order to undermine a major competitor to Jewish power; which is European mankind, our very existence to them is an insult to their notion of being 'Chosen', a religiously veiled claim of superiority which they know is not true, so they have worked to undermine other races to make it true by dragging them down to below their level. This is why the Jewish establishment promote mass-immigration into European nations by non-Europeans in accordance with what many have diagnosed as the: Kalergi Plan (which in its origins is a method of Jewish racial defilement warfare, via using migration and internal dysgenic policies vs. another nation or series of nations).

The Jewish Zionist attempt to make Labour supportive of Israel runs in direct conflict with the long history of Palestinian solidarity within the Labour Party. This created a clash. Those with influence in the Labour Party began a campaign to drive out opponents of Israel, digging up anything they could construe within a mainstream context as being against Jews as a cheap tactic to remove opponents of Israel. This effort was supported by dozens of Jewish campaign groups such as the 'Campaign against Anti-Semitism' , the Jewish Board of Deputies, Labour Friends of Israel and most of their media relatives who over 4 years now have campaigned viciously against the English members of the Labour Party who displayed any non-conformist awareness of the Jewish Zionist effort to do this first and foremost and then non-conformity or 'too-strong' opposition to Israel on the basis that it is a racially-defined apartheid state, engaging in promoting destabilization and terrorism as well as being in violation of the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

It was also confirmed that Israel as early as 1998 had developed a race-specific bio-weapons program, as reported on by the Sunday Times and then around the world's media. No confirmation of the cessation of this program has ever occurred and you can be sure that they have developed a version of this for deployment against European nations. This is the kind of reason why no European should ever support Israel, let alone members of a leftwing political party that founds its ideology apparently (one sided it turns out, against Europeans) on anti-racism.


Thankfully this 4 year-long campaign of Jewish racist hypocrisy directed within the Labour Party aimed strategically at removing obstacles to the complete Jewish-Zionist stranglehold of any future Labour Party Government's domestic race relation policies and foreign relations policies has been waking up undoubtedly millions of people who have seen the undeniable demonstration of the sheer media influence of Jewish Supremacists in the UK.

Just think for a second, how were any of the little statements and face book posts by Labour Party members worthy of occupying national and even some international media's headlines for almost 4 years straight? That is proof beyond denial of the Jewish Supremacist domination of the media, from the prior CEO of BBC, the Jewish James Harding to the head of BBC television Danny Cohen.

The trend is clear. And the new split-away 'Change UK' party formed by the Jewish MP Luciana Berger and other traitors who as a voting-bloc, betrayed their election manifestos and were responsible for delaying us leaving the EU are an illustration that these subversives care nothing for our nation. The Jewish purging of the Labour party must be resisted and fought against internally by those within the Labour Party. However ultimately, because of this and the racially subversive past of the Labour Party, the Labour Party must simply as an entirety be avoided and denied of support as it is clear that Jewish Supremacists have a vicious stranglehold on the UK Labour Party, a party which allowed the Jewish Board of Deputies to get 2 Race relations acts through parliament and as Peter Mandelson stated of the Jewish Barbara Roche's immigration policy: "Labour sent out search parties for migrants", that resulted in the current migrant occupation and defilement of large sections of our cities and towns nationwide.

This must be reversed and the Labour Party will only ever be a subversive organisation working against our national interests due to its underlying Judaized ideology (deriving from the Jewish Karl Marx's works) and Jewish establishment that has viciously purged its opponents and continues to do so fanatically.

I hope their blatant effort to do this will continue to wake up hundreds of thousands if not millions of people as to the hostile, dangerous Jewish Supremacist influence in our national political discourse that receives the collaboration of the Christianized establishment and their migrant voting blocks to work against us English folk.
Not for much longer, we will take back our nation within the next 20 years.

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