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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 23rd day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 23rd day of Midsumor-mōnaþ 2014
Jewish Supremacists seeking absolute executive and legislative political power without even the facade of a democratic mandate in the UK in 2015

Miliband Jew
Jewish Miliband confirms a vile electoral pursuit of an attempt to rule without a democratic mandate, through attempting to re-invent class warfare to distract from his anti-English immigration agenda and past genocidal contribution to the last Labour dictatorship, whilst scheming to accelerate mass non white immigration to replace the English working class voters who are now no longer fooled by the "Jewish Labour party".

A leaked Labour party electoral strategy paper proves that the anti-European, anti-English racist, Ed Miliband intends to take national power with only 35% of the electorate, in what would be, if Labour achieves such, the end of the credibility of elections and democracy in the UK and likely force civil demonstrations, unrest and the political death sentence to the Labour party itself.

The general public already hate Ed Miliband, and Ed Miliband has secretly admitted to aids that he thinks he may actually lose the election, despite polls showing Labour would win a majority of 44 seats (a ridiculously biased prediction by pro-Labour polling companies): the Jewish Ed Miliband is already less popular than the Jewish-Marxist Labour party as a whole, with an approval rating of less than 17-19%.

The Jewish Marxist Ed Miliband is facing near-revolt from within his own party on a personal and possible soon, a political level:
   'Miliband says he is a One Nation leader while admitting he is only seeking the support of a third* of the nation.
   *(non-whites and unthinking underclass, welfare-reliant, indoctrinated and gullible voters)
   -An anonymous Labour MP (quoted via the DailyMail.)

This is an encouraging sign, for our folk are slowly but surely, in ever greater numbers waking up to the reality of the anti-European racist Ed Miliband’s vile, Marxist Jewish Supremacist plot to take over the country that hates him, with an intent to destroy the ethnic people of this nation with only 35% electoral support.  

We must politically expose and annihilate Ed Miliband’s already below 19% approval rating.

We must leave his political reputation in tatters, by exposing his Jewish Supremacist motivations, his fascistic methodology: of attempting to take power through restricting and manipulating the political debate (with assistance from his fellow Jews in the media and church: figures such as James Harding (the Jewish CEO of the BBC) and Jewish cultural figures like Archbishop Welby) and his subsequent effort to infiltrate his way into full governmental power on a minority electoral mandate, relying solely on an unthinking underclass vote and the growing number of non-Europeans, in addition to the alleged tens of thousands of fraudulent Labour postal votes.

It is the ambition of tens of thousands of Jewish Supremacists in the UK, almost all exclusively based in London, akin to Ed Miliband, to attempt to destroy this nation through a legislative, economic (taxation measures used to reduce the English middle class birth rate whilst increasing the non white welfare sustained birth rate) and subsequent demographic revolution and genocide.

This is why we must annihilate Ed Miliband on a political level, before he can do such to this nation. Ultimately Ed Miliband stands no realistic chance of achieving the aforementioned, but if a pro ethnic English government does not take power to reverse the current demographic change, Ed Miliband’s Jewish Supremacist ambitions will be attained 20-30 years from now, even by default.

The laws passed, immigration quantities increased and pre-Holodomor reminiscent Bolshevik anti-agricultural taxes imposed by a democratically and racially illegitimate Labour government after 2015 would make re-taking this nation so much harder.

Ed Miliband is the perfect enemy and example, embodying every truly vile enemy this nation faces in one person, Ed Miliband therefore cannot be permitted to rule over this nation with his genocidal intent against our folk, as passed onto him by his openly anti-English genocidal racist father, Ralph Miliband: the disgusting, undignified, degenerate Jewish-Supremacist and Marxist activist and supporter of numerous other Jewish Supremacists and their anti-European causes such as their immoral and anti-Germanic activism responsible for the genocides in South Africa, London and numerous other European cities and towns.

Through the destruction of Ed Miliband’s political existence we will send a message to all of the tens of thousands of other Jewish would-be Ed Milibands in London and elsewhere that their Jewish-Supremacist influence and vile, malign ambitions of degrading all races other than themselves has no place in English politics, UK politics and soon, no place in all of Europe and then the entire world, culminating on a global scale with the end of the Jewish state and the re-beginning of Palestine as with the re-beginning of all the European folk’s states in their truest nativist, natural and Asatru inspired form.

   Even then we should not rest, in our political war on behalf of the existence of our folk in the face of Supremacist Jewish political movements, ideologies, and defilement that harm our folk. My love for my folk demands our combined, absolute commitment and unrelenting dedication, let not even one tear of suffering from our folk at the hands of our Jewish supremacist and non European political enemies exist politically unanswered, uncorrected or unavenged, our folk deserve better, our folk demand better by the sheer brilliance of their being, they are worthy of so much more than our current degrading, defiling artificially engineered, Jewish Supremacist manipulated decline.

It goes without saying that Ed Miliband, as with all Jewish Supremacists, must be exposed, defeated and in the current political atmosphere used as the demonstration of threat our nation faces, to achieve a full, absolute awakening of our folk to the Jewish Supremacist problem that plagues and dominates politics not just in the UK but in every European nation, especially at the EU level.

Ed Miliband seeks to win on a mere 37% of the vote in only 44 key consistencies with a total of 35%, a nationalistic, Asatru-motivated political campaign could be capable of easily swinging the vote by 2% in maybe 5 constituencies with the deployment of a full media campaign effort, especially the expose of the Jewish Supremacist Ralph Miliband’s anti English and horrific anti-gentile racially supremacist views well before the 2015 General Election.

Leaflets with URLs on them, linking to a video expose of Ed Miliband could be delivered to thousands of doors in the constituency he occupies.

2015 will determine whether our nation resurges through a relative peace ...or absolute political war, including strikes, boycotts, and a discrediting of the very institutions of the Jewish-Supremacist dominated and thus illegitimate Westminster government.

   We will emerge victorious, it is just a matter of the conditions of that victory, pyrrhic or absolute and efficient on behalf of our beloved folk, the choice is ours, I for one will not let even a single tear from the eyes of my beloved folk go unanswered.

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