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Article author: Dan Rayner, Asatro News / Published: 7th day of Blōt-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 7th day of November (known as Blōt or 'Ritual' Month in Anglo-Saxon) 2014
Jewish-Racist immigrant Lobbying:

An obvious and horrific case of a Jewish-Racist lobbying group ruthlessly operating in Norway, as in Sweden, England and in all ethnic European nations

The illegitimately self-described "Norwegian" Center against Racism (whilst being staffed by Jews up to and including the level of Deputy Director) is an obvious example of non-governmental institutional racism, that is racism enshrined in the workings and objectives of an institution or registered organization, in this case it is self-evidently a Jewish organisation that openly states its genocidal intent to undermine the homogeneity of the Norwegian folk population and to manipulate the political discourse of Norwegian folk in relation to invasive immigrant groups.

   The Norwegian society it is an ethnic, homogeneous society... with a huge majority population, The Norwegian society has a very short history with ethnic minorities, at a scale, so there is a Job to be done [nods his head psychotically whilst he says this]"

   "if you look at it with foreign eyes, we [The [Jewish] Center against Racism] are being funded nicely [by the Norwegian taxpayers]”

   "The Norwegian people have not too much knowledge on Islam, they don’t know 'too much' about Judaism, they don’t know too much about the Roma people, so I think, um, knowledge is a challenge [smiles psychotically]"

   "we do have rising anti-Semitism, we have Islamophobia and we still have racism so we [the Jewish deputy director of the Center against Racism] still have a lot to do [to manipulate the public opinion of Norwegian society into being passive]"

   (Then his assistant states) "there is racism... minorities will feel it, but it is hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, that is a part of the big problem here, that we constantly fight against [invisible racism]"

   "no-one in Norway wants to have anti-Semite as a label on himself, nor racist, if you accuse someone of being racist, it's like the worst thing you can say to anyone in Norway"

   -Ervin Kohn, Jewish ethnic community leader, Jewish ethnic activist and Deputy Director of the “Norwegian Center against Racism”

   (an unaccountable Jewish-racist NGO with tax-payer funding). See the sickening Video below.

The racist nature of the hypocritically named Center against racism is self evident from a number of statistically self evident factors, including the numbers of Jews disproportionately at the highest levels of promotion within the organization and then the overt political aim of the Jewish Deputy Director (and thus as a representative for the entire organization) that is self-descriptively to push to change the demographics of Norway into becoming less homogeneous and changing public “knowledge” in relation to ethnic or racial immigrant groups to soften public opposition to the immigration and growth of these exclusively non-European ethnic groups.

The Deputy Director, Ervin Kohn, who is simultaneously and evidently biased and compromised with ethnic vested-interests as the head of an entire ethnic Jewish Community group in Norway (calling into question his neutrality to be the Deputy Director of an organization that is supposed to be against racist, ethnically exclusive communities, his Deputy Directorship truly exposes what this group is really all about) as he is overtly an anti-Norwegian racist, on a racial level, in the truest definition of the term racist.

For in stating that "there is a job to be done" after citing that Norway is still homogeneous and then blatantly describing his aim to pacify Norwegian folk in the face of non-European immigrant blocks as part of that "job" it is revealed that he is a racist political manipulator of Jewish hypocrisy.

His overtly stated aim is to continue to aim towards systematically undermining the homogeneity of Norway, through the use of selective "knowledge”, otherwise known as propaganda to all political scientists, propaganda is often described as "preference-shaping" in this context and is the most insidious, hypocritical form of racism in this way, as it is racism masquerading as anti-racism in elemental terms, which is to say it uses the moral castigation of racism and the deployment of the term against all opponents, to actually achieve an intrinsically racist goal against our beloved Norwegian folk.

Is the center against Racism, actually promoting the most insidious and hypocritical form of racism?

See for yourself: on its website: it openly states, in almost military, civil-war terminology that the:

"Centre against Racism works to: Mobilize the minority population [against the Ethnic Norwegian majority]".

It also provides a Job application course and an activity center only for "multi-cultural youth in Norway", in what is a clear facade for promoting multi-racialism and selectively providing assistance and Job opportunities clearly to non-Europeans, no doubt the term "multi-cultural youth" in reality refers to "non-European youth" and no clarification exists on the Jewish groups website as to what they actually mean by this term, which in reality and behind the PR facade no doubt means providing services to non-Europeans, out of a racist motivation that finds its roots in the Jewish hatred and genocidal malice towards Germanic folk in relation to immigration and overt war alike. As is evident from the Jewish groups "Agenda X" sub-group which is evidently a social club designed to promote the ethnic identity of non-Europeans at the expense of Norwegian folk culture and operates as a multi-racialist propaganda and indoctrination social structure to indoctrinate young, gullible Norwegian teenagers, when not providing employment almost solely for ethnic non-Europeans.

Quite frankly this expose that they are providing what appears to be racially discriminatory job employment assistance and social provisions, is probably easily enough evidence on its own to prevent this organization from receiving any further government funding, pending someone in the Norwegian government being notified of this blatantly obvious fact.

The fraudulently named “Norwegian Center against Racism” organization is legally classified as a non-governmental organization or 'NGO', and thus its funding is granted solely upon an assessment made by the government, no doubt secured years ago behind a facade of promoting harmony amid an attempt to suppress natural concerns about integration.

It is about time that politically aware Norwegian individuals report this Jewish occupied NGO to the Norwegian government, in reasonable, mainstream legal terms, to have its government funding assessed and then cut, so as to prevent it from operating upon the hard earned taxes of the very ethnic Norwegian folk and society, which the Deputy Director of this organization overtly states is his attention to work to undermine on a racist, ethnically subversive level, through utterly despicable, unaccountable governmental and insidious cultural level lobbying and self-evidently, perceivable racist provision of goods and services probably only to racial groups that are not racially European as the sole qualification of the provision of these services.

I urge all Norwegian readers of this website to write a letter of complaint to the relevant government department and their local MP, in addition to figures within right leaning political parties or societies within Norway who could be partial to working to get this Jewish occupied group's funding removed.

If you are living within Norway and wish to write a letter to your local, MP, or any political entity or media company which could help to achieve this, get in contact if you require more guidance and advice on how to write such a convincing letter and we can work towards getting this Jewish Supremacist’s government funding potentially halted.

The Center against Racism stated publicly that they "Criticize" Norwegian government legislation, which they proclaim is a positive influence, absolutely ludicrous, the reality is the opposite of this, as they are an NGO, engaging in lobbying, against a Norwegian government which is desperately struggling with immigration rates as it is.

What this Jewish dominated group is doing is a process otherwise known to us in the UK as: unaccountable governmental lobbying by a foreign pressure group, the majority of the funding of this Jewish dominated group no doubt comes from Jewish agencies and wealthy Jewish individuals who have potentially gained their wealth directly through the exploitation of the people of Europe, historically and in recent years.

Sound familiar? This same tactic is applied by the likewise Jewish founded and respective Swedish-taxpayer funded "Paidea: The European institute for Jewish Studies" in Sweden and the more obviously named “Board of Deputies of British Jews” in the United Kingdom.

In the United States there is the internationally subversive Jewish ADL (a vile racist organization that targets and attacks pro-European activists and organizations alike, whilst espousing support for the Jewish Supremacist state and Jewish Supremacism in general), and the "Hebrew Immigration Aid Society", all of the listed organizations have been manipulatively crucial in recent and decade old lobbying for and maintaining open border policies into the respective European nations in which these subversive, racist-Jewish organizations exist, whilst they also lobby and "campaign against racism", which always manifests itself as: ruining individual brave folkish individual’s lives and reputations, disrupting entire communities and national cultures, beneath the misleading agenda of proclaimed “anti-racism”, which these Jewish organizations effectively manifest into unrelenting anti-European racism, in-all-but-name at a governmental policy and cultural level.

Watch the following quick video (voluntarily produced on a budget of £0, which serves to prove that no-matter your situation in life there is no excuse for not standing up for the truth) clip that compiles, in raw format, various modern and relevant quotes by such subversive Jewish political agency heads and those exposing them into one, awakening 5 minute video via the documentaries page.

There is an overtly visible Jewish role in undermining our national homogeneity, through mass non-European immigration, subversively maintained through decades of lobbying for and then direct control of the EU and UK’s departments and policies for Immigration and Asylum directly.

The head of the UK department for Immigration and Asylum under Tony Blair (initially after the department was created) was the Jewish Barbara Roche who has gone on to start up an "Immigration Museum" promoting a false history or a biased Jewish immigrant version of our history, and a campaign group that exists solely as an anti-UKIP election mob.

It is time that myself and yourself take real action against such groups as the Norwegian Center against Racism, Paidea and other such groups, to the full extent that we can together, considering after all that they are not governmental organizations, the best we can do is to push to have their government provided (that is taxpayer provided) funding removed.

In doing so, with only a few letters sent to the right officials and MPs who might be inclined to act, we could lead an efficient and almost instant, widespread de-legitimization of these Jewish groups and make a colossal and sudden impact on the political dialogue of our nations, through working together to fight against all racist-Jewish lobbying groups, that are clearly racist against the majority Germanic ethnic populations of our nations and yet are somehow seen as credible commentators in governmental discussions and policy advisory roles.

When in fact they are nothing more than Jewish-Israeli or international-Jewish funded Jewish political pressure groups that work against the interests of not only our ethnic folk but even the basic infrastructural integrity of our nations and our security against terrorism, as a result of their lobbying for continued immigration and support for the Jewish racist-hypocrisy state.

Especially in the context of this article, Norwegian folk and all Germanic folk must: Inspire yourselves to persevere in positive and practical political work, as detailed here and in this article, on behalf of our folk's ethnic existences, get active, write letters, start something colossal.

For our ancestors honour and our descendants future.

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