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Article author: Asatro News / Published: 11th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2264.RE / 11th day of Ēostre-mōnaþ 2014
Jewish corrupted EU Governments deliberately disregarding the basic necessities for national survival, whilst encouraging potential war-zones.

It has been recently revealed that UK food supplies are at substantial risk in the event of any military conflict or terrorist threat in any of the vulnerable supply route areas, from the Suez canal, Gibraltar straights, to the Somaliland coastline.
Outgoing chairman of the defence select committee, Conservative MP James Arbuthnot has raised the alarm on this issue and the state of decline and disrepair of the Royal Navy.

The Outgoing conservative MP has made some remarkable comments, showing how Jewish-caused potential conflict zones such as Crimea and the Suez canal could endanger food supplies in the UK.

   ‘Peace can turn to war with astonishing rapidity, as we saw in the annexation of Crimea... ‘If you have reduced your capability, then sooner or later you face the consequences... Goods, food, fuel come to us by sea, much of it through the Suez Canal. We need to be able to protect our supply lines.... ‘We have abolished all the warehouses we used to have and turned them into shi-shi flats (for non-white Immigrants)... And we have got no stocks of food or fuel or essential goods to last us for any reasonable length of time.’
   -Ex-chairman of the HOC Defence Select Committee, Conservative MP James Arbuthnot

The Jewish and Catholic dominated Spanish government (almost the same composition as the Spanish government that sent the pathetically under-experienced Spanish Armada to its destruction in our English channel and North sea's in 1588 in a vain attempt to 'Conquer' us in the name of the Catholic faith and Jewish-Catholic interests in subverting the Dutch Netherlands) is seeking to violate English (British) territory, inhabited by ethnically English persons in Gibraltar.

The Jewish and Catholic dominated Spanish government has allowed its vessels to violate British territorial waters surrounding Gibraltar over 600 times since 2013 alone, according to Westminster statistics, showing an utter disregard for the English and British claim to Gibraltar.

Jewish elements within the Spanish government are evidently attempting to cause a potential conflict zone, whilst the Jewish government in Westminster has subverted the size of our Naval fleet.

   It is the duty of White nationalists in Spain, to campaign against their Jewish-Catholic government in order to prevent it from being used by Jewish-Supremacists to cause tension with the UK and other more independent, increasingly nationalistic European nation-states. There are numerous Nationalistic Asatru folk in Spain, it is the duty of those folk to form an opposition against the Jewish hegemony in the Spanish government and banking system.

Although Spanish nationalists hold racial solidarity with English nationalists, as fellow Europeans, the Spanish government, in its current composition is likely going to pose more and more of a threat to Gibraltar, in a direct effort, by Jewish-manipulators to force two European nations to go to war against each other and disrupt the most vital European shipping lane (The straits of Gibraltar). It is evident that there is a substantial effort underway to provoke Britain, as the number of incursions has increased to over 112 in the first 1/4th of 2014 alone.

   "The Royal Navy challenges Guardia Civil and other Spanish state vessels whenever they make unlawful maritime incursions into British Gibraltar territorial waters... We back this up by making formal diplomatic protests to the Spanish Government about all unlawful incursions. Our challenges and protests make clear that such incursions are an unacceptable violation of British sovereignty... We are confident of UK sovereignty over British Gibraltar territorial waters under international law. We make our position clear to the Spanish Government whenever appropriate and we will continue to uphold British sovereignty and use a range of proportionate naval, police and diplomatic responses to incidents."
-UK Foreign Office spokesman

The mentality of the Spanish government is clearly illogical, in going against all EU and International laws regarding sovereign territorial waters of a nation-state, whilst having no chance of ever being able to militarily take over Gibraltar, even with our reduced fleet size.  

Showing how once again, this attitude of hostility towards the UK, under the context of growing nationalism in England, Wales and Ulster, expressed as anti EU sentiment, anti-banking sentiments and anti-immigration sentiments rising to the 90%+ ranges has angered Jewish Supremacists in the governments of other EU states who want us to be part of the EU as it commits genocide against the European people within its reach.

Obviously the Jewish and Catholic dominated Spanish government wants to cause tension with the UK, like they did between Poland and Germany and other tension-points between various European nations, when one or multiple European states were going against Jewish geo-political, financial and racial interests.

As was exampled by the EU and direct Israeli conflict brought down upon Ukraine, the banking attempt to rob the Icelandic people and the ongoing hostility towards Russia, now the UK has entered the black-list of countries that are increasingly going against Jewish interests, at least in terms of growing public opinion.

The disruption of vital supply lines of geo-political, financial and military significance has been an age old tactic of Jewish-Supremacists, especially in relation to starving a nations population, note the genocide of Iraqi children due to the sanctions on Iraq prior to the Iraq war, and the ongoing blockade of Gaza and the West-Bank, Iran and Syria.

   An Israeli Mossad strike on a cargo vessel in the Suez canal, blamed on Iran or 'Islamists' would severely damage UK food supplies, oil supplies and the primary trade route from foreign markets, including the Iranian Oil markets, showing the imperative of developing our own stockpiles of resources, that a Nationalist government would naturally pursue.

The over-reliance on foreign food markets for our domestic food supplies is another area in which our increasingly Jewish corrupted governments in Westminster and Brussels are setting our nations on a course for deliberate mass-starvation in the case of even small wars that disrupt our food supplies, as seen in the Judeo-Bolshevik regimes in Russia and Ukraine throughout the 1930s and 1950s.

After the expulsion of 100% of non-whites and non-Nordic/Germanic populations a Nationalist government would engage in a large effort to re-purpose large areas of land into farmland, especially the fertile farm-lands surrounding the river Thames and London.

With the inevitable surplus of housing resulting from the expulsion of 100% of non-whites from the entirety of this nation, no new housing or building projects would need to be conducted, leading to the freeing up of manpower, and massive additional employment opportunities for workers-come-farmers to establish a self-sufficient UK economy, with a large export market in organic foods to fellow Nationalist European nations.

The anti-nationalist, Jewish influenced, self-defined Christian UK government has betrayed our security and is thus beginning to fail to be able to provide even the basic military and geo-political and logistical capacities that a state should provide to its inhabitants.

The ocean battleforce of the English should be greater than it was in 1918, a nationalist, Ásatrú guided English nation would see the building of the greatest navy in the history of mankind.

The Nationalist Asatru News CEO has designed confidential schematics for practical and yet experimental Naval warfare systems and vessels that would revolutionize Naval warfare, including systems that could see the deployment of entire aircraft carrier sized strike forces from underwater and ships based on the Russian WIG aircraft system and hydrofoil flight systems, for submersible aircraft and systems for deploying micro-submarines, armed with anti-ship anti-air missiles to establish air and sea superiority over any ocean area within minutes of deployment.

These plans will never be sold or given to an arms company but kept and given only to emerging nationalist European governments. It is through an Asatru mindset evidently that inventiveness in warfare is unleashed, in political and military warfare alike.

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